Voodoo Spells

You might have the impression that Voodoo involves black magic and occultist spells that are designed to control or harm others. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Voodoo is a religion that originated in Africa. When it spread to the Americas and the Caribbean, it incorporated Native American and Catholic elements as well.

Here’s a bit of info on the Voodoo religion to set the record straight, in addition to some of the “spells” still used in the faith.

What Voodoo is Not

Before we discuss what Voodoo is, we need first to discuss what it is not.

According to a Huffington Post article about the subject, Voodoo is not accurately portrayed in movies, television shows, and books — so your understanding of Voodoo is most likely skewed by the showrunner’s misconceptions of how this religion works.

The portrayal of Voodoo is comparable to how Native American in older movies were portrayed as wearing headdresses, living in Teepees, falling into the stereotype of the “Noble Savage,” where the Native Americans are depicted as a wise person who’s in tune with nature and not “corrupted” by civilized society.

In the James Cameron movie Avatar, the Natives of the planet Pandora, called the Na’vi, are seen as the underdogs fighting against the plundering humans. The Na’vi bear a remarkable similarity to North American indigenous people, as seen in this short video, and the main human character falls so much in love with the Na’vi people and culture that he becomes one of them.

The portrayal of indigenous people in the media is often inaccurate, homogenized, and stereotyped, much like Voodoo culture. However, Voodoo culture doesn’t have such positive connotations surrounding it.

Take this scene from the original Scooby-Doo, for example. The Scooby Gang enter a witch’s house and find Voodoo dolls of themselves with pins in them. The dolls are meant to symbolize a person’s actual body, so when you stick pins in it, the other person is supposed to feel the pain based on the pain inflicted on the doll.

An evil witch then comes in and makes Daphne disappear, causing the central tension in the episode. The resulting message is that Voodoo practitioners wish to harm others and cause havoc in other people’s lives.

You can probably imagine other scenes where Voodoo is depicted as scary, dark, and weird, such as the 2002 live-action remake of Scooby-Doo. Voodoo involves grotesque animal sacrifice and shrunken heads, black magic, and devil worship. It brings connotations of witchdoctors and sorcerers and people of the occult, but that’s not what Voodoo is.

Voodoo isn’t morbid, violent, or intended to cause harm. It’s not practiced in one single way. Therefore, you can’t draw blanket statements about the Voodoo religion, and if you do, you’re probably wrong.

It’s time to unlearn what you know about Voodoo and learn what it actually is.

What Voodoo Is

Voodoo means “spirit of God,” and one of the primary intents is to provide protection, reports one Voodoo practitioner from Benin, West Africa.

Benin is where the Voodoo originated. It’s estimated that more than four million believers practice it. There’s only one true God in the Voodoo religion, put people communicate with him through thousands of spirits.

Specific flavors of the practice differ depending on its geographic location, so Voodoo in New Orleans might look different from it practiced in Brooklyn. It is practiced elsewhere around the world, so it’s hard to say precisely how many Voodooists there are in the world. Voodoo lacks a formal script, so it instead centers around community and individual experience.

Voodoo acknowledges that people are imperfect, so it embraces the entirety of the human experience. Practitioners of Voodoo use it for personal purposes, believing that there is the visible world and the invisible world, and the two are inextricably combined.

Death transitions you from the visible world to the invisible one, so your ancestors are still with you. They watch over you. In addition to them, there’s the Lwa, which are one-part archetypes of human personalities and embodying specific concerns of the practitioner’s locality.

A Voodooist forms relations with their Lwa to seek advice or help with their issues in the visible world, and in many ways, it’s like honoring a historical figure to get their counsel. Someone wanting to change their society would study up on Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King Jr. and live by their example to do so.

Voodooists connect spiritually with their Lwa to elicit the change they like, manifesting the energy from the invisible, spiritual world into the physical one. It’s kind of like Catholic saints or Hindu deities. A Voodooist would have more access to the Lwa than they would the one great God that is distant and above human concerns, though all-loving.

The Voodoo religion has some hierarchy. There are ordained clergy, such as the Hougan, which is a priest, and the priestesses called Manbo. They commit to the spiritual path and offer guidance to others when needed, though every person is responsible for their own actions. Everyone can self-actualize in Voodoo, especially when there’s strong community support.

Why People Think Voodoo is Scary

Racism certainly can’t be ignored. A religion mostly performed by black people and originating in Africa is bound to face some resistance — especially considering America’s fraught and tumultuous relationship with black people on its soil.

It could also be that Voodoo practices often include items that seem exotic to people of Western Christian cultures, such as the incorporation of animals into practices. There’s the Temple of Pythons in Benin, for example. Snakes are often feared and despised by many people, so the association with such creatures is enough to make non-Voodooists afraid of Voodoo.

Voodoo isn’t inherently scary, though. This is particularly true if you focus on the protectiveness and community aspects of Voodoo. It’s not something to feel resistance to.

If you’re thinking of dabbling in Voodoo, it’s best to try to find your nearest Voodoo community near you to hear the spells and other practices from the expert. In the meantime, though, we’ll offer up some common and available Voodoo spells here.

Voodoo Spells

It must be noted that this spell can differ depending on where you are and the ingredients you have, so try reading up on Voodoo a bit more or get in contact with someone who’s from the Voodoo community if you find issues with the spells.

Find True Love at Your Door

This spell focuses on the spiciness of the main ingredient — hot pepper. Here are the parts you’ll need:

  • Three drops of hot sauce made from peppers
  • Three drops of lavender oil
  • Orris root pieces
  • Rosemary
  • Three cups of rainwater
  • Whole peppercorns

Don’t worry about the exact amount of each ingredient. The amount of each one doesn’t matter as much as including each in equal proportions.

Pour everything into a bowl and stir. Think strongly about the heat of the peppers and how you want the same amount of heat, spice, and passion in your love life.

Scatter a few drops of the mixture around your front doorstep. Be sure to use your fingertips; you need deep contact with the mixture since you’ll be the one benefitting from it should it go well. Flick the solution around your doorframe and walkway, though take care if you live in an apartment instead of a home.

Don’t feel like you have to use all the water you made, but don’t be too frugal with it either. Spray it around your doorway until you feel satisfied. Don’t pour any of it anywhere — use ample flicks of the fingers to disperse the water around.

Once finished, thoroughly wash your hands. The hot pepper sauce could hurt your eyes or other sensitive membranes if you happen to make contact with them.

Remove Barriers

Do you feel like nothing is going your way? Do you feel like there’s something in your life that’s blocking your success and happiness? Then you might need this spell to help remove any barriers that are holding you back.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Dark rum
  • Four whole hot chili peppers
  • A small piece of broken glass
  • A bowl made from black ceramic
  • Identification of what your barrier is

You need to know your barrier to be able to remove it with this spell. It’s like how a math tutor can’t help you become a better mathematician unless you know what you need help with.

State loudly to the Voodoo god Shango what your barrier is. Ask his help to remove it.

Place the piece of glass at the bottom of the bowl, then lower the four whole hot peppers. Request again that the obstacle from your life be gone — be sure to state it loudly, then pour the rum into the bowl until the rum covers the peppers. Save a bit of rum and drink some for yourself.

Go outside and place the bowl under a tree, preferably a big tree. Leave it there for one night. And once that night has passed, pour everything from the bowl onto the ground.

Note how you feel in the next few weeks. Your barrier should have been removed, allowing you to progress in your life.

Remove Spells Put On You

If you feel like your life isn’t going the way you want because someone put a hex on you, use this spell. It eliminates any negative energy surrounding you and puts you back on track. Get good luck back!

Here’s what you need:

  • At least five feathers
  • A large handful of dirt (though more is better)
  • Five black peppercorns
  • Five whole mustard seeds
  • Five pieces of myrrh resin
  • One black candle

Grab a medium-sized bowl (can be made from any material) and place the pepper, myrrh, feathers, and mustard inside. Fill up the bowl with dirt you gather from your hands. Pack down the dirt mixture tightly.

Put the candle inside in the center of the bowl and push it down. The dirt holds up the candle and acts like a candle holder.

Now, light the candle and hold the bowl above your head. Order the bad energy to get away from you and leave you alone. Tell it to return to its source. Command the bad spirits to leave you multiple times until you feel like there’s no more negative energy surrounding you.

You should notice a difference in your life. You should no longer feel like your life is obstructed and blocked. You should feel lighter and happier without all that negative energy surrounding you.

Get Rid of an Illness Spell

Voodoo spells can be used to boost your health and ward against illnesses. If you’re already sick, there are other spells to help you get better. It can be used for a variety of illnesses, ranging from a seemingly simple cold to a serious disease. Below are the ingredients you need to employ this spell properly.

  • One to three handfuls of dried beans (It doesn’t matter what kind)
  • Two small, white buttons
  • Blue fabric
  • A piece of white paper

Cut the blue fabric into two pieces that are in the shape of the person. The form doesn’t have to be exact — you can think about the shape of a gingerbread man.

Sew the doll-like what you tend to think about when you think of a Voodoo doll. Ensure that the stitches are tight and firm because you’ll be filling the doll with hard beans rather than filling it with soft stuffing.

Paint or write a cross (like the Christian cross) on the paper and put it in the doll’s body in addition to the beans. Sew up the rest of the doll and fasten the two white buttons where the eyes should be. Keep the doll under where you sleep until you feel better. Your sickness should pass quicker with the doll near you.

Gain Confidence and Courage

This is another doll creation. It places a spell on the doll that helps you gain charisma, confidence, and courage. If you feel like you lack strength in your life, this is the spell for you.

Here are the supplies you need to enact this Voodoo spell:

  • Three sticks that are six to eight inches long
  • A sturdy nail
  • Heavy twine or rough string
  • One dried chili pepper

It’s best to use twigs or branches that fell from a tree, but you can use dowels or something like popsicle sticks to get the job done. Whatever you have on hand will do, some people don’t have access to many trees and thus twigs or branches.

Bind the twigs into a rough “A” shape using the rough string. Tie the cross of that “A” close to the top point so that it resembles the form of a person, so the twigs kind of look like a stick figure without the head. The shape created should have what can look like two arms and two legs, even if it doesn’t look quite human.

Attach the chili pepper to one of the legs. On one of the arms, tie on the nail. Wrap all the legs and arms of the doll with twine some more. Stand the doll upright, so that it’s standing tall, in a place where you frequently see it, such as on your bedside nightstand or by your front door before you leave to go to work.

Every time you see the doll, you’re reminded to stand tall and to have the heat of the pepper and the toughness of the nail with you. This feeling translates into increased confidence and courage in your psyche, and that sensation will trickle out into the decisions you make and the conversations you have.

A Spell to Help You Protect Yourself

Various elements in this world can harm you. You could be afflicted by a disease or illness. A car could come careening towards you and break your leg. Another person could get jealous of your success and place a spell on you to reverse your fortune.

In a dangerous world, you need to protect yourself, and this simple spell will help do that. Not only that, but this spell to remove unwanted magic from your home. It’s both a cleansing spell and a protecting spell — just be sure to do it on the night of a new moon, or when you don’t see any bit of the moon in the night sky.

Here’s what you need to perform this spell:

  • Black ink
  • Four or five whole peppercorns
  • One cup of pure water (rainwater is preferred)
  • A splash of vodka
  • A pinch of graveyard dirt
  • One red candle

Before you begin any part of this spell, light the red candle. Mix the ink, peppercorns, water, vodka, and graveyard dirt into a bowl. The bowl should be made from ceramic, metal, or glass.

Stir everything in the bowl with your left hand’s index finger. Call Papa Legba, the Voodoo god that acts as the intermediary between people and spirits, into your home to protect your house.

Stand at your front door. Pour the mixture all over the steps and walkway approaching the door. Be sure to cover these areas as thoroughly as you can. You can replenish the spell by pouring more vodka in over the area every time there’s a new moon, so you don’t have to gather the rest of the materials each time.

The spell protects your home, your family, and you from bad spirits. You shouldn’t fall sick with the spell still clinging to your doorstep and walkway, and you shouldn’t feel obstructed by any harmful spells either. Just be sure to refresh the spell every time there’s a new moon, or else it will lose its protective potency.

Find New Love

Are you lonely? Are you tired of being single? It’s a hard world to find love in, but this spell will attract the right person into your romantic circle. Here’s what you need and what you have to do.

  • About one quart of fresh rainwater. (If you don’t have rainwater, clean water from a stream will do)
  • Five drops of pure rose oil
  • One whole bay leaf
  • Half a lime, fresh
  • Several white, whole mustard seeds

Mix everything in a pot or large bowl and let it steep for at least one hour. After that, get down on all fours and wash your kitchen floor with this mixture. This means you pour a little of the mixture onto the floor and spread it around with your hands.

You don’t need to scrub the mixture into your floor. Just a simple rub from the palm of your hands will do. For better efficiency, clean your floors before doing this spell, as you don’t want to rub this spell into the dirt or other grime from your floors.

If done right, the spirits will help guide the love of your life into your home, and you won’t be single for much longer.

Bring Good Luck Into Your Life

If you have love, you’ll probably want something else to wash your floors with. Here’s a spell that attracts good luck into your life. As with the new love floor wash, be sure to clean your kitchen floors before starting this spell.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Van Van oil. You can find the recipe for it here
  • A bucket filled with clean water

Add about two tablespoons of Van Van oil into the bucket of warm water. You don’t have to worry about the exact amount of oil. You just have to add enough so that you think you’ll smell the oil after you’ve washed your floors with it.

Using a mop or a sponge, wipe down a busy room of your house with this spell. This could be the kitchen. You could also do the living room as well, but you might have carpet there.

Don’t let anyone tread on the floor wash before it’s completely dried. There should be the light smell of the Van Van oil emanating from your floors once you’re done.

Those were some of the best Voodoo spells. If you’re curious about this misunderstood religion, you can start a spell today.

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