Guided Imagery Scripts

Welcome to this guided imagery meditation. This guided meditation was designed to help you relax with the help of your own imagination and my guidance.

Before we begin the meditation, I would like you to make sure you are in a space where you will not be disturbed. Somewhere where you feel calm and at ease. You can do this meditation either sitting or laying down. If you want to feel fully relaxed, I suggest you dim the lights or close the curtains and lay down. When you find a spot that feels comfortable I invite you to take a few long and deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and slowly breathe out through your mouth. Allow your lungs to fully expand and deflate as you inhale and exhale.

Deep breath in.

And deep breath out.


And slowly exhale.

And again.

Slowly breathe in.

And breathe out.

As you keep deepening your breath, your conscious thoughts are slowly becoming a blur. You are ready to relax as you follow my voice.

As you continue following my voice, I want you to try and release any tension you might feel. Anywhere. Try to relax your body and keep focusing on your breath. Slowly travel down from your head all the way to your toes and try to relax each part individually, until you feel light and ready to engage your imagination. Let a wave of soothing relaxation wash over you. Feel the sensation of relief fill your whole body and mind.

As we begin, I want you to visualize a gorgeous, lush, tropical island. The water is crystal clear, the island is covered by various forests and thick vegetation and there is not a single soul to be found anywhere near this island.

And now I want you to imagine yourself lying on a softly swaying boat, right off the coast. You are resting in a lovely, peaceful, quiet cove. Not a single person that could potentially ruin this experience. It’s you and mother nature. You are one. All you can see are the aromatic pine trees, the soft, silky smooth sand, and the wide ocean.

The warm sun is shining, and you are in the pleasant shade of the boat’s sails. A gentle breeze is lovingly caressing your sun-kissed skin and cooling you down.

You can see white, soft clouds running through the sky and you can hear seagulls somewhere in the distance. The crystal clear water beneath you looks gorgeous and inviting, but all you want to do at this moment is rest. The salty air is burning your nostrils in the most pleasant way imaginable, it just feels so invigorating to breathe in the ocean breeze.

And as the anchored boat safely floats in the sea, you feel all your worries slowly drifting away. Every argument, insecurity, or worry – they are all gone. At this moment, you are here on the deck of this boat and everything else is completely irrelevant. Your only job is to relax your body and free your mind.

You feel so safe and taken care of. The waves gently rock the boat back and forth, but you are safely anchored in this little, private cove.

You feel so carefree and happy. A sense of complete serenity fills your body and your mind as you lay there, relaxing. You feel pure appreciation and joy. Your life is a dream. This magnificent little haven is your sanctuary, somewhere where you can always retreat and find comfort and safety. It is somewhere where you know you can let any stress and tension melt away into the clear sea. You are so incredibly happy and grateful to be alive.

Here, you are allowed to be your true self. There is no pretense and no pressure to impress anyone at all. You are alone. It’s you and the big, wide sea. And any worry that does surface is promptly swooshed away by the softly whispering wind. And any discomfort you might feel is healed by the water rippling right beneath you. You and your boat are still, yet moving. You are calm, yet invigorated. Free, yet secure. This tiny bay and this boat are truly mystical and magical. The enchanted ocean is softly singing its song and whispering sweet nothings into your ear.

The warm sun is slowly, but surely setting behind the mysterious horizon. A gorgeous, soft pink light is illuminating the skies and caressing your skin. You don’t need the shade anymore, all you want to do is bask in the remaining warmth of the setting, now dark orange sun.

Twilight is slowly approaching and you can see the first stars shining more and more brightly. You are grateful for this time you had on your little sailing boat. You are relaxed, you are at ease, you feel peaceful and light. You simply are. You exist. You inhale the salty air again and you feel so grateful for this moment, for this opportunity, for this private, little boat you have the privilege to own.

And you are grateful for your life, just the way it is. Because it’s perfect and immensely rewarding. All you feel is peace and gratitude.

The line between reality and imagination is becoming fuzzy and blurred. You can feel your body becoming extremely light, it’s almost weightless. The weight of the world drops from your shoulders. You can see yourself slowly rising from the tiny boat. The soft wind slowly embraces you and lifts up into the air. An inexplicable warmth soothes your soul as you softly sway back and forth. Back and forth.

As the distant moon becomes more and more visible, the twilight is slowly enveloping you. You can hear crickets somewhere in the distance. The boat keeps rocking back and forth. Slowly. Rocking. Back and forth.

You are calm and you are relaxed.

My voice is now gently bringing you from the meditative state back into reality. You can now slowly start to open your eyes.

Thank you so much for joining me on this magical journey.

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