Meditation for Insecurity

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Insecurity: 10 Minutes

Guided Meditation Script for Insecurity

Begin this meditation by lying down in a comfortable position.

If it’s more comfortable for you to do so, allow yourself to take a moment to get into bed, wrap yourself up in blankets, or you can even do this while taking a bath.

If you need to hit pause to get comfortable and come back whenever you’re ready.

Once you’ve found a comfortable position, gently close your eyes and breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Continue this cycle of breathing, allowing your inhales to be just as long as your inhales- breathing in perfect rhythm.

And as you breathe this way, focus on the comfort your body is experiencing now. Where in your body feels at ease?

In what ways does your body feel relaxed?

On every inhale explore these areas and on every exhale relax more deeply into this moment.

Really allow yourself to let gravity do its job. Let go of anything you are holding on to. Any tightness or tension in your jaw, or anywhere else in your body where your muscles may be tight. Let them go slack as you sink into the surface on which you are lying…and let yourself feel the weight of gravity, as you let go of any work required to hold yourself up as you simply relax.

And as you do this you notice this feeling that you are held. You are held and supported.

So often when we experience insecurity it’s because of a belief we have about ourselves. A feeling of security doesn’t have to come from anywhere else besides you. You do not need anyone to validate you. You do not need anyone else to make you feel secure. You have the ability within you to recognize that you are secure.

Allow yourself to feel whatever insecurity is within you now as you just let go and relax. Not trying to chase it away or hide it. Instead, just welcome it in.

What does insecurity feel like to you? And where does it live?

For some, it is a tightness in the chest, for others, it may be a knot in the stomach. Insecurity shows up differently in everyone, so for now, just explore what it feels like and where it is for you as you sit back and relax.

It is safe to feel, and indeed by feeling it and acknowledging it without trying to change it or chase it away, you give it the freedom to move through you. And you give yourself permission to recognize that you are secure yourself.

So for now, just recognize where security lives within you and begin to feel acceptance. Accept this feeling without trying to force it out. Whatever parts of you experience insecurity, just want to be seen by you, just want to be acknowledged.

It’s such a loving thing you can do for yourself, to love and accept this feeling.

The more you lean into it and acknowledge it, the less of a grip it has on you. When you can allow yourself to feel good regardless of experiencing insecurity, then insecurity can no longer be a bad thing.

And in welcoming it in and honoring it, you allow yourself to transition into letting it go. And as this emotion no longer feels trapped inside of you and unseen, it starts to leave your body and in its place is security; a feeling of being safe in this world – a feeling of being confident in who you are – secure in your own body and personality.

And with that comes a deep recognition that you are not some external thing, such as the clothes you wear, the way you look or the awards you have won.

No, it’s much simpler than that, you simply are love, you simply are security, you simply are divine.

And when you tap into this power – this great power that lives within you – you recognize that there is nothing to be insecure about because you are perfect as you are.

Let yourself continue to relax into this feeling.

Notice the journey you have made in honoring your emotions. To let them go as you welcome in the truth – that you are loved, you are worthy, and there is absolutely nothing to be insecure about because your ultimate truth is a deep inner power beyond the little things we often consider to be who we are, such as the appearance and accomplishments.

In this moment, you reconnect with your powerful truth. And from this space of recognizing your power, you can appreciate your insecurity for teaching you about who you really are, and you take that truth with you as you slowly bring your awareness back to the room around you, opening your eyes whenever you are ready.

Insecurity Meditation: 20 Minutes

Insecurity Meditation Script

Hello, this meditation is for you to use in either times when you are feeling insecure in this moment, or to generally build up your confidence if you feel a sense of insecurity in your daily life.

Find a quiet place, where you can have some solitude and get into a comfortable position…  allow your arms to relax by your sides, and take a deep breath in… as you exhale, allow your eyes to close…

Let’s begin by meditating on the nature of a negative emotion.

A negative emotion is an emotion, feeling, or sensation we experience that burdens us in one way or another… For each of us, negativity is subjective. So, the way in which we experience these negative emotions might be slightly different for you than it is for anyone else you know.

But at their core, negative emotions are universal. They are experienced by all of us, and have been experienced for as long as there have been human beings.

How do you experience negative emotions?

Become aware of how stress and other negativities affect your body….

Is there a knot in your stomach? Maybe a shortness of breath…


A common negative emotion experienced by every living thing on earth is stress. You are no different than everything else, so stress is a normal part of the experience of living. Although there might be something particularly human about they way you express stress – perhaps it involves a knot, or ache in your stomach, or a gritty, grinding jaw – stress is experienced by just about everything living on Earth.

Even root vegetables, when inhabiting a region, season, or natural cycle that is not congruent to their health, and growth, experiences stress. And the signs of this stress present themselves to us, able to be identified by those of us who know what to look for, or how to look for it. Such as wilting of leaves, or reduced size in growth, and even a lack of essential nutrients.

Insecurity, however, seems to be particular to humans… stress may be rooted in biology and effects living things on a biological level, yet insecurity is derived from deep within the consciousness, a layered reaction to a negative emotion… an expression of self-consciousness, taken to heightened levels that can become unhealthy…

Insecurity happens when you have become too aware of your own self, allowing for this self-awareness to lead you into negative thinking.

What stories are your insecurities telling you right now?


Listen to what your inner insecure talk sounds like when you eavesdrop…


These thoughts may tell us for example that we are inadequate. Whether for the current social situation we are in, or for the people we are surrounded by. That we can’t do something… and it gives you a really good excuse why you can’t…

Hear these excuses right now about why you can’t do something.


Perhaps these thoughts fixate on one element of ourselves. They want to tell us that everyone is going to notice this or that about us. Or, because of this or that, we should feel ashamed.

Just notice these inferior thoughts right now… listen to them play out…


Perhaps this influx of negative thoughts about ourselves are enough to arrest our intuitive experience of what is truly happening… restraining us from the things we want to do, to say, and thus, ultimately what we want to become.


Right now, allow for all of your insecurities to surface… bubbling to the top, popping, and never returning back under your awareness again…


Perhaps insecurity for you is none of these things. But whatever it is, know that insecurity is universal. It is a feeling that everyone has had, so everyone should be able to empathize with your experience, and you with theirs.

So right now, extend compassion to your insecurities…


Let them be heard..


Yes, it is ok to hear these insecurities, but how do we move past insecurity? How do we free our intuition, as well as our soul from this prison of negative emotion?

Well, the first step is a realization.


Just because we feel insecure now does not mean that we need to feel insecure in the future.


That there is always a path leading out of this negative emotion, unclasping its grip on us.


Allow this path to become illuminated in front of you now, metaphorically…

Simply knowing and understanding this, you are already well on your way out of the control insecurity may have on you and your life…


The second step is a little more challenging. It involves flipping the negative emotion to reveal its hidden, other side.

Knowing that negative emotion itself is not a whole, but simply a half of something else is a second realization. This is important to the development and strengthening of ourselves.

But what is negative emotion a half of?

It is a half of what you might call chaos. See, chaos is whenever something unexpected enters our lives. This may be, quite literally, an unexpected manifestation of something physical. Something external. Perhaps a loved one calls us to tell us they have had to cancel their flight to come visit us. Perhaps we get out of bed one morning and accidentally step on something sharp that has somehow been nestling beside our bed, unnoticed.

These brief moments in which chaos enters our lives from the external world are almost a guarantee in everyone’s life.

However, chaos can also manifest itself internally.


Taking the form of unexpected, uncontrolled thoughts.

Maybe we are worried that we left the stove on when we are miles away from home, thinking how you cannot trust your own memory….

Perhaps it is simply an overly-conscious thought about ourselves, how we look… how others may see us… these insecurities may seem to come out of nowhere, without us giving rise to it consciously.


Whatever it may be, chaos brings with it these things: negative emotion as a basic biological reaction to the experience- in other words, insecurity… But also, this: opportunity.


The way out of this negative emotion is to find the opportunity amidst the chaos.

Let’s say you remember you have an exam in the morning that you haven’t studied for. Immediately, you experience a sensation of regret. Of self-hatred, perhaps – how could you have forgotten about this? You now think are almost certainly going to fail!

To flip the negative emotion, and see the other side of the coin….

What is the opportunity here? Well, the opportunity might be to study more concisely, and efficiently than you ever have, right now…


Apply this same technique to other aspects of insecurities…

Say you are nervous about how you look… See this as an opportunity to wait and see if anyone says anything directly to you about your appearance… or perhaps you be bold, and ask someone what they think of your outfit today… you may be very surprised by their response…


With insecurity, there is always opportunity.


So, if you experience negative thoughts telling you can’t do something, simply flip them on their heads. What if you challenged them by doing exactly what it is they’re telling you that you can’t do?

Imagine what would happen…


By imagining this, you’ve already found an opportunity. You’ve found a way out of insecure thinking.

Next time you feel insecure, use this method of seeking the opportunity within.

Rise from your meditation now, feeling more grounded in your beliefs about yourself than ever have before, taking on insecure thoughts as an opportunity.

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