Chakra Meditation Scripts

Welcome to this guided chakra meditation. In this meditation, we will focus on your energy centers or chakras.

Before we being, please make sure you are in a space where you feel at ease. Remove all distractions. You should sit down with your legs crossed and your spine straightened, just make sure you are not straining or uncomfortable in any way. When you feel ready to move one, you can slowly start to close your eyes.

As we start the meditation, I would like you to take a couple of deep breaths. Allow the air to flow in through your nose and out through your mouth. Feel your chest and belly expand as you breathe in and feel them gradually deflate as you slowly breathe out. Breath in.

Breathe out. Try to truly connect with your breath, focus on the way the oxygen slowly travels thought your whole body and energizes it.

Feel the solid support of the ground beneath you as you sit and focus on your breath. Keep berthing.

Allow the weight to drop off your shoulders and slowly drift away into the deep state of meditation. Keep focusing on your breath. Trust the process and release everything that no longer serves you. Keep breathing and relax.

During this meditation, we will focus on all seven chakras and use our hands to concentrate the energy on the specific zones. As you follow me and move from your tailbone all the way up to your head, I want you to place the palms of your hands on that specific energy center. Focus and direct all your mental energy into that one single spot. Your chakra.

We will start at the bottom, at your tailbone, with the first chakra – the root chakra. This chakra is your solid foundation. This is the point that grounds you and allows you to withstand every imaginable challenge. It is your root and your support. Place your hands on the lowest part of your back. Feel the warmth and the loving touch of your hands as you slightly move the palm of your hand over this area. Whenever you feel ready, feel free to continue on.

Now we can slowly move to our second chakra – the sacral chakra.

This chakra facilitates abundance, well-being, and pleasure. It’s the driving force behind your emotions. Your sensations and your feelings. This chakra is located on your belly, just under your navel. Again, I want you to place your hands on top of this area and try to direct loving energy through your fingers. Gently move your hands all over this area.

When you feel ready, move onto the next chakra.

And here comes our third – the solar plexus chakra.

Solar plexus chakra is the home of your self-confidence and self-esteem. It empowers you in amazing ways and lets you live your life with relentless confidence. This chakra is in your upper abdomen, around your stomach. Place your hands on the top part of your belly and direct all your thoughts into this area. Empower it with the soft touch of your hand and slowly move the energy into this area.

Next comes the fourth chakra. The fourth chakra is also known as the heart chakra.

This chakra is the connecting point between your bottom three and your top three chakras. This chakra deals with all forms of love. Love directed towards others and love directed towards ourselves. The location of this chakra is in the center of your chest, right above your heart.

As before, slowly let your fingers glide over this area. Concentrate and feel your heartbeat as you feel the warmth transfer from your fingers to your chest.

Next, the fifth chakra. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra.

It’s the one that allows you to communicate whatever your heart is feeling. This is your true voice, your ability to let the world know how you feel. It’s here to help you express yourself in clear and honest ways. It is located in your throat. Slowly move your hand up and gently place it on your throat.

The next, sixth chakra, is also called the third eye chakra.

It’s the chakra of intuition. Here is where you can find the true depths of your soul. This particular chakra guides your imagination, wisdom, and intuition. It is located on your forehead, between the eyes. Slowly massage this delicate area with your fingers.

And now last, but not least – the crown chakra.

This chakra is the highest one. It is the chakra of spirituality and higher consciousness. This is where you can connect with something that is larger than life and the essence of life itself.

This chakra is on the very top of your head. I would like you to, again, place your hands on this chakra, and slowly massage the area.

When you direct your energy towards your chakras you unblock them. You enable them to function properly and assist you in various ways. Blocked chakras, on the other hand, can cause problems in the same areas. Your loving energy can unblock them. Your hands open your chakras and let your guide the healing powers to the specific point,

And now, for the last part, I would like you to slowly bring your hands together and press the palms of your hands together in front of your chest. Feel the enchanting energy rise from the ground and flow through your whole entire body. Every single inch of your body is charged with the energy of self-love and acceptance. This meditation cleansed your chakras and I want you to feel pride because you chose to take this time out of your day and try your best to make it meaningful.

Place your hands on top of your thighs and slowly start to open your eyes again.

You can now slowly return from the meditative state and head back into your daily life and your usual routine.

Thank you for listening to this guided meditation.

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