Sexual Energy and Kundalini Meditation

Kundalini meditation is a type of meditative technique designed to tap into your sexual energy and capacity for love.

While sexual meditation techniques and even the end goal of meditation can vary widely, they all are essentially aimed at directing and controlling our own thoughts so we can learn about ourselves, increase concentration, and relax.

With Kundalini meditation, the focus is simply on the sexual and loving energy also known as “pure desire.”

Side Note: Breathing exercises in Kundalini yoga introduce an entirely new dimension worth exploring.

Guided Sexual Meditation

Below is one of my favorite Kundalini guided meditations on YouTube.

Good sex is all about the mind-body connection.

MindplaceBy focusing simply on this, you can increase your own pleasure and passion.

Naturally, there is also a deeper philosophy, with this pleasure sensation supposedly being the genuine spirit of mankind.

This is thought of as the natural self, and releasing it leads to self-realization and even nirvana.

Traditionally, this energy is supposed to be released by a guru, and the body should be prepared by physical exercise, breathing exercises (pranayama), visualization and hatha, and forms of yoga.

It can also be awakened by meditation.

It is also said to sometimes awaken naturally with no obvious reason.

The Importance of Visualization

Interestingly, the term “Kundalini” actually means “coiled” in Sanskrit, which has a lot to do with the visualization techniques employed in Kundalini mediation.

For example, Kundalini is usually visualized as a coil, often a snake, at the base of the spine. Sometimes it can be imagined as a Goddess or a pink bubble.

By getting yourself into a meditative state through comfortable seating and breathing exercises to clear the mind, you can then begin to focus completely on that visualization and the feelings of love you imagine radiating out of it.

“If you become meditative while making love, the quality of sex changes, and something new enters into it – it becomes tantric, it becomes prayerful, it becomes meditative it becomes Samadhi.” – Osho

What you decide to visualize is not important. It’s the ability to focus on this point and to try and use it to feel the impulses of love and desire and sexual energy. Imagine it radiating out of the base of your spine and filling your body – washing you in love.

Some people will move on to think of a person that they really love and/or desire in their life (not emotional vampires) – and to really focus on the feelings that person creates, and intensify them.

This can strengthen your relationship in the long run, and bring about intense feelings of desire and love in the short-term that will be highly pleasurable and enjoyable.

Side Note: This is one of my favorite mindfulness exercises.

It is our thoughts that control how we feel, and dictate and define our experience, so by bringing about such strong thoughts and feelings of love and passion, we can experience this kind of bliss on demand.


Sexual Meditation

Org*sm Feels the Same as Meditation?

The Huffington Post published an article, “Why Meditation and Org*sm Feel the Same to the Brain,” which confirms from the world of science the connection or similarity between sexual org*sm and meditation.

The article refers to Osho as someone who has spoken about this connection in his many talks and books.

“In the ordinary sexual org*sm, you meet as two excited beings – tense, full of excitement, trying to unburden yourselves. The ordinary sexual org*sm looks like madness; the tantric org*sm is a deep, relaxing meditation.” – Osho

Osho has always described sexual experience as a stepping stone to spiritual growth.

“In deep meditation, a sexual org*sm happens – not with someone outside you, but with your own polar opposite within. You meet there: your woman and your man meet. The meeting is spiritual, not bodily.” – Osho

The first book that made Osho famous not only in India, but around the world, was, “From Sex to Superconsciousness.” A new version is available as “SEX MATTERS – From Sex  to Superconsciousness.”