Focus Meditation

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Focus Meditation: 10 Minutes

Focus Meditation Script

This meditation is best practiced with an object you can gaze at. This can be a lit candle, a crystal, a flower, or anything else that feels right to you. Hit pause if you need to and come back when you have something for gazing. Begin by sitting in a comfortable position, placing the item for gazing directly before you, let your body be soft and your breath gentle.

Let your eyes gaze very gently on the object before you, eyelids slightly lowered, and with your awareness present on that object. Take a long, deep inhale. Breathing in through your nose, stomach expanding completely, and holding your breath at the top.

When you’re ready, exhale through your mouth. Contracting your stomach and forcing all of the air out. Keep your gaze on the object before you as you repeat this two more times. Deep. Inhale through your nose, stomach expanding, chest rising, holding it at the top. And when you’re ready, blow the air out through your mouth. Contract in your abdomen, keeping your gaze on the item before you. One more deep cleansing. Inhale, stomach expanding, chest rising, holding it at the top.

And then releasing through your mouth, contracting your abdomen and blowing the air all the way out.

At the end of this breath, just return to breathing in a pattern that is comfortable for you in through your nose and out through your mouth throughout the course of this meditation, as you gaze at the object before you, while breathing slowly and gently, just become aware of all of the details of this object before you. Notice the colors, the textures. If your mind wanders, that’s perfectly okay. Do not judge yourself for it, but instead return your focus to the object before you. When you practice keeping your focus and awareness on one thing, you sharpen your focus abilities.

Spend several breaths keeping your focus and awareness completely alert on this object. Anytime a thought emerges, just return your awareness to this object.

You are doing a great job. Keep it up and now allow your focus to become even more sharp and astute.


Taking in even more details than before; Being even more present with this object.

When you’re ready, gently close your eyes and continue to keep your focus on the object. Remembering the colors, the shape, the texture, doing your best to keep the image of this object still sharp within your focus, even with your eyes closed.

Now open your eyes gently looking at the object again. Is there anything you missed when your eyes were closed? Did you have the picture complete in your mind’s eye? If there was anything you were missing? Take note of it now and when you’re ready, close your eyes and try again.

Staying completely focused on this object, using this object to keep your attention present.

Now you can open your eyes again, gently gazing at the object, feeling grateful to it for being able to help you become more focused and present and tank. This feeling of being focused and present with you as you begin to stretch your arms over your head and whenever you’re ready, go about the rest of your day.

Meditation for Focus: 20 Minutes

Focus Meditation Script

Welcome to this guided session to strengthen your focusing abilities. Everyone can benefit from the power of focused concentration, it helps us achieve our goals an strive towards excellence.

Begin by making sure you are in a very relaxed position … somewhere you can comfortably ignore the outside world around you … ensure there are no distractions for the duration of this session begin to take a long and slow breath in … and as you breathe out let your muscles loosen and let go of any strain or tension …

breathe in slowly relaxing …. and breathe out letting yourself melt into the surface that is supporting you ….

take another deep breath in … and as you exhale allow your eyes to gently close if you have not already ….

let’s begin by focusing all of your attention on your nose … breathing in through the nose, notice the temperature of the air as it passes through and down into your lungs …..

again focusing on the nose breathing in and out at whatever pace feels comfortable for you ….


Now bring your awareness to your forehead and imagine that you can let any wrinkles and stress melt away by putting your focus here ….

tune in your focus to the space between the eyebrows and about a finger’s width above them….This is called your 3rd eye and it is the place of creative formulation ….

Maintain your concentration on the 3rd eye and breathe in and out … if you notice your thoughts drift to something else, it’s OK , it is the nature of the mind to wander … it is your job to keep it focused


As soon as you notice that you’ve stopped focusing on this area in between your eyebrows …. simply return your awareness here noticing any sensations that may be happening ….



As you are tuned in on this area where imagination takes place … begin to remember your day today… the things that happened …. what were you doing this morning… and where did you go after that …. focus on the details of your day such as hearing the sounds of the world around you and the conversations that took place ….


Can you even feel the temperature that the weather brought today?


Carefully concentrating on every memory that passes through your mind ….


Let’s switch our focus to the visual of yourself being in the zone doing something you love to do ….

Perhaps it is an activity where you move your body such as hiking or exercising ….

Maybe what gets you in the zone is your work or helping others ….

Whatever makes you feel like you’ve lost track of time … or that time doesn’t even exist ….

See yourself doing these things now that deserve your full attention …


What is it that you like to naturally focus on?

what do you enjoy to do that pulls time away from the equation… making for an experience of full immersion into what you are doing ….

Wonderful… Take the quality of this focus that you give to the things that you love to do and apply it to the things that you need to do even if you don’t like to do them…


This is the power of focused concentration ….


Thinking of the breath again, inhale deeply, expanding your lungs as much as you can … focusing on the oxygen being delivered to your system …. breathe out feeling your body slowly contract as the air escapes ….


Notice how relaxed you are right now …


Return your awareness to the 3rd eye and notice any sensations you are experiencing here in this very moment …


You have a deep understanding that determination is the key to success in all areas that you seek it … practicing determination daily is a form of powerful focus …


Each night before bed in order to enhance your concentration tomorrow, plan out simple things the night before such as what you will wear so that you do not get sidetracked from focusing on the things you need to do ….


Know that removing distractions is an essential part of focused concentration so it is something that must be taken very seriously … any distractions that could cause you to sway from what you need to do must be eliminated when you are doing your task at hand …


Another very important part to increase your focusing abilities is that when you feel your energy begins to fade understand that it is a sign that you need to take a break and do something unrelated to your point of focus … this allows the mind to sharpen and the body to regenerate…


Make a routine of taking healthy breaks throughout the day … this makes for the power of your concentration to be at its highest when you are working towards your passions and goals …




Ask yourself why are you focusing on this particular thing … what is the ultimate goal of your laser of awareness … remind yourself why it is important to keep your concentration … to know why you are doing it is what keeps you motivated to focus …


Now hear yourself saying,

I am proud to be achieving my goals through the power of focused concentration ….


Now, let your focus begin to return to your current surroundings, breathing in fresh air and a new understanding of your ability to focus on what you truly want to achieve.

Wiggle your fingers or toes to orient yourself back into the present moment and whenever you are ready, open your eyes.

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