Weight Loss Spells

Casting spells to help weight loss has gained popularity with people who are anxious to look better. Casting a spell by yourself or with the help of a professional psychic or other spell-caster may improve your chances of getting to your goal.

Weight loss spells work by turning your subconscious mind from a negative mode to a positive one. Your subconscious mind responds better to spells if you have a positive mindset that invites and expects your desires to come true. If you have a pessimistic attitude about your body or the outcome of the spell, it’s less likely to work.

Overcome negative body images by checking the internet of photos of successful and attractive women who may not have an ideal body shape. Marilyn Monroe and many plus-size models such as Ashley Graham are considered sexy despite not having a slim body.

It’s harder to stay slim and lose weight in the 21st Century because of the availability of processed foods and active jobs replaced by desk jobs and computer work.

If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to combine willpower, nutrition, a well-thought-out diet, and exercise plan – and use one of the following weight-loss spells to improve your chances of reaching your goal quickly.

A Few Diet Spell Basics

One part of the weight loss spell is used to encourage you to lose weight, eat healthy, and exercise. The spell influences the subconscious and helps you to avoid foods and beverages that are bad for you.

Men can use a weight loss spell, too. Women are attracted to fit men who can protect them. A slim but strong man is appealing to women. Men can adapt the spells to fit their needs.

Willpower Spell

Hot spices and herbs increase willpower, so use clove, oil of cinnamon, ginger, or Dragon’s blood in your diet ritual. Use a red candle and a cloth. Put your name across the front of the candle. Add a symbol that represents your weight loss goal, such as a minus sign and the number of pounds you want to lose. You can also use this spell for willpower to achieve other goals of your choice.

Anoint the candle using the spices dabbed on the cloth. Make sure every part of the candle is anointed with the spice. Light the candle and recite the following –

God and Goddess, boost my willpower so I can achieve my goal of losing weight. Give me the power to eat healthy and eat less. So mote it be.

Loss of Pounds

If you’re using traditional Swedish Magik called trolldom, you can put a trace of a person in running water or a stream and recite a spell. The spell goes, “as this water flows and goes away, so does the mass and fat of my body flow away until I’ve replaced (number of)pounds with a toned body.”

This Swedish magic spell strengthens the mind and helps it achieve its goal. In other weight loss spells, you can attach your image to lose weight and then cover it with herbs like Cascara Sagrada or Senna.

Another person can perform a weight loss ritual on your behalf using your photo or a doll that represents you.

Banishing and Binding

You may use a binding or banishing spell to achieve weight loss. A banishing spell takes away unwanted energy. These spells banish low self-esteem and the voice in your head that tells you that you can’t lose weight.

A binding spell stops you from doing certain things. If you snack at work or wake up in the middle of the night to binge on ice cream, a binding spell can stop you from doing those things.

Reflect on your behaviors and figure out what you can do instead. Read a book and have a cup of herbal tea late at night instead of focusing on the fridge. Maybe you need more companionship to get your mind off food.

Use self-love and compassion to change your self-destructive behaviors. Binding and banishing spells can be part of this improvement process.

An Unbinding Spell

An unbinding spell releases you from a bad karmic situation or attitude. Unbinding spells are used to help stop addictive behavior, including overeating. Unbinding is a form of banishing. Work with unbinding during the three nights before the New Moon for best results. You can also perform this spell anytime after the Full Moon but before the New Moon.

Use a black candle and a white candle in the ritual. If you are performing the weight loss spell for another person, use a photo of the person, a lock of hair, or an item they’ve touched. Place the totem next to the white candle in the middle of our altar or on a windowsill.

Place the totem by the white candle at the center of your altar, or on a window sill. Set the black candle by it facing west. Write down the outcome you want on loose-leaf notebook paper. Write “I’m slim and healthy and weigh (your desired weight). If the spell is for you. Adjust the recitation if the spell is for another person. Write the person’s name and how much weight they want to lose.

Tear the notebook paper into seven, nine, 11, or 13 pieces depending on how serious the weight loss issue is to you or the other person. Put the pieces of paper in a row by the black candle in a westward direction or facing the nearest window.

Finish the Unbinding Spell

Light the white and black candles. Visualize the outcome of your weight loss (or the other person’s weight loss) and then burn the paper near the black candle. Move the black candle a few inches away from the white candle.

The next night, visualize and meditate on the outcome again. Burn the next paper, and move the black candle a few inches away from the white candle. Perform this ritual for seven, nine, 11, or 13 nights and meditate on the desired outcome. Burn one piece of paper each night and move the black candle another space away from the white candle each time you burn a paper.

You may need extra candles to burn if you burn candles and perform the spell for the full 13 nights. Take the ash from the burnt paper and candle wax that remains, and toss the remains into running water to dispose of them. The spell will usually take a Full Moon cycle to complete.

When the moon is full and then wanes back into invisibility, your weight will be brought to the forefront and then melt away from your body.

Waning Moon Spell

Gather the following materials:

  • A charcoal block and fire incense
  • A piece of parchment
  • A yellow and gold pen
  • One red candle and one yellow candle
  • Three small crystals – gold tiger eye, amber, and quartz
  • A red pouch

The waning moon spell focuses on courage and success in your weight loss journey. To perform this spell, take a bath at sunset of the waning moon. Use seven drops of juniper oil to make the water pure.

After soaking for 20 minutes, get out of the tub and visualize the toxins leaving your body and going down the drain. See the weight leaving your body. Dry yourself with a warm fluffy towel and standing in front of a mirror, preferably a full-length one.

Draw Your Desired Outcome

Decide what parts of your body need more toning. Then dress in loose clothes. Sit somewhere comfortable or at your altar. Light the incense and candles. Draw an outline of your current body on the parchment with a yellow pen.

On the outside (or inside) of the first outline, draw your new body outline, the body you want, with a slimmer waist and hips. Then draw a horizontal line through the waists of both outlines.

Draw a small cross in the middle. Making sure it crisscrosses in an elongated star in the belly button. This star indicates that you’re being pulled in the right way to get a new, healthier body. Write your target weight above your drawing. Look into the candles to strengthen the spell’s effect – red candle denotes courage, and the yellow is for weight loss and beauty.

Recite the Incantation.Put the crystals in your left hand, and them cover them with your right hand. Close your eyes, and picture the candle flames in your mind’s eye. Visualize yourself eating healthy meals, walking, jogging, and exercising. See yourself in front of a full-length mirror admiring the new you. Open your eyes and place the crystals in the red pouch.

Recite the Magical Phrases

Now recite the following:

“Crystals of the Sun, Release the New Version of Me, Fitter and Healthier. Magical courage is the key to strengthen, so this is my will, so mote it be.”

Bring the crystals with you every day to improve your outcome and place the drawing on your fridge or altar.

Repeat the mantra as often as you like.

Wiccan Yellow Ribbon Spell

Use a yellow ribbon weight loss spell to improve your diet. Place the spell under the light of the waning moon. Get a yellow ribbon – the brighter, the better. As you cast the spell, tie one knot as you recite each line.

Say the following lines to cast the spell:

  • By the knot of one, my overeating is done
  • By the knot of two, I exercise, too
  • By the knot of three, I eat fat-free
  • By the knot of four, I drink water more
  • My the knot of five, good eating I contrive
  • By the knot of six, my body’s fixed
  • By the knot of this week, I lose weight
  • By the knot of eight, good health is my fate
  • By the knot of nine, diet success is mine

Tie the two ends of the ribbon together and say Knot ten makes this true, as I will so mote it be.

Brazilian Weight Loss Spell

This ritual was invented by a famous medium from Brazil. This spell is of intermediate difficulty. Compile two items – water and rice grains. Perform the spell on a Wednesday morning.

Pour a half glass of water. Put the number of grains that match the number of pounds you want to lose. Be specific, and don’t be over;y optimistic – choose a manageable number. The water and rive should stay out for an entire day and night. Drink the water after the day is up and leave the rice in the glass.

Refill the glass half full of water, and keep the same rice grains in the glass. Leave the water and rice in the glass, and on Thursday morning, drink the water on an empty stomach and leave the rice in the glass. Refill the water a third time, and let the water and rice settle until Friday morning. Drink the water and rice on Friday morning.

If you want, repeat this in two weeks. Use the same glass for repeat rituals. This is a powerful spell, and you may not need to go on a strict diet after performing it.

The Onion Ritual

The beginner-friendly onion spell has three ingredients – a large onion, a liter of water, and two lemons. Boil the onion in a liter of water. When the water’s cool enough to drink, squeeze half of the lemon into 250 milliliters of water. Drink the mixture. You should drink this onion/lemon drink every morning for two weeks, before or after breakfast.

The onion spell gives you energy and improves digestion. If you have stomach disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome or colitis, don’t use this method.

Yellow Thread Spell

A yellow thread is a stand-in for tape measures. Take a piece of yellow thread and tie nine knots in it to represent belt holes. Every knot shows our desire to succeed and lose weight. Imagine how much weight you want to lose each week, but don’t exaggerate.

Put the thread around your waist. Cut the thread that’s leftover after you do this. Recite nine lines to affirm your new self, one for every knot in the thread.

  • I’m going to lose weight.
  • I will eat healthy meals.
  • I won’t overeat.
  • I won’t eat processed foods.
  • Exercise will help me look and feel better.
  • I will tone my body a bit every day,
  • I have enough willpower to lose weight and get healthy.
  • My weight is going down.
  • I will see this diet through even if I encounter obstacles.

You can change the recitations to fit your needs. Remember having faith in the outcome will improve your chances of the spells working.

Garlic Ritual

Garlic is used to boost immunity and treat many health problems naturally. You can also use garlic in this weight loss ritual. You’ll need one liter of water and seven gloves of fresh garlic. Garnish the cloves and put them in a pot that has one liter of water. Cook the water and garlic for 20 minutes on low heat.

Take the pot off the stove. For a week, swallow a spoonful of that garlic water every day. On the third day, you should start seeing results. Perform the ritual for three weeks. Make a new pot of garlic water at the beginning of each week. If you skip a day, you must start the three-week ritual over again.

Star Weight Loss Spell

Take a yellow silk ribbon and go outside on a night with a clear, waning sky. Choose a star in the sky. Knot the ribbon for every pound you want to shed. Recite the following phrase: Star, tiny star, thin and beautiful, give me your attractiveness and slimness, and I give you my excess weight.”

Tie the yellow ribbon on your wrist. Untie a knot every time you lose a pound.

Mirror Ritual

Visualize your weight loss with this ingredient-free spell. Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing in front of a full-length mirror. See yourself as the person you are today. Imagine that you are stepping inside the mirror and then stepping out of it. When you step out, visualize yourself as slimmer and healthier.

Open your eyes. Keep the image of your new slim self in your mind before eating (or feeling compelled to eat something you shouldn’t eat. Draw the new image on a piece of paper. Hang it in your bedroom, on your refrigerator, or by your work desk to inspire you.

Intermediate Waning Moon Ritual

Here’s a more advanced 14-day ritual that uses a few items. You should use this ritual if you’ve practiced spells before – it may be too time-consuming for beginners. Use two items, a black candle, and a sharp knife or athame. An athame is a ceremonial blade with a black handle used by Wiccans.

Begin the ritual on the Waning Moon’s first day and after the Full Moon’s last day. Choose a small, private room with a small table to perform the ritual. Use the same room every time you perform the spell. On the table, place a consecrated, purified knife or athame and the candle. Place a photo or other item that signifies the weight loss you desire.

Once you’ve gathered all the items, perform the spell. Carve 13 cleats around the black candle with the athame or knife. Cleats are spaces of equal size. In each space, carve the number of pounds you want to lose, like “minus five pounds” or “minus ten pounds.”

Light the candle, so it burns the first notch and the first number you wrote, and say, “May fat burn and make my body lean. May weight disappear. I won’t eat as much anymore. I have willpower. My mind will withstand temptation. I get excited thinking about the results of my diet.”

Continue the Waning Moon Spell

Repeat the words confidently. As you recite the phases, you’ll visualize yourself being thin and happy. Perform the ritual every day and burn one notch while repeating the affirmations. Repeat the spell until the entire candle has burned. Exercise and eat healthy foods every day to improve results. Use willpower and the spell to achieve better results.

Think about how attractive and happy you’ll be when the weight loss is complete. Focus on adjusting to a healthier lifestyle during the days of the ritual. Repeat the waning moon spell as often as you want..

Combining Spells with a New Attitude

Cast a positive weight loss spell, but combine that with sensible eating and other healthy habits. Nurture yourself and use moderation when it comes to calories. Eat only nutritious foods and watch your intake of sugar, salt and processed foods.

Avoid shaming yourself into dieting or exercising. Don’t refer to yourself as out of shape or fat. Only concentrate on the outcome, new habits and what you want, nor what you don” t want. Walk, lift weights, go to the gym, or play a team sport like softball to get in shape. A spell is more likely to work if you put in some effort even before you cast it.

Change your lifestyle so that you’re more active. People spend more time sitting today than their grandparents and great-grandparents did in the late 20th Century. Using a standing desk or taking a break to walk around every 20 minutes or so will help you stay fit. You can walk or ride your bike to the store instead of driving, or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

There are several recommendations for the number of steps you should take a day, from 5,000 to 10,000. Postal carriers get 15,000 steps a day, and they have better cardiovascular health than the average person. Assess how often you walk and get physical activity and increase it for better health and a slimmer figure.

Change Your Lifestyle with the Help of a Magical Spell

Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. Cook at home most of the time, and order salad or soup at restaurants instead of full entrees. Avoid processed foods, and buy frozen vegetables instead of canned if you can’t buy fresh veggies.

As you go forward with this new part of your life, take some time to determine why you overeat. Do you eat too much when you’re sad, lonely, or bored? Is food comforting when you’re stressed? When you understand why you overeat or eat the wrong foods, it will be easier for you to lose weight.

Release your emotional reasons for overeating and improve your self-image. Get rid of any negative emotions you have about your life and appearance. Fill your mind with optimism and energy so you can eat better and have a healthier lifestyle.

Learn to be more positive about yourself and your body image. Read articles about all types of famous women with different body types. Recognize that there’s no one attractive body type for a woman.

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