Our Inner Demons Don’t Need Self-Help

When we shine light on our inner demons it’s not so much that the demons go away so much as they cease to be demons.

Instead, we see other things that look like manifestations of a scared little boy/girl who learned to adapt to its surroundings. These demons are essentially fears that take on a live of their own that live deep within us.

Yes, we are talking about a darker energy that exists within each and every one of us. To make things worse, we feel and sense this darkness within us unconsciously and develop shame around it. We forget that we are beings of light.

embracing your inner demons

Embrace your inner darkness. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. There’s nothing to fix. Nothing to attack. Nothing to eliminate.

This darker energy is a suffering expression of your being, and doesn’t deserve more pain.

We simply become aware of its energy through the vehicle of mindfulness and bow to it. This darker side of us, that was born out of pain, doesn’t need self-help… it needs self-love.

Take 5 minutes today and meditate on the darkness and deep pain  that you feel within you, and just be with it without judgement or expectation. Just spend a little time with it. Show it compassion.

Stay mindful my friends.