Energy Vibrations in People

When you have feelings about someone, it derives from a particular type of energy. No matter who you interact with, there will be some type of vibe that gets sent between the two people. These vibrations can be negative or positive. Your ability to influence others comes through feeling and emotion, so if you can set yourself up to give off positive vibes to others, your success in dealing with people can rise significantly.

In this article, we examine the signs of both positive and negative energy vibrations between people. We also give you valuable advice on how you can both attract and exude happy and comfortable vibes to others around you. When you contain a great sense of leadership and positivity, your mental health dramatically improves, which allows you to have a better relationship with yourself and others.

Signs of Positive Energy in People

If you are motivated to gain friends, convince people of a point of view, or have any type of success in your professional career, you must become aware of the indicators of positive interaction. By becoming more knowledgeable about these factors, you can increase your level of emotional intelligence. You will be able to read people better and know when you have someone on your side.

There is a Positive Sense of Support and Compassion

In any conversation, people want to feel like they are understood and valued. When a positive interaction takes place, each person feels like the other person supports them no matter what. Each member of the conversation feels comfortable about sharing everything about their own life. They know that in doing so, the other person will be able to see things from their perspective and offer valuable, uplifting advice.

Positive vibes are present when you can be transparent with someone without fearing judgment on their behalf. A lot of people cannot adequately express their feelings unless they put them out in the open. When you feel the positive energy radiating from someone, you know that sharing your struggles and obstacles will allow you to convert your sad emotions into happier ones.

If positive energy is present, you will feel better about yourself and life after the conversation is over. You will feel like you gained more support from someone else because they are there alongside you and are sharing a part of your journey. Favorable vibrations enable someone to articulate their thoughts, clear their mind entirely, and improve their mental health.

At Least One Person Gives off a Peaceful Glow

When a positive vibration is being given off by a person, anyone who speaks to them will feel at peace instantly. The peaceful people can listen to a person who might be stressed or worked up, and then bring them down to calmness without trying too hard. A lot of people just want to be heard and articulate their thoughts. A positive interaction is one that leaves two people feeling less stressed than they were.

Positive energy vibrations convert negative emotions into more productive feelings, like motivation, hope, and gratefulness. In these positive interactions, someone who is not right mentally will take a step back, breathe, and reflect on everything advantageous going forward. This phenomenon happens because the negative energy is suppressed by someone who else who is already feeling this emotion.

Whenever someone is optimistic about a situation, this projects positive vibes into the conversation. If you are at peace with life, you recognize that struggles and obstacles will occur. But you also realize that you have the resources around you and the power within you to turn things around. These types of people are what use positive energy to uplift those around them.

The People See the Best in the Other Person

Positive energy exists when the members of the conversation see the best in the other person. If you want to instill positivity in someone else, you should look at them not as what they currently, but what they can become. These energy vibrations are positive because there is a transfer of confidence from one person to another. When someone says, “I believe in you,” the positive vibes increase tremendously.

There is a sense of belief in higher achievement because each person talks highly of the other. When a person makes a mistake or falls short, they receive the benefit of the doubt because of positive vibes. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is easy to feel sad and negative about when you fail. Positivity gets transferred when someone gives words of encouragement in these opportune times.

Some people are internally motivated but having another team member in your corner to give you positive remarks is essential. Great leaders are ones who can recognize the unique talents in each of their subordinates, and then install a feeling of empowerment among everyone in the room. Positive vibes radiate from leaders who build other leaders and see the actual value in others.

There is Humor, Excitement, and Fun in the Interaction

Humor is not about just being funny but uniquely seeing the world. When two people share a laugh, they find an everyday enjoyment out of the world around them. Some people see the world as depressing, or just what it looks like. Positive vibration interactions consist of people who view their surroundings through a fun, unique lens, and then they share observations with others around them.

Seeing the world differently allows people to experience the world with hope for the unknown. As a result of this, you experience a heightened sense of enjoyment, which leads to laughter. The act of sharing a laugh with someone else gives as a boost in mental health. Not only are you identifying and aligning with someone else’s positive energy, but you release positive chemicals in your brain that leads to happiness.

The best positive vibrations come from exciting conversations where each person is always eager to share new insights. Small conversations build into broader discussions that give you a heightened awareness of the happenings in the world. Learning new concepts can be a positive experience for many, and it is gratifying for people to be able to share this knowledge with someone else.

Each Person is Grateful for the Other Person’s Presence

When two people are genuinely happy to see each other, a positive vibration immediately takes place. It sets the tone for the rest of the conversation, and it opens the discussion to new possibilities. When someone feels like his or her presence is appreciated by someone else, they are more likely to share more ideas and feelings with the other person. This presence inspires a sense of trust and positivity in the air.

When there is a gratefulness present, each person is also motivated to learn more information from the other person. More exchange of unique insights means more happiness for both people and more positive energy vibes. If someone is thankful for someone else’s presence, they are also giving them full, undivided attention. When someone actively listens like this, there is a transfer of positivity and connection.

Another sign that there is gratefulness present is one someone follows up on a previous conversation with a profound question. Inquiring about an old topic of conversation immediately takes you back to when you were experiencing positive emotions talking about it. When you do not want to be with anybody else, you know that there is a positive energy present.

There is Mirroring that is Existent Throughout the Conversation

Mirroring is a phenomenon in which two people act “in-sync” with one another without realizing it. Mirroring happens when one person uncrosses their arms, and then the other person also does it. One person will not consciously pick up on the mirroring actions because it falls within their baseline, and the mind considers it a regular thing. Mirroring often creates a favorable impression.

Whenever people act by one another, it means that they want to be like you, which means that they are enjoying your presence. When you align your actions or posture with someone else, you are also communicating that you are on the same wavelength as them. This motivation in each person is an indirect way of telling you that there are a connection and positive vibes present in the conversation.

When meeting with someone for the first time, you can test your rapport by implementing the “lead and follow” technique. You can consciously make a nonverbal gesture with your hands or arms, and then see if the other person follows suit or “mirrors” you.

Signs of Negative Energy in People

You want to make sure that you are interacting with the positive people and ignoring the negative ones. Bad energy spreads just as quickly as the proper energy, and it is essential to be aware of the situations where it might be present. Below, we outline six of the top signs that there is negative energy existent in a conversation. If you do not like what is being said, change the conversation or seek out different people.

No Eye Contact

The first sign of bad energy is that one of the people in the conversation is to avoid eye contact. It is one thing to glance away here and there, but it is entirely different when someone is consistently looking away whenever he or they is speaking. Avoiding contact communicates negative nonverbal messages by showing that they are disinterested in you, and they are not motivated to develop the connection deeper.

Whenever someone does not look at you directly, they may not value what you have to say. The other person might even turn their body away slightly away without thinking about it. This sign communicates that there are not enough positive vibes between the two people to keep a meaningful conversation.

Another tell is excessive attention to a mobile device during an intimate, one-on-one setting. By spending more time and energy living vicariously through social media instead of engaging in conversation, this could offend the person who is not on the phone. You cannot expect positive energy to develop when the participants in the discussion can barely look at each other.

Each Person Argues to Win and not to Understand

It is healthy and normal for people to have discussions over things that they differ on, and emotion could come into it. But the tone is set by the motivations of the people in the argument. Negative energy is present when one or more of the people are more worried about being right than using empathy to see it from the other person’s perspective.

Often, two people hold more similar opinions than what they think at the surface level. It is usually a question of method rather than ending result, and problems become worse when each participant in the conversation to “win” instead of getting on the same wavelength. Whenever someone argues to be right, they are saying that the other person is wrong, which hurts their self-esteem and energy.

By negatively approaching arguments, this hinders the quality of conversation in the future. The depth of topics becomes limited, and more discouraging energy vibes become present. When you notice more and more conversations terminate themselves, you should look to finding other people who will spread more favorable energy your way.

The Subject Gets Changed a Lot

Another sign of negative energy is when the topic gets changed frequently throughout the conversations. Positive energy interactions take a problem and build upon with new, exciting insights. It shows that both people genuinely care about the subject and what to enhance their awareness about it. When the conversations end abruptly, you can tell that the flow and positive vibe is not present in the talk.

This concept can also apply to the kind of stories or topics that one person might share. The quality of content coming out of the person’s mouth could get attributed to an overall hopeless attitude. Whenever someone is sharing a negative story, others will usually change the subject to a more positive or neutral one. It often makes people uncomfortable, which can signal that there are negative vibes present.

This instance can also happen when two people are trying to figure out an issue or argument. If one of the people in the discussion rushes to change the subject and avoid handling a disagreement, they do not have the energy to grow their trust with you. This problem can impact the relationship in the long run.

Conversations are Usually Made Up of Complaints and Gossip

The most positive conversations talk about new ideas and each other’s feelings and motivations. A discussion with negative energy will gossip and talk badly about other people and their lives. If we are too worried about the downfall of someone else instead of our success, this can give off a harmful kind of energy that could spread.

Complaining is directly correlated with pessimism. When other people talk about how things are not fair, and nothing good will happen to them, this will subtly make others think the same way about their own lives and their struggles. While aligning on an opinion of a topic could be great for bonding, it is not good energy overall to wish negative things on someone else, especially a person that you do not know.

If you are around people who focus more on excuses and obstacles rather than opportunities, this steals a sense of belief from everyone present. Make sure to surround yourself with purpose-driven people who use the current situation to motivate them rather than spend energy on cursing others. It is one thing to be aware of a negative situation, and it is another to valuable spend time focusing on it.

One or Both People Feel Impatient

When someone is impatient with a given conversation, they will devote their thoughts and motivations to other people and things. By focusing on what you are missing out on, this can cause you to rush through the current conversation that you are in. When other people see that you are impatient around them, it might make them uncomfortable in your presence, which can contribute to negative energy.

A person could show that they lack patience, and this often communicates as anxiety emotion to other people. Just like any other negative emotion, anxiety spreads quickly. The more anxious people are, the more that the connection is lost. When the conversation is filled with one or more people who want to be somewhere else, there is no bond between the two, which will come off as unfavorable.

Whenever someone cannot take the time to understand you, your feelings, or your message, it makes you feel unimportant and not worth their time. When someone’s self-esteem gets hurt, that is when you know that there is a lot of negative energy existent. A real, positive connection is one where people lose track of time and could continue for hours.

The Tone of Voice Does Not Change

Another way you can tell that there is negative energy in a conversation is when the tone of voice does not change in one or more person. This instance could also translate to the absence of verbal cues like facial expression changes, pupil dilation, and the simple act of smiling. When a person speaks in a monotone, this often means no excitement or passion for what is getting discussed.

When there is no excitement, there is also no positive energy that is getting transferred from person to person. No change in the tone of the voices could mean that one or both participants in the conversation is bored and would rather be elsewhere. A flat tone may be familiar for some people, but you do not unlock genuine connection or intimacy when people are so excited that their pitch changes positively.

When you tap into someone’s passion, not only will they begin to pick up the pace of their voice, but their nonverbal cues and signals will start to come to life. If you are in a discussion where the passionless tone of voice is consistent, you should rethink who you spend your tie with.

How to Attract Positive Energy to Yourself

The underlying theme behind vibrations between people is to surround yourself with positive influences. You should be mindful of finding people who match your aspirations, keep you accountable, and inspire confidence within you. You are gaining trustworthy teammates in your corner, which could be the difference between you and the next level of success.

Below, we look at some simple strategies that you can implement to bring more positive energy into your life and improve your mental health. If you want to be deliberate about measuring your improvement, take time to write down in a journal how you are progressing on each one. This practice keeps you in line with your original motivation to improve upon yourself.

Cut Off Negative Influences

The first thing to do is to cut off any negative influences that are always present in your life. We live in a high technology society, where people have access to other people’s experiences with the touch of a button on social media. If you compare yourself to others and what they own, you will usually end up feeling depressed or discontent. Be mindful of your relationship with technology and use it to learn.

If you spend extended time with anyone who exhibits the negative energy symptoms above, be honest about the way you feel and dedicate your energy to others who will uplift you. Negative vibes can ruin your sense of well-being and gratefulness, so look to eliminate these feelings in any way possible.

Find and Channel Your Inner Strength

Before you go out and conquer your goals, you must first master yourself and become aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. Be honest with yourself about what your unique abilities are, as well as which environments you thin most effectively in. The next step is to double down on your strengths and invest in activities that develop these aptitudes and spend time in places that do the same thing.

An essential mental exercise is to think back to times when you had to use resilience and overcome a struggle. Immerse yourself in the feelings that you felt at that moment and replicate them during times where you feel nervous. Utilize the lessons that you learn and use it to create value for others now. Eliminate your negative self-talk, empower yourself, and honestly believe that you are worth it.

Align Your Current Self with Your Future Self

Earl Nightingale, in his speaking series “The Strangest Secret,” explains that you will become what you often think about. A great way to attract positive vibes is to continually put yourself in a position that provides you the opportunity to move closer to the version of your highest self. You should be mindful of spending time, energy, and money on activities that have a long-term positive impact.

When you face a difficult decision, ask yourself if the older version of yourself would be proud of what you decide right now. Take time to reflect on the following:

  • What are your greatest desires in this world?
  • What does an ideal future look like to you?
  • What goals or dreams are your top priorities?
  • What impact do you want to have on people?
  • How do you want people to remember you?

These are all profound questions that enable you to gain clarity when you write out the responses in a journal or think about them through meditation.

Act in Good Faith Toward Others

When interacting with others, your priorities should be to provide value and help others reach a higher level of success. The people with the most positive influences can make people feel better about themselves. They recognize that to act in good faith, and they must talk about what others treasure most and use their unique skills to bring them closer to the best version of themselves.

Operate with excellent attention and perform actions that are not aimed solely on befitting yourself at the expense of others. One of your biggest priorities should be to treat others fairly and with compassion. When you give off good energy like this, it will all come back to you in the future.


It is imperative that you master the skills and mindsets it takes to foster positive interactions. Your ability to influence others will be significantly improved if you understand the fundamentals of emotional intelligence and communication. By focusing on behaviors that give off positive energy, you increase your chances to earn that new job or develop healthier relationships with family, friends, and colleagues.

The most important aspect is to approach every single day with gratitude. Be thankful that you can meet new people, learn new insights, and stay connected in a way that can propel you to a higher quality of life. Focus on the positive side of every human and interaction, and watch the world offer you more quality pathways to success.

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