We Can’t Heal the Body without Healing the Mind

This isn’t another article about mind-body healing.

It’s actually about body-mind healing.

I was recently reading an article on PsychologyToday.com about Dr. Henry Grayson’s book “Use Your Body to Heal Your Mind”.

He states:

It’s consciousness that rules. That’s the message we get from worldwide spiritual wisdom and what’s emerging more in quantum physics as well. It’s really consciousness that rules, not matter. If we’re trying to heal the body without healing the mind, using the mind to heal the body, we missed the basic healing that’s necessary for us. We need to heal the mind that may have even needed the body to be sick, or the thought it could be sick, that told it it was vulnerable, that it had to be a victim of this or that germ or event. But to recognize that consciousness is the issue, we take back our power and find our true self in the process, then the body just naturally heals in response to that.

Grayson goes on to say that we need to become aware of uncleared traumas from our childhood and adult life. Often there tends to be a lot of cumulative ones in childhood that involve rejection, criticism, judgment, and sometimes abuse. He states that these negative energies (pain-body) are not cleared when there’s a serious illness (including addiction or alcoholism) that occurs in the early twenties.

Grayson is essentially saying that if we pay attention to our body, it will express the health of our deeper emotional self. It is this new mental framework and awareness that can start us on a path of healing the body as a result of healing the mind/heart. He also discusses the role of the unconscious:

Well, the unconscious is good and it’s difficult. For example when you’re just learning to drive and a car pulls out in front of you, you’ve had an accident before you can think about what to do whereas, if you’ve been driving for a while, it’s automatic. Your unconscious mind calls you to swerve just the right way and put on the brakes to avoid the accident. So our unconscious mind is also very, very helpful. We just want to identify the pieces of it that are not helpful and get those cleared out. But we want to be grateful to our unconscious mind. We’d be overrun with information if it was all in consciousness all the time. So we want to hang onto the part that’s positive. It’s just the negative part that produces pain and illness, , that makes us think we’re empty of love, makes us depressed, anxious and sick and so on. That’s the part we want to deal with.

It seems likely that the traumas and/or negative behaviors and attitudes (negative downloads) inherited from our parents can be installed deep within us like software in a computer. It will keep playing the tape unless we intervene.

Step 1: Awareness (talk therapy and meditation can help)
Step 2: Create new software (“love” visualization meditations, EMDR, or meridian stimulation)

Yes, consciousness is involved in everything human-related, however I’m not convinced that ALL of the bodily pain and disease we experience is brought on by the mind. Catching a cough or the injuries incurred from getting into a car accident would be two of many examples.

I certainly think it’s possible for self-destruct patterns from our unconscious domain to create those experiences, but I don’t think it accounts for all experiences all of the time. However, I do think you may be able to address healing back pain using the mind-body connection, or even something as powerful as cancer (by no means is this medical advice).

mind healing

Mind-Body healing or Body-Mind healing?

I think we are talking about the same thing here. However, semantics can prove useful when they can facilitate expanding our thinking about something. If you’re open to it a good friend of mine does remote intuitive energy healing (she does readings over the phone). May be worth trying something new?

Please write me, I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.