145 Trust Your Instinct Quotes

So many of us have avoided dangerous and complicated situations all because we had chosen to trust our instinct. Our instinct sometimes tells us whether something’s wrong or right and what decision should we make for the greater good. If you’re currently feeling indecisive and don’t know which path to take, these trust your instinct quotes we compiled will surely help you make the best decisions in life.

Trust Your Instinct Quotes

1. Trust your gut. Your gut feelings are usually accurate and correct. If you truly feel there’s something, chance are there is.

2. Always trust your gut, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.

3. Never apologize for trusting your intuition, your brain can play tricks, your heart can blind, but your gut is always right. – Rachel Wolchin

4. Don’t be afraid to go with your gut. It’s there for a reason, and it’s usually right.

5. Always, always trust your first instincts. If you genuinely feel in your heart and soul that something is wrong, it usually is.

6. Trust your intuition. You don’t need to explain or justify your feelings to anyone, just trust your own inner guidance, it knows best.

7. You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Listen to it. – Sally Kathryn

8. Never discredit your gut instinct. You’re not being paranoid. Your body can pick up vibrations, some better than other, and if something deep inside you says something’s not right about a person or situation, trust it and keep it pushing.

9. Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. – Dr. Joyce Brothers

10. Always trust your gut feelings, as they never lie the way people do.

11. Pay attention to your gut feelings. No matter how good something looks if it doesn’t feel right, walk away.

12. Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough. – Robert Heller

13. Trust your instincts, they tend to see you right. – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

14. Her intuition was her favorite superpower.

15. Never doubt your instinct.

16. Trust your instincts. If it feels right then it must be. Everything can deceive but your conscience will always keep it real with you.

17. Your heart and gut are still your best guide. – Naveen Jain

18. There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.

19. Warren Buffet told me once and he said always follow your gut. When you have that gut feeling you have to go with, don’t go back on it. – LeBron James

20. You know the truth by the way it feels.

21. Truth is when your mind and your gut agree. – Shannon Hale

22. Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out. – Michael Burke

23. Don’t shush your inner voice. It’s who you really are.

24. I go by the gut. I might not appear to have any talent but I’ve got plenty of gut instinct. – Haruki Murakami

25. Do what you’ll wish you would have done.

26. If you let it, the noise of the world will drown out the voice of God, which is your intuition. – Oprah Winfrey

27. I feel there are two people inside me. Me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely. – Kim Basinger

Trust Your Instinct Quotes

28. Often you have to rely on intuition. – Bill Gates

29. You must train your intuition, you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide. – Ingrid Bergman

30. When the universe compels me toward the best path to take, it never leaves me with ‘Maybe,’ ‘Should I?’ or even ‘Perhaps.’ I always know for sure when it’s telling me to proceed—because everything inside me rises up to reverberate ‘Yes!’ – Oprah Winfrey

31. The only real valuable thing is intuition. – Albert Einstein

32. Intuition is the discriminate faculty that enables you to decide which of two lines of reasoning is right. Perfect intuition makes you master of all. – Paramahansa Yogananda

33. If the single man plants himself indomitably on his instincts and there abide, the huge world will come round to him. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

34. Trust your instincts. Intuition doesn’t lie. – Oprah Winfrey

35. Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. – Steve Jobs

36. The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. – Albert Einstein

37. The more you trust your intuition, the more empowered you become, the stronger you become, and the happier you become. – Gisele Bundchen

38. To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges. – Paulo Coelho

39. My business skills have come from being guided by my inner self, my intuition. – Oprah Winfrey

40. Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. – Florence Scovel Shinn

41. Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

42. No matter how deep a study you make. What you really have to rely on is your own intuition and when it comes down to it, you really don’t know what’s going to happen until you do it. – Konosuke Matsushita

43. Intuition isn’t the enemy, but the ally, of reason. – John Kord Lagemann

44. Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. – Anne Wilson Schaef

45. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. – Steve Jobs

46. What I am actually saying is that we need to be willing to let our intuition guide us, and then be willing to follow that guidance directly and fearlessly. – Shakti Gawain

47. Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do. – Benjamin Spock

48. Instinct is the nose of the mind. – Madame De Girardin

49. I allow my intuition to lead my path. – Manuel Puig

50. Intuition is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life. – Paulo Coelho

51. Listen to your inner voice for it is a deep and powerful source of wisdom, beauty and truth, ever flowing through you. Learn to trust it, trust your intuition, and in good time, answers to all you seek to know will come and the path will open before you. – Caroline Joy Adam

52. It turns out that our intuition is a greater genius than we are. – Jim Shepard

Trust Your Instinct Quotes

53. Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be revelation. – Eileen Caddy

54. Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. – Jonas Salk

55. If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you. – Dr. Wayne Dye

56. Often intuition will direct you. If it feels right, it’s probably right. – Oprah Winfrey

57. Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. – Steve Jobs

58. There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. – Rumi

59. Trust your own instinct. Your mistake might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s. – Billy Wilder

60. The more and more each is impelled by that which is intuitive, or the relying upon the soul force within, the greater, the farther, the deeper, the broader, the more constructive may be the result. – Edgar Cayce

61. The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days. – Lao Tzu

62. Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives. – Carlos Casteneda

63. Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. – Joyce Brothers

64. All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis, what they need to know. – Alexis Carrel

65. Intuition is seeing with the soul. – Dean Koontz

66. In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. -Theodore Roosevelt

67. Decisiveness is a characteristic of high-performing men and women. Almost any decision is better than no decision at all. – Brian Tracy

68. Decision is a risk rooted in the courage of being free. – Paul Tillich

69. Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens. Decision is the courageous facing of issues, knowing that if they are not faced, problems will remain forever unanswered. – Wilfred A. Peterson

70. Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions. – Mark Twain

71. Be decisive. A wrong decision is generally less disastrous than indecision. – Bernhard Langer

72. Changing our decision sets up a bad habit. It reinforces decision making as an expression of bewilderment and ignorance, instead of wisdom and freedom. – Sakyong Mipham

73. There is no decision that we can make that doesn’t come with some sort of balance or sacrifice. – Simon Sinek

74. When you have collected all the facts and fears and made your decision, turn off all your fears and go ahead. – George S. Patton

75. Faith requires following the power of a whisper. – Shannon L. Alder

Trust Your Instinct Quotes

76. Don’t try to comprehend with your mind. Your minds are very limited. Use your intuition. – Madeleine L’Engle

77. A woman knows by intuition, or instinct, what is best for herself. – Marilyn Monroe

78. It is through science that we prove, but through intuition that we discover. – Henri Poincare

79. I believe in intuitions and inspirations. I sometimes feel that I am right. I do not know that I am. – Albert Einstein

80. Intuition is truly a feminine quality, but women should not mistake rash conclusions for this gift. – Minna Antrim

81. Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way. – Florence Scovel Shinn

82. Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know. – Anthony J. D’Angelo

83. Intuition is seeing with the soul. – Dean Koontz

84. A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something. – Frank Capra

85. You must train your intuition, you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide. – Ingrid Bergman

86. Intellect confuses intuition. – Piet Mondrian

87. Intuition is a sense of knowing how to act spontaneously, without needing to know why. – Sylvia Clare

88. Trusting our intuition often saves us from disaster. – Anne Wilson Schaef

89. Develop your Intuition so that the changes in the years to come may be convenient for you. – Yogi Bhajan

90. Logic and intellect can take an artist to the dance, but intuition and creativity are the dance itself. – Gregory Packard

91. Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level. – Joyce Brothers

Trust Your Instinct Quotes

92. I truly believe that everything that we do and everyone that we meet is put in our path for a purpose. There are no accidents; we’re all teachers – if we’re willing to pay attention to the lessons we learn, trust our positive instincts and not be afraid to take risks or wait for some miracle to come knocking at our door. – Marla Gibbs

93. Trust your own instincts, go inside, follow your heart. Right from the start. go ahead and stand up for what you believe in. As I’ve learned, that’s the path to happiness. – Lesley Ann Warren

94. We should all feel confident in our intelligence. By the way, intelligence to me isn’t just being book-smart or having a college degree, it’s trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it. – Tabatha Coffey

95. By the way, intelligence to me isn’t just being book-smart or having a college degree, it’s trusting your gut instincts, being intuitive, thinking outside the box, and sometimes just realizing that things need to change and being smart enough to change it. – Tabatha Coffey

96. If a work of art is rich and vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts will see its beauty, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lesson. It will fill the cowardly with terror, and the unclean will see in it their own shame. – Oscar Wilde

97. Your heart and your instincts are far more reliable than your brain. When you follow your heart, you can be sure you won’t regret it later. Even if you calculate your every move, it’s not like life ever goes according to plan. – Nithya Menen

98. All I can do is follow my instincts, because I’ll never please everyone. – Emma Watson

99. You can’t please everyone, and you have to trust your instincts, and you have to do your work and throw yourself in there and trust your instincts, and just trust that you’re doing a good job that I can be proud of as well. – Matt Ryan

100. Once you get rid of the idea that you must please other people before you please yourself, and you begin to follow your own instincts – only then can you be successful. You become more satisfied, and when you are, other people will tend to be satisfied by what you do. – Raquel Welch

101. There is no right or wrong way to pair or prepare a dessert. Follow your instincts, edit, and taste-tweak-taste until you get it just right. – Christina Tosi

102. There are seasons in life. Don’t ever let anyone try to deny you the joy of one season because they believe you should stay in another season. Listen to yourself. Trust your instincts. Keep your perspective. – Jane Clayson

103. I always tell actors when they go in for an audition. Don’t be afraid to do what your instincts tell you. You may not get the part, but people will take notice. – Robert De Niro

104. You have to really be courageous about your instincts and your ideas. Otherwise, you’ll just knuckle under, and things that might have been memorable will be lost. – Francis Ford Coppola

Trust Your Instincts Quotes

105. Trust your instincts, they tend to see you right. By listening to them, at least you can sleep at night. – Sophie Ellis-Bextor

106. Sometimes, it’s better to stop thinking and trust your instincts. That’s what I used to do when I first started making music, but as time goes on, you can sometimes over-intellectualize things. – Calvin Harris

107. It’s good to go with your gut instincts in life. You just should. Even if it doesn’t work out, something good will come out of it. – Karen Gillan

108. I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. – Hermann Hesse

109. Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored. – Agatha Christie

110. Every instinct that is found in any man is in all men. The strength of the emotion may not be so overpowering, the barriers against possession not so insurmountable, the urge to accomplish the desire less keen. With some, inhibitions and urges may be neutralized by other tendencies. But with every being the primal emotions are there. All men have an emotion to kill, when they strongly dislike someone they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction. – Clarence Darrow

111. Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you. – David Gemmell

112. The creative instincts, the love force must be nourished with every beat of our hearts until they overbalance the destructive instincts. – Gladys Taber

113. There are few instincts more natural than the body in full motion as it races across a field or through the trees. – Neal Bascomb

114. You can find the way by yourself naturally, you just need a guide to tell you to be careful, to not do this to impress people, just follow your instincts. – Sebastien Foucan

115. Follow your instincts and live with the consequences. – Richard Branson

116. Always listen to your inner voice, your instincts. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

117. Trust what your instincts are telling you, it’s your souls voice pointing you in the right direction. – Nikki Rowe

118. Just listen to your instincts. Don’t talk to someone or start a relationship out of pity. – Chris Bosh

119. Once you have confidence in your instincts, you must never allow other people’s refusal to believe, or their data to refute, what you instinctively know is true. – T. D. Jakes

120. Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work. – Rita Mae Brown

121. Purity does not mean crushing the instincts but having the instincts as servants and not the master of the spirit. – Eric Liddell

122. Listening to your instincts, while being the easiest, can also be the hardest thing to do. – Tena Desae

Trust Your Instincts Quotes

124. Survival instincts are one of those things that never die. – Kiersten White

125. The truth of your instincts is the root of your foundation. – Sanford Meisner

126. You’ve got to trust your instincts, your judgment and trust the storytelling that came before and the quality of the acting with the emotion. – Jean-Marc Vallee

127. Follow your instincts, you never know if your ideas will work out unless you try them. – Lulu Guinness

128. Work hard, be patient, and be a sponge while learning your business. Learn how to take criticism. Follow your gut instincts and don’t compromise. – Simon Cowell

129. Be willing to trust your instincts, especially if you cannot find answers elsewhere. – Biran Koslow

130. Follow your heart, your instincts. People might try to dissuade you from your passion, but no one can live your life but you. – Olympia Dukakis

131. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. – Judith Mcnaught

132. Learn to nurture and trust your instincts as well as your conscious reasoning. Often, one’s instincts will offer better judgment. – Ken Danby

133. Follow your instincts and do not let other people’s opinion of you become your opinion of yourself. – Sarah Jessica Parker

134. We all have good instincts unless they’re beaten out of us or shamed out of us in childhood.  Gloria Steinem

135. Feeling fear is a good sign that your survival instincts are intact. You need to appreciate the dangers to stay safe. – Zoe Bell

136. Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out. – Michael Burke

137. Intuition is the voice of the spirit within you. – Morgan Llywelyn

138. Trust your intuition it’s a friend that will always have your back and never leave your side. – Scottie Somers

139. You cannot love without intuition. – Graham Greene

140. What do you think deja vu is for?. Face it, you even want to talk to that girl in the elevator. But what if that girl in the elevator and the balding man who walks past your cubicle at work are thinking the same thing? Who knows what you might learn from taking a chance on conversation with a stranger? Everyone carries a piece of the puzzle. Nobody comes into your life by mere coincidence. Trust your instincts. Do the unexpected. Find the others. – Timothy Leary

141. Just trust your instincts. There’s an old saying in golf, you’ve studied the swing many times, and you practice and practice, but when you stand over the ball, you just have to trust your swing. And you trust it. And if you don’t trust it, you’ll ruin it, your brain will take over. – Clint Eastwood

142. The thing I most connect with is the idea of not giving up. And that’s a thing I have in my own life. You have to trust your instincts and keep trying. – Callie Thorne

143. When you have a dream that you can’t let go of, trust your instincts and pursue it. But remember: Real dreams take work, They take patience, and sometimes they require you to dig down very deep. Be sure you’re willing to do that. – Harvey Mackay

144. I used to joke I was a point-and-click actor. My whole process has been about trusting your instincts and hitting your mark. – Daniel Radcliffe

145. If I’m in the middle of a take and I start to think about what I’m doing, I just mess up and I have to stop and so I find that for me, you really need to trust your instinct. – Saoirse Ronan


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