Simple Spells

When you introduce the concept of spells or magic, one might think of today’s entertainment, such as Wizards of Waverly Place, Harry Potter, or the Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus.

Disney Channel and other channels directed towards younger audiences help to aim to perceive spells as fairies and sparkles. Although those examples are made for entertaining and might exaggerate the concept, the purpose behind the incantations remains the same in some instances today.

A spell or incantation is known as a magical formula intended to trigger a magical effect on a person or object. Spells can be both a blessing and a curse depending on what the overall outcome is aimed to do.

Why Are Spells Used?

There were many ways that ancient people used simple spells throughout history, such as healing, curses, and protection. Unlike modern-day assumptions about periods, they were initially used for revenge or to bind people up in specific outcomes. Today, people have given feedback saying that witchcraft is a customizable experience.

Where Did Spells Originate?

The earliest remains have been found in Mesopotamia on clay blocks. They dated back to four to five hundred B.C. Incantations have evolved throughout history, switching from simple health and protection charms to more specific things such as sexual fulfillment and financial success. To this day, archeologists dig up remains of what show to be evidence of the first ancient written incantations.

Friendship Spell

Have you ever had a good friend that you grew distant with overtime? Or something happened between the two of you, and you aren’t close anymore, but you want to be? Luckily there is a common spell recorded to help with this dilemma. You only need a few materials to cast this spell.


  • Dirt
  • A Plastic Bag
  • Mason Jar
  • Yellow Rose Petals
  • A Yellow Candle
  • Lavender Leaves
  • Lemon Peels


Open your plastic bag and place your yellow rose petals at the bottom of the bag, making sure that the whole base is covered evenly. Next, cover that layer of seeds with a moderate layer of dirt. Think of this action as a new friendship being planted or being grown again.

Carefully place the lemon petals on top of the soil and sprinkle the lavender leaves across the lemon petals. Make sure that you fully seal the bag.

Shake the bag vigorously for a few minutes and then chant the words,

I’m willing to be vulnerable for this friendship. I’m ready to be patient and let this friendship seed grow as long as it needs to. I’m asking the Gods and Goddesses to help guide me to the right friendship for me. While this candle is burning like a lamp, this friend will be governed by the light.”

While reciting your chant, light your colored candle and place it on top of the bag. When you are ready, place your mason jar on top of the candle. Allow the candle to go out on its own, and when the smoke starts to rise, take the mason jar off of the candle. Let the smoke surround you and hold onto the thoughts of your spell so that they don’t drift away with the smoke.

When the candle has completely burned out, make sure to dispose of all evidence. Either bury the candle in the ground or melt the candle entirely and throw away the melted wax.

Money Spell

Are you struggling financially, or you want to help out a dear friend who is? This spell might not plant a money tree in your backyard, but if done correctly can grant you an unexpected allowance.

It may raise the chances of finding an extra stack of cash under your bed when you least expected it. It may even make it possible for your whole family to have access to fresh groceries for that month.

This basic money spell supports the theory that with money, money attracts more money. Feel free to change this spell wording to make it accommodate your financial situation. To grant this spell on yourself or someone else, you need to come across these few items.


  • Two white candles
  • Five silver coins
  • Three fake gold coins
  • 1 dollar bill
  • A small drawstring satchel
  • Taglock link (Strands of hair, fingernail clippings, etc.)
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon


Prepare your workspace as you would normally do when preparing for any spell you plan on casting. If you wish to cast a circle around yourself, you can do that too. Light your two white candles so that you are working in the moderately sized space between them. While lighting them, chant,

“White candle, white magic, help me grant money to my menage”

Place your fake money and taglock into the satchel first. When doing this, imagine reuniting with the wealth that you hope to grant on yourself or whoever you have in mind. It may help to even rub the money in your fingers through the small bag. After you do this, you need to chant one more thing.

“All in need and not from greed, spirits decide if wealth is what I shall receive.”

Next, place the ginger and cinnamon in the bag along with your real coins and a dollar bill. The last thing that is required to do to complete this spell is straightforward. You need to bring your lit candle into a dark room and shut the door.

Think about what you would do with this financial increase. Is this wish for you and your family to succeed through hard, desperate times? Is it to pay off the large amount of debt you have? Is it for a friend or family member who is sick and needs to pay off medical bills?

Once you have thought about your decision long and hard, open your satchel just enough for there to be a small visible opening. Whisper the wish that you just thought about into that bag. Once you have done that, repeat the word money four times and then drop the bag on the ground so that you are no longer touching it and blow your white candle out. Open the door and make sure to dispose of all evidence. Your results in some shape or form should show within one or two months.

A Simple Spell To Make Someone Love You

Rejection and heartbreak is something that no one ever wants to experience. Sometimes you don’t want to give up on the person that you’ve had your eyes on for a long time, or you wish there was something that you could do because your significant other wants to break up because they are losing feelings. This suggested spell is one that could change a lot in your life for the better.


  • A Red Candle
  • A Pink Candle
  • Toothpick
  • Cinnamon Oil
  • A Box Of Matches
  • Writing Utensils (Pen or Pencil)
  • Paper


First, you want to take a relaxing warm bath. Before performing this spell, change into fresh, clean clothing.

Take one toothpick and carve your name and the name of the person you want to cast the spell upon into the wax of each candle.

Light both candles and imagine a perfect scenario where both of you fall in love and have the perfect night. At some point, it would include sitting by the fire and gazing at the burning flames just like you should be looking into the small candle flame.

You should be holding that concentration for 15 to 30 minutes.

Get the piece of paper and the writing utensil that you picked out and draw two moderate-sized hearts on the paper. Write each of your names in each heart and trace the outline of the heart shape a few times.

After that, gather a drop of wax from each candle. Cover the hearts that you drew in that small amount of wax.

This love spell should be repeated every day for seven days. The last day after both candles have burned down, you need to bury the paper in the ground and get rid of all existing evidence.

Spell for Letting Go of Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits, but they aren’t the easiest to eliminate. Even when bad habits are as simple as biting your nails or excessive swearing, life would be so much easier without those habits that we want to control all the time but can’t. This spell can help you break those bad habits and replace those bad habits with new positive ones.


  • Paper
  • A Writing Utensil
  • Black Tape Or Black Fabric
  • A Candle (Black if possible)
  • Small Black Rock
  • Broomstick


First, make sure that you are in a calm, serene state. Being stressed out or forcing this spell will waste your time because it will most likely not work. Sit inside your circle that you can grant upon yourself with your broomstick and think about the bad habits that you want to make vanish.

When you are ready, write those thoughts down on a small piece of paper. Next, get your black rock and wrap the paper around that black rock. Black rocks like obsidian symbolize healing and capturing all that is no longer necessary in our lives. This mineral will be happy to take on all the toxins that are ready to be free.

Place your paper-wrapped rock in front of your lit candle and imagine the fire burning away the bad habit you wish to release. Then, open your circle by waving your arms with your broomstick or your opposite clean hand clockwise three times.

After you have done this and the spell is complete, get rid of all materials. Bury the rock and throw the rest of your stuff away, so you never see them again.

How to Create a Spell

You don’t have to be qualified or have specific training to write simple spells. You just need to have concentration, creativity, and motivation to achieve the goal in mind.

The most successful spells are the ones made with a purpose. Your magical manifestation should be in response to a burning desire or need.

Prepare Yourself

Luckily the tools you need for the process aren’t expensive. All you need is a writing utensil and a few notecards. Make sure that you have enough in case you change your mind or need to start over for some reason. Also, set aside a few of your favorite magic books to aid the creative ideas.

Sit in a comfortable chair and make sure you’re in a quiet room because distractions will get in the way of successfully concocting your spell. It may help to place objects around you that calm and inspire you. You can place a diffuser filled with lilac or honeysuckle in the room you’re working in or have an amethyst stone nearby as it is known to boost intuition.

Decide What You Want

Once you’ve got yourself situated, think about what you want to accomplish. Is this simple spell financial, emotional, health-related? Is it directed towards you or someone else?

Once you have your specific goal decided on, take one of your notecards and write down that particular desire. Make sure that you write in the neatest penmanship possible, and the size makes it easy to read in front of you. Fold that piece of paper like a tent resembling a small signpost. That signpost will guide and inspire you to create your spell.

Gather Your Tools

You are getting closer to creating your final product. All efforts take place into this process, so you want to be as prepared as possible.

You will need a completely new sheet of paper. Explore your different paper options before deciding. Think about size, color, and texture. All aspects can contribute to your spellcraft.

The same ideas contribute to your choice of writing tool. Think about whether you want to use a pen, pencil, or maybe a colored marker. The type of spell you’re creating could even contribute to what you choose. If you’re writing a love spell, you would need to select a smooth red ink pen.

Establish Your Spell Components

Now the hands-on work begins. It’s time to start deciding on your spell components.

Start by choosing when you’ll work the spell. The time of day, the week, the month are all aspects that can impact your results. For example, a period for love would work the best cast at sundown on a Wednesday just after the new moon.

Think about your surroundings. Will you be by yourself when this spell is cast? Will others be around? Will this be formal or informal?

Think about the materials that will affect this spell. Do you want unique candles and or stones or cloth? These things also make a difference depending on what kind of period you are creating. As you work, make sure you review what you wrote to make sure that every detail is precise.

Write Your Spell

With your intention and spell components written, you are now finally ready to write your very own spell.

The wording of your spell can vary from conversational and informal to formal and poetry-like. The type of spell you wish to grant on yourself or someone else should give you an idea of the tone your simple spell should be written.

Conversational writing is best for casual, uncomplicated intentions. This type of spellcraft is best for when cleansing spells are written or spells for neatness. Health-related topics or ones that can result in severe consequences if done poorly would require different wording and approach to the spell.

If you choose to write your spell more formally, your spell will likely be most effective in poetic form. Poetry has its language and sense of rhythm. When spoken aloud, the poetic language suggests a drum beat cadence, which emphasizes certain words. Imagery and description in your spell can enhance the overall effect of your period as well.

No matter what kind of tone you write your spell in, you have to start somewhere. Don’t worry about making your first draft perfect; this is why you have gathered multiple pieces of paper in the first place.

Once the collection of raw material is down on your paper, you can then go back and change certain areas that you need to adjust. Pull out a dictionary or thesaurus and replace bland words with fresh new concepts that make your spell more exciting.

Read your spell out loud to yourself a few times and make sure it sounds fluent. Make notes to indicate where each pause and or action should occur. For example, jumping, spinning, or hitting something at certain times of your spell are all actions you can take to activate the granting process.

Work Your Spell

For less formal work, once you have your spell written and have gathered the materials, you can start to work your period.

For a more formal ritual, you might want to practice a few times. You can practice in front of a mirror or record yourself in front of a camera but never practice with someone else. That is considered bad luck and may cause your spell to fail.

To add more of a professional illusion to your spell, you can memorize it. Memorization is not required but is beneficial. When you memorize words, your brain processes and internalizes them, this enhances your spell and adds it to your unconscious, which also gives it power.

When you memorize your spell instead of reading it from a notecard, you get a more involved sense in the ritual. Your brain is then paying less attention to the notecard and reading the words correctly and more on the full experience, which allows more room for enjoyment when preparing for the real thing.


After you work your spell enough and are satisfied with it, sit down and reflect on how the spell creating process went for you. Did everything turn out the way you expected? If you were granted the opportunity to create the spell again but different the next time, what would you change?

After finishing your notes, put them away in a safe place that only you can access. It is considered bad luck if you share your spell with anyone within a specific period of one month and three days. Failure to this will result in the spell failing or losing its power. Be sure to come back to your secret spot after time has passed and record the outcome of your spell in detail.

Final Thoughts and Reminders

Although anyone can write a spell, just like any new adventurous thing you try, practice makes perfect. Do not become frustrated if you don’t observe the outcome that you expected out of the spell right away. Either go back and change some things or wait a few days and try again.

Remember that it is possible for simple spells to backfire on beginners. It is essential to read up on the spell that you want to cast before you go through with one.

As a beginner, stick to positive white magic spells to avoid any unintentional consequences. Just to be sure, you can even modify the wording of the spell to include a phrase in your spell asking the universe to make sure that anybody or anything will not be harmed in the outcome of your simple spell.

Remember to get rid of all evidence after you have cast your spell. Get rid of all materials used for the spell such as herbs, candles, and foreign objects that you would not usually have lying around your house daily. Some examples of proper ways to dispose of all evidence would be to bury certain traces in the earth, dissolve them in water, and clean all writing utensils and surface areas so that nobody suspects a thing when interacting with you in your household.

Your mood does determine the effectiveness of your spell. Do not write your spells on impulse because you are mad at someone or stressed out. The process does require time and a purpose, along with lots of thought.

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