Wish Spells

Ever had something you desperately wanted but had no idea how to obtain it? Whether it was a goal, more money, a job, or even love every time you tried, you failed. If you find yourself thinking it may be easier just to will it into being, you are not the only one.

Many people look to other means of achieving their desires. Granted genies who will give you three wishes are hard to come by but wish spells are easier to access than you would think.

Magic is always a viable option. Outside the world of Harry and Hermoine, people do practice magic and can help you get what you want most. To get something you desire, you can always try a wish spell.

History of Magic

Most commonly, when you think of magic, tales of witches and wizards pop into your mind. But what is witchcraft? Britannica defines witchcraft as using supernatural powers to influence people or events and generally involves those who practice sorcery or magic.

People like sorcerers and witches. Each culture has its definition and outline of what is considered magic or sorcery. Historically it seems to vary from region to region, as much as it varies from century to century.


But when did magic come to be? While Salem and it’s witch trials in the 1690s spring into most people’s minds, magic has been around a lot longer than that. Magic’s origins trace back to the Old Testament.

Ancient Greece even had occurrences of spells, incarnations, and the use of herbs. According to Dereck Collins in his article, Theoris of Lemnos and the Criminalization of Magic in Fourth-Century Athens, fourth and fifth century Greece saw quite a bit of magic and its first persecution of witchcraft, but under the guise of illegal use of herbs and poisoning. Of course, sorcery makes an appearance in classical Greek texts, alluding to how common it was.

Ancient Rome had its dalliances with magic too. In fifth-century B.C.E., there were many cases reported of what they termed “black magic.” Magic was used to damage crops, livestock, and personal property. All, of course, was deemed illegal.

Middle Ages

As time moved into the middle ages, magic and sorcery were very prevalent. In areas of the world such as Ireland, Sweden, Sicily, and Russia, sorcerers were very similar. According to Britannica, this came from people’s desires to achieve their goals,” whether by open or occult means.”

Many practitioners worked in secret as magic heavily contrasted with religion. However, even though they worked in secret, they were generally feared and garnered respect from the inhabitants of their regions.

Witches and sorcerers used different ways to accomplish their tasks. They used incantations, divination, amulets, and charms. They also would create potions and salves, which had a variety of uses. Witches “sought to gain or preserve health, to acquire or retain property, to protect against natural disasters or evil spirits, to help friends, and to seek revenge.”

Many people believed profoundly in rituals, such as sacrificing an animal to ensure a fertile field and successful harvest. In contrast, others believe the sorcerers conspired with the devil to draw power to complete their tasks.

Modern-Day Witchcraft

Modern-day witchcraft is known as Wicca or Neo-Paganism. While the practice of magic has the same types of emotional and ritualistic involvement as religion, practitioners do not see it the same way. There are also subtle differences between Wicca and Neo-Paganism.

Neo-Pagans focus on three things:

  • Rites
  • Chants
  • Charms

They also do not refer to themselves as witches. Neo-Pagans open themselves up to hidden powers through their focus.

Wiccans focus on:

  • Worship of the Goddess
  • Honoring Nature
  • The practice of ceremonial magic
  • Invoking the aid of deities
  • Celebrating Halloween
  • Observing the summer solstice
  • Celebrating the vernal equinox

While both take different approaches, they are led by their concern and attachment to the environment, ecological concerns, seasons, and draw heavily on personal experience. Neither group is a fan of science or religion, preferring to base their faith in magic, spells, and rituals.

If you are looking for a wish spell, you can turn to these modern-day mages.

What Are Wish Spells?

Wishes are very common in day to day life. You likely have made many wishes in your life. When you blow out your birthday candles, you make a wish. You may have even made a wish on a shooting star.

These all are things you have likely done since childhood. But what makes a wish spell so different than an ordinary wish? The magic corresponding with the spell is what differentiates it from the simple childhood versions.

Types of Wish Spells

Wish spells can ensure good fortune, better looks, or even to find love. The kinds of wish spells vary significantly as the ways to make them. Wish spells look to many different sources for their power.

Elements, the moon, and even colors can affect how powerful your wish spell is. It can also affect whether or not the spell will work.

A couple of different types of wish spells are:

  • Moonstruck Nature Spell
  • Well Wishing
  • Fairy Wishes
  • Three Wishes
  • Fire and Water Spell
  • Spell to Attract Customers

Many wish spells exist. Finding the right chant or ingredients that fit your needs is vital, as is casting it correctly.

Casting a Wish Spell

You don’t need to attend Hogwarts to be able to cast your wish spell. You just need the appropriate ingredients and incantation. Simple spells can be cast on your own, whereas some of the more extravagant wishes will need the assistance of a spell caster.

To cast your own, you will need to be in a specific mindset. You will need to have:

  • Focus, which will allow you to think clearly about what you desire.
  • Intention is a clear thought on your wish and what you want.
  • Letting go is essential to spell completion.

These three things allow you to see the motivation behind your wish and ensure you are focusing on the correct desire without any distractions to throw your spell off course or influence it in the wrong direction.

Influencing Your Spell

When you are casting your spell, it is wise to be aware of outside influences that may affect the validity of your wish. Ensure that you have all the correct items, wording, and pieces in place before beginning your spell. You then want to make sure your mind is in the right place with your focus, intention, and proper completion of the spell. However, there are factors within the environment and cosmos that can have a significant effect.

These factors can make your spell more powerful and achieve your goal more quickly. However, they can work against you to lessen the effect of your spell, especially as a novice spell caster.

The Elements

The elements are all around us. They are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. According to WitchLore, when casting a spell, “you are working with the symbolism and characteristics corresponding to each of the elemental energies.” Each one of the five elements has a different energy and characteristic that it lends to your spells, which makes it extremely important to understand how each element functions and what powers they all bring to the table.

When tapping into the Earth element, you bring in grounding energy as it is the element of the physical world. This element stands for stability and growth and serves as the foundation of all the other elements. It is a dense element that is receptive to others and allows you to recognize your limitations.

The Earth element controls:

  • Money
  • Property
  • Business
  • Security
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility

According to WitchLore, it controls anything that has a physical connection to body, health, finances, and business ventures, which are all things that are rooted in the physical world. Too much of this element can cause things to come to a standstill. Conversely too little of this element presents as an inability to reach out.

The Air element is the lightest of all the elements. It controls the mind and all that requires a mental application. Since this element is most often associated with the wind it controls:

  • Travel
  • Freedom
  • Thought
  • Ideas
  • Intellect
  • Imagination
  • Discovery

Since the air element is known for allowing clearer thought and analytical thinking, too much of it can lead to being overcritical and closed-minded. Whereas too little of the air element can lead to irrational thought and flighty behavior with no thought given to consequences.

Fire is the only element that requires something to feed off of, whereas the other elements can exist solely on their own. This element is an intense element. It can be a powerful force that can be as productive as it can be destructive. It has power over things that regard:

  • Passion
  • Intensity
  • Desire
  • Intuition
  • Understanding
  • Imagination
  • Possibilities

This element encourages strength and leaning on your intuition. However, too little of this element can result in laziness and lack of energy. In contrast, too much of this element can be detrimental, leading to an increase in ego, selfishness, and a lack of realistic expectations.

The water element is constant. It is always there flowing continuously, whether we see it or not. It has a significant effect on your mood and your emotions. The aspects it controls are:

  • Subconscious
  • Emotions
  • Dreams
  • Love

Water enhances wishes that fall into these categories. Too little of the water element, and you can become aloof and lack empathy. Too much of the water element can cause an emotional overload.

Spirit is an elusive element and can be challenging to define. It exists outside the earthly plane, yet is in everything and all around. Its lack of material application makes it a more challenging element to grasp. However, it still affects many areas, such as:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Writing
  • Religion
  • Healing
  • Magic
  • Ritual

The spirit elements influence over magic, and ritual makes it especially important to keep in mind. It allows you to open up to things much more significant than yourself in all aspects of life.

Understanding these five elementals will give you a better grasp on how to cast the most effective wish spell. It can be instrumental in helping you achieve what you desire most.

The Moon

The moon and its cycles also hold power over spells. Depending on the specific wish spell you choose, the moon’s phase can affect the outcome. Wish spells can rely on the moon like the moonstruck nature spell.

According to Elizabeth Harper in her text on wishing, the time frame from a new moon to a full moon, otherwise known as the waxing phase is the best time to cast a wish spell. This time frame is when the moon’s power is most potent. Be aware that when the moon is in its waning phase, negative energy is in abundance and can bring negativity into your wish spell.

To learn more about the moon’s effect on your wishes, look at Harper’s book, Wishing: How To Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires.

Different Colors

Colors affect your spells, especially if you are using a wish spell that requires a candle. Each color brings its own energy through what it signifies. According to Harper’s study on color theory:

  • Green: abundance and health
  • Pink: love and romance
  • Violet: transformation and spirituality
  • Purple: passion
  • Blue: inspiration, healing, and communication
  • Yellow: joy and intellect
  • Red: security and work
  • Orange: creativity and children
  • White: purity and peace

When performing a wish spell that requires a candle choosing the color that holds the most significance will help you to attain your desired goal.

Places to Find Wish Spells

With the internet, the ability to find the right wish spell for you is limitless.

If you have a simple wish and want to cast it on your own, it is as simple as clicking a button to find options. A couple of places to start are:

  • Youtube – there are plenty of videos for those who need the visual.
  • Spells of Magic have spells for beginners that are simple and easy to follow.
  • Wiccan Spells lists many wish spells and dives into specifics based on your type of wish.
  • Witch Spell Book has a wide variety of spells, tutorials, and forums.
  • Facebook has spell casting groups that you can join to find spells as well as tips.

Each of these has spells that can be readily cast. Some you can find for free, others you need to pay for the incantation. All of these places also have resources available to answer questions you may have and to provide clarification as needed. They also have support groups and member forums so you can connect with others who have cast wish spells before.

If you are not comfortable casting your wish, there are many places to find a spellcaster to make your wish for you. You can hire a spellcaster to craft and perform the wish on your behalf.

A couple of sites to check are:

  • Ministry of Magic is a website dedicated to all things magic. They can cast spells for just about anything you desire. They also have rituals, talismans, and charms.
  • Fiverr is a gig site where individuals can post their services. There is a wide variety of spellcasters available with offerings from fundamental wish spells up to more advanced wish spells. They also have ratings from past clients.
  • Facebook Groups: In groups, you can search for and hire spellcasters to perform your wish spell.

Spells You Can Try

Now that you have a background on wish spells and magic, you can try your hand at casting your very own wish spell.

Beginner Spells

There are a myriad of easy wish spells available for you to try. They are so simple that even a novice can do it and achieve the desired results. This one from Wiccan Spells is relatively simple and only includes a few items.

You should collect:

  • A candle
  • A piece of paper
  • A pen
  • A fireproof bowl

According to the spell instructions, you will:

  • Focus clearly on what you desire
  • Write it on the slip of paper
  • Empty your mind
  • Light the candle
  • Focus only on that wish and the candle flame for about 5-10 min

Once you do that, the site states that you need to visualize your intention in your mind. This visualization should be the only thing you are concentrating on. You are to take then the paper that you wrote your wish on and burn it in the flame. While it burns, you should say this chant:

“Candle shining in the night With your flame enchanted, By the powers of magic might May my wish be granted. When the candle sheds its gleam At the mystic hour, Let fulfillment of my dream Gather secret power. Flame of magic, brightly burn, Spirit of the fire. Let the wheel of fortune turn, Grant me my desire. One, two, three – so mote it be!”

For more about this spell and find others see Wiccan Spells.

Complex Spells

Sometimes a simple spell just doesn’t cut it, especially if your wish is not simple. You need the right type of spell to coincide with the magnitude of your desire. Using the elements within your wish spell can make it more useful, but it can also make the spell more complex. An example of a wish spell that is more advanced is the Fire and Water wish spell.

According to Spells of Magic, you will gather:

  • A fire-safe bowl or cauldron
  • Water
  • A tiny piece of paper or a leaf
  • Marker or pen
  • A couple of pieces of your hair
  • One candle
  • Oil such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil
  • Ashes
  • A lighter or matches
  • Optional: flower petals, soil, etc. to pack more of a punch

Once you collect all of these items, you may begin the spell. The steps for this particular spell are as follows:

  • On the tiny paper or leaf, write down your wish. Write the intention as it has already occurred.
  • Fold the paper. You can fold it in half, or you can fold it in thirds.
  • Take multiple strands of your hair and wrap it around the folded paper. It is okay to use hair that has already fallen out, and you can even take hair from your hairbrush.
  • Light the hair and the paper/leaf in the fire-safe bowl. Incense or a match can be used to assist in burning it.

Then add:

  • A drop or more of oil. Take caution as the oil will increase the flame, and it will burn higher.
  • After it burns for a while, add a cup or so of water.
  • Add a smidge of ash, or two.
  • Add flower petals, soil, etc. if you desire.
  • Add candle wax to “seal” the wish.
  • Move the bowl to stir and chant your request repeatedly while doing so.

When it is complete, pour it outside. See this particular spell and find others like it at Spells of Magic.

The spell writer does note that persistence is key, as well as effort on your part. For example, you cannot wish to lose 20 pounds and still eat an entire box of thin mints every night. Wishes do not work this way.

Effectiveness of Spells

The effectiveness of the spells falls entirely on the caster’s shoulders. You need to be focused, have the correct chant, and ensure that your intentions are clear. If any part of the preparation for the spell is incorrect, likely, your wish will not come to fruition. It is important to remember that wishing alone will not achieve your desire.

You also need to have a goal and put forth effort towards achieving your goal in addition to your wish.

With the use of the wish spell, nothing you desire is out of your reach. Whether you need a little extra motivation to drop a few pounds or if you wish for a grand fortune, you can find the right wish spell for you. With a bit of focus, the right intention and effort on your part, the wish you make is bound to come true.

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