34 I Miss You Poems

Perhaps absence and distance do make the heart grow fonder. And the ones you love and treasure, you will easily miss them whenever you’re far apart from each other. So feel free to express your heartfelt feelings to the people or person that you’re missing with these 34 I miss you poems.

I Miss You Poems

1. Missing You

I’m missing you like crazy
I think I’m going mad
I simply can’t stop thinking
of the special times we had.

Each moment lasts an hour
Each hour lasts a day
The clock is ticking slowly
Just because you went away.

I need you here beside me
I just want to see your face
To feel your precious heartbeat
And be lost in your embrace.

I gaze out of the window
And look up at the moon
I play the waiting Game
And pray you’ll be here soon.

They say hope springs eternal
Well I only hope it’s true
For I can’t bare the emptiness
That comes from missing you.

– Leanne Mcdonlad

2. Miles Apart

I know I’m far away,
But there’s not a day,
I never think of you.

At times, I miss you so,
Needing you in my arms,
Your mesmerizing charms,
Always makes me slow.

My love,
Though we’re miles apart,
You’re forever in my heart,
And the one I always think of.

Amidst the desert sand,
I wish you are here,
And never disappear.

I really miss you…
I hope you understand.

– Alon Calinao Dy

3. I Miss You

Do you ever think of me
As daylight turns to dusk?
And all the world is quieted
The stillness brings a hush

Do you ever think of days of fun and laughter?
And ponder memories sweet
And pause by the door of life
To long for the moment when we meet

Do you dry your eyes from tears that linger?
And gaze upon photographs of me
Are your arms empty from needing to embrace?
Would you travel from sea to shining sea?

Do you ever think of me
As daylight turns to dusk?
And all the world is quieted
The stillness brings a hush

– Delores R. Ward

4. I Miss You More Than I Can Say

I wish upon the glistening stars,
I pray night and day.
I’m sad that we’re so far apart,
That you’re so far away.
I try to heal a broken heart,
And yet there is no way.
And when it simply falls apart,
Hurts more than I could say,

I cry myself to sleep sometimes,
And yet I need no pity.
I need to fix my broken heart
Or all this pain is hitting
Forever, ever, ever on.
It’s truly you I miss.
Sometimes I could just close my eyes
And fantasize sweet bliss.

A single tear streaks down my face.
My feelings are revealed,
Though I had tried so very hard
To keep these things concealed.
I never wanted to move away.
I hope friendship truly stays.
Please don’t let this fall away.
I’ll just hold on another day.

You’ve stolen my heart, taken over my mind,
So please be sweet and please be kind.
Remember me, please, every day.
I miss you more than I can say.

– Emilia E. Allen

5. Incomplete

Being away from you
I realize what you mean to me
Being away from you
I realize your value in my life

In every corner I see you, miss you
I miss you in the incompletion of my life
I miss you in everything around me
I miss you because I love you

Being away from you
I realize I am incomplete without you
Because I can only be complete with you

Without you in my life
I am empty inside
I am so incomplete

– jazz

6. It’s You

Pure blood runs through these veins,
Yet it never feels the same.
Replayed memories in my head,
Happiness hurt joy and dread.
All those days we spent together,
You said we’d last forever.
I followed my heart,
I thought it was true.
I guess I wasnt ment for you.
I want to cry all the time,
But I suck it up and say Im fine
I’ve only learnt one thing from this,
..Its you I will always miss

– Caroline Logan

I Miss You Poems

7. The Wind is Blowin’

My tired hawse nickers for his own home bars;
A hoof clicks out a spark.
The dim creek flickers to the lonesome stars;
The trail twists down the dark.
The ridge pines whimper to the pines below.
The wind is blowin’ and I want you so.

The birch has yellowed since I saw you last,
The Fall haze blued the creeks,
The big pine bellowed as the snow swished past,
But still, above the peaks,
The same stars twinkle that we used to know.
The wind is blowin’ and I want you so.

The stars up yonder wait the end of time
But earth fires soon go black.
I trip and wander on the trail I climb—
A fool who will look back
To glimpse a fire dead a year ago.
The wind is blowin’ and I want you so.

Who says the lover kills the man in me?
Beneath the day’s hot blue
This thing hunts cover and my heart fights free
To laugh an hour or two.
But now it wavers like a wounded doe.
The wind is blowin’ and I want you so.

– Charles Badger Clark

8. When You Go

When you go, a hush falls
Over all my heart,
And in a trance of my own dreams
I move apart.

When you go, the street grows
Like a vacant place—
What if a million faces pass
If not your face?

When you go, my life stops
Like ships becalmed at sea,
And waits the breath from heaven that blows
You back to me.

– Jessie Belle Rittenhouse

9. Staring At The Walls (Wish You Were Here)

I wish you were here to speak to me again,
It’s been such a long while since I last had a friend,
And I’m missing the way we used to spend our time,
Just sitting there staring at the walls.

I wish you were here ’cause I’m bored without you,
I have no one to leer at and that just won’t do,
For I’m missing the way we sped our way through life,
Just sitting there staring at the walls.

So tell me darling, who’re you sneering at now?
Who’s tears don the frame on your mantle?
Who cowers away from your sharpened tongue?
Who’s took about all he can handle?

I wish you were here to keep me in my place,
For my mind’s been a-wandering at maddening pace,
It’s in and it’s out, it’s up then it’s down,
While I sit here staring at the walls.

I wish you were here to scold me with your rage,
So that I can ignore you and turn a new page,
For I never sensed victory the last time around.
I just sat there and stared at the walls!

– Harry Boslem

10. Be With You

Each day I spent without you makes me miss you so very much
Each night I dream about you
I long to feel your touch
If I could just see your face or kiss your gentle lips
If I could only hear your voice
All these little things I miss
So I just want you to know
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
If I could just once again Be With You

– Marcella Myer

I Miss You Poems

11. One Last Time

You are the sparkle of my eyes,
You are the joy in my smiles,
With you my happiness lies,
With you I’d travel for miles.

My day begins with your voice,
And fills it with your charm,
Your wish makes my heart rejoice,
And it brims with your love warm.

On every starry night,
Under every moonlit sky,
I’ll miss you with all my might,
And feel the void you’ll leave by.

Meet me once as your beloved,
And hold me as if you’d never let go.
Look at me and lock me in your eyes,
And kiss me as if your lips froze on mine.

For one last time be mine.
For one last time BE MINE.

– Rahyani B

12. Every Day

I’ve been stuck in a melancholy mood,
All I’ve done these past weeks is brood,
And now there’s no more hope for tomorrow,
All that’s left is this moment of sorrow.

Isolated, by choice, for the past few days,
Now isolated by force in so many ways,
You were my favorite, and my best friend,
It’s too bad that it all had to end.

So long. Goodbye. I’ll see you around.
Meanwhile I struggle to pick my feet off the ground,
My lonely days became even more pained,
As lonely as a leaf getting beaten by rain.

I love you so much, but I couldn’t stay,
We’ve tried time and again, in every way,
I tried for so long to make it okay,
And you already know that I miss you every day.

– Jon Zimmerman

13. I Wonder Why

I wonder why nothing seems right,
Even if the day is sunny and bright,
As I sit by the window sill,
Wondering why time seems to be frozen still…

When was the last time I saw your smile?
That enchanting smile that did beguile
Driving my blues away!
Oh was it just yesterday?

In the garden the birds chirp and sing,
And butterflies flap many a pretty wing,
Colorful flowers are everywhere,
Oh if only their joy I could share!

Joyful memories of the time gone by,
Now only bring a tear to my eye,
And no matter how much I try, Oh dear,
I can never forget you, I fear.

When you’re here again, everything would seem right,
Even if the day isn’t so sunny and bright,
So here I sit by the window sill,
Perhaps knowing why time seems to be frozen still…

– Mukulika Mukherjee

14. I Miss You So Much

When the sun rises slowly in the morning
and I awake from a sleepless, dark night,
I feel how strongly I miss you, it’s burning.
I try to focus on something else, with all my might,
but it doesn’t work, I still miss you with deep yearning.

All day goes by with you on my mind, no escape.
I just stumble blindly, unaware of my surroundings
and without you nothing has meaning, no color, no shape.
My heart hurts, I miss you terribly, so sad feelings.

When the sun goes down slowly in the evening,
I still keep thinking about you, nothing but you.
I feel hollow inside, yet full of relentless aching.

As the night comes again, I know there is no reprieve,
just another sleepless stupor, tossing around and grieve.

I miss you so much, I miss you all the time.

– Gabor Timis

15. When I Say I Miss

When I say that I miss you
I really mean a lot,
You always stay in my dreams,
Always in my heart,
Can’t really stay a moment without you,
Can’t really stay this way,
Please come back soon!
As I miss you is all I can say!

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16. I Miss You

You’re happy & well, I hear
Yet, I miss you… I so miss you, dear
Yesterday, I was instructed not to show my tears
It has only been a week, but it felt like years…

Yet, I’m not allowed to say I miss you
They say if I speak I’ll offend a few…
‘You’ve got to be quiet. You’ve got to be strong!’
They say it so loud without saying a word

Yet, I miss you like
Flowers miss bees & bees miss their honey
I so love you like
Banks love their fees & like bankers love money

Boy, I miss you like
The world misses lies & like God misses men
And I love you like
Writers love stories & like stories love to end

My hands need your skin
My nose needs your smell
I miss you & miss you & it feels like hell
And I want to cry, and I want to yell

Yet, I stay silent, although true to me,
I just need to wait. I just need to be…
Without you, except in my memories
Hoping that I won’t have to wait centuries.

– Monika Ribeiro

17. I Just Can’t Help But Miss You

Ever since the day you left
My eyes cannot stop crying
And this broken heart of mine
Each day is slowly dying

Don’t be fooled by the smile you see
The fake that’s on my face
Because what is on the inside
In my heart is a different case

I just can’t help but miss you
Since you went away
I may act like I’m okay
But it’s the character I portray

I miss everything about you
From your smile to your ways
I just can’t help but think about you
And all the sweet things you would say

I thought I would tell you today
Just exactly how I feel
There’s nothing I can change
Cause my feelings for you are so real.

I miss you.

– Jennifer Gregory

18. I Still Remember

I still remember our first fight
The way I was up crying all night

I still remember our first kiss
I was so nervous I nearly missed

I still remember that day in the snow
So many feelings you got to show

I still remember that night in the car
I loved you but I didn’t want to go that far

I still remember that day you went away
I still had so many things to say

I still remember the way you held me tight
And the way you mad the wrong words always seem right

But the thing that will be in my heart forever
Is the way I still remember when we were together.

– Julie Jackson

19. I Miss You

I want to cry every night,
because I miss the way we fight.
I pray for you every night,
because I miss you not being in my sight.

I miss the sound of your voice,
that I am sick and tired of all this noise.
I miss the way you smell,
oh that smell.

I miss the look upon your face,
that made me smile with such grace.
I love you so much I can’t deny,
for when I see you I will break down and cry.

For when I cry these happy tears, I won’t have anymore fears.
You’ll be home safe with me,
that I’ll be able to sleep.
Oh how I miss you so much.

I’ll just have to wait and hope you will, keep in touch.

– Rena Nelson

20. I Know It

It was love at first sight,
When I saw you I knew.
Together we would be,
Just me and you.

You’re the only one,
I love you so much.
I’m all alone now,
And I long for your touch.

It seems so long,
Since you have left.
You said you would be back,
I just hope for the best.

It has been three days,
I miss you so…
I wish that I,
Was allowed to go.

You said you would call,
When you arrived.
But when you didn’t,
It made me cry.

I countdown the days,
Until your back in my world.
I still can’t believe,
That you chose me to be your girl.

My love is true,
I know yours is too.
And I can’t wait,
To be back with you.

– Misti Green

21. Life is so Hard Without You

A moment without you I find life so hard
Thinking of missing you, want to make me mad.
My heart is skipping like the growth of mustard…
The more you stay away, the more I become a dullard.
I really miss you.

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22. Missing You is Killing

Closer to my heart, I have always wanted you to be.
But you are as far as I have never wanted you to be.
It is more like killing being here alone.
I miss you like I am on a journey and missing home.

23. I Can’t Do This on My Own

Like a knife can’t carve its own handle,
My life is too much for me to handle.
With your absence I don’t know what else to do.
There is nothing I want more than you.
I miss you, really missing you.

24. I Miss the Moments We Shared Together

Every moment without you is just unbearable.
And going about my day without you is super terrible.
Out of everything without you, I can’t get the best.
And the thought of you being far is making my heart unrest.
I miss you and I wish you were here.

I Miss You Poems

25. I Miss the Warmth of Your Love

I miss the warmth of your love,
Your oh so tender touch,
I miss the smirk of your eyes,
The talks which were so sweet,
I really miss being with you,
That is so true,
I wanna see you soon and hold your hand,
And make you understand,
That I really can’t stay without you,
I miss you!

26. I Miss You My Dear

I miss you my dear like never before
I miss that sweet peck on my cheek
The way you used to cuddle me tight
And that awesome greet
If distance is the roadblock in life
Then I want that reduce the same
I simply can’t live without you now
Whenever I hear your pretty name
Come back love I know that
I can’t live without you in life
My princess it is truly tough
Without you now to survive
So come back and give me back my love
I love you and miss you!

27. Autumn’s Desires

Your amber-umber eyes, penetrate me
as saffron sun sets on faces, ashen
Your suspicious mind raves with jealousy
as pumpkin winds chill our summers passion
your love transitions to winter’s fashion.

Fire and ice keep flowing through your bold veins
Wild imaginations portend cold rains.

I dream of your ruby-red crimson lips
my mind won’t rest until you have returned
the touches from your ginger fingertips
we can rebuild the bridges that have burned,
then, we will laugh at all the lessons learned

I think of your flowing cinnamon hair
mem’ries of our home, and you being there.

– John Derek Hamilton

28. I Hold You My Dear

I hold you my dear near my heart
It was this day from the start
I know you are not with me today
So I miss you each moment of the day
Hope that you come back pretty soon
And give me a reason to cheer
I keep thinking about you the whole day
Oh my dear
I miss you and I want to see you
Come back and bring back my life
You are the reason for my smile
All the way and every while
I miss you!

29. Things I Miss

I miss the sparkle in your eye
When something turns out right
I miss your body next to mine
In the middle of the night

I miss your velvet skin
I once used to touch
I miss your whisper in my ear
“I love you so much”

I miss the places we would go
How we traveled for miles
I miss the smell of your hair
And your pretty little smile

I miss your soft sweet lips
How they once met mine
I miss the love and laughter
That we shared at one time

I miss lying on the couch
And watching TV
I miss the sweet little things
That you would do for me

I miss the waves on the beach
With your hand in mine
I miss making love to you
Time after time

I miss you comforting me
When I was down and blue
These things that I miss
They really are true

But regardless of them all
I really miss you

30. I Miss You All The Time

I miss you at night as I gaze upon the stars
I miss you during the day as clouds cover my sun
I miss you and want to hold you in my arms
I miss you so much, my dear, I feel no more fun.
I miss your smile, your joy, your lips
I wish you would be here, my loneliness grips.
My mind is traveling to far places seeking your beauty
My heart beating faster and faster with your memory
My being fading its joy, my eyes all teary.
My days are going by so slowly, oh so slowly
This painful longing penetrates my heart deeply
My soul cries out for you more and more strongly.
You are my dear love, my life, my everything
Yearning the day to be together once more
For that day to be here now I’d give anything
Don’t ever leave me again, sweetie, you I implore.

31. I Miss You More than Words Can Say

You’re always on my mind, day and night
When I think of you, all feels so right
Need to have you, need to hold you
And tell you that I love you.
My dear, I don’t want to see us apart
This separation just tears away my heart
I miss you, oh, I really miss you
Will need you more and more each day
I know I cannot live without you
I miss you, more than words can say.

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32. I Really Miss You Dear

Every morning I wake up
Realizing you’re really far away
So I put on my make up
And pray for a good day.

I know God’s watching
And he’ll lead me back to you
I just have to keep living
So he can see me through.

Although you’re not close
And many miles away
I’ll still love you
Even after today.

I really miss you dearly
And really wish I was there
But despite of not having you here
At least I still have air.


My heart aches for you
My eyes cry for you
My senses long for you
I, feel numb without you
My smiles wither without you
My soul thirsts for you
My body shivers without you
Please, tell me what to do
I miss you


Just like how night
Turns into day
And for light
Darkness makes way
We are both
Two sides of a coin
With our hearts
Inseparably joined
I miss you
In a way so bad
That it is making me
Go completely mad

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