Successful Spells

Spells for success are one of the most highly sought after kind of magic spells in the world. Ironically, spells for success also tend to have one of the lowest success rates. It isn’t that spells for success are particularly challenging to perform, nor do most success spells require a long list of hard to find ingredients, success spells fail because their attitudes towards success spells are misguided.

Many people think all they need to do is perform the spell, and success will come rolling in, but success spells are only half the formula. Like it or not, the most carefully performed success spells by the most seasoned and skilled witches will not work unless it’s paired with hard work. In this article, we’ll look at what you need to be genuinely successful and common success spells you can use to help.

How Is Success Defined?

Success is a very personal thing. Some people have concrete goals in mind, while others just have a general idea of what they want in life. Either way, success has to be inspired by your inner desire for happiness. Never let your definition of success be defined by how others see success. Know yourself and your thoughts and feelings about life satisfaction, true happiness, and life balance.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to success; there’s just your attitudes and beliefs about success. Consider what you want and why you want it. Only after you’ve worked out the what and why can you work on the how-to.

What’s the Truth About Success Spells?

The truth about success spells is that these spells are just tools. Success spells are a way of increasing your positive energy levels. An effective spell enables you to focus your energy on a specific purpose while asking for a little help from the universe.

Success spells don’t manifest success. They magnify the good things in your life that build up positive energy. The trick is you have to do something with that energy once built up. Success spells play a supporting role, a way of boosting and strengthening what you are accomplishing through hard work.

In What Ways Are Success Spells Used?

Most people think of using success spells to acquire wealth and attract success in business. However, you can also use success spells to invite friends or romantic partners or even as a way to boost your self-love.

Remember nurturing positive energies is the key. While attracting money can certainly help, if it’s the only thing you strive for while you neglect everything else, it will ultimately leave you feeling empty and wanting something more. It’s just as important to attract success in finances as it is to attract success in relationships and promoting your well-being.

Here are some different types of success spells and how they work

  • Business Support and Money Success Spells – These spells work by building positive energy to attract opportunities and adapt attitudes for success in business and finances.
  • Friends and Romantic Success Spells – Relationship success spells of any kind will attract the sort of people you want in your life, just remember you can’t just be passive once these people show up you have to do the work to grow those relationships.
  • Self-Love Success Spells – These spells work by empowering you with positive energy that will boost your self-confidence and build up your feelings of self-worth. This type of success spell is one of the most overlooked and yet most potent varieties of success spells.

What Are Some Success Spells and Rituals I Can Use?

Now that we’ve gone over the correct use of success spells and different success spell types let take a look at some specific spells and rituals that can be used. This list is far from complete, but it can serve as a general overview of what types of successful spells are out there. Feel free to use any of these spells or do further research to find one better suited for your needs.

If you have a little more experience in the art of witchcraft, you can also create original spells using the same basic principles and attitudes but adapting them to your specific needs. No matter what spell you choose, make sure that the spell doesn’t cause harm to another living thing. Besides being unethical, harming others will damage and even destroy the positive energies needed for success.

Simple Ritual for Success and Money

To perform this ritual, you will need one gold and one dark green candle. As with most spells, the color of the candles hold a specific meaning and are necessary to focus energy for a particular purpose or desire. In this ritual, the gold candle represents success, and the dark green candle represents money. You will also need some patchouli oil and some orange oil.

Patchouli oil and orange oil are both easily found at a natural holistic market or even some craft stores. Once you have the required ingredients, take a look at your calendar or check online to see where you are in the Lunar cycle. Timing is vital for this ritual.

It will be most effective during the period of the Lunar cycle when the moon is waxing or growing into a full moon state rather than when the moon is waning or returning to its new moon state. If you think about it, this makes sense because, like the moon, you want to grow something in your life. Once you’ve made sure you’re in a waxing period, select a Sunday or a Thursday to do the ritual.

Begin the ritual by dressing the candles with the oils. Start in the middle of the candle, first moving up, then returning the middle and moving down. Place the green candle to your left and the gold candle to your right, then light them. Say what you desire aloud and concentrate on it until you can visualize it in your head. Let the candles burn down completely to finish the ritual.

Spell for Luck

You can use the spell for luck to attract a little good fortune in your life. The spell can only be used effectively on a Monday; however, anytime during the day is fine. This ritual calls for two white candles, apple cider vinegar, an object that represents you, a white plate, and some sea salt.

To begin the spell, light both white candles and take a moment to center yourself and quiet any mental chatter. Once you’ve focused yourself, announce your intention to achieve success through this ritual. Take your white plate and place it before the candles. Place the identifying object that is representing you in the center of the plate sprinkle the object with the apple cider vinegar to wet it.

After you have sprinkled the object with the vinegar, sprinkle the object with the sea salt and wait a moment. Then lift your object closer to the candle flames and let it burn for a few seconds, be careful not to burn your fingers! Finally, take the object away from the candle and leave it for seven days.

Once seven days have passed, you need to take your object and carry it with you wherever you go. The object is filled with positive energies so you can bring it with you wherever you go, and it will help continuously attract opportunities for success and good fortune to you.

Spell for a New Career

This spell is a specific spell that you can use in a particular situation. This success spell should be used before you go for a job interview. For this spell, you’ll need a table with a white tablecloth, a red ribbon, a marker or pen, a picture of the company logo for the company you want to work for, cinnamon or vanilla incense, and tape to attach the ribbon to the image of the logo.

Start the spell by writing your interviewer’s name on the ribbon. Then fold the picture of the company’s logo in half. Visualize how the interview dialogue is going to go. Picture yourself speaking calmly and with confidence and expressing yourself in a way that is clear, friendly, and engaging.

While visualizing the interview, tie three knots in the ribbon and attach the knots with tape to three points on the picture of the company logo. The three knots represent three points of success: not being nervous, seeing yourself working in the place you are interviewing, and liking your job.

After you’ve done this light the incense, let the incense burn down entirely before walking away. When it comes time for your interview day, secure the picture with the attached ribbon in your right side pocket, and carry it with you to the interview. The logo and ribbon are infused with positive energy to assist you during the interview process so you can go there with confidence.

Vinegar Spell for Success

If you don’t have much experience in spell-casting, the vinegar spell for success is an excellent spell to start with it’s a simple spell, but very effective. For this spell, you are going to need a pen, sheet of white paper, vinegar, incense, a clove of garlic, honey, and a clear jar with a lid. Cast this spell on a Sunday or a Monday and perform it during daylight or working hours.

To start the spell, light some incense. The scent doesn’t matter for this spell, so any scent you like is fine. Let the scent fill your home for about an hour. After an hour, take the garlic clove carefully, so you don’t damage the clove or leave any marks. Peel it once and then put it inside the clear jar. Drop three drops of vinegar onto the garlic clove; an eyedropper can help make this easier.

After you’ve dropped the vinegar onto the garlic clove, wait a few seconds and then add enough honey to cover the entire clove. Pronounce that you see prosperity, success, and well-being in yourself, then take your sheet of paper and write your name on it five times. Put the paper in the jar and seal the jar. Put the jar in direct sunlight for a week somewhere it won’t be disturbed.

After seven days, you can pick up the jar and bury it in fertile soil, a garden or field is best. By doing this, you are allowing success to grow in your life. The spell works by boosting the power of your will and strengthening your positive energies.

Create a Mojo Bag

One of the most basic principles in manipulating magical energy is that of “like attracts like”. Mojo bags are used for many different purposes. A mojo bag is a small pouch that’s filled with herbs and other small items to bring about an effect you desire. The mojo bag described here is a mojo bag recipe for attracting money.

Although any small bag will do for a mojo bag to attract money, a green bag will be most effective. Herbs such as Sweet Bay, Basil, Cinnamon, and Allspice Berries (ground allspice will do in a pinch) are “money herbs.” Combine your money herbs with a few coins and a small note with the desired amount of money and what you plan to do with the money.

It’s essential to set a specific amount because otherwise, you run the risk of a very loose energy interpretation resulting in something like finding an unusual amount of pennies on the sidewalk or winning two dollars on a scratch-off. For maximum success and efficiency, be specific.

Once you have made your mojo bag, you need to wear it or carry it either in a pocket or purse. The mojo bag will help you clear roadblocks and overcome obstacles that prevent you from getting what you desire. Carry the bag with you until you reach your desired ends.

Draw a Ritual Bath

Baths have long been a powerful tool for cleansing and energizing. Use ritual baths, like mojo bags, for a variety of purposes, depending on what elements you combine for what purpose. Ritual baths are also called herbal baths because they involve infusing magical herbs in water and creating a bath with them.

You can infuse the same money herbs mentioned above to attract money as one kind of success spell, but other types of ritual baths can be used for success spells as well. The ritual bath explained here is a bath used to boost your confidence.

Preparing a ritual bath is similar to making tea. You add your selected herbs to a pot of boiling water and let them steep like you would tea leaves. To make a confidence-boosting bath, combine herbs like cardamom, calendula, cedar, lemon balm, lavender, cinnamon, and high john root and add them to boiling water.

Let the herbs steep for a while; there is no specified amount of time, but the longer you steep the herbs, the stronger the spell’s effects will be. About 10 to 15 minutes is usually a good amount of time. Then strain the mixture and add the infusion to your bathwater. Make sure you get the top of your head wet for full effectiveness.

Love Yourself Success Charm

This charm is another type of success spell you can use to build self-confidence and get those positive energies up and flowing freely. This spell is especially good to use at a time when you’ve suffered a loss or set back. Sometimes bad things happen despite your best efforts. Success spells don’t make you immune to failure; they empower you to overcome failure.

When bad things happen, it’s natural for your confidence to get a little shaken, and sometimes your energy level gets drained. The charm helps you rebuild your shaken confidence and increase your energy level. To perform the spell, you will need a bunch of brightly colored flowers if you have personal favorite flowers, by all means, use them for an extra boost.

You will also need five small white candles (tea lights are fine) and a long mirror. Make sure you can perform the spell without being disturbed. Make a large circle with the flowers and a smaller circle within the flower circle with the candles. The circles don’t need to be big just large enough that you can sit cross-legged within the circle comfortably.

Put the mirror outside the circle positioning it so that you can see yourself in it when you’re sitting within the inner candle circle. Light the candles and look at your reflection than go beyond that and see your inner beauty. Repeat a self-affirmation chant five times while still looking in the mirror. This charm will boost your positive energies and burn negative energies out of you.

Create a Sigil

This type of success magic involves creating a unique magic symbol for your intent. Sigil creation is a great success spell for more visual people. To begin, write out a phrase on a piece of paper stating your intention. Then simplify the phrase, reducing it to a series of letters that don’t repeat. Take the letters and combine them in a way to make a symbol.

When you create the symbol, it should bear no resemblance to the original phrase you wrote. After you have created your sigil, you will need to charge it. There are several ways you can charge your sigil. Any of these ways are fine as long as it’s a way that speaks to you and feels right for you.

One way you can charge it is by undergoing some sort of physical exertion like going for a jog, or another type of exercise and then looking at the sigil. Another way you can charge it to broadcast your sigil over social media. A third way is to use a candle. You can carve your sigil into the side of a candle, or place the paper with your sigil on it, under the candle and let the candle burn out.

Making Friends Spell

If you tend to be shy or a bit of an introvert, the prospect of getting out there and meeting new people can be a cause for anxiety, and you might lack the confidence to make a move. This spell can help you overcome your shyness and boost your confidence to attract potential friends to you. Remember though the spell presents opportunities, it’s up to you to take those opportunities.

This spell requires a blank index card, a gold pen or marker, tape, a bay leaf, and a 30 centimeter (12 inches) length of gold ribbon. Perform this spell on a Sunday or a Wednesday when there’s either a new or full moon. Write the type of friend you are looking for on the index card with the gold pen, once you’ve written out your request, tape the bay leaf to the card.

Roll the index card into a tube shape and tie the gold ribbon around it. Leave the rolled-up card on your windowsill for a full day. By placing the scroll on your windowsill, you are sending your call for friends out into the universe. After 24 hours, remove the card from your windowsill and place it, still tied, somewhere in your bedroom.

What Should I Bear in Mind About Successful Spells?

Success isn’t measured only in material gain. Money and business success means very little if a person doesn’t like themselves or if they are lonely. Never perform a success spell that is going to harm another living creature. Also, remember casting a success spell doesn’t mean you will automatically succeed.

Trying and failing is part of learning. A success spell gives you the energy and will power to keep trying. Don’t expect success spells to throw the solution in your lap. A success spell succeeds when it opens opportunities that you can choose to take advantage of or not. Understanding the true nature of success spells will help increase the likelihood of them working in your life.

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