Chakra Meditation

Here are two guided meditations, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Chakra Meditation: 10 Minutes


Begin this meditation by sitting in a comfortable position, with your spine in straight alignment and palms facing downwards.

When you’re ready, gently close your eyes.

Begin by focusing all of your awareness in on your breath, intentionally expanding your stomach on every inhale, and contracting your stomach on every exhale.

As you focus in on your breath, allow your inhales to equal the length of your exhales, as you breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth throughout the course of this meditation.

Bring all of your awareness into the space at the base of your spine.

This is the area known as your root chakra. It is responsible for feeling grounded and secure. When it is healthy, functioning and balanced, it will either be a platinum color or a vivid red. Pay attention to this space now, and to allow yourself to balance it, see the color that feels right to you (platinum or red) as a bright glowing orb of light in this energy center.

And as you focus in on it, allow your awareness to drop all the way inside of the center of this orb of light. And allow yourself to feel gratitude for this space.

Being grateful for your chakra is one of the greatest, easiest and most loving ways to balance it. And now let your awareness travel up, into the energy center located a couple of inches below your navel and a couple of inches inwards. This is the area known as the sacral chakra, it is responsible for interpersonal relationships, sexuality, sensuality, pleasure, and creativity. When it is healthy and balanced, it is often seen as a vivid orange color. Allow yourself to see this chakra as a vivid orb of orange light. As you let all of your awareness just drop in here.

Once you feel your awareness is fully in the center of this chakra, allow yourself to feel gratitude. As you appreciate this chakra, it automatically heals, and balances.

Now let your awareness travel up into the center of your torso, between your ribcage and a couple of inches inwards.

This area is known as your solar plexus chakra. When it is healthy and balanced, it is often a vivid yellow or gold color.

Allow yourself to tune into this energy center, and see an orb of vivid yellow or golden light – whichever color feels right to you.

Once you see this, drop your awareness directly into the center of this sphere of light. From this space, allow yourself to feel gratitude.

Appreciate this energy center that is responsible for your will, for your confidence, for your ability to show up in the world.

And now, let your awareness travel up even higher, into the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards, in the area known as your heart chakra.

This area is responsible for love. Loving yourself, loving others, and for healthy boundaries.

When this chakra is balanced and healthy, it is a vivid green color, or a soft pink, or even white. The color depends on where you are on your path, so allow yourself to trust whatever color you see now. There is no right or wrong.

Once you see this sphere of light, allow all of your awareness to drop into this energy center.

Once here, let yourself feel genuine appreciation for your heart. Trust and know that when you feel gratitude for your heart chakra, you automatically heal and balance it. You bring it into its healthiest form.

Now, allow your awareness to travel up, into the center of your throat in the area known as your throat chakra.

This energy center is responsible for communication and speaking your truth.

When it is healthy, vibrant and functioning, it is a royal blue color. Allow yourself to focus in here, and see this sphere of blue light. As you let all of your awareness drop into the center of this orb of light, begin to feel gratitude and appreciation.

Now allow your awareness to travel up into the area between your eyebrows and about a half an inch upwards and approximately one inch inwards. This area is known as your third eye chakra and it is responsible for your intuition. When it is fully functioning and balanced, it is an indigo color or clear. Allow yourself to see when feels right to you as a sphere of light in this energy center now. And as you focus here, let all of your awareness travel directly into the center of this sphere of light and begin to feel gratitude for this chakra.

And when you’re ready, let your awareness travel up into the very top of your head in the energy center known as your crown chakra, which is responsible for your spirituality and your connections to something greater than the physical you. When this space is fully functioning and balanced, it is either a golden light, a white light or a violet light. Just allow whatever you see now as a perfect sphere of light placed gently at the top of your head, Let all of your awareness travel to the center of this orb of light. Once here, begin to feel gratitude and appreciation for this energy center.

Feeling genuine gratitude here, balances and uplifts the energy in your crown chakra.

And begin to pay attention to how you feel all the way from your root chakra at the base of your spine, up to your crown chakra, feeling each energy center as balanced, whole, complete, and uplifted.

Take this feeling with you as you slowly begin to bring your awareness to the room around you, opening your eyes whenever you feel ready.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation: 20 Minutes

Third Eyes Chakra Script

Hello and welcome to this third eye chakra meditation.

This chakra is located in the center of your forehead between your eyebrows. The function of the third eye chakra is to allow for a state of openness and imagination. When your 3rd eye chakra becomes unbalanced, it can present troubles knowing that you are connected to everything just as everything is interconnected.

When you balance the third eye chakra by meditating on it and concentrating all of your focus on this location, you experience clarity of thought and a powerful ability to visualize. You are imaginative, intuitive, and see the events in your life as symbolic with beautiful lessons to be learned.

You may close your eyes at anytime

Let’s begin by taking 3 deep and full breaths to relax and settle down our minds a little.

Full breath in… filling your body with fresh oxygen….  and exhale letting your mind kind of slow down a few notches…..

inhale in… noticing how powerful you feel when you take a nice deep breath in…. exhaling, letting your mind slow down a few more thoughts per minute.

Take a 3rd deep breath in… really imagine filling yourself with a healing substance…..and as you exhale you see your thoughts passing so very slowly by now….your mind is relaxing right now.

You see a few thoughts pass by very slowly. Begin to become aware of your third eye area. In between your eyebrows and a about a half and inch up. You can vividly visualize a spinning orb right in the middle of your forehead. It’s tiny right now, maybe the size of a marble, but its color a lush purple and it is as bright as a star.

You can clearly see the bright purple light illuminating in the center of your head, this very moment. It’s amazing how easily this visual is coming to you.

you deeply and consciously see this purple light growing brighter and stronger within you. Each time you exhale, imagine that the orb is spinning slightly faster.

Now take a really deep and powerful breath in and as you do see this light growing so bright that it radiates out so far that it is encompassing your entire body.

As you exhale the orb is accelerating in speed. Spinning with such force and ease.

Breathe in one more time, feeling your breath powering the chakra….exhale and see your out-breath spinning the orb of purple light faster than anything you’ve ever seen in motion.

It’s spinning so quickly and shining so brightly now that the whole world can feel and visualize this energy that you have created.

Just be with this energy now, and enjoy it in all its beauty.

(pause for 40 seconds)

Let your breath flow, and become slightly conscious of breathing. You don’t have to do anything, or change anything at all…. you notice that your body does all the breathwork automatically.

You, the listener, are just the awareness…..observing…..noticing……being aware of……you are the watcher……

while your body continues to go through all the chemical processes and rejuvenating maintenance, millions of cells are regenerating at every second, naturally… automatically…..

Compare it to your breath. When you become aware of your breath, you can breathe deeply, and when you are not aware of your breath, your breathing becomes automatic.

You can do the same with cell regeneration. Give permission to your body to regenerate your cells even faster.

Now give a direct order to each cell, with the power of your imagination, to fully regenerate. And feel your cells increase in function, it could be a tingling feeling, or a warm sensation.

This is also known as the feeling we call “relaxation”.

So, let your body and mind become so deeply relaxed now, so tingly and warm. So pleasant, that each cell is supported in a full rejuvenation process.

And you as an observer remain completely calm and at peace.


Right now your focus is relaxed and is probably wandering around, experiencing different things, but let’s take this focus and concentrate again on the area of your forehead in between your eyebrows, let all your focus rest in between your eyebrows right where your third eye is located…

Feel all the physical sensations here…. maybe you can feel a slight tingling…. or maybe you can’t feel any sensations at all…. Whatever you are experiencing is ok, just maintain focus on this area…

you are consciously becoming very familiar with this area, you might have never really thought to feel this place so intensely before…. or perhaps you are really familiar with it and know these sensations well… either way right now is a completely new experience for you.

And now while you’re focusing on your third eye chakra, hear yourself saying these positive affirmations. One affirmation as you inhale and one affirmation with each exhale.

Inhale fully… and hear yourself saying, ‘I am intuitive’

Exhale… ‘I am knowing’

Inhale…. ‘My inner vision is strong’

Exhale… ‘I am listening to my intuitive self’

Inhale… ‘I am true to myself’

Exhale slowly… ‘I have unlimited possibilities’

Inhale slowly… ‘I am connected to my amazing potential futures’

And exhale… ‘I trust my intuition’


Keep your focus on your forehead and let go of your breath again, just let your body settle and do what It needs to do…

Observe for couple seconds how your breath behaves and notice any changes it makes….

Completely let go of your focus on your forehead now…. let go of any need to do anything at all.



You’ve done powerful work here today that lasts a lifetime.

Continue to practice this meditation, building on the experiences of life each time you do so.

Whenever you are ready, open your eyes, take a nice deep breath in and move forward with peace and wisdom.

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