Meditation for a Broken Heart

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for a Broken Heart: 10 Minutes

Guided Meditation Script for a Broken Heart

Practice this meditation while lying down comfortably. You can do this in the bed, or in the bathtub, or simply on your yoga mat.

Hit pause if you need to and come back when you’re ready.

Once you are lying comfortably, place your palms on your heart’s energy center – this is the area in the middle of your chest. Just allow one hand to rest on top of the other here. And softly close your eyes.

Allow all of your awareness to enter in, as you focus on your breath. Intentionally, allow every inhale to fully engage your lungs, feeling your stomach expand as you breathe in, and contract as you let it all go.

On your next inhale breathe in extra deeply, filling your lungs completely, and hold your breath at the top. When you’re ready, let it all go with a long audible sigh.

At the end of that breath, just return to a pattern of breathing that is comfortable for you, feeling your stomach expand completely on every inhale and contract on every exhale.

As you begin to sink more deeply into this moment, allow your awareness to be fully present in your heart’s energy center, the area located in the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards.

As you breathe, imagine all of the energy from your breath nourishing your heart, and on every exhale, allow yourself to imagine any stale, stuck or stagnant energy releasing. Inhaling nourishment and love, and exhaling all that no longer serves.

As you focus in on your heart, let it know that it is safe for it to feel whatever it is feeling. Honoring your emotions, especially honoring a broken heart, may cause an emotional reaction of some kind. If tears come, just let them flow.

Your heart is longing for you to recognize how it feels. For you to offer it love even though it is hurt.

Let your heart know that you love and accept it fully even when it is broken.

Keep breathing in nourishment on the inhale and releasing any stagnant energy on the exhales, as you affirm to yourself “I am allowed to feel. I love myself even through the pain”

As you honor your broken heart, just allow yourself to feel and to love yourself through the feeling.

Do not try to judge it or change it or chase it away. In this moment, you are like the loving parent, holding your heart and letting it know: “It’s okay.”

When you lovingly allow your heart to feel whatever it feels and you fully accept it, you give the feeling permission to flow through you. Sometimes this may take awhile with a broken heart. There’s no need to rush it. Just love yourself through it as you are right now. You are giving yourself the love that you so deeply deserve.

You are indeed always a source of unconditional love for yourself when you simply allow yourself to be.

Continue to simply accept your heart.

Let your heart know, “I love you and I see you. I do not judge you for feeling broken. You are allowed to feel broken and I will still love you.”

Notice how you feel when you affirm your love for your heart, even when it feels broken.

This practice can have a magical result of freeing you from pain. Something beautiful happens when you allow yourself to feel and you love yourself through the feeling.

On your next inhale, imagine a soft pink light flowing into your heart’s energy center, and on every exhale, imagine it growing brighter. Continue to breathe in this soft pink light on the inhale and see it grow brighter on the exhale. This soft pink light soothes. It provides unconditional love for yourself. Because you have honored your emotion, this soft pink light can help heal it. Can soothe it.

Allow yourself to lie here as long as you need to; feeling what you need to; sending love to your heart as you need to…and only when you’re ready, very, very, slowly, bring your awareness to the room around you. Opening your eyes when it feels right to you, and being proud of yourself for doing this remarkable work.

Meditation for a Broken Heart: 20 Minutes

Script for a Broken Heart Meditation

Welcome, this meditation guides you to mend a broken heart. Losing love is one of the hardest things humans can go through. But with patience and compassion, you can heal this strain that has been put on your heart and emotions. You are taking the first step by being here right now during this session.

So getting to a very comfortable position preferably lying on your back and allow your eyes to close if that feels good for you…

If you’d like take both of your hands and place them over your chest where your heart is located for the duration of this session to make a greater connection to the love that you have in your heart.

Take a deep breath in and feel how your chest arises pushing your hands up as you inhale and as you exhale your hands gently fall down with your chest…

Imagine what your heart looks like after it has been broken… maybe it has a crack in it in your mind or maybe its color has a little bit dull… maybe it is smaller than it really is and beats with less vigor then it did when you were fully in love….


with your hands placed over your heart say to it now, it’s OK I understand…. and breathe deeply a sense of compassion for its current state….


With this extension of love you’ve given to your heart, you can see that its color starts to become slightly more vibrant….

Breathe in deeply again with more compassion then you had before, say again to your heart it’s OK to feel sad losing, love is one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with …..


In your mind’s eye, you see your heart begin to slowly heal any cracks…. it is mending with the power of your words and kindness ….


breathe in deeply once more… and say to your heart I want to love again ….


you can see that your heart loves these words and it begins to pump with more strength and vibrancy… delivering oxygen to your system effortlessly….


Imagine now your favorite color in the most beautiful hue you’ve ever seen Is shining brightly from the center of your heart …. as you breathe deeply the color against brighter and expands further….

This bright beautiful color is so very relaxing and puts your heart at ease …. you can even feel it caressing your hands resting upon your chest …


Feel the joy of this moment right now as you breathe each breath expands this glowing light further and further until it is encompassing your entire being ….


Say to your heart now I feel you shining so brightly that everyone I meet and everyone I know sees it shining out from within me ….


My love glows brightly and intensely ….


I offer the power within my heart to those who need it and those who deserve it ….


It is easy for me to love just as it is easy for me to be loved …..


See if you can become aware of the beating rhythm of your heart …. quiet yourself so that you can either feel it with your hands or even imagine you can hear it …

thump thump… thump thump….


It beats effortlessly every moment of the day …. fueling your very existence ….


It deserves your love right now most of all when it feels broken …


So with the power of your imagination imagine that you can cradle your heart in your hands like you would a tiny newborn baby ….


Delicately caressing it with your kindness …. holding it with great respect for all it provides throughout your life ….


Say to your heart I love you, I appreciate you, and I mend your wounds with the power of my desire to fully love again …


Your heart deeply feels your passion and is freed from the burden of brokenness …. it is healing before your very eyes ….


Your heart is mending from its past hurt at an accelerating rate … your favorite color shining brightly from deep within …. it is pumping with joy and excitement …. extending its love to the outside world without fear or resentment ….


Breathe in very deeply and say to your heart “thank you….”


And if you quiet yourself enough you can hear it saying back “you’re welcome”


All it needed was your attention and compassion in order to heal in almost an instant…

Even though you may still feel apprehension when imagining finding love again, your heart is ready and eager to do what it does best… to love you and love the world…


Take your hands away from your chest and allow your heart to be open to the world …. the world deserves access to the power of your love… all you have to do is let it….


Gently return your awareness to the present moment, feeling a newfound wholeness in your ability to love.

Whenever you are ready, open your eyes, taking on life with the confidence within your heart.

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