26 Poems About Struggles

No one in this world is without struggles. They’re part of growing and learning. In fact, we won’t be able to recognize the sweet smell of success without going through the hard times. You are who you are today because you made it through the ups and downs so be proud of yourself for making it this far! These poems about struggles will remind you to keep on going.

Poems About Struggles

1. I Want to Climb

By: Chana Bitton


Waking up each day

Preparing for the flight

So worried not to lose my grip

So tired of the fight

Holding on with such fear

So tight that I need to calm down

So I loosen my grip to see the sights

Just for a moment, I look at the ground

Such splendor all around me

So much to see and do

I forget about my journey

Now my grip on higher sights is gone

I’ve fallen very low

I look up to where I was before

but I’m too tired to give it a go

But how I yearn to be back to where I was before

Although I can’t see it’s not clear

I remember how I felt while there

My strength layered with fear

It’s too hard to make the climb again

So much easier to stay down

I can see the sights up close now

I see the good in staying down

Yet the longer I stay here

very low to the ground

I have a constant nagging feeling

that I will surely drown

I can’t choose to stay in one place

The laws of gravity push down

and if I don’t actively climb

I will surely drown

So, how do I do this?

I’m tired and out of strength

Every time I make the climb

I fall back to this place

Before I held on with all my strength

I grasped with all my might

But it seems that the tighter I held on

the more quickly I would lose my fight

What’s the answer?

How can I stay high?

How do I keep from slipping

to the bottom and to my demise?

I want to keep climbing

I do I really do.

But I don’t know how to stay above

To keep the climbing new

I want to climb without the fear

I want to feel so free

I want to climb without the stress

without all the strife and worry

I want to enjoy the climb

See the sights, but without looking down

I want to climb towards the King

I want to reach the crown


So please tell me what to do

Help me with this struggle called life

I’m tired of the constant ups and downs

I’m tired of the strife.


2. You Will Never Know

By: Chassy Rosenbaum


Dear friend,

You will never know

At least not in this world

What you did for me

We met but for a brief moment

On that morning

It seemed like an ordinary morning to you

But for me, sorry to say

It was a time of inner turmoil

Of sadness and anguish

It felt like the world was black

With no crack

For the sun to shine through

We passed for a brief moment

But in those mere seconds

You flashed me a smile

A smile so genuine

Full of love and care

Brimming with joy

Powerful enough

To penetrate

Through the film of gloom

And ignite a sparkle

Of happiness

In my weary heart

And when I moved passed you

I felt different

Better, brighter, hopeful

Some positive energy

Stuck with me

A boost to my day

Maybe I should thank you

But I’m shy

And don’t know how to say it

I hope to repay you

By passing on your smile

To someone else in need

And you will never know

At least not in This World

What you accomplished


3. A Survivor’s Old Shack

By: Chasa Rosen


Rusty on the surface

I came back

to your shoemaker’s shop

inside you sit

threading through time

Adding removing

repairing old soles

longing to be tied

to my purpose

I’ll caress your leather skin

kiss your jagged lines

protruding pain

mine is raw like yours

Wrap me tight

beneath your surface

we will build arches

whose height will hold

our losses

Your silence

gives me strength

I cry for our names

to be heard

Poems About Struggles

4. The Bricks

By: Elaine Rosenberg Miller


The bricks of Auschwitz

I cannot go to Auschwitz

I cannot go

The narrow red-brown bricks bar me

The Auschwitz bricks are iconic, immutable

Year after year, decade after decade they stand there, mocking

Witnesses to suffering, death

I cannot go to Auschwitz

I would stand there, immobile, unable to proceed

The bricks would stop me

Hissing, almost silent voices say, we saw everything.

We heard everything

And here we stand

My grandparents, my mother and her sister

After arrival that late spring day, the eldest sister heard that the youngest two were in the camp

She found them, threw treasured food over the fence

The electrified fence.

The fence that so terrified my mother

With its barbed wire and curled finger posts

My mother was fading, fading

Her sister gave her bread

You take it, she said, I’m not hungry.

She could have eaten it with her eyes, my mother later said

The bricks saw the dying bodies, felt the acrid smoke, heard the anguished cries, prayers

And the bricks did nothing

No, I cannot see the bricks

Auschwitz is a vast cemetery

Not a sacred cemetery of honored military heroes or beloved elders

But a cemetery filled with children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, neighbors, ripped from life, untimely dead

Their souls hover above the ash filled ground, stopped only by the impenetrable red-brown bricks

And the bricks say, do not enter here,

And I obey


5. Dear Little One

By: Rochel Levine


You started growing inside of me

I felt you through the sickness

I felt you through my mood

I felt you through my change of appetite

I sensed you through my sensitivity to smells

I sensed you through my happiness

I sensed you

I imagined you

Your face

Your personality

We gave you a name

I saw you when you were 6 weeks old

I saw your heartbeat pumping on the screen

You started to grow

You started your life

I was so happy

I loved you right there and then

I bonded with you

I prayed for you

You were part of me for 12 weeks

Part of my organism

Part of our life

Part of our plan

Part of myself

Then came that day

You stopped breathing

You stopped growing

You are now a lifeless fetus

Partially formed

With a head and a back, I was told

You are still inside of me

You are still part of me

But your heart has stopped beating

I’m sorry they have to take you out of your nest

You won’t feel anything

You might feel lonely, though

You started your life in the same place as Tzviki, Mendy, Dovie and Aryeh,

my womb

You are not meant to develop

You are meant to leave this place of comfort

It is your destiny

You will meet two little souls who have the same destiny as you

Who have also started and finished in the same place as you

You won’t be alone

They will look after you like older siblings look after younger siblings

In the meantime, we will not forget you

We will always remember you

You are part of our life

We won’t be talking about you a lot

But we will not forget you

You are in a place now where you are meant to be

You have left a void in my body

A void in our life

I was lucky to carry you for three months

I just wish G‑d’s plan were different

But I’m sure he has His reasons and He knows what’s best for you and us

We won’t be able to hold you

But you can hold us and keep us strong

From where you are

Love to you from all of us


6. Life Goes On

By: Rochel Levine


Life goes on

I feel better, physically

Emotionally, I am extremely wobbly and vulnerable

I am moving on

Away from this brutal physical experience

Away from this traumatic emotional experience

I do feel lonely

I just wish someone would turn the clock back in time

I wish someone would make it all better for me

I just wish I would adjust to this new situation

As quickly as I got used to being pregnant

But it won’t happen


I am going to pick up my boys from school today

For the first time in three weeks

I am going to put makeup on

For the first time in three weeks

I am getting dressed nicely

Ready to act normal, look good


Ready to put on an act for the world

Ready to project a healthy and happy picture of myself

Ready to embrace the world as I left it three weeks ago

A world which is so oblivious to my open wound

My inner longing

My inner pain

Every step toward normality is taking me away from my loss

Every step into this world is dragging me away from my reality

I don’t want to let go

I want to stay here

I want to stay connected to that Time

Because that time means my unborn child

That time means my shattered dream

But I need to move forward

I need to take baby steps

And take with me my feelings, still raw, still sad

So real, so palpable

I will be the only one aware of them

I will be the only one in touch with them

I will take them with me

They will accompany me for a while

They will be my friends

I will feel their presence

Sometimes more than others

I will welcome them like a good host welcomes the guests

I will look after them

I will let them be

I will let them go with the flow

I will respect them

I won’t allow anyone to hurt them

I will acknowledge them

Till the day when they will become smoother



Replaced with others 

Because life goes on


7. G-d Loves Mrs. H.

By: Chana Perman


On Tuesday at 6 PM

‎I’m home

Fussing over basmati

And humming homework tunes

But when I called the library for renewal

They said no-can-do

Books have been twice‎ renewed

And all are due today

Off I went

Dumping the bulky tomes into oversized shopping bag

Six year old asked to join

First she heard no followed by yes

Upon arriving at library

I realize my phone was left in car

Unlocked car

I march with six year old back to parking lot

To retrieve said phone

I never leave my phone in ‎the car

Most especially not on Tuesday at 6 PM

Parked across ‎street from said library

So we left the library to get the phone

Upon leaving the library

Behold, Mrs. H.

Yes I was rushing

But was with six-year-old

And Mrs. H. is Mommy’s friend

We stopped to say hello

I wondered if she needed a ride home

To which she responded


To which I replied

G‑d loves you.

And I told Mrs. H. why,

I never go to the library on Tuesday at 6 pm

If I do I don’t take six year old

I never leave my phone in the car

If I do I don’t leave cars unlocked

But I did, and did

And at that moment Mrs. H. appeared

It was a cold day

The perfect day for ride home

Like I said

G‑d loves Mrs. H.


8. Struggle And Pain

by: Maryanne Richards


Why does this way of life

Create so much struggle and pain.

When did this darkness begin,

That I am caught within.


With no way to break away

I can find no place to hide.

Not trying to escape the pain

Takes me deep inside.


On and on, round and round,

The turmoil of sorrow and hurt goes on.

Unable to run away,

One is consumed with pain.


Then from deep inside that tormented cry.

God please help me

Was the end of the slide.

The descent into darkness was broken,

Revealing, there is no I.

Poems About Struggles

9. Time

By: Joe Massocco


Tick tock, tick tock

Life is counting down on your internal clock.


Memories that feel as if they occurred yesterday

turn to flashes of moments that seem to fade away.


People you once knew

walk by without a clue.


The times you once shared

exist as if you were never there.


Years fly, friends die

and you never know when you’ll say your last goodbye.


Oh, how I wish I could turn back time,

spend it with loved ones and cherish what once was mine.


Or to go back even more,

being a kid in a candy store.


How I miss the way I used to feel

on Christmas day when Santa was real.


But back to reality, back to today,

family is scarce and memories continue to fade away.


Tick tock, tick tock

How I wish I could control this clock.


10. Tired

By: Judy Einhorn 


I’m tired of listening to the sound of my tears,

Tired of constantly battling my fears,

Tired of struggling with challenges that continuously reappear.


I’m tired of wasting my days submersed in despair,

Tired of words piercing my heart like sharp spears,

Tired of living a life that is one big blear.


I’m tired of pretending while deep inside I care,

Tired of being stuck in toxic relationships and atmospheres,

Tired of hypocrisy and lies in a world full of fakes and veneers.


I’m tired of trying to believe,

Tired of putting up a show,

Tired of battling defeat,


Just tired of feeling this way,

Can I be spared?

Poems About Struggles

11. Purpose

By: Anxhelo Llangozi


Don’t be nervous when finding your purpose.

To simply be alive is just scratching the surface.


As life goes on, you will find out the truth.

Blissful ignorance is only for the youth.


As you get older, you start to wonder

Why am I here? Was it just a blunder?


Whatever your purpose, it is for you to choose,

Because wasting your time wondering is of no use.


12. Short Life Summary


Life and death, without one there cannot be the other.

For some, it’s short, but they live it like no other.

For most, it’s long, and to be happy they don’t ever bother.

Life cannot be lived without the love of others.


The second we are born is the second we begin to die.

As a child, we live life and don’t worry why.

As we grow, it gets tougher and we don’t want to try.

Like everything else, it will end and we’ll have to say goodbye.


Whether it’s twenty years or one hundred twenty,

Live it with a purpose to be greater than many.

Most likely life will be long.

So live it with the future in mind

Because if you act in the moment life is never kind.

Poems About Struggles

13. A Woman’s Struggle


All of these years she tried so hard to leave it behind,

to one day dream that she could be happy without struggling inside.

But nonetheless she still felt bound

by memories she couldn’t lay to rest.

Awaken by her deepest fears, she sits silently in the dark,

abused by her own insecurities, tortured with her tears,

you could feel the pain throbbing in this poor woman’s heart.


Can you feel what she has felt,

A raped soul deprived from happiness?

Do you see what she has seen,

A destroyed woman left with wretchedness?

No, how could you?

Your perception is blurred.

The truth is written all over her body, evidence of what she has endured.

Each scar has its own meaning, a story I should say,

It tells us how she was one slash away from setting herself free.

The day she reached for that red tinted, small piece of metal,

a voice inside her told her to stop and think,

you can do better.


Deep sighs complimented with ease and hope,

her life struggles and sorrows disperse into smoke.

Shame diminished by one’s self pride,

her untold story revealed, but once hidden inside.

She’s a strong woman now, capable of the unthinkable, she’s unstoppable you see,

and I reckon that none of you would have imagined that this woman was me.


14. Life


Life changes in every second

We never know what will happen

We smile

We cry

We win

We lose

It turn around so quickly

That’s why life is a subtly puzzle

Strong wind or friendly breeze

Hard rain and little drizzles

Burning rays of sun or cool moonlight

Add so much wonder to our life

We come

We go

We arrived

And we departure from the world

In this little we live

Amidst birth and death.

Poems About Struggles

15. The Roller Coaster Life


We are just in a whole crazy,

Perplexing roller coaster ride,

When we have problems,

We are at the downside.

But sure, the time will come

When with the sky we’ll collide,

Where the good feelings came

And the pain will subside.

So when the time comes

 you are going to fall,

You should always know

That He’s the one to call.

Eventually, you’ll soar up,

The wheels will start to roll,

‘Till you reach the peak,

and You’ll be standing tall.


16. Not Perfect


Don’t let the vague darkness give blindness in your eyes,

Let your heart illuminates both the beauty and the lies.

You won’t last in this life not reading between the lines;

And getting conquered with pain,

With all those hurtful cries.

Life isn’t perfect,

In mind, a thought to keep,

There are times you’ll have no choice

But to pray wind your hands leaped.

Be prepared for surprises for events may quickly flip,

Or else you’ll lose your grip and far away you’ll slip.


17. Life Is Precious


The gracefulness

of a butterfly,

how gentle,

and fragile they seem.

Gently fluttering,

on a calm summer’s day,

floating like,

a dream.

But sadly,

their time is over,

Hardly before it’s begun.

So enjoy

your special moments,

like a butterfly,

in the sun.

Poems About Struggles

18. The Stream of Life


Life the essence of living

to breathe, to nourish, to create,

to exist on a common plain

and known no difference.

What if the world was this simple?

That the greatest life achievement,

The richest reward one could give

was to reap and bestow love.

The water falls from the skies,

nourishes the land, the living growth,

creates a stream creates life.

We bathe in its glory,

we shelter from its harshness,

and sweeten our lips with delight.

We taste of love in the same manner

why do we not dance to the tune so simple

and seek for nothing else?


19. Past, Present, Future


Our past we can’t recapture.

It’s over and it’s done.

No way to recover time;

All those days are gone.

No amount of coloring

painting with bright hue

can change the way things happened.

No way to make it true.

No use fretting over

Regretting bygone days

No need to get entangled

In memory’s purple haze.

Or caught up in unraveling

or, of hoping we could do

things that didn’t go the way

that we would want them to.

The future is uncertain

No way for us to see,

the things that tomorrow’s holding,

for you or for me.

Now is what’s obtainable,

just moments here to share.

The future comes so quickly

unseen but waiting there.

Seize the present moments.

Grab all we can contain,

Our future are elusive.

Our past we cannot chain!


20. Why God gave us friends


God knew that everyone needs

Companionship and cheer,

He knew that people need someone

Whose thoughts are always near.


He knew they need someone kind

To lend a helping hand.

Someone to gladly take the time

To care and understand.


God knew that we all need someone

To share each other’s happy day,

To be a source of courage

When troubles come our way.


Someone to be true to us,

Whether near or far apart.

Someone whose love we’ll always

Hold and treasure in our hearts.


That’s why God gave us friends.


21. Shine


Life is something we all share,

Just like oxygen, in the air.

The way we live it, is up to us,

With a negative or with a plus.

Life is something we should cherish,

We never know when we’ll perish.

Live each and every single day,

Smell the flowers, stop and play.

Life is something we’ve been blessed,

Choice is yours, choose your quest.

Follow your passions, and you’ll be fine,

With the right attitude, you will shine.


22. Paint Your Life


Life is like a piece of art,

It requires lots of heart.

Choose your paint and your brush,

Take your time, avoid the rush.

Before you paint, choose your theme,

Don’t be afraid to follow your dream.

It’s alright to make a mistake.

Your painting is real, it’s not fake.

Look at your painting, don’t be crying,

Begin again, keep on trying.

Your painting is never fully complete,

Enjoy the process, make sure it’s sweet.


23. Live Life To The Fullest


To Follow your heart, and intuition,

That should be your number one mission.

Listen to your inner voice,

Live your life, through your choice.

The point is to love, what you are doing,

Your deepest passions; should be pursuing.

Every moment, live excited,

Every morning, be delighted.

Always look forward to what is ahead,

Your thoughts and wisdom, gracefully spread.

Living life to the fullest, is up to you,

Look in the mirror, always be true.


24. Bumpy Ride


Life has many ups and downs,

Loving smiles and frowns.

Good events and some are bad,

Happy emotions, others mad.

It can be a bumpy ride,

How you handle it, you decide.


25. Life’s Too Short


Life’s too short, to simply waste,

Slow it down, don’t move with haste.

Time is once, you get to spend,

Carefully choose, every friend.

Life’s too short, to change careers,

Choice is yours, they’re your years.

Maybe once, or maybe twice,

Look inside, to find advice.

Life’s too short, to just complain,

Rid negativity from your brain.

Life’s too short, time won’t freeze,

Enjoy it all, won’t you please.


26. Life and Love


Life and love share a bond,

Not through magic, nor a wand.

Each of us, both we need,

Nurture them, like a garden seed.

Life with no love, substance lacks,

To each soul, a heavy tax.

Love with no life, slowly fades,

It may take a few decades.

Life and love, has so much beauty,

We must enjoy them, that’s our duty.

Open our hearts, and freely share,

Life and love, will be very fair.

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