Gratitude Meditation Scripts

Hello and welcome to this guided gratitude meditation. In this meditation, we will focus on the true value and importance of gratitude. I will try to illuminate all the ways thankfulness can transform your life and allow you to handle all imaginable challenges with more grace and ease.

Before we begin, I want you to make sure you are in a space where you can concentrate and take a moment for yourself. Try to remove all possible distractions. Take this time to fully relax and take a break from the real world. Your priority right now is you. This is the time to turn inward and focus on yourself. You can do this meditation either lying or sitting down. All I ask you to do is to allow your body to slowly settle down and find the perfect resting spot.

When you feel ready you can start by slowly connecting with your natural breathing pattern. Simply follow the rhythm of your breath and keep doing it. Keep breathing as you focus on it. Feel the air travel in and out of your body.

And now I would like you to gently close your eyes and slowly breathe in. A deep, slow breath in.

And a slow breath out.

You breathe in relaxation and you breathe out tension. Inhale.

And slowly exhale.

And once more.

Deep inhale.

And slow exhale.

Allow your entire body to become calm and mellow. Let a warm, glowing light of relaxation caress and nurture your skin. Relax and try to loosen up your body.

And now – gratitude. I would like you to think about something you are truly and sincerely grateful for. Take a moment and think about it. It can be anything – literally anything. It can be a massive achievement of yours or a small everyday joy that bring a smile on your face. Perhaps it’s your family, your health, your career achievements. Or it might be your favorite plant growing a new luscious leaf. A fresh cup of coffee or tea. Your pet. Maybe it is a stranger’s smile. Your unique talents. A pleasant memory. Think about it. There are so many things we can all be thankful for. Think about all the relationships in your life you’re grateful for. The relationships that enrich you. Think about every object that makes your life somewhat easier. Think about your kids gleefully running into your arms. Think about your childhood dog lovingly playing with you. Even the basic things that we sometimes take for granted. Warm clothes, clean water, a reliable roof over your head, or food on the table. Your past and your future. All the lessons life has taught you.

Whatever it is you are grateful for, I want you to truly focus and think about all the ways this thing, person, event or achievement makes you feel. Try to internalize this feeling and remember it anytime you need a boost of positive energy. Allow it to become imprinted in your mind. Think of these things as essential parts of who you are. They are not the only important thing in the world, but they are parts of a complicated puzzle.

The more you try to show your gratitude and recognize the things you can be thankful for, the easier it will become.

The positive outlook can become a spontaneous reaction, almost second nature. Showing genuine gratitude will bring even more things you can be grateful for. It’s a fascinating feedback loop. Our thoughts create our actions, and our actions create our lives. And as each day passes and this gratitude becomes part of your mindset, you can add more and more things that make your life better, and make you a better person. Gratitude helps you grow as a person, make your life feel fuller and more rewarding.

When you try your best to find the positive aspects of every single thing or person you encounter, life manages to find more and more ways to reward you. Your energy of peacefulness and thankfulness shines from the inside out and illuminates your whole, entire being. Everyone can see your magnetic attitude and everyone can appreciate it, and perhaps even lean it.

The longer you do this, the more this attitude of gratitude will cultivate a deeply satisfying feeling of joy and content.

You will see things that seemed hidden before. All the challenges in your life; they were actually blessings disguised as burdens. Every challenge is an amazing learning opportunity.

Showing gratitude can be hard sometimes. Sometimes the lessons are hard and life seems hopeless, but as long as you find it in you, this drive to always be grateful, you will prosper. You will keep finding things that make your life so fulfilling and rewarding.

Happiness is momentary, but content can be forever. Practicing daily gratitude will allow you to make it a habit and a mindset. And truly – the more you do it, the easier it gets.

So, I would like you to try and imagine how good you feel when you are truly happy about something and try to duplicate that feeling right now. I want you to focus on this one thing. And I want you to thank it. I want you to express genuine gratitude.

And as you do, allow all the sensation to flood your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul. Feel the warmth of deep thankfulness energizing your whole being.

And last, but not least, I would like you to recognize this time you took to reflect and relax. You need to be kind to yourself and this is a great way to do it. Anytime you feel a bit pessimistic, simply do a short exercise and think of a couple of things you are grateful for. It will lift your spirits and ease your mind.

You can now gradually return from the meditative state and slowly open your eyes. Thank you for joining me for this guided gratitude meditation.

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