Healing Spells

Magic has a huge following nowadays, and there are good reasons for this. Magic can help you focus your intention on a specific purpose for your benefit, like bringing prosperity or protecting yourself and loved ones.

Using magic to heal yourself has been around since written records began and, most likely, even before. While the paths may have changed or different traditions approach things in different ways, the desire for healing is a strong one.

Let’s take a look at a few ways you might encourage healing with magic and some ways to make it count. You’ll be on your magical way before you know it.

How Does Magical Healing Work?

Magic and healing go hand in hand. While physical healing is often the realm of medicine, physical healing isn’t the only type of healing there is. You can have emotional healing and spiritual healing. You can heal relationships with others and improve your relationship with yourself. You can heal your finances, your intentions, your anger, and your love.

Magic is a focused intention. Since everything in the universe is energy, magical spells help you tap into that energy to help accomplish what you need. It’s a bit like asking the universe for a favor.

Magic is great for focusing your attention. It’s often subtle, and you must remain open to the ways that magic will manifest itself once you’ve performed the spell. Otherwise, you may miss the results because you’re so determined that they will look one certain way.

Magic may not always work the way you want for physical ailments because magic lies in the realm of the ethereal. However, if you’ve got an open mind, it may still show up for you just in ways you didn’t imagine before.

Make the Most of Your Magic

When you’re performing a magical spell or ritual, you must be focused. Any nervous energy can scatter your intentions too much to be effective. Many witches choose to meditate or perform a centering ritual to help get their minds right just before doing the work.

One thing many witches do is open their spells with a piece consecrating their workspaces or opening the ritual to the spirits. This can be done in many different ways – some draw circles, others call the four directions. You should do what fits in with your personal spiritual traditions for the best results.

Keep your motivations clear. If you aren’t honest with yourself about your motivation for doing the spell, the universe may alter your course for you. The lies we tell ourselves don’t fool the universe, and it may tear your story apart.

You should always be clear about what it is you want. Spells must be straightforward in intention and clear in purpose. Putting out vague energies in hopes of getting the most won’t work for most spells and can have consequences you didn’t intend.

A Word About Working On Others

If you don’t have a lot of practice with magical spells just yet, it’s best to keep your experimentations confined to yourself. Others need guidance from someone well trained in magic to be able to have the best effect for spells for their needs. If that person isn’t you, don’t pretend it is.

You should never try to work a spell on someone without their consent. Even if you think you have good intentions, you may be interfering with what they’ve incarnated to learn. It’s best to confine your workings to yourself or to people who may be ready to change something and fully consent to the work you’re doing.

Be Careful of Bold Claims

If you’re having an issue that you’re desperate to get healed, you may fall prey to scammers claiming they can heal you for large amounts of money. While magical practitioners may require compensation for their time and energy, you should be wary of spell casters who demand hundreds or thousands of dollars from you.

Practitioners should never say that their spellwork will heal you of your illness or vices. Magic isn’t a hammer. It can’t swoop in and fix everything all at once. Magic must be combined with your own intentions and work and can merely help aid your case.

The universe ultimately decides what the outcome of a spell is, and that outcome can depend on a lot of things. If your intentions aren’t clear or you aren’t honest about the situation, the universe usually sorts those things out right away.

You should always have careful expectations of healing spells. They aren’t a substitute for medical advice or therapy. At most, they’re intended to complement the traditional treatments you’re getting for things like depression or physical ailments.

Spells For Burnout

If you’re burnt out from work and stress, you know how difficult it can be to recover. Part of your self-care rituals could be performing spells intended to help you overcome that fatigue and restore your life force.

Self Confidence Ritual

Burnout can really take a toll on your self-confidence. Use this spell to restore that confidence and provide a nice foundation for your creativity and purpose. You’ll need:

  • Seven small colored candles
  • A container (a jar, coffee can, or bag)
  1. This ritual will happen over the course of seven days in a row.
  2. Choose a color of candle that corresponds to an aspect of yourself that you love. For example, pink may symbolize your love and care for others.
  3. Light one candle per day and visualize the power of this aspect of your personality represented by the candle. Allow that energy to move through your body.
  4. As the candle burns, fill in the blank “I am —- and this is enough.” It should be a word you’ve chosen to focus on for yourself.
  5. Take the candle remnants when you’re finished and place them in your container.
  6. Repeat once per day over the course of seven days. On the last day, take your container out and charge it in the moonlight.
  7. Keep it near you to remind you of all you’re worth.

To Heal After Great Effort

We often do things that take a toll on our emotions. Maybe you’re caring for someone. Perhaps you’ve volunteered or protested, and your emotions are spent. This is an ultra-simple spell to call back the energy of the universe to restore you. You’ll need:

  • A bowl of water (preferably rainwater or spring water)
  • Essential oil
  • Open your spell by consecrating your space in your tradition and calling on your guides and spirits.
  • Place the essential oil of your choice into the water
  • Put one hand palm up facing the sky and the other down facing the water surface.
  • Imagine the light of the universe beginning to flow into you, starting at your crown and pulsing through the bottom of your feet.
  • Make your request of the universe. You may ask to remain recharged or to feel less stress. Imagine that the light is granting your request.
  • Direct the light through your palm and into the water. Wash your hands gently and carefully.

Choosing essential oils for this spell will depend on what you need. Lavender is excellent for symbolizing peace. Rosemary is a wonderful women’s oil. Frankincense is useful for offering to the spirits. Research the significance of different oils to add to this ritual and choose ones that are suitable. Take care not to use too much, or it could irritate your skin.

Heal Relationships

Sometimes we cause damage to a relationship. To make it right, the energies must soften between you and the person you’ve lost. One way to begin this process is by using a spell to heal those energies.

Heal After Arguing

If you’ve argued with someone and can’t seem to get them to soften their attitude towards you, you may have to begin healing the relationship magically. In order to do this spell, you’ll need:

  • Photo of your partner or person you’ve argued with
  • Two blue candles
  • Crystal ball
  • Lavender buds
  • Peace oil or lavender oil
  1. Open your circle in the manner of your tradition.
  2. Anoint the candles with your oil.
  3. Light the candles and place them safely on either side of the picture.
  4. Spread lavender buds around you and place the crystal ball over the picture.
  5. Tell the image in the crystal ball everything you need to say, including asking for forgiveness.
  6. When you’ve had the chance to say what you need to, blow out the candles.
  7. Sprinkle some of the lavender buds directly on the picture and leave it on your altar.

Spell to Release Anger

If you’ve argued recently and you can’t seem to let go of your anger towards the other person, there’s a straightforward fix for releasing that anger. To perform this spell, all you’ll need is:

  • A small black candle
  1. Hold the candle in your right hand and imagine your anger filling up the candle. Focus until your anger has left your body.
  2. Place the candle on your altar or workspace and light it. Allow it to burn completely.

You can also do this with salt and water (visualize your anger filling the salt and then wash it away) or a stone (put your anger into the stone and throw it into a moving body of water.)

Heal A Broken Heart

After a relationship ends, that energy can stay with us for a long time. These spells can help you get over the heartbreak and finally move on.

Spell to Move On

For this spell, you’ll be casting using moving water to symbolize your energies moving forward. If you don’t live near something like a stream, water from your faucet also counts. For this spell you’ll need:

  • A container of running water
  • Eucalyptus oil
  • Place your oil and water into a diffuser or gently bring it to a steaming heat over the stove.
  • Breathe the steam in for a few minutes while focusing on letting go of the past.
  • You can repeat this any time you feel the urge to remain stuck.

Eucalyptus is good for focus and has been used as a healing herb for centuries. Magically, it’s said to help bring insight and potential visions, making it great for cutting through the thick fog of heartbreak. It can also calm an agitated mind making it suitable to learn the lessons it needs to learn.

Simple Cord Cutting Spell

If you’re having a hard time letting go of your ex, you may need a sharper cord-cutting. This spell helps you visualize cutting the energetic cords between the two of you for good. For this spell, you’ll need:

  • A long piece of string
  • A photograph of you
  • A photograph if your ex
  • You can also use two tarot cards to represent both of you – a kind and queen card, for example
  1. Lay the string flat on your altar and place the two photographs or cards on either end of the string.
  2. Visualize yourself and your ex in a white room. This is your time to interact, so say and do what you need to do for closure.
  3. When you are ready to cut ties, physically cut the string between the two of you, focusing on the energetic cords being severed along with the string.

Heal Energy

You may have energy drains and issues for lots of reasons. Whether you’re an empath and take on other people’s emotions or someone has affected your energy on purpose, there are some things you can do to protect yourself and heal those energy leaks.

Red Candle Spell

This spell can help you deal with energetic ailments that are robbing you of the ability to fight off disease or enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s a simple spell, and all you’ll need is:

  • A red candle
  • Petition paper
  • Fire safe container or your cauldron
  1. Open the spell by casting your circle in your traditional way.
  2. Write the name of the energetic illness on your paper or draw a picture of what is affecting you.
  3. Focus on the red candle and imagine that it holds all the healing you need.
  4. Light the candle.
  5. Set the paper alight using the red candle and imagine that the fire is cleansing you of your illness.
  6. Allow the candle to burn out on its own while you envision your repaired energy.

Simple Tea Healing Spell

Kitchen witchery focuses on simple acts around the home that can heal and bring energetic clarity. This simple spell can help heal your energetic body and bring the mind into quiet alignment. You’ll need:

  • Tea
  • A teaspoon
  • Honey
  • Healing herbs such as lemon balm or pine (not necessary but a nice alternative)
  1. Steep your tea as you normally would. Add in healing herbs if you’re using them.
  2. Put in a small bit of honey and stir slowly in a clockwise motion
  3. Concentrate on bringing your energy back to abundant levels.
  4. Clockwise motions are good for attracting, so make sure you’re focusing on the energy you’d like to have in your life.
  5. Finish the tea slowly. Remain in a meditative state, focusing on the blessings of the universe.

Healing Boundaries

Protecting your home and your energy is an integral part of life, especially if you find yourself frequently getting entangled with other people’s emotions, or you’re often around toxic energy. These protection spells can help seal your boundaries and heal any cracks in those foundations.

Home Protection Spell

This spell is best done after cleaning and decluttering your space. Make sure you’ve cleansed the inside of the house using basil water, sage, or another herb for burning and leave windows open to allow spirits and energetic beings to leave. You’ll need:

  • Salt
  • Dried rosemary
  1. Mix the salt and dried rosemary in a bowl
  2. Starting at your front door, walk the perimeter of your house, sprinkling the salt and rosemary mixture along the way. Invite beings for your highest good to stay and command negative energies to leave.
  3. Complete the circle using all the mixture.
  4. Come inside and touch your front door, your oven, your bed, and any other objects that are of significance to your peaceful life.
  5. Repeat every so often to redraw the boundary.

Protection Amulet

We can carry objects with us that help protect us from negative energies. This is a powerful spell that charges an object with the same protective energies that you’d use to seal your house. You’ll need:

  • A piece of obsidian
  • Black candle
  • Three sticks of Dragon’s blood incense
  • Bowl of water
  • Salt
  1. Begin your ritual by invoking your spirit guides, your deities, or opening the ceremony in the manner your tradition requires.
  2. Light the black candle and the incense sticks
  3. Wave the stone over the candle and consecrate it to your protection saying, “I consecrate this stone with fire.”
  4. Wave the stone over the incense and say, “I consecrate this stone with air.”
  5. Submerge the stone in water and say, “I consecrate this stone with water.”
  6. Drop salt into the bowl and make sure some touches the stone, saying, “I consecrate this stone with earth.”
  7. Pick it up in your right hand and blow on the stone. It’s ready to protect you from those who wish you harm and to seal your energy off.
  8. Allow the candle and the incense to burn completely and close the spell.

Heal Your Emotions

It’s important to heal emotions after interacting with others, making tough decisions, or simply to maintain your sanity. These simple happiness spells can be performed regularly to manage your emotions. Make sure you aren’t using this as an excuse not to do the work, however, or you may find yourself unable to heal your emotions at all.

Happiness Bath

For this spell, you need some simple ingredients and a drawn bath:

  • Himalayan pink salt
  • Epsom salt
  • Essential oils for emotions – geranium, rose, or lavender for example
  1. Draw your bath and add in both the salt and the Epsom salt plus the essential oils.
  2. Sit in the bath and meditate on the love and healing energy coming from the water.
  3. When you’re ready, drain the bath and allow all negativity to wash down the drain with it.

Dandelion Spell

When dandelions pop up in your yard in the spring, pick them carefully and try this spell out. You’ll need:

  • Freshly picked dandelion(s)
  1. Focus on a pain, worry, or other negative emotion that you have. Say it out loud.
  2. Gently blow on the dandelion until a portion of the seeds come loose and blow away. These are the negative emotion that you have.
  3. Repeat until the dandelion is all gone. Focus your energy on letting negative emotions blow away with the wind.
  4. If you have more than one worry, pick another dandelion. Again, focus your intention and then glow on the dandelion.

This is simple magic, and you can do it right in plain sight without worrying about what others might think. You can also save dandelions carefully in a jar to perform the spell during the off-season.

Healing Yourself With Magic

The most important part of any of these spells is allowing the universe to answer your spell in many different ways. Opening yourself to the energy of the universe will enable you to find more abundance and happiness than you may have with a closed mind.

Be clear about your intentions, and be sure never to work on someone who doesn’t give their consent. The great thing about magic is that it’s adaptable and an excellent way to help work on your own energies and shortcomings.

Healing spells are a common way to begin using magic and have a long history of practice. Once you’ve found your path, the healing spells from that tradition can help guide you and bring blessings into your life in all sorts of ways.

These spells are intended to heal more than just a physical cut. They may be able to help align your energies to the universe for your best and highest good, opening you to the abundance you seek. YOu may just find the healing you were looking for and so much more.

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