Loving Kindness Meditation Scripts

Hello and thank you for joining me for this guided loving-kindness meditation. You can do this meditation anytime you feel like you need a bit more tenderness and loving care in your life. It was designed to help you see the worth of loving-kindness. Towards others and towards yourself. Even listening to this meditation is an act of self-love. You are taking this time to take care of yourself, and you more than deserve these few minutes of “you-time”.

Loving Kindness Meditation Script

Before we start with the actual meditation I just want you to make sure that you feel completely comfortable. I want you to feel safe and calm during this guided meditation. Find the perfect spot and slowly lay or sit down. Whenever you feel ready, feel free to close your eyes an let me guide you through this meditation.

First, I would like you to connect with your natural breathing rhythm. Connect your breath and your heart. Connect your heart and your soul. Keep breathing.

Slowly breathe in.

And then breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Slow inhale.

And slow exhale.

As we begin, I want you to feel peaceful and completely safe as we do this meditation. You are free to let your thoughts flow in and out of your mind. Simply return to your breath if you feel like you are losing your focus a bit. Just keep breathing.

And now, I would like you to think about what love means to you. Think about someone you sincerely love. How do they make you feel? How does even thinking about them make you feel? Happy? Grateful? Secure?

Our love, compassion, the joy we feel when we love and when we are loved. I want you to imagine feeling this with every single human being you encounter in your life. This wonderful sense of acceptance, peacefulness, and unspoken unity.

This person you so deeply love has a special place in your heart, but the capacity of your heart is unlimited. Your heart is ready to give and receive love.

Now I would like you to imagine someone you don’t like. For whatever reason. Perhaps it is someone that has wronged you,. Maybe it’s someone that just seems to be rude or unkind.

Imagine transferring all this loving energy that resides in your heart and guiding it towards this person. Do you think they would resist? Or would they see this gesture as something beautiful?

Showering this person with love isn’t realistic and it definitely isn’t easy, but ultimately you know it will benefit you as well. I want you to imagine a world where you hold no grudges. A world where you have no anger or resentment. How would it make you feel?

I want you to try and find this kindness in your heart, even if you think it’s impossible. I want you to feel the joy in your soul and allow it to illuminate your inner being.

When you share your love, the warm and soft energy of peace permeates your whole body and radiates from the inside out. The world is more beautiful, you are more beautiful.

And now I want you to visualize physically transforming this special bond and then imagine applying it to humanity as a whole. The whole, entire human race.

And now I would like you to imagine a world where there is no hurt, no anger, no hate. There is only love and compassion. How beautiful and simple this world would be. Imagine living in a community of people that generously share the kindness, compassion and love.

And then I want you to think about how you can contribute. Could you be more patient? More empathetic? You are allowed to feel vulnerable and emotional, or even scared and angry. But ultimately you know you are the happiest when you show earnest love to others and yourself. Recognize this love for what it is – a miraculous human connection. You as a human being are able to share this magical experience with everyone around you. The more love you give, the more you will receive. The more you love and appreciate yourself, the more others will love and appreciate you. You are worthy of love, as is everyone around you.

And allow yourself to feel the intense power of kindness and empathy. Think about what this society would look like if everyone could walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. We all have our demons, struggles, flaws. No one is perfect. Keeping this in mind at all times enables you to see people for who they truly are. Allow yourself to be understanding of others.

And allow yourself to be just like them – flawed. Accept the mistakes you might have made and transform them into valuable lessons. Be gentle and understanding when talking to yourself. I would like you to focus all of this loving energy on yourself and others. Being kind to yourself is just as important as being kind to others.

You don’t need to punish yourself or anyone else. We can learn without punishment.

Think about how good being good feels. How liberated and relieved you feel when you let go of negative emotions. How amazing it feels to let go of cynicism and bitterness and to simply accept things for what they are.

When your being is full of this light of life, it truly shows. You feel better, you look better. When you genuinely try to love and bring joy to others, your life feels like a smooth ride, because you are able to move through it without any baggage and hard feelings. And when you are genuinely kind to yourself, your confidence skyrockets, your self-esteem blossoms and you can let your guard down, because you know no one can hurt you if you don’t let them hurt you.

You are now slowly becoming aware of your surroundings again. You can open your eyes and gently shake your limbs.

Thank you for listening to this guided meditation.

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