157 Dedication Quotes and Sayings

It takes a lot of dedication from within to keep on going until you reach your dreams and goals in life. Without a dedicated heart and mind, it is easier to give up without ever seeing the results of your accumulated efforts. Remember that your dedication to your passion will eventually pay off with these 157 dedication quotes.

Dedication Quotes

1. Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life. – Irving Stone

2. The speed of your success is limited only by your dedication and what you’re willing to sacrifice. – Nathan W. Morris

3. We overestimate the event and underestimate the process. Every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication. – John C. Maxwell

4. Failure to seize opportunities is often a result of choosing distractions over dedication. – VaeEshia Ratcliff Davis

5. Your dedication define your success. – Odetta Stuikys Rose

6. It is only our dedication towards our passion that distinguishes a champion from the crowd. – Abhijit Naskar

7. Duty is dedication. – Lailah Gifty Akita

8. Don’t feel undeserving for the success you’ve worked for. Don’t sabotage your own progress in fear that you can’t live up to how awesome you really are. Wear your blessing proudly and pass your goodness on to everyone you meet. It will be the open hearted and the joyful minds that recognize your loving spirit and dedication. – Ron Baratono

9. Constant dedication brings constant prosperity. – Sunday Adelaja

10. The discovery of your purpose (the reason for your existence) generates the passion and dedication it takes to pursue and fulfill it… – Assegid Habtewold

11. Winning requires a crystal clear vision, relentless passion and complete dedication with No Excuses. – Farshad Asl

12. Our dedication- devotion- to craft should enlighten as it humbles us. – Ivan Brunetti

13. A man can be as great as he wants to be. If you believe in yourself and have the courage, the determination, the dedication, the competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice the little things in life and pay the price for the things that are worthwhile, it can be done. – Vince Lombardi

14. A life of total dedication to the truth also means a life of willingness to be personally challenged. – M. Scott Peck

15. Winning is not a matter of acceptance but a term of dedication with an interest to achieve. – Auliq-Ice

16. In the end, the greatest victory we can know is the result of all of our hard work, discipline, and dedication: the realization of our dreams. – Cheryl Burke

17. Do the things you like to be happier, stronger & more successful. Only so is hard work replaced by dedication. – Rossana Condoleo

18. Life is just repeated attempts at trying to do better. – Richelle E. Goodrich

19. Believe that your hard work, dedication and persistence will pay off; improve through continual learning and believe in your future. – Lorii Myers

20. Dedication. DEDICATION. That is the only way to become a writer. Write every day. Write until your fingers bleed, your eyes bleed, your soul bleeds. From that blood, stories are born. It’s worth it. – Belle DiMonté

21. If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. – Paul Bryant

22. Tomorrow, our seeds will grow. All we need is dedication. – Lauryn Hill

Dedication Quotes

23. The key to thriving with accomplishing any goal would be dependent on working with dedication, yet lots of people do not interpret just how important it really is! – Sarfraz Sohail

24. Success is about dedication. You may not be where you want to be or do what you want to do when you’re on the journey. But you’ve got to be willing to have vision and foresight that leads you to an incredible end. – Usher

25. Most of us serve our ideals by fits and starts. The person who makes a success of living is the one who sees his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication. – Cecil B. DeMille

26. Dedication involves making the space to let young ideas take hold; every tree was once a seed and every company was once an idea. – Zephyr Bloch-Jorgensen

27. When you see validation for a life’s work and dedication, it’s a beautiful day. – Mary Gauthier

28. We truly believe with hard work, dedication and perseverance, we can become the best at what we do. No one wants to become mediocre. – Andy Biersack

29. Every time I watch someone’s dedication, I get inspired. – Jacqueline Fernandez

30. Dedication means spending whatever time or energy is necessary to accomplish the task at hand. – Anil Sinha

31. Anything can happen with hard work and dedication. – Jerry West

32. Dedication, Determination, and hard work will feed life into your dreams. – LaDonna M. Cook

33. I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence. – Ayrton Senna

34. The only way you really do this is if you love it. It takes dedication. – Andrew Smith

35. With hard work and dedication, anything is possible. – Timothy Weah

36. People’s passion and dedication can conquer anything. – Brie Bella

37. I will act and give my best with all my dedication. – Parineeti Chopra

38. Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination. – William Longwood

39. Confidence is the result of hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication. – Roger Staubach

40. Our spirits are really high, and our dedication is even higher. – Cam Grenstiner

Dedication Quotes

41. The concentration and dedication- the intangibles are the deciding factors between who won and who lost. – Tom Seaver

42. Average talent, plus hard work and dedication, will always beat talent by itself. – Clinton Anderson

43. No art, however minor, demands less than total dedication if you want to excel in it. – Leon Battista Alberti

44. With dedication towards a destination and some perspiration one gets their heartfelt realization. – Mark Victor Hansen

45. Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others. – Henry Miller

46. Most achievers I know are people who have made a strong and deep dedication to pursuing a particular goal. That dedication took a tremendous amount of effort. – Donald Johanson

47. You can’t expect everyone to have the same dedication as you. – Jeff Kinney

48. When I work, I work very hard. So I look to work with people who have that level of dedication. And I depend on that from everyone. From the director to my crews that I work with. – Tom Cruise

49. We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. – Jesse Owens

50. With the three D’s Determination, Dedication and Discipline; You’ll succeed further than you ever dreamed. – Marie Norfleet

51. I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen. – Frank Lloyd Wright

52. You express the truth of your character, your dedication to your goals, and your commitment to your relationships with the choice of your actions. – Steve Maraboli

53. All the hard work and dedication is paying off now. We’ve just got to keep working hard and let everything take care of itself. – Leon Powe

54. He had dedication, he had the heart and soul. – Travis Tritt

55. Being inspired is fine for a week, and being motivated might work for a month or so, but to make any lifestyle change last a lifetime, you need dedication. – John Bingham

56. What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win. – Patty Berg

57. There is nothing wrong with dedication and goals, but if you focus on yourself, all the lights fade away and you become a fleeting moment in life. – Pete Maravich

58. Dedication is loyalty to a cause, even when hope has long expired for a successful outcome. It is an unstoppable determination to win regardless of the odds. – Wes Fesler

59. For an interest to be rewarding, one must pay in discipline and dedication, especially though the difficult or boring stages which are inevitably encountered. – Mirra Komarovsky

60. I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication. Now I really know myself, and I know my voice. It’s a voice of pain and victory. – Anthony Hamilton

61. As your act of dedication in this world you must finally surrender your own life to a life of service. – Reshad Feild

62. Growing into your future … requires a dedication to caring for yourself as if you were rare and precious, which you are, and regarding all life around you as equally so, which it is. – Victoria Moran

63. Beginners are many; finishers are few. – Stephen Covey

Dedication Quotes

64. I succeed on my own personal motivation, dedication, and commitment. My mindset is: If I’m not out there training, someone else is. – Lynn Jennings

65. I want to show what hard work and dedication and sacrifice can achieve. – Tito Ortiz

66. Our self-acknowledgement, our dedication has to be bigger than our fear. – Rod Stryker

67. I don’t believe in luck; it’s just dedication to the technique plus good physical condition. – Rickson Gracie

68. The idea that I could push the envelope using dedication and research and endless curiosity has propelled me in my life’s work. – Randy Schekman

69. Being a great athlete is something that requires a lot of training and dedication, it does not come as easily as some people may think. – Haile Gebrselassie

70. Brick walls let us prove how badly we want our dream and they stop those who don’t want it enough. Brick walls let us show our dedication. – Randy Pausch

71. Management must have a purpose, a dedication and that dedication must have an emotional commitment. It must be built in as a vital part of the personality of anyone who truly is a manager. – Harold Geneen

72. The only thing that counts is your dedication to the game. You run on your own fuel; it comes from within you. – Paul Brown

73. Success takes an investment in time, dedication, and sacrifice. This is true education. It is a process. – Robert Kiyosaki

74. …the majority of people cannot endure the bareness and futility of their lives unless they have some ardent dedication, or some passionate pursuit in which they can lose themselves. – Eric Hoffer

75. Dedication and time management are two of the biggest things. I hate being late for anything. If anything, I prefer to be ten minutes early rather than thirty seconds late. I’m also very dedicated and I want to do my best in everything I do. I believe swimming has helped transfer that into my life as well. – Liam Tancock

76. Talent isn’t as important as the work and dedication necessary to become competent. – Jack Nicklaus

77. If you want to be the best in your industry you need to have a relentless dedication to your job. – Danica Patrick

78. A dedication is a wooden leg. – Edward Young

79. I think it’s my motivation and my dedication to prove everyone wrong whenever they tell me I can’t do something. – The Miz

80. No matter where you want to go, as long as you follow your path with faith, dedication and hard work, you are going to get there. – Russell Simmons

81. Everyone experiences tough times, it is a measure of your determination and dedication how you deal with them and how you can come through them. – Lakshmi Mittal

82. By deciding to succeed and actually trying to make your dreams come true, you are already successful. Your effort and continued dedication distinguish you from those who don’t have the courage or stamina to really try. – Daniel Klatt

Dedication Quotes

83. What makes a good coach? Complete dedication. – George Halas

84. Natural talent only determines the limits of your athletic potential. It’s dedication and a willingness to discipline your life that makes you great. – Billie Jean King

85. Erase from your mind that your preparation must be perfect. Hard work + dedication = a shot at your dreams. Keep believing. – Kara Goucher

86. Self dedication is a spiritual experience. – Cesar Chavez

87. Find something you enjoy and love and you’re passionate about. And then dedicate all you’ve got to make it a success. And if you have those two things, I think with your passion and dedication, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish. – Anousheh Ansari

88. I believe that rewards in life are deserved. Every reward is the fruit of discipline, of dedication and of sacrifices. And of stubbornness. – Sophia Loren

89. I think acting for sure takes a lot of dedication, especially when you’re starting out, because it’s so much rejection and it’s so important to really study and know your craft. – Bitsie Tulloch

90. Education, hard work, dedication, a support system, and knowing my life had value – these were what had made all the difference. – Susan Burton

91. I grew up in poverty and my mother had to sacrifice a lot for us to eat and get an education – just imagine in a house where we were more than six children! But hard work and dedication is what it took for me to be here today. – Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

92. I think most of my success is my dedication, not my talent. – Anitta

93. When people come offering you quality work, I think that is a result of the sheer hardwork and dedication I have had towards my profession. – Radhika Pandit

94. I never thought I was academically gifted at school. But when I started flying, I found you didn’t need an academic mind – you just needed determination and dedication. – David Jason

95. I think that with a lot of hard work and dedication, I feel that I could be the best in the world. I’m still only 35 years old… I have a fresh start physically and mentally, and I feel that I can achieve my goal to be the best again. – Mario Lemieux

96. What I had to prove was that I had a dedication and a desire and a passion to do the work and everything else would fall in place because I have a vision that I want to portray and it did and I do it. I don’t sell anything. – Kim Weston

97. My secret? A desire to work, years of dedication and loving what you do; I can’t live without music. – Compay Segundo

98. Teachers are out there with a very difficult job, which they pursue with tireless dedication. – Chi McBride

99. We all have to work in our respective spheres with the same dedication, the same zeal and the same determination which inspired and motivated the warrior on the battle front. And this has to be shown not by mere words, but by actual deeds. – Lal Bahadur Shastri

100. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great. – Tom Hanks

101. When you have dedication and an intensity about life, in what you do you demonstrate passion. – Catherine Pulsifer

102. Dedication is belief transitioned into action which is transformed into change. – Byron Pulsifer

Dedication Quotes

103. Determination, motivation, and dedication are what you need for inspiration. – Danielle Duckery

104. The degree of your desire determines your dedication. – Lailah Akita

105. Dedicate some of your life to others. Your dedication will not be a sacrifice. It will be an exhilarating experience because it is an intense effort applied toward a meaningful end. – Dr Thomas Dooley

106. The power of a movement lies in the fact that it can indeed change the habits of people. This change is not the result of force but of dedication, of moral persuasion. – Stephen Biko

107. In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport. You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept destructive criticism. Without 100% dedication, you won’t be able to do this. – Wilson Mizner

108. Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. – Gail Devers

109. Any job very well done that has been carried out by a person who is fully dedicated is always a source of inspiration. – Carlos Ghosn

110. Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness. – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

111. Some men give up their designs when they have almost reached the goal; While others, on the contrary, obtain a victory by exerting, at the last moment, more vigorous efforts than ever before. – Herodotus

112. Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. – Winston Churchill

113. You cannot tailor make the situations in life but you can tailor make the attitudes to fit those situations. – Zig Ziglar

114. Pay as little attention to discouragement as possible. Plough ahead as a steamer does, rough or smooth – rain or shine. To carry your cargo and make your port is the point. – Maltbie Davenport Babcock

115. Do all things with love, passion and dedication. – Driessen

116. Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it. – Buddha

117. On paper we’ll be better. Their dedication will determine what happens. – Matt Centrowitz

118. It’s kind of like an extreme sport. It takes practice and a lot of dedication if you want to be good. It takes a lot of athleticism. – Ken Hall

119. I think if people sit down and consider the amount of dedication we put into what we do, we are at the paramount of that scale. – Lars Ulrich

120. This is really happening because of her dedication. She would not let it go until it was a done deal. – Phil Olson

121. You have to have personality and show that you are respectful and that you have responsibility and dedication to what you are doing. – Amber Allison

122. Success for an athlete follows many years of hard work and dedication. – Michael Diamond

123. Failure tests your dedication to excellence. – Daniel Waldschmidt

Dedication Quotes

124. The most prepared are the most dedicated. – Raymond Berry

125. Any weaknesses can be overcome with great dedication and devotion. – Anurag Prakash Ray

126. Self control leads to obedience and obedience leads to dedication. – Malika E Nura

127. Achievement is the end result of dedication towards a genuine cause which is self created. – Hermann J Steinherr

128. Luck is something that’s created over time based on action and dedication. So get up and get going. – Suman Rai

129. Never judge your strength by comparison, because there is always going to be someone who is more experienced than you. Judge by your dedication to what you do, and your ability to make progress. And even if there is someone better than you, use that as motivation, and strive to become better, because that’s what they did. – Aaron DeCamp

130. There are some things in life that may come easy but most things worth having or achieving will only come with dedication and tenacity to get it. – Germaine Moody

131. Behind every successful entrepreneur are years of hard work, dedication and determination. Nothing comes without a price. to attain the desires of your heart, sacrifices need to be made. If you are not willing to do this, you can forget it. No pain no gain. – Justice Cabral

132. Dedication is the master key to any door you take to reach success. – Unknown

133. Dedicate yourself to Love. Decide to let Love be your intention, your purpose, and your point. And then let Love inspire you, support you and guide you in every other dedication you make thereafter. – Robert Holden

134. We need innovation in education and dedication to the task before us. – Alan Autry

135. With regard to performance, commitment, effort, dedication, there is no middle ground. Or you do something very well or not at all. – Ayrton Senna

136. Inward dedication magnetizes outward opportunity. – Caroline Casey

137. Dedication, absolute dedication, is what keeps one ahead. A sort of indomitable obsessive dedication and the realization that there is no end or limit to this because life is simply an ever-growing process, an ever-renewing process. – Bruce Lee

138. Dedication to quality, community, and originality without exception. – Zach Klein

139. Dedication and enthusiams are the greatest rewards for learning. – Isabel Ramos

140. It’s hard and continuous dedication that brings lasting results. – Jane Powell

141. Four key words–helped make my dreams come true. They are: dedication, balance, risk, and love. – Bonnie Blair

142. While no road is ever straight, dedication and persistence will always lead you to your dreams. – Arte Moreno

143. Dreams do come true. But it will involve a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of studying. – Gabriel Campisi

144. Tell yourself often: I am going to tackle my aspirations head on with the passion and dedication necessary to exceed even my expectations. – Lorii Myers

145. Start dream building. Bring your goals into the real world. Imagine yourself at your best. Transform yourself with dedication and work to achieve excellence. – Mark F. LaMoure

146. Take heart young people! Christ is calling you and the world awaits you! Remember the Kingdom of God needs your generous and complete dedication. – Pope John Paul II

147. I believe that there is potential in everyone, and that everyone is capable of reaching their goals and dreams with the right focus, dedication and discipline. – Dave Shepp

148. You’re still going to win with preparation and dedication and plain old desire. If you don’t have genuine desire, you won’t be dedicated enough to prepare properly. – Bear Bryant

149. Training for me is a metaphor for life, period. The dedication, the determination, the desire, the work ethic, the great successes and the great failures – I take that into life. – Dwayne Johnson

150. You just plant a few seeds, cultivate the shoots, and watch your career grow and branch out. It takes time and dedication. There are no overnight success stories in the music business! – Christopher Tin

151. I love my career. It is a career. A difficult one that takes many hours and total dedication to my craft. It is also what I was born to do–tell stories and entertain. – Michelle M. Pillow

152. There is never just one thing that leads to success for anyone. I feel it always a combination of passion, dedication, hard work, and being in the right place at the right time. – Lauren Conrad

153. The choice–the dedication to one’s highest potential–is made by accepting the fact that the noblest act you have ever performed is the act of your mind in the process of grasping that two and two make four. – John Galt

154. Long shots do come in and hard work, dedication and perseverance will overcome almost any prejudice and open almost any door. – John H. Johnson

155. Victories are easy and cheap. The only victories worth anything are those achieved through hard work and dedication. – Henry Ward Beecher

156. Lasting goal achievement requires lots of time, hard work, sacrifice & dedication to a process that is maintained over years. – Marshall Goldsmith

157. The real payoff is the writing itself, that a day when you have gotten your work done is a good day, that total dedication is the point. – Anne Lamott

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