Shaman Spells

While they aren’t really “spells,” Shamans do use tremendous powers to heal and transform energy in both the ethereal and solidified world. Shamanism dates back over thousands of years. It goes well beyond our current communications that seem so advanced. “Shaman Spells” can heal us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Shamanism is used to heal by connecting to otherworldly vibrations. A Shaman uses his power to connect to what is called “spirit realms” to heal and seek wisdom. There are many ancient traditions that have been collected over centuries upon centuries that make up Shamanism. The word Shaman means “one who sees in the dark” or “spiritual healer” and originated from the Siberian Tungus Tribe.

Shamans are thought to be the world’s first doctors. Some call them mystics and storytellers. They are even thought of as psychiatrists of the ancient world.

What Makes a Shaman?

A Shaman is one who can create and maintain a balance between the spirit realm, mankind, and nature. He can purposely enter into an altered state of consciousness while maintaining full control and criss-cross between those states. Another thing that constitutes a Shaman is being able to articulate and facilitate the needs of the physical world with the spirit world.

Being a Shaman brings on great responsibility. He needs to be capable of not only accessing the spirit world but then bring the experience back to the physical world to teach and heal others. This happens when a Shaman is able to bring on a concrete change in the physical world.

Shamans are teachers. They are here to bring wisdom and knowledge to those who need it. They believe that everything is living and interconnected. This includes the universe: the air, the sun, the stars, the wind, and planet earth.

One of the main goals of a Shaman is to bring harmony and balance to those who need or seek it. Shamans do not consider their practice any form of religion. There isn’t a leader or founder of Shamanism and no sacred book or any sort of dogmas.

The Journey

Shamans embark on a journey to find answers to the great unknown. They travel to a mystical, mysterious place between time and space. They walk the line between reality and the netherworld only to come back again, with answers or wisdom.

A Shaman Spell can take you to a parallel universe and change your life. They go to that place in the spirit world, which operates outside of time and reality. There are other terms for the spirit world such as Dreamtime, Non-Ordinary Reality, and The Other World, just to name a few. These are where Shamans travel on their spiritual journeys.

Shamans do not take these journeys lightly. They are to be respected and entered into humbly with an open heart and mind. A Shamanic journey is thought of as ceremonial. Their mission is to bring back healing energy after connecting with spirits who want to help and communicate.

How Do They Do It?

Shamans practice their whole lives to gain the power to be able to travel spiritually to other worlds and communicate with spirits. They go into a trance-state and enter the spirit realm. This takes a great deal of practice and concentration. They are able to raise their frequency to touch the angels.

Songs and drums are used to bring their minds into a place where it’s ready to elevate and travel to other worlds. They transform their consciousness into an altered state. Scientifically they become clairvoyant by entering a Theta state. Theta is a state when your brainwaves are in between being asleep and awake; when creativity collides with clairvoyance and thrives.

Another way a Shaman can travel spiritually is by using plant medicines. The plants they use are extremely psychedelic; however, Shamans feel the plants are spiritual entities. Mother Ayahuasca is one of the plants that many Shamans swear by. Other forms of spiritual plants are San Pedro Cactus and Iboga.

These plants help Shamans get to the state of transcendence and prepare them for their journey through the ethers.

Who Do Shamans Reach in the Spirit World?

Shamans travel through the spirit world to meet their Spirit Guides and Power Animals. Spirit Guides are there to help the Shaman reach his goal. The bond between a Shaman and a Spirit Guide is strong and one of great trust. A Shaman puts himself in the hands of these guides to help make their journey a success.

Spirit Guides take the Shaman through unfamiliar territory to show them wisdom so they can bring it back to the physical world. They have mutual respect and never ignore when the other one calls on them. These are even thought of to be spiritual marriages.

In Shamanic culture, it’s believed that everyone is born with the spirit of an animal, or more than one. These spirit animals are said to stay with us our entire lives. They are loyal and guide from up above in on our journey here on earth.

Shamans take spiritual journeys to connect with their Power Animals to seek out wisdom and a higher sense of guidance. They then bring this wisdom back to earth and share it for our healing benefits. Your Power Animal gives their attributes to us as needed at specific points of our lives.

Often, our Spirit Animals come to us in dreams. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of a butterfly? The butterfly is there to symbolize development and transformation to guide you along your way. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of a bear? The bear is powerful and comes with deep emotions.

Axis Mundi

The axis mundi is The World Tree in mythology. It’s thought of to be the central axis of the cosmos or the world axis. It represents the connection between heaven and earth, and the axis mundi is said to provide a pathway connecting the two. Some cultures refer to it as the Tree of Knowledge or Tree of Life. Some even think of it as the symbol of medicine or the Rod of Asclepius.

In Shamanism, the belief is that the axis mundi unites our souls by bringing the universe together as one. The axis mundi has three planes or worlds; Lower, Middle, and Upper. The Lower World is the roots of the tree, the Middle World is the trunk, and the Upper World is held up by the branches of the tree.

Shamans believe that these worlds are deep within our consciousness. They also believe that we, as humans have inherited this psychological gift. The key is to be aware of it, and that’s a conscious choice.

Shamans use the power of music beating from a wood drum that’s made of wood from The World Tree. They are then able to travel the three planes of the axis mundi. The music is their magic carpet and guides them to find the healing power they need to help others here on earth.

The sounds from the drum open a portal for the Shaman to reach his spirit guides. The Shaman is on a journey within himself while traveling through each of the three worlds of the tree. Three worlds that lie within all of us if we choose to recognize them.

When Shamans pass through the Lower World, they visit the spirits of animals, guides, and the dead. This is the “challenge realm,” and where power is gathered from healing spirits and animals. Basically, this is the place where dead spirits lie. In this world, Shamans can find lost or sick spirits, a place to recover lost power with help from the Animal Spirit.

The Middle World is likened to our reality of the outer world. It parallels our own world, and we can travel across it to see things, places, and people. A Shaman travels this world without physical transportation. He is able to communicate over large distances, find food, and healing herbs.

When a Shamans travels to the Upper World, their mission is to bring archetypical healing and knowledge back to the physical world. They bring a vision into reality and influence material things on earth. It’s a place for a Shaman to find insight, inspiration, or balance. Humans can aggravate the harmony between the universe, and Shamans travel to the Upper World to help restore this harmony.

Cause of Illness

Shamans believe there are three causes of illness in the physical world. Those are power loss, soul loss, and fear. Shamans believe that illness comes from the spirit within, and you can’t simply mask the illness with pills or medication. The root cause needs to be found and addressed whether the sickness is physical, mental or emotional. They believe the root cause of sickness transcends bacteria and viruses.

On the other hand, we believe that it’s simply these bacteria or viruses that make us sick. Or, our chemistry in our brain makes us crazy and depressed. Our addictions and depression are part of our genetics. Shamans discard this belief.

Loss of Power

The loss of power is a powerful entity. It’s probably the biggest problem we face as a human race. This isn’t the form of physical power, per se. It’s not about the power one may have in society or their industry. It’s about the power we have within ourselves, and when we lose it, everything else in our life seems to fall apart.

Oftentimes, it happens slowly. We go through life every day, and before we know, we are just existing. We are just going through the motions without purpose. Sometimes it’s a sudden loss. Something that completely drains you in an instant. Like the death of a loved one, a severe injury, or an extreme disappointment.

Shamans view this as the main cause of illness, whether it be mental or physical. They seek spirits on their journeys to bring back purpose for those here on earth. Shamans heal by restoring the power deep within us that we forgot we had, have chosen to ignore, or completely abandon, for one reason or another.

Loss of The Soul

When a person loses their soul, they have lost themselves both physically and mentally. They are devoid of emotion, feelings, and operate in a hazy or blurred state. Someone who’s been bullied often loses their soul or a veteran returning from war. Separation from a loved one causes this also.

When one loses their soul, they can turn to thoughts of suicide, addiction, negativity, and depression. They also tend to have a blocked memory or become apathetic. Some other manifestations of soul loss are a loss of enthusiasm for life or not being able to experience the joys of life. Sometimes people will block their memory and completely shut down and be fragmented.

Shamans view this as a wounded spirit. They hold the soul dear to their heart and understand it’s our lifeline. The soul is our connection to the universe, and without it, we can’t flourish. We can be alive because we can’t live. This is when a Shaman will take the journey to the Upper World and retrieve healing power with his spirit guides to give back to us here on earth.

Fear and Stress

Fear, which causes stress, makes us sick. Fear makes us angry, gives us anxiety, makes us jealous, as well as stressed out. When stress produces hormones in our bodies, we get sick. It causes inflammation, which leads to illness and aging. Fear can be more debilitating than any disease in itself.

Stress also causes sleeplessness, headaches, rashes on your skin, heart palpitations, and high blood pressure. When you’re afraid of something, you can’t stop thinking about it, and your stress levels rise. It can consume you, and in turn, you open yourself up to sicknesses in the body.

Shamans try to find a healing power through the spirit world of Shaman Spells. Their spirit animal will guide them up to find a balance to bring back for you. If you’re open to it, balance will be restored in your life, and you’ll feel more grounded with less fear and stress. Therefore, your body will be more capable of fighting off illnesses.


Storytelling is a way to heal. Both the teller and the listener form a connection through sound waves and a circle that heals the mind, body, and soul. Storytelling is not dissimilar to s Shaman traveling through spirit realms. Storytelling can reawaken our minds, which can bring our souls back alive.

When we listen to a story, we go on a journey with the storyteller. This can heal us. We take the elements of the story and align them with our own lives. We see the hero and the villain. We tend to align ourselves with the hero and how he always comes out on top, even through seemingly insurmountable odds.

The power this has to heal us is magical, like a Shaman Spell. Many storytellers like to speak of Shaman. They like to pass on tales of how a Shaman saved a village with his healing power, how a Shaman saved a young one’s life when they were lost. Stories of Shaman are said to even have more healing power than other stories.

Kids especially come alive when they hear Shamans shapeshifting and piercing through different worlds with their power. It’s mystical and magical. A child believes in their own self-power, and light opens up inside. They want to live a kind and compassionate life. They learn that all living things have meaning and should be respected.

The story of a journey is embedded in human nature, for we are all on our own journey or living our own story. The arc in a person’s life has always excited and interested us. We are especially drawn to these events, the events that make up a person’s nature. The obstacles that one is capable of overcoming have always fascinated us from the beginning of time.

Stories were told in writing on stone walls before words were spoken. Stories have transcended time and space to find their way to us in the world today. Storytelling can be the greatest unifying factor we have in this world.

When storytelling is put to music, extra healing power will arise. Think about when you go to a concert and listen to a singer and musicians tell their story. Think about the feeling you get with the crowd around you. In those special times, 20,000 people can feel like one as you’re listening to the story being told in song.

You leave that concert feeling rejuvenated, your body aches less, your stress is gone, and you feel and probably look ten years younger. Some might even see a glow around you.

Scientifically, there is a neural mechanism underlying human communication. People listening to a story seem to come to a general understanding. Each brain is different, but there seems to be a general consensus when groups listen to a story. It may not be the exact same understanding, but generally, they understand each other, and the storyteller.

At the very least, they all have the same brain response, which can lead to healing, whether it be from joy to stress reduction, or simply letting go of certain demons plaguing the soul.

A Shaman’s Story

In a Shamanic story, there are certain elements that are always prevalent. As mentioned, there is always a journey. Shaman Spells allow them to travel to different worlds above and beyond earth. When a problem needs solving, a Shaman will find his altered state to embark on a journey of healing to bring that healing power back to those on earth.

A major similarity we feel with Shamans is when the spirits call, we can tend to resist because the journey is often a tough one, even though it will make us better in the end, and we know it, Just like the hero of the story. His or her journey is not an easy path; it’s the same for a Shaman.

Shamanic stories also contain music singing drumming and poetry; and the art of shapeshifting. The close relationship with animals is prevalent, wisdom, and an ability to forget oneself to help others. The Shaman aligns with an old spirit or animal. These images are powerful and innate within us.

In modern stories, the hero makes his journey to another land or unfamiliar territory to win the battle, or return home victorious. A Shaman makes his journey spiritually to unknown places and other worlds to win the battle of the spirit and soul.

Hero’s make these journeys to fight evil in modern stories, and in Shamanic stories, the journey is to fight off evil and evil spirits. The two worlds are woven together when we tell stories. Both the listener and the teller subconsciously feel a healing power when this happens.

Then, there is fate. We love the romanticism of fate. In both Shamanic stories and modern, one’s fate is a big component. The hero may have a certain physical mark or feature. This may not always be a pretty one, but it separates the hero from mere mortals, and we respond to it. The response probably comes from our own self-view.

We view ourselves as imperfect beings, and we are. However, in a story, we can take those imperfections and strive to defeat them, and when we do, we are the hero of our own story, just like the hero in a Shamanic tale.

What Does it All Mean?

Shaman Spells can transcend from the unrealistic to the real world. They can bring healing and lift a broken spirit. When a Shaman sets out on a spiritual journey, they sacrifice a part of themselves to come back and heal another. When music is combined with the power of the mind, a Shaman is ready to fly.

The journey is a tough one, but in the end, the Shaman fulfills his duty to humankind and returns victorious.

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