10 Best Stress Balls

The world we live in today is hectic and riddled with stressors. Between demanding work schedules, household chores, family responsibilities, and time for social events, there often seems to be little room to breathe. Stress balls are a small but effective tool that you can use to ease stress to move on with your day in a better state of mind. Mental health is enormously important, and if we could all reap emotional benefits from just a small stress ball, we would be one step closer to a less stressed-out world. Plus, stress balls can even be effective in injury recovery and managing symptoms from arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Helpful for kids, adults, and the elderly, a stress ball is a great tool to put in your purse, desk drawer, or home office. Stress balls even make great gifts! Here, we’ve provided background information about stress balls before you go shopping, then our favorite stress balls currently on the market. Chosen for quality, durability, functionality, and more, the stress balls that made our list are the best of the best.

While a stress ball may seem like a simple tool, there are several factors to consider before you select the right option for you. Here, we’ll cover the main considerations for stress ball shopping, including material type, resistance level, and stress ball uses. You may be surprised at how widely stress balls can differ when it comes to these important factors.

What Are Stress Balls Made Of?

Stress balls are made out of all different materials depending on the manufacturer and model. The material of a stress ball is important as it determines its durability, as well as how it feels when it’s squeezed.

The outer coating of a stress ball must be strong and resilient to use. Otherwise, it may break after being used and cause a large mess. Rubber is the usual coating for stress balls because it’s both durable and flexible. But, there are also stress balls with outer casings made from plastic or fabric. Fabric stress balls can provide a soft feel that may be more comfortable in the palm. However, fabric is also more susceptible to tearing than other material options.

The filling of a stress ball makes a difference in the resistance it provides when squeezed. Some people prefer a lightweight filling so that the ball is easier to squeeze, while others find it more satisfying for the ball to have resistance.

Examples of materials used to fill stress balls include:

  • Foam
  • Gel
  • Sand
  • Rice
  • Baking soda

Stress Ball Resistance Levels

As you shop for stress balls, you’ll find that the available options differ in resistance level. Some manufacturers even sell stress balls in sets with a range of resistance levels. The resistance of a stress ball determines how easy or difficult it will be to squeeze. Your ideal resistance level depends on your age, strength, and health.

Low Resistance

Stress balls with low resistance are ideal for young children, elderly people, injured individuals, and people with chronic health conditions like arthritis. The low resistance won’t strain the muscles or the hand or wrist, but will provide enough resistance for gentle strengthening and tension relief. Low-resistance stress balls may also be helpful for individuals in the early stages of injury recovery who need to work up to higher resistance levels.

Medium Resistance

As the name suggests, medium-resistance stress balls provide a middle ground between low resistance and high resistance stress balls. This type of stress ball is a fitting choice if you’re seeking satisfying stress relief that won’t tire out your hand and wrist muscles. Medium-resistance stress balls are also useful in the middle stages of injury recovery.

High Resistance

High-resistance stress balls require the most muscular effort to squeeze. This type of ball is often used for building grip strength in healthy individuals. High-resistance stress balls can also help relieve tension for adults in stressful work environments.

Uses For Stress Balls

Stress balls have many benefits and use for people of all ages. Specifically, stress balls may be helpful not only in relieving mental and physical tension, but also in building strength, increasing focus, and reducing fidgeting.

Stress Balls For Stress Relief

Stress balls are named for their tension-releasing abilities, but how exactly can squeeze a ball release your stress? The answer is simple: when people are anxious or stressed out, they experience physical tension. The body feels tense and stiff – breathing may even feel constricted.

To squeeze a stress ball, you must have tension in your hands. So, when you release the ball, you experience a release that lessens physical tension. This provides temporary relief from stress and can help you manage stressful situations at work, home, or while you’re traveling.

Stress Balls To Build Strength

Stress balls aren’t just for reducing tension and anxiety; they may also be helpful in building strength in the hands. Due to their portability and affordability, stress balls are a great physical therapy tool for people with injuries, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related concerns. Stress balls may also help in post-surgery recovery to gradually regain strength and mobility.

Grip strength is important to build and maintain, especially in the case of weakness to due injury or other health concerns. Stress balls may be used in rehabilitation of muscles in the hands and wrists. For strengthening, physical therapists may advise repetitions of squeezing and releasing the stress ball every day.

Stress Balls For Focus and Less Fidgeting

Stress balls can be an effective tool for increasing focus at work or school. Studies have shown that occupying your hands while you work can increase productivity and mental focus. For example, people who take notes by hand often succeed more in remembering information than those who type the notes. Stress balls provide a simple yet stimulating activity to occupy your hands while you work to increase productivity.

Kids and teenagers that struggle with fidgeting in school can significantly benefit from using stress balls. Many stress balls are small and can fit easily in a child’s palm. This means that kids can quietly use the stress ball in learning settings instead of tapping a pencil, tapping their fingernails, jiggling their feet, or fidgeting in an otherwise distracting manner.

Stress Balls for Kids

As mentioned above, kids can greatly benefit from using stress balls for releasing excess energy, increasing focus, and stopping fidgeting. Many stress balls available today are designed exclusively with kids in mind. These stress balls are generally smaller so that they can fit comfortably in a young child’s hand. They may also have a low resistance level so that kids don’t struggle to squeeze the ball.

Stress balls can provide these benefits to kids:

  • Children with autism, ADD, or ADHD can especially benefit from carrying a stress ball with them to use in cases of anxiety or lack of focus.
  • Stress balls are a simple and hassle-free way for kids to calm down quietly, even when they’re sitting at a desk in school.
  • Young kids have yet to develop strong hand and wrist muscles for a secure grip. Stress balls can help them build grip strength to more easily hold a pencil, which may even improve their handwriting.
  • Stress balls can be an effective tool to stop fidgeting in overactive kids. Managing fidgeting can lead to increased focus and even better performance in school.

It’s important to note that stress balls can be a choking hazard for young kids. Supervising children while they use stress balls is important to ensure that they’re using the ball as it’s intended. Also, children under 5 shouldn’t use stress balls for safety purposes.

The Best Stress Balls to Buy

Stress balls are simple stress-relieving tools, but that doesn’t mean every stress ball is created equal. Here, we’ve gathered a list of the top stress balls that you can buy today. Continue reading to learn about their pros and cons and see which stress ball may be right for you.

1. The Friendly Swede Hand Grip Strength Trainer

This set of three stress balls from The Friendly Swede is designed to help adults and kids (ages 5 and up) alike. The eggs come in three different sizes (extra small, small, and large) for comfort no matter your hand size. The extra small egg measures 5 cm by 3.5 cm; the small egg measures 6 cm by 4 cm; and the large egg measures 7.6 cm by 5.6 cm.

These egg-shaped stress balls are easy to grip and ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and fidgeting. These stress balls may also help develop motor skills in the hands. The Friendly Swede brand notes that these stress balls may help people quit smoking by providing a distraction for the hands. This brand also provides a lifetime warranty for this product to ensure that you won’t have to purchase these stress eggs again in the case of damage.


  • The balls are made from thermoplastic rubber that’s safe for the skin.
  • The set comes in three different sizes, meaning that these balls are comfortable to hold at any age over 5. The sizes also vary in resistance level so that you can target your needs.
  • The eggs are non-toxic and highly resistant to tears.


  • The material has a sticky quality that may attract dirt and debris.
  • These stress ball eggs are a choking hazard for young children. Children need to be supervised while using this stress ball, and it should be kept out of reach of children under 5.

2. Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball

The Serenilite Hand Therapy Stress Ball is designed to ease stress and mental tension while improving grip strength. Using this stress ball may also help with blood flow and circulation, as well as be a helpful tool for individuals with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s made from a non-stick fabric and gel core with resistance to tears. The shape was made with ergonomics in mind for a secure, comfortable grip. Plus, this ball retains its shape even after intensive use, and the fabric material feels smooth on the skin.

Serenilite provides a lifetime guarantee when you purchase this product. The stress ball is made to last and suits a range of needs, from strength building to muscular comfort and stress relief.


  • This stress ball is made with the ideal resistance for relieving tension while building strength.
  • The gel core is durable and long-lasting.
  • This stress ball is small and portable so that it may be brought to the office or packed in a suitcase with ease. The small size is also unobtrusive for use in public.


  • The outer fabric casing of the ball is susceptible to tears, especially at the stitching.
  • The resistance of the ball may be too high for some individuals, especially when it’s brand-new.

3. 321 STRONG Hand Therapy Grip Balls for Stress

The 321 STRONG Hand Therapy Grip Balls are multi-purpose, functioning to relieve tension, manage fidgeting, strengthen the hands, and even aid in physical therapy. The three balls in this set have three different resistance levels and are color-coded to fit a variety of needs. One ball is blue, one is purple, and one is yellow.

These stress balls are made from non-toxic thermoplastic rubber for durability. Designed for comfort, each ball will fit easily in the palm of your hand and can even be used for finger exercise. This stress ball set comes with a convenient carry bag for transporting the balls.


  • The three balls each have different resistance levels, making them ideal for injury recovery or users of different ages.
  • The thermoplastic rubber used to construct these balls is non-toxic and durable.
  • The balls are sized to fit comfortably in the hand and minimize fatigue.


  • The difference between resistance levels may not be large enough for those seeking to build hand strength.
  • These grip balls have an especially squishy texture, which may not be preferred by everyone.

4. Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment

The Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment combines motivational statements with squishy squeeze balls for effective stress relief. Each of the three balls in the set has a different motivational saying: “Yes! I can do this!”, “Be quiet. Be calm. Be kind.”, and “Focus. Listen. Breathe.” These sayings serve as great reminders in moments of stress and tension.

These stress balls are made from polyurethane for softness and durability. Designed to release tension and stop fidgeting, the balls fit comfortably in an adult palm and measure 2.5 inches in diameter.


  • The positive sayings printed on these balls are a great mental reminder to stay calm, while squeezing the ball can help release physical tension.
  • The balls have a squishy feel that’s easy to squeeze and won’t tire out the hands.
  • These balls can work well for injury recovery and hand strengthening.


  • The polyurethane foam material that these balls are made of isn’t as durable as other stress ball materials.
  • These balls are limited in resistance and may not be the right choice to significantly strengthen the hands.

5. KeShi Hand Stress Balls with 3 Densities

This set of three stress balls can be used for a wide range of uses, from anxiety relief to hand strengthening to injury rehabilitation. The exterior of each ball is made from lycra fabric, while the core consists of TPR soft gel. The three balls each have a different resistance level: soft, medium, or hard. The variety of resistance levels in this pack make it appropriate for kids, adults, and the elderly alike. Each of the balls has a different color of the outer casing so that you can tell the resistance levels apart. The softball is gray, the medium ball is blue, and the hardball is black.


  • The stress balls in this pack each have a different resistance level to fit a range of needs.
  • The materials used to construct these stress balls are naturally odorless.
  • These stress balls have a diameter of 2.35 inches – this size was chosen because it fits comfortably in the hands of adults, children, and the elderly.


  • The lycra fabric exterior is susceptible to tears.
  • The resistance levels are all somewhat high when compared to other stress ball models, which may pose problems for individuals seeking a light-resistance stress ball.

6. Vive Hand Exercise Balls

The Vive Exercise Hand Balls come in a set of four, with each ball exhibiting a different resistance level. The balls are brightly colored and you can differentiate the resistance levels by color: the orange ball is extra soft, the green ball is soft, the blue ball is medium, and the purple ball is firm. This range of resistance levels can be especially helpful in injury recovery or strength building during a workout.

The Vive Hand Exercise Balls are made from a premium composite material. The material is latex-free and odor-free. The surface of these stress balls is made to resist slips for an easier grip. Additionally, the material is resistant to tears and splits so that the balls hold up to intensive use.


  • The pack of stress balls provides four different resistance levels. This is a unique feature and can satisfy a wide range of needs.
  • The premium composite material that these stress balls are made from is durable, odorless, and free of latex.
  • The diameter of these stress balls is 5 centimeters, which is ideally sized to fit comfortably in the palms of both men and women.


  • Due to the composite material, the extra soft ball may still provide too much resistance for injured individuals or those with chronic health problems.
  • The texture of these stress balls may not be squishy enough for some people’s preferences.

7. YOGU Hand Therapy Stress Balls, Set of 3

This set of 3 stress balls from YOGU is high in quality and affordable. The set provides progressive resistance levels so that you can build grip strength over time, and the balls are color-coded to differentiate each strength level. The blue ball is soft, the green ball is medium resistance, and the purple ball is firm. Measuring 5 cm in diameter, these stress balls are comfortable to hold for men and women alike.

These YOGU stress balls are constructed from thermoplastic rubber. This material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of latex. The balls are durable and safe for long-term use. The material of these stress balls also provides a textured outer surface for a secure grip.


  • With three different resistance levels within this set of stress balls, you can work up to higher grip strength, gradually recover from an injury, or simply find the best resistance level for your needs.
  • The thermoplastic rubber used to construct these stress balls is durable and comfortable on the skin.
  • These stress balls are affordably priced without sacrificing quality.


  • These stress balls are smaller than some other products on the market and may not feel large enough for certain users.
  • Due to the durable material, these stress balls may be too difficult to squeeze for young children or elderly people.

8. Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Ball Bundle

This bundle of three exercise stress balls features grip-strengthening balls of varying resistance levels. The soft ball has a resistance of 15%, the medium ball has a resistance of 30%, and the hard ball has a resistance of 45%. These stress balls have a range of uses, from injury rehabilitation to helping stop fidgeting. Each ball has a gel core with a fabric outer covering. The fabric is designed to be tear-resistant and soft for comfort during use. The fabric is also breathable to resist sweat and odors. These hand therapy balls have a diameter of 2.36 inches to fit in the palms of adults and kids alike. The bundle comes in a convenient mesh bag for use on the go.


  • These stress balls are sized so that adults and kids of virtually any age can use them comfortably.
  • The materials used to construct these stress balls are BPA-free and latex-free.
  • Three different resistance levels are included with this set (soft, medium, and hard) to suit a range of ages, strengths, and needs.


  • This set of stress balls comes at a higher price point than some of its competitors.
  • While tear-resistant, the stitching in the outer fabric makes these balls susceptible to damage.

9. Youri Soul Hand Therapy Ball

The Youri Soul Hand Therapy Ball is designed to effectively relieve muscle tension, stiffness, and joint pain while building strength. The ball is made from a squishy, gel-like material. You can choose from three different resistance levels: soft, medium, or firm. The selection of resistance levels is intended for you to select the perfect option for your needs and level of strength. The center of the ball has an indentation so that you have several different hand exercises to try.


  • The indentation at the center of the ball allows you to incorporate the fingers for grip strengthening exercises.
  • The resistance level of these balls is quite high, so they may be a good option for people seeking intense strength training.
  • You may select the ball that you need based on resistance. If you struggle with hand weakness or have an injury, the soft ball may be the right choice. But, for strength building, the hard or medium ball may be ideal for you.


  • If you would like to increase your ball resistance as you gain strength, you would need to order the varying balls separately; they do not come as a pack.
  • The indentation in the center of the ball may not be as comfortable to squeeze as traditional stress balls for some users.

10. Youri Soul Hand Stress Balls, Set of 2

While this set of stress balls is from Youri Soul like the ball listed above, these products differ in a few key ways. This set of two stress balls features balls that are small and perfectly spherical, as opposed to the indented sphere listed above. These stress balls from Youri Soul are also small, measuring just 5 centimeters in diameter.

The two balls in this set are each a different color: one is purple and one is pink. They may be used to manage arthritis pain, increase range of motion in the hands or fingers, release muscle tension, and build strength. These Youri Soul stress balls both provide medium resistance for a middle ground between soft balls to relieve stress and hard balls to build strength.


  • These stress balls are small in size for portability and comfort in the palm of your hand.
  • The material used to create these stress balls is squishy and pliable to effectively release tension while building strength.
  • The size and shape of these stress balls allows you to complete flexion and extension exercises with the fingers.


  • While two stress balls are included in this set, both have the same resistance, so you won’t be able to build resistance over time with this pack alone.
  • The resistance of these stress balls may be too high for elderly people or those with health concerns relating to the hands or wrists.


With that, we’ve covered the best stress balls that you can purchase online today. While each product exhibits excellence and provides a range of benefits, there is one clear winner. The Vive Hand Exercise Balls are effective for a wide range of uses and come at an exceptional value. As a pack of four stress balls, each with a unique level of resistance, you can build up strength over time, whether you’re recovering from an injury or just looking to gain grip strength. Or, if you just need one stress ball to release tension or stop fidgeting, you can try out each ball in this pack of four and use the one that’s the most comfortable for you. As we learned earlier, the resistance of a stress ball can make a big impact in your experience using it. So, the multiple resistance levels offered by the Vive Hand Exercise Balls is a major plus.

The Vive Hand Exercise Balls combine affordability with outstanding quality and ease-of-use. This set may be the ideal solution for people seeking a simple stress-relieving tool, a way to build hand strength, or a supplemental tool to use in physical therapy. Stress balls can’t be underestimated in their ability to relieve tension, pain, and hand or wrist weakness. With this comprehensive list to guide you, you can shop for stress balls with confidence.

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