Meditation for Emotional Balance

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Meditation for Emotional Balance: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Emotional Balance

Begin by sitting in a chair with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your spine in straight alignment. Take a moment to make sure you feel even and balanced on both sides. And let your hands rest in your lap, palms facing downwards.

When you’re ready, close your eyes.

Let your breath be gentle without trying to judge it or change it. Be aware of how it’s flowing in…and out…be present with the fact that your body is naturally taking care of you with your breath, without you even trying.

As you start to feel appreciation for this truth, you begin to intentionally allow your breath to flow even more deeply, relaxing your stomach on the inhale so that it fills completely. And intentionally allowing every ounce of air to exit your lungs on your exhales.

Breathing fully through your stomach, and releasing fully through your nose.

In this moment you begin to reharmonize your emotions.

It is possible to live in complete harmony with all the emotions you are feeling. Indeed it is possible to live balanced with your emotions.

By taking a moment to pause and breathe as you are, you open up the doors to allowing your emotions to balance.

Trust and know that in this moment, and indeed in every moment, it is safe for you to feel. It is safe for you to experience all of your emotions. And, in fact, by doing so you lessen their intensity. So often our emotions are out of balance because we’ve been running away from them. Trying to hide them deep in the closet of our minds and our hearts – but they’re always there.

If we instead just let them flow and express themselves as they need to, then we are no longer stuffing these emotional closets full until they burst open. In this moment, feel a readiness to truly feel so that you may live in harmony with balanced emotions.

Set the intention in your heart to open up to living harmoniously with your emotions and begin to see yourself walking on a sandy path leading your towards a calm, gentle ocean. You feel your bare feet on the warm sand, as the wind softly blows against your face and the sun beams down on your shoulders warming up your body.

As you look out at the ocean, you recognize that you are capable of controlling the tides. You allow yourself to bring up any emotions that desire to come forth and as you do you watch the waves grow larger or smaller, based on how you are feeling. For example, if there has been some hidden anxiety that you haven’t ben allowing to come to the surface, in this moment just allow it to. Welcome it in. And watch as the waves may grow, while it exits, while you feel it – and just like riding a wave, as it flows through you let it exit and watch as the ocean calms back down. When you allow your emotions and say that they’re okay, they just flow out of you very easily.

Let your emotions know, “I’m okay feeling you, thank you for existing.”

Continue to let the waves of your emotions flow, watching the water correspond to how you are feeling. If a wave feels too strong, use your mind’s eye to see it calming down – but not by forcing the emotion back into the closet, instead by simply saying, “I accept you. I accept you, emotion.”

Whatever emotion comes up, once you accept it, it is safe to subside.

It feels seen, it feels heard.

Doing so allows you to experience more balance in all of your different emotions.

On your next breath breathe in extra deeply, feeling your stomach expand completely and hold your breath at the top. And as you hold your breath, watch a very large wave come to a peak, and as you exhale let it crash…and as it crashes, watch the water go back to a calm, still, serene, peace.

As you look out at the calm blue waters, you recognize that the ocean continues to be a beautiful place of harmony and peace, no matter whether the waves are large or small. You too can live that way. You can be a deep well of peace, regardless of what your emotions are. No emotion is useless, and when you just welcome it in and accept it, you allow yourself to ride it like a wave.

Begin to feel appreciation towards yourself for doing this work. Trust and know that you are changing the way you experience your emotions, just by being open to accepting them and feeling them. And feeling them is something that can come and go and live in harmony within you so that you feel more balanced and complete.

And with this strong sense of appreciation towards yourself, begin to roll your shoulders…wiggle your fingers and your toes…and at your leisure, gently begin to open your eyes back to the room around you.

Emotional Balance Meditation: 20 Minutes

Emotional Balance Meditation Script

Welcome to this meditation for emotional balance.

Make sure you are in a comfortable position and you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of this session … if you need anything before we begin simply pause and take care of those things. I will be here waiting for your return….

Today you will find that all emotions are simply just that – emotions. The more that we can approach what is happening emotionally as neither good nor bad, the better we are at allowing the experience of all kinds of moods and thoughts, letting them flow freely … we have a tendency in our current worldwide culture to hold on to emotions, thus getting ourselves trapped in undesirable states of mind …

Let’s begin, if you have not already, please close your eyes… and as you do, you notice a gentle wave of relaxation sweeps over your entire body from head to toe …. or toe to head … however you experience this relaxation is perfectly fine ….

If you can, become aware of a slight tingling sensation in your fingers. At first, you may not feel anything at all or perhaps it is very strong the moment you place your attention on it … either way experience how the more you think about this tingling in your hands the stronger it becomes … enjoy this feeling and observe it with the curiosity of a child ….

We were all children once… and even if your particular childhood may have memories of sadness, perhaps you can draw on a single moment of pure innocence … it could be as simple as sliding down a slide, or drawing with crayons … it could be eating that well deserved birthday cake ….

Capture this moment … and apply this childhood sense of delight towards the tingling in your hands … this sensation is neither good nor bad, it just is… it is something that is attainable by anyone no matter how young or old …

A moment of 100% purity is something we have all experienced… right now is another one of those times… this feeling in your hands can be referred to as energy, power, force, or innate abilities ….

What if I told you that this feeling in your hands could be felt throughout your entire body simply by imagining it everywhere …

It carries with it a gentle relaxation and a sense of flow and movement…

Experience this amazing sensation for a few moments now as you listen to the relaxing music …

[pause 20]

Now, take this energy force and apply it to your mind and emotions … the flowing movement and sense of non-judgement, and bring awareness to something that has recently concerned you which brought about some hurtful emotions ….

Feel the troublesome emotion rise and sit with it as if you are just along for the ride … or as if you are a child sliding down a slide… you know how you feel about this certain thing but during this state of relaxation, along with the power that you generated first in your fingers, you are able to let go of the attachment to this emotion …

Letting it pass on by just as all the sounds around you pass through your ears …

It is a simple technique to observe how your emotions call about different thoughts … each thought is begging for your attention … yet all the while you’ve had the ultimate choice of what you choose to believe and what you choose to let go of ….

All emotions are valid, so all must be acknowledged … if you begin to deny how you really feel, this is what causes an emotion to become trapped … causing it to rise over and over again until you truly let yourself experience it.

Feel yourself pushing past any fear as you now experience any lingering sadness that you have not dealt with…

Allow for yourself to feel truly sad right now… here, you are completely relaxed and safe…


Good… Notice now how the sad feelings are dwindling and your body is returning to balance ….


This is how it feels to move through and emotion the way we were intended to

Let’s cultivate the feeling of joy and happiness right now …. By remembering a time when you were so very happy … allow the emotion to build in you… and notice where in your body you experience delight… perhaps this is something recent that brought up the feeling of joy or maybe it was long ago …. either way, immerse yourself in pure bliss… allow it


good … noticing now how the happy feelings are subsiding and your body is gently returning to balance once again after fully experiencing this emotion …


Now, fully become aware of what this neutral state feels like …. neither sad nor happy …. just here and now … floating along in time and through space … heightened emotions have come now they’re gone … your emotional state in this moment is that of harmony …

Allowing for your emotional states to be fluid is the way to cultivate never-ending balance …


We’re going to go through one more round of experiencing anything that you have not retained balance over …

so right now simply open to allow any emotion that needs to be addressed in order for it to remain in harmony ….

whatever it is… sadness, happiness, fear, doubt, passion, anxiety ….

let them blossom to the surface right now with all their glory and vivid memories …


Cry if you need to cry… laugh if you need to laugh….

Do whatever you are called to do in this moment of solitude and compassion …

No one is watching you and nothing is expected of you…


Very good…

Feel how after allowing these emotions to come to a head, they begin reducing in intensity, thus returning to a natural state of balance…

Truly experience a state of stabilization… happening automatically


Before we finish this meditation, let’s check in with our breath, so take 3 full deep breaths, to seal the practice.

Inhale and exhale…. Inhale and exhale… breathe in and breathe out…

Now we’re going to come back to the present moment bringing back a new ability to truly honor your emotions which allows them to balance out on their own ….

Whenever you are ready gently open your eyes feeling a new inner balance.


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