24 Poems About Moving On

Are you having a hard time moving on from a heartbreak, from the death of a loved one, or from losing something you’ve treasured for a long time? These poems about moving on will help you express what you feel in words and maybe, just maybe, even help lessen the pain you’ve been carrying. 

Poems About Moving On

1. Ode To Love

By: Beryl L. Edmonds


To everything, there’s a time and season 

Time to laugh and to weep for good reason.

A season for living, to find true love

And a time to dance with angels above.


Holder of my heart, vision of my dreams,

The way you walked, talked and those eyes that gleamed,

Invading my thoughts by day and by night.

Darling, you inspire my bleak soul to write.


Let me compare thee to an April day.

Showers of rain that bring forth buds of May,

Shining like the sun beams down now and then

Making earth become beautiful again.


How do I love thee? I’ll tell you the ways.

Whispered sweet nothings that raised up my days,

Being wrapped in your arms, magic we’ve shared.

Each precious moment you handled with care.


To heaven and back, a very long time.

Time will never erase you from my mind.

The memories made, I keep as a gift

Tied up with ribbons and sealed with a kiss.


Sweetheart, you’ll always be my shining star.

Bright light of my life, where’er thou art?

Tho’ I go on with deep pain in my heart.

Remember these words whilst we are apart.


I miss you whilst you are out of my sight.

I miss you now that you’re out of my life.


2. One Day

By: Shaydee A. Ault 


One day you’re gonna see her,

But she won’t be looking at you.

One day you’ll feel like she did,

And you won’t know what to do.


One day you’re gonna love her,

But she won’t feel the same.

One day you’ll know how it feels

To have your blue skies turn to rain.


One day you’ll dream of only her,

But she’ll be dreaming of someone else.

One day she’ll feel as if she’s in heaven,

And you’ll be feeling as if you’re in hell.


One day you’re gonna cry for her

The way she did for you.

One day you’re going to miss her,

But she’ll be loving someone new.

Poems About Moving On

3. Carry On

By: Briana D. Washington 


I don’t hate you,

Because I still love you.

I can’t look at you,

Because it hurts to.

We don’t talk,

Because there is nothing left to say.

You apologized,

But I just walked away.

I’m leaving you and the thought of you behind,

Because I just need to clear my mind.

I’m angered because you wasted my time,

Hurt because I believed you were mine,

But I just didn’t see the signs.

I guess that’s why they say love is blind,

Because you got my heart caught in binds.

Look me in my eyes,

And listen as my heart cries,

Cries out in pain.

This feeling makes me feel like I’m covered in flames,

Until ashes are all that remain.

Thought you were different,

But you’re all the same.

Thought this was real,

But it was all a game.

I gave you my love,

And you gave it away.

That’s why my heart is blue

And my skies are gray.

Will I ever see the light of day?

Will this dark cloud ever go away?

Or will it follow me for my remaining days?

Grasp all my joy and strip it away?

No, I am too bold.

Way too bold to be stuck in the cold.

I am way too strong not to carry on.


4. Let Go

By: Shelby T. Parsons


What do I do,

When I’m still in love with you?

You walked away,

Cause you didn’t want to stay.

You broke my heart, you tore me apart.

Every day I wait for you,

Telling myself our love was true.

But when you don’t show, more tears start to flow.

That’s when I know

I have to let go.

Poems About Moving On

5. Broken Hearts And Prayers

By: Alexis Daniels


When your heart chooses a path, and you walk so far,

nothing can turn you back from where you are.

No pain, no scars can make you turn away,

there’s nothing that anyone can do or say.


You’re scared, your hurting and the tears seem to never end,

but you think in your mind, I would do it all again.

For the little moments that get you through the bad,

For the few happy moments that get you through the sad.


For the few laughs and smile, and the jokes and the care,

that you wish so wholeheartedly would always be there.

You’d try to make them happy in every possible way,

but it seems to worsen with every passing day.


All you want is for them to hold you and let you know that they care,

but know matter how hard you try, they don’t, and it doesn’t seem fair.

Your whole heart now broken, you hope for a change, but you know somehow even through your prayers they will always be the same.

Your love won’t let you leave, and you continue to hope for the best,

and pray every night that God will take care of the rest.


6. My Boat

By: Darren A. Mccallum


You were my boat, sleek by design.

I was your jetty, one of a kind.

We were deeply in love and made for each other,

And I promised I’d never harbour another.

We endured many storms, some big, and some small,

And I stood firm for you through them all.

And no matter how fierce those winter winds blew,

I’d withstand the force and keep a hold of you.

Your delicate nudge when the weather was fine,

Your smooth polished body, pressing up against mine.

I was the happiest jetty in all of the sea,

And I couldn’t believe that you’d chosen me,

But over the years I watched our rope fray,

And I could see you were slowly slipping away.

The knots that we’d fastened were no longer tight,

But I tried to hold on with all of my might

I couldn’t survive without you by my side.

I never gave up, oh how I tried.

Then came an angry, tempestuous storm,

And the minute it passed, you were suddenly gone.

That day you left me was painfully bleak.

I stood there, heartbroken and structurally weak.

I had braved the conditions for so many years.

Now my timber was heavy, sodden with tears,

My pylons gave way, the wood didn’t float,

And slowly I drowned still in love with my boat.

Poems About Moving On

7. Weight Upon My Shoulders

By: Ashley Hyder


The little woman on the left

the one upon my shoulder,

tells me I should guard my heart.

She wants me to make it colder.

Don’t give too much of yourself she says

please remember all the pain,

reminds me of the past mistakes.

She warns it will end the same.

Your independence will bring you safety

you are the only one you can depend

If you never allow anyone in,

you will never again have to mend.


There is a woman on my right

that looks just like the other,

but she screams at me to love.

To give my heart to another.

This time will be different, she says

don’t lose your hope and faith,

the pain of the past is behind you.

This fear you must erase.

Don’t keep yourself from feeling

you will find yourself alone.

Deep down you wish to give yourself

and find a heart in turn to own.


These two women on my shoulders

both want the best for me.

They only are trying to protect myself

from a life of misery.

But I don’t know who to side with

because they tell such different things.

One says don’t take the chance.

The other wants what love brings.

I listen for who’s louder

but their volumes match the same.

I wonder how much longer

in limbo I will remain.


8. A One-Sided Love

By: Kiara


Once upon a time I opened up my heart to you.

You did what you chose to do.

You chose to keep my as a best friend.

Little did you know I was dying to the very end.

You killed me with every boyish look.

My heart melted and my knees shook.

I always wanted more than that,

But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

But you’ll never truly know how much you mean to me.

You were always there

And wiped away every tear.

I just wish you would’ve waited, stayed here.

I still dream about you in this one-sided love.

It’s hard to breathe without you,

Like a suffocating dove.

I wish you loved me the way I loved you,

But this is a lesson that helped me learn the truth. 

Guard your heart and soul and mind,

Unless you want yourself in an unruly bind.

This one-sided love has torn my apart.

This one-sided love has broken my heart.

Please be safe on this journey of life,

And come back someday and make me your wife.

This one-sided love is a dangerous game,

But then again, that’s the name of the game….


9. Letting Go

By: Jed Diez Acido


Here I sit thinking of my past

Dwelling upon old hurts,

Why? Because it is like shackles holding me back.

Taking one step forward only for my chains to drag me two steps back,

Making progress only to lose it

Sometimes I wonder why I even try.

Why do I keep trying to move on

When I haven’t yet gotten over the past.

I say I’m fine, that I’ve moved on.

But this is but a half truth.

Until now I have never truly moved on

But on this day, I’m letting it all go.

I’m letting go of the pain,

Letting go of the anger

Of the sorrow and hurt I’ve received

On this day, I’m letting go of my past.

No longer will I allow myself to be ruled by what was

From now on, I will be ruled by what will be.

I cannot change my past

But I can prevent it from dictating my future

My chains are broken

I’m free to move on

My scars are now memories

There to remind but never again to shackle.


I am free.

Because I finally let go.

Poems About Moving On

10. The Balloon


A large crowded room

Filled with voices boom

Glanced at dazzling faces

Like assorted roses in vases


A distinct humming sound

Waiting to be found

At the center of the crowd

A balloon to his astound


Sweaty hand

Grasping on single strand

Gently slipping

Like water slowly dripping


So little time

Yet both in chime

And for a while

They both shared a smile


He sighed

Towards the entrance he trudged

It was not goodbye

But they both need to fly


Final boarding call

Announced all over the hall

I’m afraid you can’t bring that with you

With no uttered words, they both already knew


11. Gone


This is what you wanted

At least now you know

Don’t need the dreams that taunted

Showing what is unattainable


It hurts a bit

But not like before

And you cannot give

To him anymore


When asked where you are

You will not answer

When kisses come into talk

The conversation will be severed


When you feel too much

You will numb your skin

When you want to touch

You will not think of him


You knew the game

And should have stayed out

Like you usually do

This time, clean house


When I say you will not

You will listen always

It is how we survive

And never get played.


12. Hope


You say you’ve changed, that you realize how much you love me.

but as soon as you get the chance

you hurt me once more.

I can’t accept the fact that your feelings are untrue.

Maybe because it’s just so easy to believe the lies that spew from your mouth.

So I say another chance won’t be bad

because there’s always hope

that the next time you say you’ve changed

you’ll finally be telling the truth.

But after all this time I can come to the conclusion that you might be capable of change just not for me.


13. Fallen Leaf

By: Jed Diez Acido


Clinging to the branch

Firm with a hunch

A vague promise


The mighty rain pours

The slapping wind whirls

The angry lightning hurls


Greeting as the sun rises

Praying as the moon vanishes

The cycle repeats


Rain stopped

Wind hushed

Nothing but the sound of silence


Persistently looking up

Is the branch holding me?

Or am I holding to the branch?


As I glance below,

Tranquility envelops,

It’s time I let go.

Poems About Moving On

14. It’s Been Too Long

By: Tyler Castro


Will a Phoenix doused in water reignite?

Should the Sun ever disturb the night?

As my eyes take their rest my mind takes flight

Then quickly plummets straight into blight

Straight into sorrow, reigniting my rage

And keeps me awake as if it were day

Awake to write my story, awake to dwell on the last page

How dare I wallow over someone engaged?

Great Leviathan, demon God of water and life

Lend me your strength as I overcome this strife

Baptize me in your waters and revitalize my sight

Clear away all the salt and callus to turn my sclera white

Drown the anger in my heart, cease its return.

the Phoenix, for its presence burns.

Drown the Sun so that the moon may take its turn

Allow my brain to rest so that I may have the capacity to learn

How to fully move on.


15. The Cloud And The Sun


what a pretty sky

on a pretty day

not a cloud in the sky  

the sun beams down


a single cloud

on a pretty day


the sun beams down


perhaps I am the cloud

alone by myself

never surrounded by peers

a spot of paint


perhaps you are the sun

with me

pulling me up

hugging me


the universe turns

with you

orbiting a centerpiece

we can’t name


a lone cloud

on a pretty day

no other in the sky

the sun beams down


another cloud appears

no more loners

in the sky

the sun beams down


perhaps you are the sun

and I am the cloud

how do you feel

I am not with you


the universe turns

you tear me apart

we grow big

you grow dark


rain in the sky

on a windy day

so many cloud in the sky

no sun beams


perhaps I am the clouds

and you are the sun

I move on

you continue to turn


a pretty sky

on a pretty day

no cloud in the sky

the sun beams down


the sun beams on

the universe turns

the sun beams on

the sun beams


16. Happy New Year


in quiet rural corners

where lights die

at 10 p.m.

crickets sing

to deep dark skies

stars scintillate

for a wish, for a desire.


time slows down

and silence makes

every word resonate louder

like it should always

trees dance to the music

of whispered promises in the evening,

vows spoken,

truth unfolds,

hearts unbroken.


let your mouth speak

the words you never thought you’d say to anyone else

let your mind obsess

over someone else’s freckles,

and the way he holds his cigarette

let your skin feel

someone else’s touch,

someone else’s tremors

let your lips savor

someone else’s kiss,

someone else’s words

let your heart heal

as you trace constellations

in the indigo space above your heads,

as if you were running your finger

down his spine,

and up the back of his neck again.

let your heart heal

as the cool January breeze caresses your hips,

just like the way

he suddenly embraces you from behind.

let your heart heal

when he utters

dulcet phrases you should’ve heard from

memories gone by.

let your heart heal

and let your heart bid goodbye.

when love escapes too rapidly,

let it go

when love doesn’t want to stay,

let it go

when love seems happier with someone else

let him go.

because another love will arrive,

in roaring volumes, it will let you know

that you’d never have to chase after it,

and that you would never have to doubt,

that you’d never have to hurt so much,

and I love you, will be said and will be meant and will be felt.


so let your heart heal,

and let your heart begin



17. Love And Love No More


Playing my cards wrong like

Jim Morrison prom night bath,

lavender and drug fixings,

we all just hope I went



Sorry I only love you

until I wake up in the


I’m on and off like

sunrise sunset.


My mind is stuffed

in a box

in the attic.

I’m a heartbreak


Don’t ever let me heal.

Poems About Moving On

18. The Sun Will Rise


Things will start

and things will end,

but the world will continue to turn.

For there’s always spring after winter

and winter will come again.


And even as our days on earth shorten

and we love our loves no more.

The days on the calendar will continue to fall,

and we will move on

and we will continue to live.


And even when our laughs seem to stop time,

and this moment doesn’t seem to end.

The clock on the wall will continue to tick.

And our hearts will continue to beat,

until death.


But it’s funny,

Even after death

and birth

and love

and hate, all in our hearts,


the sun will continue to rise.

And the world will turn

and the stars will shine

and the seasons will change

and our child’s play will never change our constants.


19. On The Other Line


I shouldn’t have dialed your number,

when I need someone to listen my babbles and rants,

when I feel sick lonely, close to crying.

When I feel empty.

I shouldn’t have dialed your number,

when I’m pained of missing you.

When I’m numb.

When I’m ecstatic.

I shouldn’t have dialed your number,

but I want to hear your voice,

cuss on me when life gives you,

laugh with petty or otherwise mishaps.

I want to be your anchor

like the old days.

Oh, those old days.

You shouldn’t have answered my call,

when you want to hear my voice,

when you missed the sound of my existence,

when you want to kiss me, hug me

but you can’t.

You shouldn’t have answered my call,

when I need you.

I will always need you.

You shouldn’t have answered my call.

You should let it ring,

until it became a missed call on your log.

You should swipe it to decline.

You should throw it on your bed,

or to something harder.

You shouldn’t have answered any of my calls.

I called because I missed you.

I called because I want the old us.

I called because,

I can’t live without you,

but I should live without you.


20. How To Move On


step one.

you close your eyes.

you close them tight.

then you press your palms

against your

closed eyelids,


you start seeing red spots that remind you

of a song you wrote

for someone so long ago.

that someone doesn’t matter anymore,

not really, so eventually,

neither will he.


step two.

you wear a nightgown.

the one with the lacy v neck, the one

that exposes your thighs,

the one with the vintage roses.

you wear it to bed to remind yourself

that you don’t have to wear his attention

like a perfume

to feel.


step three.

you listen to those songs.

you know which ones.

you listen to them and sing or rap along

until your throat is sore, until

your chest hurts. do it

until you don’t know why you’re crying,

then write a song about why

you are crying,

so that when you look back,

you can see that it doesn’t matter.

heartache fades.


step four.

dive into a body of water in only

your under garments.

force yourself

to swim,

no matter how much

you want

to drown.


21. A Fixed Idea

By: Amy Lowell


What torture lurks within a single thought

When grown too constant, and however kind,

However welcome still, the weary mind

Aches with its presence. Dull remembrance taught

Remembers on unceasingly, unsought

The old delight is with us but to find

That all recurring joy is pain refined,

Become a habit, and we struggle, caught.

You lie upon my heart as on a nest,

Folded in peace, for you can never know

How crushed I am with having you at rest

Heavy upon my life. I love you so

You bind my freedom from its rightful quest.

In mercy lift your drooping wings and go.


22. I Don’t Know What Living a Balanced Life Feels Like

By: Rupi Kaur


I don’t know what living a balanced life feels like

when I am sad

I don’t cry I pour

when I am happy

I don’t smile I glow

when I am angry

I don’t yell I burn


23. I’ll Open the Window

By: Anna Swir


Our embrace lasted too long. 

We loved right down to the bone. 

I hear the bones grind, I see 

our two skeletons. 

Now I am waiting 

till you leave, till 

the clatter of your shoes 

is heard no more. Now, silence. 

Tonight I am going to sleep alone 

on the bedclothes of purity. 


is the first hygienic measure. 


will enlarge the walls of the room, 

I will open the window 

and the large, frosty air will enter, 

healthy as tragedy. 

Human thoughts will enter 

and human concerns, 

misfortune of others, saintliness of others. 

They will converse softly and sternly. 


Do not come anymore. 

I am an animal 

very rarely. 


24. Never Give All the Heart

By: W. B. Yeats


Never give all the heart, for love

Will hardly seem worth thinking of

To passionate women if it seem

Certain, and they never dream

That it fades out from kiss to kiss,

For everything that’s lovely is

But a brief, dreamy, kind delight.

O never give the heart outright,

For they, for all smooth lips can say,

Have given their hearts up to the play.

And who could play it well enough

If deaf and dumb and blind with love?

He that made this knows all the cost,

For he gave all his heart and lost.

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