153 Kind Quotes and Sayings

Juggling so many things on a daily basis is the life we live these days and because of that, we sometimes find it difficult to be kind to ourselves and to others. We may focus more to achieve success over being kind and considerate. It shouldn’t be that way. We need to constantly remind ourselves that kindness can make a big difference not only for our lives but for others as well. If you need an additional reminder, here is a long list of kind quotes we compiled just for you.

Kind Quotes

1. A random act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a tremendous impact on someone else’s life. – Roy T. Bennett

2. Treat everyone with politeness and kindness, not because they are nice, but because you are. – Roy T. Bennett

3. But remember, boy, that a kind act can sometimes be as powerful as a sword. – Rick Riordan

4. Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does. – Roy T. Bennett

5. Don’t assume, ask. Be kind. Tell the truth. Don’t say anything you can’t stand behind fully. Have integrity. Tell people how you feel. – Warsan Shire

6. Believe me, It would be better if we didn’t meet again. Go back to school. Go back to your life. And next time they ask you, say no. Killing is for grown-ups and you’re still a child. – Anthony Horowitz

7. I like living in my head because in there, everyone is kind and innocent. Once you start integrating yourself into the world, you realize that people are nasty, mean creatures. They’re worse than zombies. People try to crush your soul and destroy your happiness, but zombies just want to have a little nibble of your brain. – J. Cornell Michel

8. Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true. – Robert Brault

9. Our people are good people; our people are kind people. Pray God some day kind people won’t all be poor. – John Steinbeck

10. Being nice merely to be liked in return nullifies the point. – Criss Jami

11. Watching my parents I’ve learnt a lesson many do not recognize. True love is not signaled by romantic, candle light dinners, red roses glistening with dew, or even Valentine’s day celebrations. While these things may accompany our feelings, love is truly more than all those! Love is being with your spouse even when its not pleasing. Sometimes, love is walking down the hall, with your spouse hanging onto your shoulders and walking at a turtle’s pace down the hall, just because surgery made life a burden. Love is patient, love is kind, love is Jesus! May we always remember love is not always tied in bows. – Mary Kate

12. Compassion is a lifetime business. You can’t say something like, “I will have compassion on Monday, Thursdays and Fridays only. But for the rest, I will be cruel”. That is hypocrisy. – Israelmore Ayivor

Kind Quotes

13. Each time a person passes by you and you say ‘hello’, imagine that person turning into a candle. The more positivity, love and light you reflect, the more light is mirrored your way. Sharing beautiful hellos is the quickest way to earn spiritual brownie points. You should start seeing hellos as small declarations of faith. Every time you say hello to a stranger, your heart acknowledges over and over again that we are all family. – Suzy Kassem

14. If humor and rumor are needed more than faith and truth, then it tells me something about the kind of world we live today. – Toba Beta

15. Always be friendly, always be kind, like the most beautiful flower that you can find. – Debasish Mridha

16. You seem to think you’re insignificant, but the truth is you’re so intelligent, beautiful, kind and decent, adorable. I can’t be the first person to have fallen in love with you, and I won’t be the last. But I do believe I will love you the most. – Ai Mi

17. You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone. – Al Capone

18. I had seen a different side of her, the one where she didn’t feel threatened by me, and I liked that side. That side was vulnerable and happy and kind. – Kasie West

19. Kindness trumps everything. Kind people are magnets for all of the good things in life. – Tom Giaquinto

20. Be nice to the environment. Be nice to animals. Be nice to people. If you do that, you will leave a mark on the world. – Enock Maregesi

21. A memorable heart is the easiest way to immortality. – Suzy Kassem

22. Some people have just rented your body to live in it for sometime and depart. Others consider you as a permanent residence to dwell in forever. Whichever, you must remember to accommodate all those who want to be accommodated. Be each other’s keeper. – Israelmore Ayivor

23. If you have kindness in your heart, you offer acts of kindness to touch the hearts of others wherever you go—whether they are random or planned. Kindness becomes a way of life. – Roy Bennett

24. Be positive. Be true. Be kind. – Roy Bennett

25. Don’t let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love. And most importantly, be kind to others, even if you don’t like them. – Stacy London

26. Be kind, don’t judge, and have respect for others. If we can all do this, the world would be a better place. The point is to teach this to the next generation. – Jasmine Guinness

27. It’s not our job to play judge and jury, to determine who is worthy of our kindness and who is not. We just need to be kind, unconditionally and without ulterior motive, even – or rather, especially – when we’d prefer not to be. – Josh Radnor

28. Your life is your canvas, and you are the masterpiece. There are a million ways to be kind, amazing, fabulous, creative, bold, and interesting. – Kerli

29. Most comedy is based on getting a laugh at somebody else’s expense. And I find that that’s just a form of bullying in a major way. So I want to be an example that you can be funny and be kind, and make people laugh without hurting somebody else’s feelings. – Ellen DeGeneres

30. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Don’t just be nice, but be kind to other people. That can be so rewarding. – Mary Lambert

31. One isn’t necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential. Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We can’t be kind, true, merciful, generous, or honest. – Maya Angelou

32. Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind. – Henri Frederic Amiel

33. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. – Henry James

34. I’m convinced that probably everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. It’s just one more reason to always try to be kind. – Yolanda Hadid

35. Choose to be kind. Choose to forgive. Let your love grow and shine so that people may look at the example of your life and glorify God in Heaven. – Victoria Osteen

36. I’m doing my best to be mindful about how I’m living: to be kind and patient, and not to impose a bad mood on somebody else. Being mindful is as good a way to be spiritual as anything else. – Deirdre O’Kane

37. Sometimes things feel hopeless. Not always within my own life, but looking outward, it seems like rough times lie ahead of us. The world seems to be kind of caving in on itself in a lot of ways. But I try to look on the bright side. – Jenny Lewis

38. Being gay is not something that defines me. What defines me is what my mom always taught me: to treat everyone with respect, to always be a hard worker, and to be kind. – Adam Rippon

39. I really rebel against this idea that politics has to be a place full of ego and where you’re constantly focused on scoring hits against each one another. Yes, we need a robust democracy, but you can be strong, and you can be kind. – Jacinda Ardern

40. If you expect the blessings of God, be kind to His people. – Abu Bakr

Kind Quotes

41. Go for great. Own your game. Be kind. Get big things done. – Robin S. Sharma

42. Take time to be kind and to say ‘thank you.’ – Zig Ziglar

43. Always be kind, especially in times when it seems like everyone is giving up on each other. Love harder. – Madeline Brewer

44. If we don’t plant the right things, we will reap the wrong things. It goes without saying. And you don’t have to be, you know, a brilliant biochemist and you don’t have to have an IQ of 150. Just common sense tells you to be kind, ninny, fool. Be kind. – Maya Angelou

45. It takes strength to be kind, it’s not a weakness. – Daniel Lubetzky

46. I’m doing everything that I can, working with experts, really studying the statistics to figure out a way we can make it cool or normal to be kind and loving. – Lady Gaga

47. Be kind. It’s worthwhile to make an effort to learn about other people and figure out what you might have in common with them. If you allow yourself to be somewhat curious – and if you get into the habit of doing that – it’s the first step to being open minded and realizing that your points of view aren’t totally opposite. – Viggo Mortensen

48. We cannot be kind to each other here for even an hour. We whisper, and hint, and chuckle and grin at our brother’s shame; however you take it we men are a little breed. – Alfred Lord Tennyson

49. I feel like anything I’m doing in life, I try to stay myself and be as honest and true as I can be, you know, and be a nice person. I’ve always been taught to be kind to people and have an open mind about life. – Liam Hemsworth

50. We should be inspired by people who show that human beings can be kind, brave, generous, beautiful, strong-even in the most difficult circumstances. – Rachel Corrie

51. I have no dress except the one I wear every day. If you are going to be kind enough to give me one, please let it be practical and dark so that I can put it on afterwards to go to the laboratory. – Marie Curie

52. Once you do embark upon the separation or divorce process, it is very important to remember three key things: Be kind, be reasonable, be brief. Remember that this person will no longer be your spouse, but he or she will continue to be your co-parent, family member, and perhaps business partner in certain assets or entities. – Laura Wasser

53. Do the best that you can in the place where you are, and be kind. – Scott Nearing

54. When you are kind to someone in trouble, you hope they’ll remember and be kind to someone else. And it’ll become like a wildfire. – Whoopi Goldberg

55. I think being thankful is very important, and being thankful means you’re choosing to be kind. – Jacob Tremblay

56. To God be humble, to thy friend be kind, and with thy neighbors gladly lend and borrow; His chance tonight, it maybe thine tomorrow. – William Dunbar

57. If you stop to be kind, you must swerve often from your path. – Mary Webb

58. He who fears to weep, should learn to be kind to those who weep. – Abu Bakr

59. Be kind. It’s worthwhile to make an effort to learn about other people and figure out what you might have in common with them. – Viggo Mortensen

60. In my experience, entrepreneurship tends to be kind of cumulative, like a layer cake. Taking some time away can make it hard to rev up. – Andrew Yang

61. Be kind to people on the way up – you’ll meet them again on your way down. – Jimmy Durante

62. The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. – Hada Bejar

63. Never look down on anybody unless you’re helping them up. – Jesse Jackson

64. What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? – Jean Jacques Rousseau

65. Without tenderness, a man is uninteresting. – Marlene Dietrich

66. Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. – Mark Twain

67. No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. – Aesop

68. A little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money. – John Ruskin

69. A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men. – Thomas Carlyle

Kind Quotes

70. You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force. – Publilius Syrus

71. One who knows how to show and to accept kindness will be a friend better than any possession. – Sophocles

72. Gentleness and kindness will make our homes a paradise upon earth. – C. A. Bartol

73. When I was young, I used to admire intelligent people; as I grow older, I admire kind people. – Abraham Joshua Heschel

74. Be kind to unkind people, they need it the most.

75. Kindness makes a fellow feel good whether it’s being done to him or by him. – Frank A. Clark

76. I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in the kindness of human beings. I am so absorbed in the wonder of earth and the life upon it that I cannot think of heaven and angels. – Pearl S. Buck

77. It is futile to judge a kind deed by its motives. Kindness can become its own motive. We are made kind by being kind. – Eric Hoffer

78. There’s no such things as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. – Scott Adams

79. The first thing a kindness deserves is acceptance, the second, transmission. – George MacDonald

80. To understand everything is to forgive everything. – Osho

81. Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again. – Og Mandino

82. Kindness is the light that dissolves all walls between souls, families, and nations. – Paramahansa Yogananda

83. Kindness and politeness are not overrated at all. They’re underused. – Tommy Lee Jones

84. One can’t be kind to one person and cruel to another. – Morarji Desai

85. Whatever point of view you have, there’s another. – Jack Kornfield

86. Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true. – Robert Brault

87. Be nice to strangers. Be nice even when it doesn’t matter. – Sam Altman

88. Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength. – Saint Francis de Sales

89. Politeness is the flower of humanity. – Joseph Joubert

90. My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness. – Dalai Lama

91. No one has ever become poor by giving. – Anne Frank

92. Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses. – Confucius

93. Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. – Lao Tzu

94. Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca

95. Extend yourself in kindness to other human being wherever you can. – Oprah Winfrey

96. There is no duty more obligatory than the repayment of kindness. – Cicero

97. When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed. – Maya Angelou

98. When words are both true and kind, they can change the world. – Buddha

Kind Quotes

99. The only way to tell the truth is to speak with kindness. Only the words of a loving man can be heard. – Henry David Thoreau

100. Let us learn to live with kindness, to love everyone, even when they do not love us. – Pope Francis

101. Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. – Dalai Lama

102. Come, gentlemen, I hope we shall drink down all unkindness. – William Shakespeare

103. Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. – Mother Teresa

104. Beauty is not in the face, beauty is a light in the heart. – Kahlil Gibran

105. The ideals which have always shone before me and filled me with joy are goodness, beauty, and truth. – Albert Einstein

106. Gentleness doesn’t get work done unless you happen to be a hen laying eggs. – Coco Chanel

107. The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. – Mahatma Gandhi

108. Be pitiful, for every man is fighting a hard battle. – Ian Maclaren

109. Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much. – Blaise Pascal

110. For it is in giving that we receive. – Francis of Assisi

111. In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

112. Speak your kind.

113. Kindness gives birth to kindness. – Sophocles

114. Act with kindness, but do not expect gratitude. – Confucius

115. Kindness, I’ve discovered, is everything in life. – Isaac Bashevis Singer

116. Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period. No exceptions. – Kiana Tom

117. Kindness and a generous spirit go a long way. – Max Irons

118. Kindness is wisdom. – Philip James Bailey

119. Everyone responds to kindness. – Richard Gere

120. Kindness is showing someone they matter.

121. Kill them with kindness, slay them with a smile. – Caesar

122. Kindness is love and love is kindness.

123. Always be a little kinder than necessary. – James M. Barrie

Kind Quotes

124. Never lose a chance of saying a kind word. – William Makepeace Thackeray

125. Tenderness is a virtue. – Oliver Goldsmith

126. Kindness is ever the begetter of kindness. – Sophocles

127. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophies. My brain and my heart are my temples; my philosophy is kindness. – Dalai Lama

128. Deliberately seek opportunities for kindness, sympathy, and patience. – Evelyn Underhill

129. A word of kindness is seldom spoken in vain, while witty sayings are as easily lost as the pearls slipping from a broken string. – George Dennison Prentice

130. It really shocks me when I encounter people who think kindness doesn’t matter. Because I think it’s pretty much the only thing that matters. – Josh Radnor

131. Kindness goes a long ways lots of times when it ought to stay at home. – Kin Hubbard

132. I’m a big believer in acts of kindness, no matter how small. – Liam Neeson

133. Genuine kindness is no ordinary act, but a gift of rare beauty. Sylvia Rossetti

134. Concentrate on what you have to do. Fix your eyes on it. Remind yourself that your task is to be a good human being; remind yourself what nature demands of people. Then do it, without hesitation, and speak the truth as you see it. But with kindness. With humility. Without hypocrisy. – Marcus Aurelius

135. One ought, every day at least, to hear a little song, read a good poem, see a fine picture and, if possible, speak a few reasonable words. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

136. How far that little candle throws his beams. So shines a good deed in a weary world. – William Shakespeare

137. Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can. – John Wesley

Kind Quotes

138. Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly, now. Love mercy, now. Walk humbly, now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it. – Rabbi Tarfon

139. I am not and never will be perfect. I am not always as honest, respectful, responsible, fair or as kind as I should be. All I can do is what I should do: strive every day, with every decision to be the best person I can be. I don’t expect to be perfect but I know I can be better. – Michael Josephson

140. Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are travelling the dark journey with us. Oh be swift to love, make haste to be kind. – Henri Frederic Amiel

141. It may take a little self-discipline, be simple, be kind, stay rested. – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

142. Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity. – William Menninger

143. When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them, but bend them with gentleness and time. – Saint Francis de Sales

144. So many gods, so many creeds, so many paths that wind and wind, while just the art of being kind is all the sad world needs. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox

145. The true and noble way to kill a foe, is not to kill him, you, with kindness, may so change him, that he shall cease to be so, and then he’s slain.

146. We are the leaves of one branch, the drops of one sea, the flowers of one garden. – Jean Baptiste Henry Lacordaire

147. The wonderful thing is that it’s so incredibly easy to be kind. – Ingrid Newkirk

148. I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs. – James Herriot

149. Be honest, be kind, and share the love. – Suzi Quatro

150. Politeness decrees that you must listen to be kind; intelligence decrees that you must listen to learn. – Letitia Baldrige

151. Always be kind, but kindness doesn’t mean that you have to not say what you think. – Grace VanderWaal

152. People don’t necessarily do evil deeds because they want to; people happen to do something with horrible consequences even if they meant to be kind. – Susanne Bier

153. I have to constantly remind myself that no one is perfect and that this is my journey, and I have to be kind to myself. – Ashley Nell Tipton

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