Magic Spells for Beginners

Money spells, weight loss spells, and love spells are the three most common spells that people search for when researching magic spells for beginners. Chances are, you are here for one, or more, of these spells, right?

In this article, we discuss some of the most popular magic spells for beginners, how to perform them, a brief intro into a little black magic, and what you can expect.

One note of caution: don’t pay for any spells done on your behalf, as you can complete these simple spells on your own and with a deeper intention than any spell done for you.

Most Common Spells

Love spells are the most common. Perhaps you have a crush on someone, and you want them to notice you. Maybe your ex left you, and you want them back. Love spells may or may not work, but there is no harm in trying, right?

Money spells are the second most commonly searched spell. Is there any wonder why? The rent is due; utilities are about to be shut off, or medical bills are piling up, and you need some money fast to get out from under these burdens. So you want a money spell to help you out a little bit.

Weight loss spells are third in search popularity after money spells. Weight loss is big business, as everyone wants to get thin, fit, and healthy. While spells may help you, this is one area where hard work and perseverance may be your only option.

Witches are often historically known for their abilities to conjure impossible loves or unimaginable riches for themselves or others and have taken to the Internet with their spells, which means you can find almost any spell you need or desire.

Magic spells for beginners are often simplistic and may not give you the results that you want. However, since you are here, let’s explore the supplies you need, the intentions you need to bring, and other items that make up a productive spell.

It Pays to Be Realistic

When people research magic spells for beginners, they want to summon the impossible–things that ignore the laws of physics or nature. You cannot change yourself into a mermaid, or a wolf, or even transform yourself into the opposite sex/gender. You can, however, meditate and cast a spell on yourself to change your perception of yourself.

Spells also do not force someone to do something against their will. No matter how many people tell you that it’s possible to force an ex-lover to come back to you by using a spell, magic spells for beginners cannot do that, nor is it a good idea to do so. Trying to force someone to love you against their will is akin to slavery, and no one wants to be a slave to another in love bondage.

Most spells instruct you to direct your mental energies toward the object of your desire, which will happen if it is physically possible.

Understand Basic Witchcraft Principles

Casting spells are more than just throwing ingredients into a pot, reciting some incantation, and hoping for the best. You need to understand the basic principles behind the spell instructions and parts. One woman compared this to learning how to cook, versus reading a recipe, putting things together, and hoping it works.

If you just learn the recipe, she says, it might turn out one time, but not another time. Without knowing why it works, you won’t be able to repeat it again and again and get the same result each time.

Simply put, principles of witchcraft are just the laws of magic.

The laws of magic center around the principle that all elements are symbols of the earth, which means you can psychically direct the energy to create the desired effects. A crystal, flame, or even water, can be used in a spell.

Most basic spells incorporate the elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Learning how to use each element in spells will help you “learn how to cook” and put your personality into your spells. All you need after learning them are necessary supplies that represent these elements.

What are the Supplies Needed?

Typically, the supplies you need are standard, everyday things you probably already have in your home or kitchen. A heatproof vessel, such as a cooking pot, can be a cauldron. A mortar and pestle can grind herbs or spices needed in your spells.

You need to seek out other less common things a particular spell requires, such as crystals or other stones. Other spells may call for herbs and spices, like cinnamon, sage, or thyme. Incense, oils, and other items are commonplace for spells. Talismans, amulets, and you can even use your own body for magic spells for beginners.

Most of these extra items can be found online or in most craft or hobby stores. If you want to get serious about your spells, there are magic supply shops either online or in larger cities where you can buy your supplies. You should expect to pay more for items found in these shops, but they will be suited explicitly for spells, and are more likely to be “magically charged,” ready for your spells.

Another item you will need is a journal for writing down spells you’ve tried, the results you got, or other notes you feel you need to include. Witches call this a “book of shadows” and is indispensable when you want to cast a particular spell again. Any notebook will do, but if you’re going to get fancy, choose one that is bound in leather for durability and style.

Meditation is the last supply you will need. Meditation is not a “supply,” so to speak, but it is often required to bring intention and energy into your spells. Beginner witches often discount meditation, but it is the main ingredient in any powerful spell. Put everything but your desire out of your mind and concentrate on that desire. Imagine yourself having what you want, then complete the spell.

What Are Your Intentions?

Spellcasting is more than just reciting words. Without intention or focused energy, your spell will do nothing. The same will happen if your intentions are too broad, or all over the place, making your spell weak or non-existent. Nothing will come of your spell, at best, or the wrong thing will happen at worst. Either way, you need to be focused on your intention with a narrow focus.

You also need to be clear as to why you are casting a spell in the first place. Are you casting it out of revenge? Do you have some agenda or some nefarious purpose? Remember, karma will come back to you threefold regardless of your intentions.

For example, if you hex someone, it may come back to you three times worse than what you gave the other person. For this reason alone, many witches and Wiccans recommend not putting hexes or curses on people, as it could come back to you in ways you cannot even imagine.

If you are intent on cursing someone, the general advice is to go with full intent, and absolutely no doubt, so you can put your full power into the curse. You cannot have even the slightest remorse afterward either, as this could weaken or disable the hex.

The Black Witch Coven contains a wealth of information about this topic, should you become interested in the black arts.

Sample Spells to Get You Started

Once you’ve become acquainted with the basic spell principles, and you have the supplies you need, you’re ready to cast some simple spells. Before you use a spell you found on a website, consider the source of the spell, and what they say to expect. If they tell you that you can change the laws of nature, go to another site, as they are telling you lies or trying to scam you.

The spells found listed below are from the top three categories of spells, plus a few bonus candle magic spells.

Love Spells

Remember, it is never ethical to enslave someone in love bondage if they wouldn’t naturally be attracted to you or love you without a spell. It is better to do a spell on yourself to attract potential mates than it is to cast a spell on a particular person.

Love Letter Spell

Here, you are to write a letter to someone as if you are already together. Once you complete the spell, place the folded letter in your Book of Shadows, or under your pillow. Once you have put the spell out of your mind, you are free to go out and meet people. The woman who wrote this spell claimed it was how she met her husband.

The Red Candle Love Spell

This spell has been floating around the Wiccan community for centuries, with many other versions of it. The spell will make your love grow deeper if you already have a mate. All you need is a red candle and a quiet space to recite the incantation. Be careful not to blow out the candle, or you may blow away your intention.

Get Your Ex Back Spell

There is no good reason to get your ex back, and no legitimate spell will bring them back if they don’t want to be back, which is the same as holding them in emotional bondage–it just won’t work in the long term. However, if you are very intent on getting your ex back, this ethical spell might work for you. It works by clearing negative energy surrounding your past relationship, then letting nature take its course.

The authors state that if your relationship is meant to be, clearing the negative energy will help you reconcile with your ex. But if it is not intended to be, it will allow you to free up that negative energy within yourself and help you move on.

Money Spells

People looking for money spells cast them to win the lottery or come into a large inheritance. If everyone is putting their energy into “winning big,” what do you think might happen with the energy directed towards that event? It’s like a mob going after one person–eventually, that person will have tattered clothes, and not have much left to him. The same thing will happen if you try to cast a spell to win the lottery. Nothing.

You may have better luck playing the actual lottery at this point.

It may be better to direct your energy towards increasing your earning power, which can be personal, focused, and gradual.

Waxing Moon Money Spell

The Wiccan Spells website shows you how you can attract money and wealth when the moon is in its waxing phase. It involves a candle, coin, and some aromatic herbs/spices. The result, they say, should have you experiencing a gradual increase in your money flow and general good luck.

Job Promotion Spell

If you want to get promoted in your job and need a little boost, try this spell. You need a clay pot, candle, bay leaves, and a handful of rolled oats. They caution you, however, to only do this spell if you genuinely deserve it and have not been slacking off. Otherwise, the opposite effect of getting fired might happen.

Money Making Spell

While this spell may seem more involved than the other two, it may help your earning power grow significantly. You need to put together your charm bag according to her directions, then use it while chanting certain words. Her examples are on the site, but you are free to use whatever words that have meaning to you and your situation.

Weight Loss Spells

No spell in the world will allow you to lose 50 pounds overnight, which is physically impossible. However, there are spells you can use to stop your cravings or slow down your appetite so that you don’t eat so much. Focus your intentions on losing one pound at a time, which is manageable over time.

Reputable witches will tell you that rather than trying spells that make you magically lose weight, you need to shift your energy and perception towards loving yourself the way you are. Living up to impossible standards of beauty affects your energy and makes you less effective with your spells.

That being said, here are two weight loss spells they recommend:

Flush the Fat Spell

Exactly as this sounds, this spell requires you to “flush the fat,” using toilet paper, a marker, and the toilet. You will write “one pound” on one square of toilet paper, then flush it down the toilet. Using the intention of the spell, you will be more likely to work on your goals. Read the full instructions on the site before attempting this spell.

The Red Candle Spell for Weight Loss

Another spell for weight loss involves using a red candle, pouch, and a bit of cinnamon, ginger, and cayenne pepper. This spell intends to boost your metabolism and burn fat, helping you lose weight over time. They say to do this spell the first seven days after a new moon. Perhaps the new moon represents a fresh start?

Candle Magic

Most spells use some form of candle lighting to make them work. Since they represent all four earth elements, the energy is quadrupled, making the spell more potent.

Magic spells for beginners usually incorporate some type of candle, because it is the most accessible type of spell to start as a beginning witch. Candle magic is also customizable to the person performing it, as you can use any kind of candle you prefer for your spells.

One thing to remember with candle spells is never to blow them out, as you blow away your intention, making the spell ineffective. If you are unable to let the candle burn entirely down, use your thumb and forefinger to snuff out the flame. Candle spells are used for weight loss, love spells, money spells, or anything else you want, as the fire is pure energy, which makes your spell more powerful.

You can use any candle you wish. Just follow the instructions for that particular spell, and you will be fine. Some spells call for beeswax candles, while others are not as rigid. Some spells call for specific colors that coincide with your desires, while other spells will tell you that color is irrelevant.

Some Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them

You cast the spell according to the instructions, with correct ingredients, but your spell still did not work. Why? What happened? There are many reasons why your spell didn’t work. The main reason might be that you were trying to change the laws of physics.

A witch who tells you that you can change the natural laws are only out for your money, so it’s best to run far away from those who tell you this. Here are some other reasons why you may not have gotten what you hoped for:

  • You didn’t get taller or thinner overnight. As stated before, you cannot change the laws of physics. The best way to fix this is to work on your perception of yourself and learn to accept yourself as you are, as mentioned in the weight loss spells.
  • Your lost love didn’t come back to you. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. In this case, you need to focus on healing yourself and casting a spell for loving yourself and attract more suitable mates.
  • Money did not appear as you intended it. Contrary to popular opinion and fantasy shows on TV, money cannot just appear out of nowhere. Adjust your expectations, and work on a different spell designed to increase your earning power over time. Or cast a job promotion spell that changes others’ perceptions of your ability to do more and earn more.
  • Your hex spell didn’t do what it was supposed to do to your enemy. Black magic doesn’t always work as you want it to, due to several factors. If you have any doubts whatsoever about casting a hex spell on anyone, it will not work. Also, if you don’t have the required hate and rage towards that person, a hex will fail. (We cannot recommend a hex or curse, as it can give you unintended negative consequences.)

Common misperceptions online often mislead the beginning witch into thinking that witchcraft is more than it is. As long as you know that you cannot change the laws of physics or force someone to do something against their will, you will have as much success as the effort you put into your spell casting.

Don’t expect things to happen immediately, as that is pure fiction. The universe takes its own sweet time to respond to your energies and intent, so be patient, and beautiful things will come to you in their own time. While you’re waiting for your spells to work, why not work on re-evaluating your desires and needs to see if you genuinely want what you cast a spell?

Where Do You Do From Here?

So you’ve had some success with your spells, you got what you cast for, and you’re starting to wonder if there is more to witchcraft than beginner level spells. There is, but you will need more practice and education before you can attempt the higher level spells.

Magic spells for beginners are just the beginning of your journey, and if you want to be a true witch, practice makes perfect. However, if you do not know what you are doing, practicing witchcraft wrong will make you an ineffective witch.

You also might be tempted to tamper with the black magic arts. Depending on your background and ethics, black magic is something to enter in with caution and research. It would be best, however, to learn “white magic” or magic that is positive and brings about positive energy.

If you don’t expect the physically impossible, you will get what your heart desires most every time!

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