Meditation for Happiness

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Happiness: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Happiness

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, sitting tall and proud.

Gently roll back your shoulders to open up your heart.

Place your palms in your lap facing upwards and when you’re ready gently close your eyes.

Begin by taking a long deep inhale through your nose as you feel your stomach expand and hold your breath at the top.

When you’re ready to exhale with a long audible sigh. At the end of this breath just return to breathing at a pace that is comfortable for you. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth throughout this meditation, ensuring that your inhales are equal to the length of our exhales.

As you breathe, allow your awareness to drop into your heart’s energy center. This is the area in the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards.

Just let your awareness rest here, as you begin to see before you a wide-open field that is being bathed in golden sunlight. You notice the glistening of every blade of grass as it blows in the wind.

Out here there is nothing except for this wide-open field and sky wherever you look.

As far as the eye can see, from every angle of the horizon, all there is is a wide-open expanse of beauty.

As you let yourself explore this vast open field, walking barefoot on the soft grass, you find a place to lie down.

The ground feels soft and spongy, almost as if it is welcoming you into Mother Nature’s loving embrace.

As you lie down, you deepen your connection to your heart and feel your heart as though it is anchoring into the Earth.

While the sun beams down upon your body, warming you up…in this moment, you are completely held and see in the highest love.

Breathe into how this feels, and as you exhale sink more deeply into this moment.

True happiness comes when we are able to truly allow ourselves to feel every emotion with the highest love and acceptance for ourselves.

Yes, we can feel happiness through fleeting and momentary external experiences but in this moment, you set the intention to welcome in true happiness on a deeper level than any external experience can bring.

To begin welcome in a wounded part of you that has been seeking visibility. You may see this as a small child version of you, and whatever pain they’re experiencing, just tell them it’s okay; They’re allowed to experience whatever it is they feel.

Letting them experience this, letting them just be without trying to run away from it or push it aside is actually what sets you free to experience true happiness.

Whatever pain you feel cannot hurt you because in this moment, you are like the loving big brother or sister to this little version of who that is experiencing pain. As you hold them and love and accept them as they are, you might be able to feel a softening, but either way, you certainly feel a much deeper love and appreciation of yourself that can enable you to feel happy even in the experiencing of past painful experiences.

It is safe to feel any emotion you ever feel and in fact, you can find happiness in every feeling.

When you welcome in even the most painful memories or emotions and you just lovingly embrace them without trying to change them, you give them permission to be expressed, and to be free, so that you can truly live in deep happiness.

Pay attention to how the wounded small child within you may be changing as you accept them – may be feeling safer, freer – and how you in this moment may also be feeling safer, free, and – consequently- happier.

Welcome in this type of happiness, that is one of pure love and acceptance of who you truly are. An unshakable happiness that can be with you no matter what you are experiencing.

Again bring your awareness to your heart, and to the golden stream of light flowing from the sun above you, down on your face, spreading across your body.

And as you bask in the warmth from the sun, and you feel the love in your heart for every single part of you, you may notice a smile come across your face – as you’re proud of yourself for doing work that sets you free; that honors every inch of who you are in pursuit of the truest happiness.

Say out loud or in your mind, “I love you” to any wounded or painful part within you. Without asking anything of it, just show it respect, and as you do, notice how much lighter you feel. With a deeper sense of happiness spreading all throughout every cell within your being. And take this true happiness with you as you wiggle your fingers and toes and whenever you’re ready, slowly open your eyes to the room around you.

Happiness Meditation: 20 Minutes

Guided Happiness Meditation Script

Hello and welcome, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to guide you on this happiness meditation.

So let’s begin.

Find a comfortable place to lay down where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of this recording.

Inhale, and exhale slowly……inhale, and exhale……inhale, and let it go…..breathe in, and out…..breathing fully in, and let the air escape.


We are going to begin a relaxing body scan.

Bring your focus to your eyes. Just notice how your eyes feel and ask them to relax even more. The little movement in your eyes is called rapid eve movement and is completely normal. These small eye movements allow you to feel calm.


Notice how the back of your head feels against the surface that it is touching. How heavy does your head feel right now?

Let your focus move to your nose feeling the slight sensations of the air moving in and out with your breath. When you breathe in, imagine that you are being filled with calmness, and when you breathe out, imagine your body feels heavy and deeply relaxed. Very good.

Now focus on your ears. Notice how they feel, and what they hear around you. Try to hear every single noise. When sounds come into your ears they act as little waves of relaxation taking you even deeper. Notice the sound of my voice and how soothing it is. From here forward you can only hear my voice guiding you. All other sounds passing though only relax you even more.

Now focus on your mouth, how does it feel? And what do you notice? Can you sense the flavor of something you recently tasted? Perhaps you can imagine biting into a fresh slice of an apple, and you notice how your mouth waters. Very good.

And move your focus down now to your neck, and if there is any tension just ask it to release.

Notice how your neck feels right now, and just experience all of the sensations in your neck.

Now focus on your shoulders and move your attention slowly going down each arm, down all the way to each fingertip. What are your fingertips touching right now? Feel the sensations on your fingertips. Nice.

Focusing your chest, relaxing this area, as well as your upper back.

Now imagine you are focusing on your heart, and feeling it beating strongly, supporting you. Relax your heart and notice how good it feels to do so.

And now focus on your lungs. Feel them gently expanding and contracting with your breath, delivering oxygen to your body.

Focusing on your vital organs and digestive system. Just notice your belly and how it feels, observe it working and digesting effortlessly for you.

Now notice your lower back and how it is pressing against the surface you are on, and if you feel any tension just say, please relax a little bit more.

Focus now on your pelvis and hips, noticing any sensations you are having here. This takes you deeper into a state of relaxation.

Allowing your focus to move down each leg now, slowly relaxing those as well. Your legs have been taking you so many places over the years and they deserve to fully relax.

Notice this wonderful wave of relaxation moving all the way to your feet and the very tip of each toe.

Notice how completely relaxed your entire body feels right now.

And as you relax, I am going to tell you something very important, and you will deeply understand the words that I have to say to you, and they affect your life for the better.

Relaxation is the key to everything. Once you fully relax, your mind is clear, and your body is calm, then happiness is accessible.

With this newfound relaxation technique, and the ability to accept things as they come, you are able to learn how to become happy and more relaxed in your life.

You know that in order to be fully happy, you must find any possible ways to eliminate bad habits that keep you from being happy. It’s easy to notice your bad habits now, and when you do, take a big deep breath, relaxing, and accept that you are being presented with a moment you can change. Each time that you are triggered towards a bad habit, is an opportunity.

And lastly, the final step to achieving all these wonderful things is that from now on, you think, walk, act and genuinely feel deeply RELAXED. In those times when you need to accept the situation as it is, it is easy for you to do so, and you feel how happy you are being able to accept the good and the bad.

Your posture exudes confidence and your head is held high. From now on your actions with everyone you encounter are that of joy and authentic compassion. You genuinely accept things as they are, bringing you peace and relaxation. Each time you encounter a bad situation, you feel a deep knowing that this is an opportunity to just let go and accept it as a chance to be happy.

And notice how you are feeling.

Let happiness well up inside of you and expand.


These powerful bits of advice can go a long way towards fulfilling a happy life.

So let’s come back to wakeful awareness and bring back all with you that you learned today.

Remember let go and be happy.

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