Guided Meditation for Gratitude

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Gratitude: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Gratitude

You can practice this meditation while sitting quietly, or while taking a walk in nature. You could even practice this while working or while grocery shopping, because truly, allowing yourself to feel gratitude at any moment is a great way to bring about more feelings that you desire.

Start by taking a long deep inhale through your nose, letting your stomach expand completely, and holding your breath at the top.

When you’re ready just exhale with a long audible sigh, letting yourself drop into your body.

Throughout this meditation just let yourself breathe in through your nose and out through your nose, letting your inhales be equal to the length of your exhales. If it’s comfortable for you, allow your stomach to expand on the inhales, and contract on the exhales.

As you breathe let your awareness rest gently in your heart’s energy center. This is the space located in the middle of your chest and a couple of inches inwards. As your awareness rests here, just allow yourself to notice a soft loving feeling in this energy center. It is indeed there all of the time. Sometimes it may feel a little harder to access than other times, but the more you focus inwards into this space, the easier it becomes to feel it.

This energy center is responsible for so much love and appreciation. Through this space, you can experience deep gratitude for yourself and for the world around you.

With your awareness inside of your heart, begin to feel gratitude for your heart itself. For all, it does for you. For the love and acceptance, it provides.

For its ability to heal, for its ability to allow you to feel love.

Out loud or in your mind say “thank you” to your heart.

Now allow your awareness to travel, as you bring full focus on your entire physical being, from the top of your head to the soles of your feet…becoming aware of every square inch of your body…both internal and external…

And as your awareness expands, noticing your skin, your hand, your fingertips, the soles of your feet, your stomach rising and falling while you breathe…with all of this in your awareness…begin to feel appreciation for your physical body.

Let your mind think about all that your body does for you.

From its ability to naturally take care of you through your breath, to its ability to do something more intricate, like touching a person that you love or seeing sights that you love to see, or tasting food that brings great nourishment to your body.

Think of how this body carries your physical form into the world and feel your cells light up with gratitude as you appreciate everything your body does…everything your body is…

Feel the perfection of how your body serves you…so often we think, “oh if only my body where this or that,” no, in this moment, it’s so much more. In this moment,, it’s exactly what you need and you recognize that and feel gratitude for it!

And with your body full of gratitude, you now bring your awareness to the external, to the world around you.

Start by thinking about anything in your immediate proximity. This could be a roof over your head, a pet by your feet. What is near you right now that is worthy of feeling grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or how small. Just focus on it now and feel appreciation in your heart.

Consider something else nearby, perhaps something you often take for granted…it could be as simple as a pencil you write with. And as you bring it to mind think of all the reasons you appreciate it. Saying, “thank you” out loud or in your mind.

And now consider a person in your life for whom you have great appreciation. Let gratitude build in your heart as you count all the ways that you appreciate this person.

Why are you so grateful for them? Notice how your body feels as your focus on this gratitude.

And now, let your awareness travel to something in your life that has been perceived as a challenge…and while you still have these feelings of gratitude all around and within you, allow yourself to find feelings of gratitude even for this challenge in your life.

How has it served you?

In what ways has it helped you grow because of it?

Say “thank you” out loud or in your mind as you recognize that there are reasons to feel gratitude.

And now, as your awareness expands further to your life as a whole, let yourself generate feelings of gratitude for every single aspect of your life. There is so much to appreciate.

Take this feeling with you, as you begin to bring your awareness back to the room around you…and if your eyes are closed, open them very slowly and gently, whenever you are ready.

Guided Gratitude Meditation: 20 Minutes

Guided Gratitude Meditation Script

Welcome to this relaxing session focusing on gratitude…

Get into a very comfortable seated position either on a chair or on the floor… Sit so that you are completely at ease and pain-free for the duration of this session.

Take your time getting comfortable and when you are ready, elongate your spine and try to sit taller, open your chest.. feel your long, beautiful neck…

Sit up nice and tall, and keep your shoulders relaxed… gently close your eyes and breathe deeply… notice your arms laying peacefully by your sides, heavy and relaxed…

Once you find your moment take some deep breaths in through your nose and exhale out from your mouth…

Begin to feel a sense of deep gratitude about the things in your life…

Breathe in… and out…

You may feel grateful for something you have… so bring into your mind those objects you are grateful for, such as your house and your bed. Breathe deeply into your thoughts as you imagine these things. As you exhale, whisper to yourself, “thank you.”

Breathe in… and out…

Express gratitude for those you know… allow this person, people, and even animals to rise in your mind… see them clearly, breathe deeply into your imagination, perhaps you can even hear how they sound. As you breathe out, whisper to yourself, “thank you.”

Breathe in… and out…

Become grateful for yourself. Your health, your wisdom, your kindness. Be grateful for those times you stood up for yourself, or for someone else. Be grateful for your ability to love others. Breathe in deeply, imagining that you can give yourself a big hug, and whisper, “thank you.”

Breathe in… and out…

Now express gratitude even for the smallest things… whatever small things pop in your mind now, be grateful for them… Breathe in again, feeling the importance of even the little things, and exhale, whispering to yourself, “thank you.”

Breathe in… and out…

Take a nice breath in and be grateful for your breath… bringing you life.

Letting your breath go, feeling your body sinking deeper into relaxation.

Now take some time to focus on the world around you and feel even more gratitude…


All you have to do is think about the things you are grateful for, and they will expand and grow…

Live the present moments without obsession by being connected all the time to gratitude… really feel yourself as you are… naturally… not as you expect you should be…  be thankful for who you truly are…

Derive pleasure from all your senses… for the fact is that we can truly enjoy the small things we have, we don’t need anything else… we already have everything we need to make the most of our time here on earth.

Be grateful of your existence… because you are here… you are present… you are everything that the world needs…


Bring into your mind’s eye all of that which swells your heart. When is the last time you felt goosebumps over a beautiful moment?

Focus on the sounds, sights, smells, feelings – that tingle in and on your skin that is the uncontrollable response to being in the presence of beauty and of the awareness of love. Reside in that moment for the next three breaths… in and out… in and out… in and out…

Now, breathe in, and as you breathe, feel the beauty of all of these things growing inside of you… Breathe out, and allow these things to grow so large inside you that they force out anything that takes your energy and your peace, and even those things that threaten the brilliance of your spirit.

Bring all of your awareness to your heart, and the love that you carry with you for all of these things that you might sometimes forget that you have, you carry them with you at all times within your heart…

As you continue to breathe, recognize the strength that focusing on these things brings you – and imagine your brightness intensifying to the maximum degree, and when you breathe out, you’re recharging, relaxing, allow the brightness build with every breath in.

See yourself twinkling like a star.

Now hear yourself saying with conviction:


“I am grateful for this moment.


I embrace each day with gratitude.


I am grateful for my dreams and desires because I know that they are manifesting right now.


Every day I’m more mindful of the small blessings that I should be thankful for.


I am so grateful for discovering my ability to create the reality I love.


Each day, I am grateful for the beauty of life.


I am grateful for the privileges that I am blessed with.


I am thankful for each and every day.


I am thankful for my ability to achieve anything I put my mind to.


I am grateful for my friends and family.


Things keep getting better and better, so I am grateful.




Give thanks right now to anything and everything you can possibly think of.


Find a time in your day, every day, that you can set aside a minute or several to fully express feelings of gratitude. By doing so, you are increasing prosperity not only for yourself, but for the world.


Gently draw your awareness to the present moment… wiggle your toes and fingers, and open your eyes. Go about your day and life with a deep sense of gratitude.


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