Money Spells

For as long as people have used money, people have sought to cast money spells to bring them new riches. In the modern era, many spiritually inclined people have chased money spells as a way of easing their financial struggles.

Much like in the past, however, casting money spells can be highly unreliable. Furthermore, there’s no incentive for the people who learn effective money spells to teach other members of the public their ways.

As a result, most of the historical difficulties with executing money spells persist. In this article, we’ll try to remedy the situation by breaking down everything there is to know about money spells. You’ll learn how those money spells may link to your zodiac sign, and what you can do to increase your chances of making your money spell more effective.

What Are Money Spells?

While there’s no single definition of money spells, most people who are knowledgeable about mysticism will report that a money spell is an arcane intervention designed to bring wealth to the target of the spell.

Given that many people work in jobs they dislike to earn money, the prospect of gaining riches by casting a money spell is highly appealing for practically everyone.

Nonetheless, many religious and mystical traditions have dramatically different approaches from each other regarding how a money spell should be cast.

Abrahamic religions consider specific prayers as the basis for money spells. On the other hand, gnostic and esoteric traditions may have a different set of appeals to the divine, which focus on rituals that edify specific deities to tap into their strength.

In the astrology of the Western zodiac, money spells are linked to the astral phenomenon and patterns of the celestial bodies. This means that certain money spells may be effective for one person, but upon repetition, be ineffective for that person.

Who Uses Money Spells?

Several zodiac signs are traditionally associated with the accumulation of wealth independent of casting any specific money spells. These wealth-associated signs are those associated with the element of fire or air:

  • Aries
  • Leo
  • Aquarius
  • Sagittarius

For everyone else, it’ll be necessary to work a bit harder to accumulate wealth, potentially requiring a money spell. Unfortunately, there are also a few zodiac signs which tend to struggle with successfully casting money spells. These zodiac signs include:

  • Cancer
  • Pisces
  • Virgo
  • Taurus

In particular, Pisces tend to struggle the most with casting money spells.

However, it’s important to note that these difficulties pertain to successfully performing the ritual that is necessary to cast the spell rather than an inability to experience the positive results of a successfully cast spell.

In other words, don’t worry about being inadequate if you want to cast a money spell as a Pisces.

Take your time with the spell’s preparation and casting, and do your best to exercise your shadow function of determining your environment rather than letting your environment determine your actions.

What Can You Expect From A Money Spell?

If you’re trying to cast a money spell within the Western astrological, Wiccan, or gnostic traditions, you can expect several things from a money spell.

Common money spell requirements include:

  • Waiting for the right time of the month or the correct phase of the moon before initiating the spell
  • Waiting for the right month of the year or the right alignment of celestial bodies before initiating the spell
  • Arranging ritual pieces in the correct pattern
  • Chanting the money spell’s arcane power words in your language or in an ancient language
  • Writing or copying ritual scripts
  • Envisioning the spell’s target in a position of wealth
  • Envisioning the spell’s anti-target or the opposite effect
  • Brewing potions using special objects or stand-ins for arcane motifs
  • Making ritual purchases or sales of esoteric objects
  • Touching units of the currency you want to acquire
  • Invoking sacrifices of physical objects or spiritual capabilities

Many money spells only incorporate a few of the above components, whereas some of the more complex money spells may require all of them.

Once you arrange the appropriate components of the ritual and you conduct the ritual to cast the spell, what follows tends to vary from person to person.

Do Money Spells Work?

It’s unclear whether there is any single money spell that will always work. However, many people report that they have been able to find money spells that deliver them with modest returns when they conduct the ritual of the spell properly.

If you’ve had good results with casting other types of spells, there’s a good chance that you’ll have good results with a money spell.

If you’re looking to cast your first money spell, there’s a high chance that you’ll need to try more than one money spell before you find one that works for you.

Likewise, if you mix up one of the components required to successfully cast the money spell, you’ll need to do it again before you can evaluate whether it will deliver you riches. Small mistakes can cause the spell to go awry, and most spells are not tolerant of errors.

Nonetheless, money spells are unlikely to backfire if they are performed incorrectly. If you do mix up your money spell, you don’t need to worry about experiencing negative consequences to your wealth.

In this sense, money spells are safer to experiment with in comparison to love spells or transfiguration spells.

However, many money spells do require the caster to perform a substantial ritual, which may involve a buy-in using their physical, economic, or spiritual resources. If a spell goes awry after you’ve committed these resources to the ritual, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get anything back.

In other words, you should think twice about casting a money spell, which might require you to sacrifice physical currency that you currently have, as you probably won’t get it back in a usable form if you make an error in conducting the ritual.

In the same vein, you should take care not to commit too many of your spiritual resources to cast a money spell — if the spell fails, you could end up drained, cursed, or worse.

What Are Common Arcane Tropes Among Money Spells?

There are a handful of common motifs which astrological money spells feature. If you are skilled in invoking these motifs, you will have a better chance of casting a highly effective money spell.

In particular, common arcane tropes among money spells include:

  • Invoking during the ascending node of the moon
  • Invoking during the ascension or midheaven of your zodiac sign
  • Invoking the element of fire, or invoking the recession of water
  • Invoking the Sun
  • Invoking gold
  • If possible, simultaneously avoiding celestial alignment with the trine, square, quincunx, semisquare, and sesquiquadrate aspects
  • If possible, aligning with the most relevant of the conjunction, opposition, quintile, and semisextile aspects

Other arcane tropes in money spells include visualizations, affirmations, and mantras, which can help to manifest the wealth the caster desires. However, the most successful money spells do not rely on these elements alone, as their ability to requisition celestial power is minimal.

If you want to improvise, be sure to improvise using alignments and elements which are associated with vigor, success, good luck, and acquisition of new materials rather than the transformation of existing materials.

Common Money Spell Mistakes

There are a few arcane and astrological tropes that should give you pause before including in your money spell, however. The following tropes may be counterproductive for successfully casting a money spell:

  • Aligning with aspects related to struggle or bad fortune
  • Casting the spell with the aid of people from signs that are not conjunction or opposition with yours
  • Invoking or aligning with Ceres, Pluto, or Neptune
  • Casting the spell during the summer equinox

Given that the summer equinox is traditionally a time where the power of the Sun is at its highest, it may seem odd to avoid casting the money spell during the summer equinox.

However, upon closer examination, you’ll find that this advisory makes complete sense. Money spells are cast in the present, but they affect the future.

For money spells to have their strongest possible impact on your life, they need to be cast from a position of arcane strength — but they also need to continue to take effect in a way that builds your wealth more and more strongly over time rather than tapering off.

If you cast your money spell during the summer equinox, you’ll be giving it a firm push out the door. However, after the equinox passes, the enduring power that the celestial bodies can grant to the spell will fade.

By the time the winter equinox rolls around, the spell will have petered out long ago. While you may have experienced some initial success as a result of the spell taking hold, it probably won’t provide you with the year-round prosperity you need.

Instead, try to cast your money spell in the winter or during the early spring. Your spiritual energy will give the spell the boost it needs to make it through the nadir of celestial energies in the winter.

Later, the growing power of the Sun and the fire-element-associated celestial bodies will provide the sustaining energy that your spell needs to deliver prosperity to your life.

Another common money spell mistake is asking for too much while offering too little. Money spells can draw on several sources of power: you, the ingredients of the ritual required to cast the spell, the celestial bodies, and the latent energy of the ley lines everywhere in the universe.

As with all magical spells, the more you put into a spell, the more you will get out of it. You should understand that the larger the return you want from your money spell, the more energy, and resources you’ll need to invest or align yourself with for it to pay off.

How Money Spells Tie In With Your Zodiac Sign

Each zodiac sign has unique challenges and benefits when they cast a money spell. These challenges and benefits typically scale in strength with the time of the spell’s casting and the ascending or descending aspect of the caster’s zodiac sign.

In other words, casting a money spell when your sign is at its nadir will likely not be beneficial. In this section, we’ll detail the peculiarities that people from each sign will face when they try to cast a money spell.


Leos have the strongest and most impactful money spells because their sovereign celestial body, the Sun, is the most powerfully associated with gaining new wealth.

Most Leos encounter fortune in life even without casting a money spell. Given their disposition, the biggest challenge that Leos face with money spells is that they may fail to input the proper emotions into the ritual of the spell.


If your sign is Cancer, you’ll need to control your impulses to go over the top with your money spells. Remember to keep your goals modest, and don’t forget that many money spells require follow-up after their initial casting.

On the bright side, Cancers sometimes find that money spells, which also confer good luck, are especially effective.


Geminis frequently find that their money spells render returns sooner than expected. However, these returns may also be smaller than the Gemini had hoped for.

If you’re a Gemini casting a money spell, you should recognize that you’ll probably need to cast more than one money spell before you reach your goals.


Virgos are effective at casting money spells because they tend to try a handful of different strategies to increase their level of wealth. Rather than putting all their eggs in the basket of a money spell, Virgos are likely to change themselves to see the change they desire.

This means that Virgos are often the least committed to the results of their money spells among the zodiac signs. It also means that Virgos are the most likely to succeed at gaining wealth in the wake of casting a money spell, regardless of whether the spell was performed correctly.


Libras are at the mercy of luck when they cast money spells, making the results of casting a spell incredibly difficult to predict. Libras are also subject to the most variable returns of their ritual handiwork, even when the rituals are performed properly.

As a Libra, these properties can make the process of casting a money spell to be very frustrating. Building up other spiritual capabilities may have better returns for Libras than casting a money spell.


Tauruses, like Libras, have unpredictable and variable returns on money spells. However, unlike Libras, Tauruses tend to struggle with fully engaging with the arcane powers that are necessary to execute the ritual of casting the spell successfully.

Thus, if you’re a Taurus, remember that the single largest barrier to success is your misgivings about committing yourself fully to the process of casting a money spell.


As with all celestial matters associated with Aries people, passion is both the key to success as well as the obstacle which needs to be conquered to cast a money spell. Few Aries will struggle to render the energy necessary to make a powerful money spell.

Likewise, few Aries will be interested in casting a money spell in tranquil times, when there will likely be more immediate impulses to pursue. This means that Aries typically draw on their power to cast money spells precisely when they are already in an agitated state of need.

On the whole, however, Aries are usually capable of casting powerful and effective money spells, provided that they can conduct the ritual properly.


The endurance of people with the Scorpio sign makes them unlikely spellcasters despite their natural inclination to lose themselves in their projects.

While Scorpios seldom have a deficit of emotion, the abstract and arcane invocations necessary to successfully cast a money spell may seem a bit hard for them to get into.

If Scorpios can invest themselves in casting a money spell, however, they’re typically very powerful. If their heart isn’t in the right place when they start to cast the spell, however, they’ll be wasting their time.


Sagittarius signs have the even temperament and forcefulness to be powerful casters of money spell. Not all money spells will behave in the same way in the hands of a Sagittarius, however.

In particular, Sagittarius spellcasters will find that rituals requiring sacrifices are less effective for them than those who do not. This means that many of the most powerful money spells may not deliver the returns which they may for other signs.

At the same time, Sagittarius spellcasters often find that their money spells are more powerful than they initially expected. While the reasons behind this are unclear, it probably has something to do with their positive attitude.


Pisces struggle the most with money spells because it invokes their shadow function: defining their environment rather than reacting to it. Pisces people also tend to struggle with correctly executing the actions of the casting ritual, regardless of the type of spell being cast.

To make matters worse, many Pisces have failed at casting enough spells in the past that they are skeptical of their spellcasting abilities. This subsequently undermines their efforts further.

Luckily, Pisces people aren’t completely without hope when it comes to casting money spells. Working with a more experienced spellcaster can deliver unexpectedly powerful results.

Similarly, Pisces spellcasters can accelerate positive financial changes which are already happening in their life by casting a money spell, which no other signs can pull off as reliably.


Capricorns have likely been the victim of misfortune in the time preceding the casting of their money spell. Thus, some Capricorns struggle to shake the persistent negative energy which can cling to their spirit in the wake of their difficulties.

Capricorns seeking to cast a successful money spell would do well to rid themselves of their emotional baggage as much as possible.

At the same time, Capricorns will likely find that if they view the journey of recovering from their crises as their enduring path in life, their spiritual power will always be limited by the idea that there is more recovery to do in the future, even if it’s true.

Given that their emotional struggles isolate them from invoking their spiritual energies as fully as they might, Capricorns would do well to lean heavily on powerful celestial alignments when they attempt to cast money spells.


The permanence of the Aquarius personality is one of its largest points of strength during the casting of money spells. However, the consistency of the Aquarius spellcaster is also one of the challenges they face when casting a money spell.

Finding the courage to take a gamble on a money spell and fully commit themselves to the casting ritual is a major obstacle for most people who are Aquarius. Fighting the desire to hold back from a total investment is critical.

Be Careful What You Wish For Because You Might Get It

Now that you know how your zodiac sign is associated with casting money spells and experiencing their effects, you’re equipped to cast a money spell for yourself or for someone you care about.

Remember to look up a handful of different money spells so that you can find one which is appropriate for your goals, your beliefs, your sign, the current time of year, and your level of mystical enlightenment.

If you’re a Pisces, don’t forget to hang in there. Likewise, if you’re a Leo or Sagittarius, don’t get arrogant if your first money spell succeeds beyond what you expected — you have it easier than everyone else when it comes to casting money spells.

Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and try a new money spell that seems difficult or beyond your level of mysticism.

Learning how to become an effective spellcaster is a long-term project for most spellcasters, and most people need to try a lot of different spells before they find a few which they can reliably cast and experience benefits from.

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