Meditation for Inner Peace

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Inner Peace: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Inner Peace

To practice this meditation, find a quiet space where you will not be interrupted. Allow yourself to sit in a comfortable position, bringing your spine into straight alignment, letting your palms rest on your lap facing downwards…and softly closing your eyes.

On your next inhale, let your breath enter into your nose for a count of 6, hold your breath at the top for a count of 4…and exhale for a count of 6…..and at the bottom hold your breath for a count of 4.

Continue this cycle of breathing – inhaling for 6, holding for 4, exhaling for 6 and holding for 4.

As you allow yourself to become centered in this moment, use this technique of counting your breath to enter into this place and time. And as you count and hold and breathe, let yourself become aware of your physical body in this moment, noticing how it takes up space in this room…how the air feels against your skin…how the clothes feel on your body…

As you continue to breathe in this rhythmic fashion you become even more aware of the world around you, even with your eyes closed. You may notice the sounds of the room around you, or you may just allow your awareness to be present with the space you are in…being fully aware of your physical body and its surroundings.

And now allow your breath to be at a pace that is comfortable you, as you keep your awareness on your body on the room around you as you expand to also include any emotions or thoughts you may be having.

Just observe them without judgement, as if you are watching a movie…paying close attention to every detail with the physical sensations in your body, the emotions in your heart and in your mind, and the thoughts that you are experiencing…and as you observe both your physical body, your emotions, your thoughts and having an awareness of the world around you, in this moment, just accept it all.

There is nothing to change.

In this moment, your only job is to accept. Whether the thought feels good or bad, it doesn’t matter. In this space, all thoughts, feelings, and awareness are simply accepted.

Our deepest inner peace comes when we are able to truly be present in this moment while accepting all that is, as it is.

A great way to practice this is to simply be aware: aware of your surroundings, your thoughts, and your feelings – without judging without trying to change. Just breathing, and accepting everything as it is…accepting everything as you are.

Accepting it with love and compassion.

There’s no greater work you can do.

For these next few moments practice this one your own, staying aware simultaneously of your thoughts, feelings, physical body and the world around you, and just letting it be as if you are on the outside looking in, with love and compassion.

And with your awareness completely in the world around you as well as on your internal landscape, without attachment to it, you may notice a light floating sensation in your body, as you detach from judging anything, and just accept everything as it is. This light floating sensation is deep inner peace. There is nothing to change, nothing to chase, simply all there is is to be.

Begin to focus your awareness in your heart in the center of your chest, as you begin to become ready – ready to transition from this meditation while keeping that feeling of inner peace with you as you take a big long inhale and hold your breath at the top.

When you’re ready, let it all go with a long audible sigh.

Slowly roll your shoulders…wiggle your fingers and toes…and take this feeling with you as you open your eyes back to the room around you.

Inner Peace Meditation: 20 Minutes

Inner Peace Meditation Script

Hello, this meditation guides you on a journey towards inner peace. Finding this sweet spot in life may prove to be easier than you think after experiencing this session.

Take a few nice breaths to center yourself, make any adjustments so that you are in a nice relaxing position for the duration of this meditation.

Humans have the unique ability to visualize which allows for all kinds of creation to occur. So, let us use the power of visualization to cultivate authentic inner peace. You may close your eyes to enhance this technique.

Visualize walking through a majestic forest …. the trees are growing tall around you and gently swaying in the breeze …. the forest floor is soft and has various ferns and small plants growing about …. take a deep breath in of this refreshing air perhaps imagining that you can smell the dense forest around you … you can see the sun dappling through the leaves … and you can hear the sounds of this healing forest around you …. as you walk along each step you take makes you feel more and more connected to a sense of deep inner peace ….

The sound of trickling water catches your ears and you follow it ….

You come to find a small yet gorgeous stream curving through the forest ….

The water is crystal clear and you just must step in to feel it on your feet ….

As you step into the stream, the water is crisp and cold, but extremely invigorating… you feel a wave of peace travel up your legs … into your hips and pelvis … relaxing you deeply … traveling up into your abdomen and back …. all the way to your shoulders and down each arm …. feeling so light and refreshed ….. this wonderful sensation travels up your neck and into your head ….

This is the very essence of inner peace ….

This stream represents the eternal flow of life … it never stops running … and it never ceases to trickle through the Woods … supplying the nature with fresh water …..

Hear the rhythm of the stream below you and allow it to bring you peace and relaxation ….


Now allow the image of the forest and the stream to fade from your mind but bring along with you the calm and relaxation you discovered here in this stream of peace…

Acknowledging the flow of life in anything you do and everything that happens is a way to access inner peace whenever you wish ….


So, let’s practice some simple techniques that you can use at any time to access the rhythms of life, this brings about a call to your inner power of peace…

We’re going to focus on all of our senses but only one at a time …. and with my guidance, you will move from sense to sense experiencing the flow of life …

First, bring about a visual of what you look like in your mind…


Now become aware of your hands and notice the sensations of touch in your fingertips ….


Notice now what you are hearing … such as the sound of my voice and the relaxing background music… Can you hear anything else?


now take a nice breath in through the nose and see if you can smell any fragrance or an aroma…


Access the sense of sight, notice the darkness behind closed eyes…


Now back to the power of visualization… see your home… and remember what the current room around you looked like without opening your eyes…


Focusing on your hands again, knowing where they are placed… what textures are nearby that can be felt?


To your ears now… hearing the sound of my soothing words… the beautiful music…


Breathe deeply through the nose and see if you can smell anything, or even remember a smell as you breathe….


Once again, letting the darkness behind your eyelids deeply calm your vision….


You have nowhere else to be right now… feeling so relaxed and balanced…


You are cultivating inner peace this very moment….

Deep within you, you truly love yourself more than anything in this world….

You were born with this love, and it has never left you… perhaps you have just forgotten about it…. Until now…

With this love, extend it out to everyone you know… all of the nature around you…. Your entire village or city… feeling yourself sending this profound peace to the entire world…

right now, putting your full attention towards imagining world peace….

Clearly see everyone accessing their own inner peace….

By doing this, you are changing the lives of billions of people through the great power of your creative mind.

Vividly visualize what this perfect world looks like….


Good… thank you.

You may gently return your awareness to your current surroundings… but never forget your image of world peace that you created from deep inner peace.


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