Guided Meditation for Self-Love

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Self-Love: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Self-Love

To begin, sit in a comfortable position. Bring your spine into straight alignment, keeping your chin in a neutral position. Slowly roll your shoulders slightly back to open up your chest, placing your palms in your lap facing upwards, and gently closing your eyes.

Focus all of your awareness on your breath and in the space in the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards…the area known as your heart’s energy center.

Feel your breath entering into this space and flowing out from this space. Stomach and rib cage expanding on every inhale, then contracting on every exhale.

Let yourself be fully present with your breath and your heart. Noticing how they are interconnected, how indeed you can soothe your heart through your breath. And similarly, you can infuse love into your breath through your heart.

They are mutually beneficial to each other and you feel that connection now.

And as you do, you begin to appreciate both your heart and your breath.

Self-appreciation is a gateway to self-love. So in this moment, simply appreciate your breath and your heart for all that they do for you as you relax and allow your breath to deepen.

And as you appreciate your heart and your breath, let that appreciation expand out until you feel your awareness around your entire body.

Appreciating yourself even being here in this very moment.

Now appreciating your body for allowing you to be present in this moment and thinking about all that it took for this to be possible – the numerous things happening within your body that you don’t even have to think about.

Your body is naturally taking care of you. And in this moment, as you recognize that truth, you deepen your self-appreciation. It also helps you recognize that if your body is naturally doing things on your behalf to take care of you, your body must, therefore, care about you.

Think about it, it does so much for you.

As you think about that, you may start to notice feelings of love begin to build within you, love towards yourself or how it cares for you effortlessly, naturally enabling processes like breath, digestion, movement, all of your senses, your ability to hug someone, to be in the presence of loved ones in this moment.

Appreciate the fullness of being alive as you experience feelings of love towards your body…and as you do, notice how that feeling of love for yourself begins to expand to simply feelings of love in general.

You can love and appreciate yourself for all the amazing things your body has done and all of the great things have done, but that is not the end goal of this meditation. And once you’ve generated feelings of love and appreciation, the goal is to continue to feel them, no matter what you think about yourself. Even if you are down on yourself or feel as though you’ve done something wrong, to extend that same feeling, that feeling you generated, of love. Extend that feeling towards yourself regardless of what you have or haven’t done. True self-love is unconditional to what you do, who you are.

True self-love is fully accepting yourself through everything.

Accepting yourself with wide open, loving arms.

If you’re feeling down saying, “I love you anyway, it’s okay that you’re feeling this way.” Or if you’re feeling lost, say “I love you anyway. It’s okay that you’re feeling this way.”

What is something you’re going through that you need to tell yourself right now that you love yourself anyway?

Let the feeling of love you generated when thinking about all of the great things your body does, let that feeling of flow through you. Even as you think of any faults that you have, embracing and loving everything about you, whether you perceive it as good or bad…and when you’re ready, take this feeling that you’ve generated with you as you slowly begin to bring your awareness back to the room around you. Opening your eyes whenever you feel ready.

Guided Self-Love Meditation: 20 Minutes

Self-Love Meditation Script

Hello, this meditation guides you to discover the beauty and magic behind self-love. When you practice the art of self-love, the world will open up to you and give you an abundance of love in return.

So make sure you are nice and relaxed, somewhere you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session. Today is a very important endeavor into the beauty of loving yourself fully, so this time deserves your full attention.

Take a few deep breaths to center yourself… breathe in fully, expanding your body as it fills with air… and breathe out, relax…


Breathe in slowly…. Exhale slowly…



Let your breath return to a natural rhythm, slowly letting it fade from your awareness…


With your eyes closed, go to the place where your love resides, in your heart center… as you still the body and quiet the mind, focus on your heart and feel it beating strongly within you…


Connect with the energy that radiates from your heart… now allow this energy of love to expand out, feeling it traveling all along your body.


When you experience the force of that love that lives inside of you, imagine yourself in front of a large mirror. This mirror has a gorgeous frame and looks ancient…


It is a very special mirror because it not only shows you your physical reflection, but it shows you your essence and your light, it shows you how extraordinary you are….

You see a bright light, so bright that you think it would hurt your eyes, but it doesn’t at all…


Observe that beautiful light radiating from you. That light is you, you are that light. The mirror can’t contain so much light, not even the room can contain so much light…

To reveal the meaning behind your light, the mirror starts to show your gifts and talents…


Things that you are good at… how you take good care of yourself… and things you do that help others…


It shows you the attributes in your personality that are especially the ones that help you reach your goals and dreams…. See them clearly in whatever way is presented…


These qualities represent your uniqueness! The gifts and talents are yours, but are meant to be shared with the world because you are the only one who can contribute in this particular way.


What is the mirror telling you to do with your gifts?


You may see clear images or get the answers in the shape of thoughts or sensations. All is valid, all is accepted… all is wonderful…


Imagine life from an outside perspective, as if you are someone else, someone who loves you and respects you deeply and unconditionally.

What does this person appreciate about you?…


See the one who loves you speaking kind words and complimenting your strengths…


Wow, they have said so many things, a long list of attributes. Notice how the mirror shows images of your life that represent those qualities.


Now, little by little, your human form is appearing on the mirror, you are very familiar with this representation of you. However, right now, you finally see how limited it is because so many things are left out, all you see is flesh now, but you know there is much more that you offer to the world…


If you were to only pay attention to the physical body, you miss out on the most important aspects of you…

You are now able to look at yourself with different eyes, with loving and appreciating eyes that can see beyond the obvious…


You are smiling on the inside and the outside, you can feel love and appreciation in your whole body.


Now say these powerful words to yourself “I love you deeply and unconditionally”…

Notice what you feel when you say those words…


Repeat it again…“I love you deeply and unconditionally”…


And one more time for good luck, “I love you deeply and unconditionally”…


Great… feeling the magic of self-love right now… allow it to expand and grow until it is bigger than you…. And even further, see it expanding out far from your body… your self-love is gracing those around you… they feel your love… Love is endless, it has no form or shape… it can go infinitely…

now it is expanding so far out that it reaches the far edges of the earth… The whole world can feel the power of your self-love…


Imagine the love from others in the form of sparkling confetti pouring down on you as well, this is the most magnificent sensation reaching every single cell in your whole being….


Bring a big smile across your face and know that loving yourself is the first step to living life the way it was intended…

Gently return your awareness to the present moment, and open your eyes, full of self-love…

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