Guided Meditation for Empowerment

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Empowerment: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Empowerment

Throughout this meditation, you may be asked to move your body in a specific way to help you feel more empowered. If at any point it is not comfortable for you to do so, just remain seated and calm and imagine yourself holding the poses, even if you are not doing them.

To begin, sit in a comfortable position, adjusting your sit bones so that they are even on either side, bringing your spine into straight alignment…and rolling your shoulders back ever so slightly to open up your heart. Place your palms in your lap facing upwards and gently close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in through your nose, and release through your mouth. At the end of that exhale take another deep breath in through your nose, and fully let go through your mouth.

One more deep inhale, breathing in fully and completely, and when you reach the top hold it for a moment. Take a little bit more air in…and when you’re ready, just let it go powerfully with a sigh.

At the end of that breath just return to a pattern of breathing that is comfortable for you, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth throughout the course of this meditation. As you do this, try to allow your inhales and exhales to be equal in length.

And as you breathe, you begin to imagine yourself standing on top of a mountain. From up here, you can see what looks like almost the entire world. As far out as you can imagine there are mountains, rivers, lakes…nothing buy beautiful, vast images of nature.

There’s a fresh breeze blowing on your face up here on this mountain top, and you begin to bring your awareness to the soles of your feet – as you feel an energy from the center of the Earth beginning to rise up – flowing through the center of the Earth, through the Earth’s soil, through the mountain that you are standing on and rising up into your feet.

You may see this as bright energetic orange light, rising up now into your ankles, calves, knees…this firey, vibrant energy flows up into your sit bones, through your pelvic floor, into your abdomen chest, shoulders, arms – and as it flows through your hands you may feel a tingling sensation here.

The energy continues to flow up through your head – Your entire body alive with this life force energy.

As you feel yourself completely lit up from the inside out, the life force energy bursts out from your head and flows back down around you.

You are fully encapsulated in this life force energy that flows from Mother Earth through your feet, up through your body, out from your head and down around you in a never-ending stream. As you feel the power from this energy, if it feels right to you, slowly allow yourself to come to your feet. Taking your time, keeping your eyes closed, seeing yourself on this mountain and standing tall with your hands planted firmly on your hips and your legs out a couple of feet from each other – standing tall and proud like the mountain.

Feel this energy flowing through you. Feel the strength of the mountain within you, as you begin to imagine a cape blowing behind you in the wind. And as you look out into this world, you recognize, you are standing here as a hero, looking out at the world that you serve.

Breathe into the power that you feel within you. It may be a subtle gentle power or it may be something that feels almost electric. Whatever you’re experiencing is exactly perfect for you.

Just breathe into this feeling, and focus your awareness a couple of inches below your navel, and a couple of inches inwards, and in this area affirm: “I am ready to be empowered.”

Continue to affirm: “I welcome in empowerment now.”

Notice how this feels in your body – and in particular the area you are focusing upon in your abdomen and notice that energy growing, rising, radiating around you – and when you feel ready, when you feel even the slightest hint of empowerment in this area of your body, affirm: “I am empowered”

Now let that energy rise up into your heart, focusing all of your energy there as you welcome in empowerment into your heart – when you’re ready, affirming in your heart, “I am empowered” – letting the energy grow and expand.

And when you’re ready, standing up tall, letting your arms rest at your side, and one by one place your arms over your heart.

Breathe into your heart.

Notice how it’s loving presence feels empowered. Feels more powerful.

And you know, you know deep inside of you, that you are here to serve in a massive way. And today, at this moment, you fully connect with that truth.

Allow yourself to feel gratitude for this practice.

Feel gratitude towards yourself for doing this work, and take this feeling of empowerment with you, as you slowly begin to roll your shoulders…wiggling your fingers and your toes…stretching your arms up over your head and noticing how your body feels different when you are fully lit up and empowered …and taking that feeling with you as you lower your arms, and slowly open your eyes to the room around you – taking this sense of empowerment with you everywhere you go all throughout the rest of your day.

Empowerment Meditation: 20 Minutes

Empowerment Meditation Script

Welcome to this meditation for self-empowerment.

In order to become truly empowered, we must understand our strengths as well as our weaknesses. That way we can gain authentic belief that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to and we are open to asking others for help in the areas they present strength.

Make sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session and get into a very comfortable position. Let your eyes slowly close and get a sense of deep relaxation when you do so.

Let’s begin with choosing our thoughts. We have thousands upon thousands of thoughts every single day, so it is important to recognize whether a particular thought is helpful to you or not. You will have all sorts of thoughts good and bad and neutral, but it is up to you which of those thoughts you choose to believe and allow to become part of your life.

So take a deep breath in and let it go. You have chosen this time for you to expand and grow  to levels of empowerment you didn’t know were possible until now …

Begin thinking of some things that have been on your mind recently…. perhaps there are some concerns or worries … maybe some memories are coming into your awareness …

start to label each thought as helpful or not …. the way you do this is you ask does this thought contribute to the betterment of my life or is it something that I cannot control and is simply gossip or drama?

so continue sorting your thoughts and giving each one a label … helpful to your life or a mental waste of time …

let the thoughts pour in as quickly as you’d like and as you label these thoughts as beneficial to your well being … or not so much … you notice that the thoughts that don’t best serve you start to dwindle and fade ….

imagine that you can take these thoughts that are helpful and apply them to your goals and dreams … take them as tools and methods to achieve all you ever dreamed of …

and with those other thoughts that are trying to bring you down , simply say to them I hear you, but I don’t need you …. you can imagine that you throw them in the trash … or a compost pile … or into the wind ….

whatever helps you get rid of these thoughts for good do this now …

sorting and organizing as if you are giving your mind a spring cleaning …


pretend that you’re unhelpful and negative thoughts are creating a big pile and in your mind it is feeling so clear and so open ….

as you see this pile of junk thoughts that you’ve done so good at getting rid of ….imagine that you can set fire to it in a ceremonial burn … making way for new and empowering thoughts to find a home in your mind ….

hear the crackle of the fire see the beauty of the flames reaching high into the Sky …

this moment is sacred …. as the fire burns down to Ashes and the heat subsides …. you take these remnants of old ways of thinking and nourish your mental garden with these purified Ashes ….

good ….

you can use this technique anytime you find an unhelpful thought cross your mind … simply throw it in a fire or a big pile …. you don’t need these kinds of thoughts anymore …

Now bring into your mind some of your strengths … it could be as simple as being able to cook a good meal … or as complex as building a car from the ground up … just become aware of some things that you are good at ….


how can you use these strengths in a good way that contributes to society as a whole? imagine taking your talents and making them accessible to others …. this is self-empowerment…


now bring into your mind some of your weaknesses … it is good to know your boundaries and limits so that you can ask for help from others … as to not wear out or stretch yourself too thin …

these weaknesses can be things as simple as negative self-talk…. or as complex as taking on more responsibilities in order to please others then you are able to comfortably do…

remember that we are all here for each other … each one of us can provide something for someone else … as well as each one of us can receive from someone else … this is also self-empowerment…


Now imagine with the great power of your mind that you are using all of your strengths to attain your goals …..

now see yourself collaborating with others who provide their strengths to balance your weaknesses ….

see these people delighted to offer their wisdom ….

you are working together toward the ultimate goal of widespread empowerment ….

Wonderful ….

now hear yourself repeating these empowering affirmations, bringing them into reality ….

“I choose to use my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses…

I choose to grow and Excel, not to compete with others….

I choose powerful thoughts that pushed me towards my dreams …

I choose to be motivated …

I choose to listen to others but not be affected by negative opinions ….

I choose to be authentic to my passions ….”

Good ….

breathe in 3 deep breaths, setting this wonderful meditation deep within all aspects of your mind and body …

Breathe in and out…. Breathe in and out… last one, in and let it go…

whenever you are ready you may open your eyes feeling so empowered taking on the day with confidence …


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