White Magic Spells

When you see bad things happening in the world, what do you do? You could donate your time or money to a cause you believe in. You could work on your behavior and practices to cause less harm. You could decide to take a wholly different approach and become versed in white magic.

Throughout time, people have relied on white magic to help turn tides and influence the world for good in some way. Where some people may have money to give, others offer an energetic imprint into the universe to help make a difference.

If you want to get started in white magic, there are many different avenues. Some common magical ancestries have paths that follow this idea, and you can also forge your own as an eclectic witch. Let’s take a look at the history and intention and a few spells you can try.

What is White Magic?

White magic is a path taken by the practitioner that’s intended only to do good. For some, it evokes the practices of the right-hand path, embodying kindness and ethical magic to take on some influence for self or others.

It’s the antithesis of the left-hand path, or black magic, in some traditions. The magic here takes a different form with the intent to harm in the worst case or the intention to elevate the self above others.

There are many ways to describe this magical dichotomy, but for many people, white magic is strongly associated with pagan and Wiccan roots. It has a reputation for being associated with the pure aspects of nature and goes against the attainment of earthly power.

White magic traces its roots through many religious paths, often taking the form of fertility rituals and green worship. Its principles are also found in many different spiritual paths, including Christianity and Judaism.

White magic had quite a few proponents throughout the years, including influential Italian thinkers during the renaissance and later neopaganism. Now, white magic is often associated with the Wiccan tradition as well as green witchcrafts.

Be careful that you don’t bestow your own narrow views of witchcraft on others. Some traditions actively reject common tenets of white witchcraft like the four agreements. Their traditions have rich histories that may have evolved from very different circumstances than your own. Allow them to practice as they will.

How to Get the Best Results

Magic works by focusing on energy. If you’re unprepared or nervous, your scattered mind may dampen the effects of your magic. Many witches meditate or perform centering rituals to ensure that they have the best energy available for the spell.

You must be clear and concise in every spell that you do. Being honest with yourself about why you’re performing a spell and how you’d like that spell to manifest can help uncover holes in your spell. You should also stay away from explicitly working on other people without their knowledge or consent.

White magic is intended to influence for good, so keep an open heart to the love and offerings of the universe can help you focus on your spell’s intended effects. The most important preparation you can do for a spell is to focus on yourself and continually ensure that your intentions are of the highest good.

The universe wants to provide good things, and so being open to receiving those things is an excellent focal point for white magic. Your intentions really matter, and if you aren’t honest with yourself, the universe will show you where you’re unraveling.

Doing the work on yourself first is an excellent way to help bring good things to you and those around you. White magic’s sole intent is to bring kindness and benefit to the world, so be sure you’re continually checking your motivations before doing the work.

Working On Others

Magic should never be performed on a person without his or her consent. Most magic should be directed towards yourself and your own circumstances. When you’re proficient in performing these rituals for your improvement, you may consider performing magic to help others around you.

The best thing to keep in mind is to change the energies rather than the person. If someone you know is hurting, you may ask the universe to bring good fortune and comfort to that person rather than performing a spell to remove their emotional circumstance.

You don’t know why others have incarnated into this space, and it can be difficult for them if you interfere accidentally with lessons they’re learning. These lessons may be a vital part of what they’ve come to this lifetime to do.

If someone asks you specifically to work magic for them, be honest about your abilities. Witchcraft is a personal path, but there are many people who have worked their whole lives to attain the level of care and understanding that witchcraft requires.

It’s best to focus your intentions on yourself and in white witchcraft, what might be the best and highest good for you and the universe. The intent should never be removing someone’s free will and should always be a careful consideration when writing spells for other people.

Finding Your Own Traditions

Witchcraft throughout the ages has borrowed from different traditions, but let’s be clear. If you want to follow witchcraft, you should begin with the traditions of your own ancestors before launching into spells you read on the internet.

Your blood has a rich history of magic. While there are good reasons to deny your own lineage in favor of another (trauma, for one), you should always respect that other traditions are not yours to take and profit from.

Putting the work into practicing witchcraft with the reverence and respect it deserves is a vital part of making sure your intentions are clear. If your path doesn’t call for certain things, white sage, for example, you are harming the tradition by not bothering to find something in line with your own practice.

There are quite a few traditions that haven’t been allowed to practice freely until recent years. Take the time to find elders in those traditions and learn from people who have a longstanding experience if this is the path you wish to follow. Without the dedication of real practitioners, you may find your magic falling short.

That said, there are lots of reasons that you’d want to take up a magical path. It’s a welcoming option and can really provide a path for you to make a difference in your own life, much less the greater universe.

You’ve gotten your intentions in order, and you’re doing the work on yourself. You understand your path, and you’ve taken the time to find a tradition that speaks to you without appropriating other cultures. It’s time to do some work.

Let’s take a look at some common white magic spells you can do to help elevate your own energies and make a difference in the world. Be sure to do your research and take the time to focus.

Releasing Spells

Releasing spells can help you cut ties with things that are doing you harm. They exist to help you let go of the past and move on to abundance and other things the universe has waiting for you.

Simple Releasing Spell

You don’t need much for this simple option. It’s quick, helps focus your intentions well, and is an excellent way to get a spell in before someone notices what you’re doing (if you’re still undercover). You’ll need:

  • Paper
  • Fire
  • A fire-safe container
  1. Write what you’re releasing on the paper and fold it up.
  2. Focus all your intention on what you’re releasing leaving your body and embodying the paper.
  3. Blow on the paper three times and set it alight.
  4. Allow the paper to burn in your fire safe container and release what you need back to the universe.
  5. Dispose of the ashes outside or by respectfully throwing them away.

Release an Argument

If you need to patch things up with someone, but it’s difficult to connect, this can be an excellent way to clear the air. You’ll need:

  • A photo of the person
  • A crystal ball
  • Two candles in blue or white
  • Peace oil or lavender essential oil
  • Lavender buds
  1. Begin your spell by calling in your guides in whatever tradition you follow.
  2. Visualize you and this person speaking calmly and freely.
  3. Anoint the candles with the peace or lavender oil and place them on either side of the photograph at a safe distance.
  4. Light the candles and focus.
  5. Place the crystal ball over the picture and begin speaking to the person in question.
  6. Apologize and ask for them to speak to you again.
  7. When you’re ready, and you’ve said everything you need, blow out the candles, and wait for the universe to perform its magic.

Quick Spell to Release Anger

When you don’t have time to perform a full spell, you might be able to redirect harmful energy quickly and effectively with a fast spell using something you likely have on hand. For this spell you’ll need:

  • Salt
  • Running water
  1. Take a fist full of salt and squeeze it into your hand.
  2. Focus all your anger into the salt and allow it to settle from your body into the salt itself.
  3. When you’re ready, place your hand under running water and allow the salt to dissolve, taking your anger with it.

Once you’ve released your anger, don’t allow it to flare up again. Your energy has been refocused, and revisiting the passion can only cause more hurt down the road.

Blessing Spells

When you want to bring abundance to your home and family, a blessing spell can be a helpful act. You may also want to bless others and provide a spirit of abundance all around you.

Salt Circle Cleansing

This spell works best if you’ve cleaned and decluttered your home, allowing the full manifestation of energy to find you. Open the windows and allow fresh air to flow in and give negative energy a place to go. You’ll need:

  • Salt (black or white salt)
  1. Take the salt and walk the perimeter of your house, sprinkling a little salt along the way until it forms a protective circle.
  2. While you walk, tell negative energy to leave, and only things for your highest good remain.
  3. Complete the circle and come inside your home.
  4. Touch the front door, the oven, your bed, and anything else that’s important to you. Visualize everything filled with light and that the salt circle is complete.

Money Spell

Money is energy. Once you understand that money is not a possession but a state of energy, you can begin to draw that energy to you with a money spell. One of the easiest ways to start working with your money energy is through generosity, in fact, and often the universe will recognize that generosity.

To work this simple money spell in addition to honing your gratitude and generosity, you’ll need:

  • A green candle
  • Petition paper
  1. Write on your paper that you are worthy of abundance, and you freely receive it. Money comes effortlessly to you.
  2. Light your candle and focus on feeling the sensation of having enough money or landing that job — whatever abundance means to you.
  3. Burn your paper in a fire-safe container and release your intention to the universe.

Lucky Pennies

For this spell, you may need to dedicate your intention over the course of a few days. You’ll need:

  • Glass jar
  • Green candle
  1. Set your intention for the universe to share with you its abundance.
  2. Take a walk in a crowded area and collect 13 pennies with heads side up. If you find pennies with tails up, turn them over and leave them for someone else.
  3. When you’ve found all 13 of your lucky pennies, place them in a jar full of water.
  4. Dress the jar with abundance herbs like cinnamon, basil, thyme, saffron, or others within your tradition.
  5. Seal the jar and burn a green candle on top of it.
  6. On the first full moon, bury your jar where it won’t be disturbed.

If you can’t bury your jar, collect earth from outside and fill the jar with that earth instead of water and seal it. Leave it on your altar, where it won’t be disturbed.

Protection Spells

Protection spells are vital for making sure your household remains safe and that the people you love are as protected as possible. There are quite a few protection spells, and some of them are best performed with a group of willing participants.

Wiccan Cleansing and Protective Spell

This spell is powerful when performed by a group of people. If all your roommates or family members want to take part, your collective energies can enhance the spell. You’ll need everyone to set their intention to bless the house and to bring a small token to leave on the altar.

For this spell you’ll also need:

  • A bowl of water
  • Sea salt
  • A cleansing bundle to burn (sage, basil, or other traditional herbs)
  • Blue candle
  • Blessing oil (or rosemary oil)
  • Another container
  1. Start at your front door and light the cleansing bundle. Move in a clockwise rotation throughout your house.
  2. Have someone follow behind you doing the same with the blue candle
  3. Have someone follow behind them with the salt, leaving a small sprinkle in corners and windowsills.
  4. Anoint all doors and windows with Rosemary oil.
  5. Repeat blessing words as you work. Something as simple as “Bless and protect this home” is sufficient.
  6. After you are finished, have everyone put their token or offering in the second bowl. Place this prominently on your altar to provide energy to your cleansing.

Bad Luck Buster

If you’ve been hit by a period of bad luck, a simple luck spell could be all you need. This one is simple to do. You’ll need:

  • White paper
  • Black pen
  • White candle
  • Fire safe container or cauldron
  1. Open your sacred space the way your personal traditions dictate.
  2. Write the words “bad luck” on your paper.
  3. Write down all the ways that bad luck has manifested in your life and imagine that the energy is transferred directly to the paper.
  4. Place an “X” over each piece of bad luck, breaking ties with its hold on your life.
  5. Draw an “X” over the words bad luck and understand that its hold on you has been broken.
  6. Light the candle and whisper your blessing.
  7. Burn the paper and release the energy into the universe.
  8. When the ash has cooled, dispose of one-third of it under running water.
  9. Throw up the second third into the air and let the wind take it.
  10. Bury the final third in the earth and understand that those energies transform it.

Love Spells

Don’t get this wrong; love can come in all kinds of forms. Love spells are never to work on a person without their consent. Instead, love spells focus on the potential of opening up the practitioner to all the love and abundance the universe has to offer.

Bath Love Spell for the Self

This bath can help you find the love you have for yourself, potentially opening your eyes to your power and finding peace with your surroundings. For this spell, you’ll need to carve out some time for it to work and to allow yourself to feel all your emotions. You’ll also need:

  • Honey
  • Pink salt
  • Rose petals
  • Lavender oil
  • Rose quartz
  1. Run a bath and add in your pink salt, lavender oil, and rose petals, creating a luxurious bath environment. If you have them, you can light pink candles to help your visualization.
  2. Get in the bath and put honey on your lips. Say to yourself, “I am the embodiment of the universe’s love.”
  3. Place a drop of honey on your forehead and meditate on the ways that the universe shows you love in your own life.
  4. Place the rose quartz over your heart and meditate on your love for yourself and the universe’s love for you.
  5. When you are ready, drain the bath and keep a few rose petals for your altar to remind you of the blessed energy.

Spell to Attract Love

If you want to open yourself up to love from the universe and bring it into your life, there is a simple white magic spell for that. Again, you’re focusing on your own energies and not trying to trap anyone in something they did not consent to. You’ll need:

  • Pink candle
  • White candle
  • Rose oil
  • Rose petals
  • Pink salt
  1. Consecrate your altar the way you prefer and begin your spell.
  2. Call forth guides and ancestors who can embody the universal love you seek. Ask them to think of your highest good.
  3. Anoint both candles with the rose oil.
  4. Light the white candle and visualize pure light.
  5. Light the pink candle and visualize love pouring into you and appearing to you in its purest form.
  6. Place the rose petals and salt around your altar and allow the candles to burn until they go out. Collect the wax and place it in a safe place with some of the petals.

Using White Magic For Good

White magic is often used to improve the circumstances of the practitioner. The theory is that if you’re working on your energy and raising your own vibe, that helps increase the vibration of the entire universe. It’s essential to understand how working for the collective liberation of humanity often begins with working on yourself.

Your understanding of white magic can be heavily influenced by your traditional practices plus the ancestors and deities you follow. If your love deity prefers green, you don’t have to force a pink candle into your spells. Learn to follow your own intuition and work from there.

Using magic is an accessible way to focus your energy and bring change in a different way than with your volunteering or financial means. Magic is a way to open doors in your mind and to play with different planes of the universe. Remember, energy is a manifestation of the universe’s expression.

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