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Selffa.com provides information on self-help and motivational topics. We believe you can achieve more by having a positive perspective on life. A little motivational push may help you move forward to achieving your goals.

Our main focus is to produce easy-to-understand articles that are full of positivity, tips to self-improvement and better habits, inspirational quotes and advice on setting goals.

We work hard to bring you inspirational articles to help you reach better success in life.

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We also cover articles about meditation and mindfulness. Mindful Living isn’t about living like a monk or pursuing a mundane, bland existence. On the contrary…This path is about waking up to the exhilaration of life. It’s about becoming deeply connected to your own presence through refined awareness. As a result, we make more effective choices in life as deep inner peace sets in and clarity of purpose surfaces.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to adopt this path; you can pursue mindful living with a secular, soulful swagger if you choose. Mindfulness shapes our be-ing in profound ways, and has a cascading effect in every area of our life.

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2. Read “How to Love Yourself” to get a feel for the energy.

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