Guided Mindfulness Meditation Scripts

Hello and thank you for joining me. In this guided meditation, we will focus on letting go of the past and also the future. We will try to direct all of our attention to the present time. The moment you are living in right now.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation Script

First, I would like you to begin by settling into a safe and cozy position. You can either lay or sit down. Whatever feels good to you is perfect, just take a few moments to make sure you are not restricted in any way and let your eyelids slowly become heavy and pleasantly tired. Close your eyes and allow your breath to gradually slow down and deepen. Relax and unwind.

And now, I would like you to center and channel all your energy into this present moment. Try to find stability and consistency in your breath. Breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth. Slow and deep breaths.

Breathe in.

And breathe out.

Direct all your mental energy into observing your breath. Slowly inhale.

And exhale.

And again. Focus.



Breathe in.

And slowly breathe out.

As you continue breathing, try to fully relax your whole body. Relax your face, your torso, your arms, and your legs. Move throughout your physical body, and focus on the sensations you feel. Unclench each individual muscle as you travel up and down your body. Soften your joints and your muscles, and allow any remaining tension to slowly float away. Give your body the opportunity to relax. Feel it becoming lighter and looser. Relax and let go.

And now, I encourage you to take another deep breath and focus on all the sensations you feel in your soul right now, in this very moment. Your emotions, your thoughts, your feelings. Just try to turn inward and keep focusing on your breath.

Allow your thoughts to naturally flow in and out of your mind. Let them cycle through as you pay attention to your breath and acknowledge your thoughts and feelings. And when a certain idea or concern rises to the top, lovingly accept it and then let it go when it doesn’t serve you anymore. Do not judge or even analyze these thoughts, simply observe them as they arise and then gently allow them to fully leave your consciousness. Let them float away into the abyss, where they belong.

Remember, you are safe here. Your past is gone, your future simply doesn’t matter. Any past mistakes and all the future obstacles are irrelevant right now.

The only thing that matters is this very moment you are experiencing right now. And with each passing moment, you feel more present, more focused, and more centered. You are in more in touch with your intuition and you feel deeply relaxed. In this very moment, you feel light, almost weightless. You feel like a light, delicate feather floating in the air. You are fully present. You are in a mental space where you feel accepted and carefree.

Accepted by yourself and by others. Your existence is important, and your input is immensely valuable. You are allowed to take this time to take care of yourself and to truly get in touch with your inner being again. This moment is what matters. Keep breathing and focusing on every inhale and exhale.

You can allow yourself to be deeply content. You can allow yourself to be calm and present. And you can allow your mind to let go of any judgment or expectations. What matters is now, nothing else.

And if you notice your thoughts are starting to wander again, you can simply bring your awareness back to your breath. Your breath is always there when you need a trusty and reliable friend that can guide you when you need it to, to where you need to be guided.

Whenever you feel like your concentration is weaning, simply refocus on your breath and faithfully follow it.

As you keep breathing and living, living and breathing, you can feel a warm wave of content washing over you. This mystical sensation is slowly expanding your mind. Your ability to process thoughts is stronger than ever before. You are present. You are here. You are mindful of this moment. You keep breathing. Notice how the willingness to let go makes you feel. Any anxiety or fear is gone now, the future does not matter right now.

Whatever happens in your life is meant to happen. Whatever doesn’t happen wasn’t meant to happen. You can control your actions and reactions, but you cannot control any outside factors.

You breathe in.

And slowly breathe out again. Remember, your breath is your guide.

The energy around you is calming and soothing. You embrace all your thoughts and you remain peaceful in the process. Each time a thought rises from the depths of your mind, you embrace it, and you sincerely love it. You accept it for what it is, lovingly hold it tight, and then you finally let it go.

This willingness to accept the reality you are living in will help you get rid of any toxic self- talk. It will help you see things more clearly and help you refine your thoughts.

With practice, this ability to let go and live in the moment will seep into every pore of your daily life. This learned reaction can eventually become completely instinctive. You can internalize these thoughts. When you feel overwhelmed, all you need to do is take a minute to just breathe, and remind yourself that you choose to live in the present. It sets you free from any self-imposed limitations. You choose to live your life mindfully and remain calm in any situation. When you feel present, you also feel free.

You are now ready to return from the meditative state. You are slowly becoming more and more aware of your surroundings and your natural breath. When you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes again.

Thank you for listening to this guided meditation.

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