Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is a belief in a higher energy that brings you a sense of optimism, peace, and contentment. You can call the higher power by any name, including God, Jesus, Buddha, Spirit, Universe, or Higher Self. The label doesn’t matter. Spiritual power is an invisible force that exists to help you maintain a positive vibration and an open heart to love.

How to Notice Spiritual Power

Spirit is alive in everything that you experience. Everything in nature, every thought that you have, and every action that you take is connected with a higher power. You might not always feel the connection, and many people who haven’t felt it don’t believe that it’s there.

So how do you have faith in something that you don’t always see, hear, or feel? You can practice tuning in. Once you experience spiritual power, it’s hard to ignore it. In other words, you can become spiritually powerful even if you have doubts about it.

One way to raise awareness of spiritual power is to tune into yourself. Do you ever have specific thoughts that don’t seem to go away? Do you hear messages but can’t pinpoint where the words are coming from? Do you have gut feelings or an inner knowing? Those are examples of spiritual power.

Tuning into yourself can help you notice when you’re experiencing a connection with energy that’s outside of yourself. Sometimes, your thoughts are created by your beliefs and experiences. People have up to 80,000 thoughts a day.

All of those aren’t necessarily sent to you from Spirit. Sometimes, your consciousness is so wrapped up in its own chatter that you develop a habit of running an internal dialog. But many of those thoughts rise up from your subconscious.

Some people believe that your subconscious is the direct link to the higher power. Therefore, if you can quiet your mind enough to observe those thoughts and recognize what’s stemming from typical brain patterns or anxiety and what’s coming from your intuition, you can harness your spiritual power.

Noticing Sensations

Sensations are also strong spiritual indicators. Some people have naturally strong “clair” senses. We’ll expand on those below. We’ll also describe how to develop those senses. Although they appear as a gift for some people, others have to cultivate them.

Everyone has the capacity to tap into their clairsenses. Don’t give up if you don’t establish confidence in your abilities right away. Spiritual power comes with patience, practice, and continued faith.


Clairvoyance is the ability to see things clearly. Do you have extremely visual dreams? Do you have visions and daydreams? These may be signals from the universe that you should take notice of.

Some people say that clairvoyance is the ability to open your third eye. Others call it “the gift of second sight.”

Some examples of clairvoyance include:

  • Seeing abrupt flashes of light
  • Having vivid dreams or thoughts
  • Seeing someone’s aura
  • Having mental pictures of people or places
  • Seeing something happen shortly before it does
  • Visualizing objects or symbols

To get used to using your visualization muscle, take any object. It can be something familiar or something completely new. Run your fingers over it as you look at it. Take in every detail.

Then, take a deep breath. Relax and close your eyes. Envision as much as you can about the object in your mind’s eye.

You can take this exercise further by trying to imagine an ideal moment in your life. It might be a memory or a future moment that hasn’t happened yet. Walk yourself through the scene as though you’re watching a movie in your mind.

Try to harness all of your sensations as you do this. What do you see in this scene? What do you hear around you? Is there music? Are their birds chirping?

What do you feel? Can you feel the temperature of the air? Do you feel your clothing on your skin? Can you feel the ground under your feet?

What do you smell and taste? As you practice using your imagination to conjure up these mental images, you’ll be exercising your third eye and your clairvoyant senses.

Once you feel confident, you can test your clairvoyant ability with a matching game. Have someone lay out a few cards face down from a memory deck. Turn over one card. Try to find its match using your third eye.


Clairaudience is the ability to hear things clearly. You might hear sounds, music, or words. You usually don’t hear them in your ears, but with your mind’s eye. However, some people with clairaudience hear actual sounds. You might also sense the thoughts that people and animals have.

Some examples of clairaudience include:

  • Hearing your own voice in your head
  • Having a random thought pop into your mind
  • Being able to express wisdom using words that you might not normally use
  • Hearing songs that predict something that happens soon after

The “sounds” that you hear may be subtle. Messages might come in complete sentences, but they often don’t. Especially if you don’t quiet your mind, you could interrupt the messages that are on their way to you with your limiting beliefs and cluttered thoughts.

Therefore, one of the best ways to develop clairaudience is to practice meditation. When you get still and observe the messages that go in and out of your mind, you’ll become more attuned to yourself.

Without trying, you might even start to notice that you have a specific sensation somewhere in your body when you experience certain thoughts or messages. Pay attention to that. You’ll begin to distinguish between mind-cluttering thoughts and messages from a higher power.

For example, every time you hear a sound in your left ear, it could indicate that you’re receiving a clairaudient message. If you have a strong sense of power in your abdomen as you receive messages, you might learn that Spirit is addressing you at those times.

Practice listening when you’re not in a meditative state. When your loved ones speak, pay attention to their words. Focus on listening instead of judging or formulating your next thought. As you concentrate on being a good listener in this way, Spirit will recognize that you’re ready to receive other types of messages.


Clairsentience is the ability to feel things clearly. It’s one of the most common clairsenses. Many people have this ability in some capacity. It’s similar to intuition, but it’s more intense. Clairsentience may involve feeling other people’s emotions. However, it can also refer to feeling higher energy through your sensory nerves.

Some examples of clairsentience include:

  • Feeling discomfort only to turn around and notice that someone is watching you
  • Feeling the presence of a spirit in a space
  • Experiencing other people’s pain
  • Feeling overwhelmed in crowded rooms
  • Having strong gut feelings about things
  • Tapping into people’s energy when holding their items

Someone who is clairsentient might describe themselves as an empath. They usually understand people without having to speak to them. They get why people behave in certain ways. They often connect deeply with others if they don’t put up walls of protection.

Sometimes, people with clairsentience do block themselves from feeling this energy.  It can be intense. You might feel as though you have a responsibility to make other people feel better because you experience their distress.

If you have clairsentient spiritual power, you might want to learn how to protect yourself from these forceful energies. Some methods of doing this are:

  • Shielding yourself – Visualizing a white light or bubble surrounding your body while focusing on feeling grounded, energized, and centered.
  • Expressing your needs – You might get confused about whether you’re feeling someone else’s desires or your own. Making sure to define and speak up about your needs when you’re with others.
  • Setting energetic boundaries – Use sacred objects, such as crystals or plants, to surround your space at work and home so that you can protect your energy levels.
  • Release negative energy – Ask the Universe to release energy that’s not yours or isn’t serving you. Doing this will prevent you from feeling drained from interpersonal relationships.


Clairalience is the ability to pick up scents that don’t come from an external source. Have you ever smelled someone’s perfume when they aren’t there? That might be a sign that the person is thinking about you or trying to send you a message.

Someone with clairalience may also have strong emotions that are related to scent. For example, you may experience a certain aroma when you’re feeling stressed. It might be a sign that you need to relax.

Some other examples of clairalience include:

  • Getting a sense of someone’s character or emotions from a subtle scent
  • Noticing distinct relaxing or energizing sensations from certain scents
  • Recalling obscure memories from a particular aroma
  • Smelling danger but not being able to verbalize it
  • Sensing spirits through scent

Your angels may communicate with you through clairalience. Angels want to communicate with you in creative ways. They might send you a sweet smell or a floral scent to let you know that they’re guiding you.

You can hone your psychic smell ability by paying attention to it. The more you bring your awareness to it, the more noticeable your clairalience will become.

To further develop your clairalience, smell everything. With experience, you’ll add more to your inner scent library. You might also want to avoid using excessive perfumes, soaps, lotions, and other scented items. Let your nose pick up the natural scents of objects. Use unscented laundry detergent.

Strengthen your sense of smell by cutting images of strongly scented objects out of magazines. You might clip a pizza, lemon, egg, and cilantro. Then, allow yourself to relax and enter a meditative state. As you take deep breaths, look at each object.

Let the scent waft into you. It might not enter through your nostrils. As with the other clairsenses, the scent might just come into your mind’s eye. But as you practice, you’ll notice that it becomes so real that you might second-guess whether it’s actually in front of you.

You can also increase the spiritual power of your clairalience by practicing with others. Choose a partner or a small group. Have someone sit across from you, and get into a relaxed state with them. Imagine that you’re inhaling the energy around them.

Notice what you smell as you do. You might also get hints of different sensations, such as colors, visions, and feelings. Keep track of those too. Jot them down on a sheet of paper or journal as they come up.


Clairgustance is the ability to taste clearly. Do you have a heightened sense of taste? Clairgustance may be your gift. If it’s not, you can develop it.

If you have clairgustance, you might taste random flavors in your mouth even when you’re not eating anything. Many people overlook this sense because we have distanced ourselves from our food in this culture.

We don’t often take time to savor our food. Therefore, to harness this gift, you can expose yourself to as many different tastes as possible. Take time while you’re eating your food. Allow yourself to experience every subtle flavor in the food.

Once you have been paying more attention to the sensation of taste, practice bringing it up in your imagination. Allow yourself to relax and imagine a flavor, such as avocado, apple, or chocolate. Try to bring the fullness of that flavor into your mind.

The next step would  be to test this sense with the spirit world. In a meditative state, ask Spirit to send you a taste that reminds you of your childhood. Trust that whatever comes is supposed to come.

When you do this, you might tell yourself that you’re simply “making up” the flavor that ends up coming to you. Have faith in the spiritual power that put it there. It’s always working with your sensations and subconscious to send you signals.


Claircognizance is the ability to know clearly. It is an inner wisdom that connects you with your intuition. Claircognizance also allows you to know things about people or situations that you wouldn’t otherwise be familiar with.

Some examples of claircognizance include:

  • Having premonitions
  • Getting spontaneous solutions to problems
  • You know when something is going to work even though you have no proof
  • You often recognize details that others miss
  • You can sense someone’s character upon meeting them

Claircognizance is different than the other clairsenses because the transmission goes directly to your brain. Although you might not receive the message in a verbal form, it’s a download that you pick up with your consciousness, not your heart or gut.

There are several practices that can help you develop claircognizance. One popular method is automatic writing. To do this, ask the Universe a question. Then, put your pen on a piece of paper and begin to write. Don’t worry about whether it makes sense or sounds good.

You might be surprised at what comes out. Initially, you might have to clear some clutter from your head before the messages begin to show that they’re coming from a higher power. With regular practice, this approach could reveal some very intuitive knowledge.

You can also ask Spirit for guidance when you’re making decisions. Trust that the answers you receive are the right ones. True guidance from the Universe may not always correspond with what you believe. The answer doesn’t always seem like it’s logical, but you’ll get better at identifying it with practice.

Believing in Spiritual Power

To develop a better awareness of these senses, you must believe that you can. It doesn’t matter where the information is coming from or how you are processing it. Many people say, “It’s just my imagination at work.”

But your imagination is the doorway to spiritual power. If you believe that you can access visions that are connected to spiritual energy, you will. And you will do so through your imagination.

Your logical mind will try to tell you that it’s not rational to see, hear, feel, taste, or smell things that aren’t there. But that’s just because most of us have been conditioned to mistrust these types of energies. We’ve been told that it’s false to experience something that we can’t put into words.

However, Spirit doesn’t always speak our language. Words are inherently limiting. You may find that you’re unable to describe what you experience articulately. That’s because the Universe doesn’t restrict itself to delivering information in a form that’s easy for the human mind to understand.

Trust in the information that’s sent to you. You might even want to keep a spiritual journal so that you can record the instances when you get an energetic “hit” that influences one of your clairsenses. Once you begin to see patterns, you can track the synchronicities. They won’t seem like coincidences anymore when you have a clear log of when they happen and what’s going on surrounding them.

Keeping a journal of this sort helps you gain confidence in your spiritual power. When you have documentation of the connections that occur between you and the Universe, it’s hard to negate the fact that something spiritual is at work.

How Can I Get Spiritual Power?

Being in tune with Spirit is a personal goal for many people. This power relieves negative emotions and gives you inner strength. It makes you feel balanced because you realize that you’re not just a mass of skin and bones walking the earth. You’re tied into something much greater.

When you trust in spiritual power, you can also have faith that the Universe is always acting in your best interest. Decisions become easier to make, and dramatic events that may have affected you deeply in the past will have less of an influence.

If you feel like you could be more spiritually connected, you don’t necessarily have to nurture your clairsenses. You can practice a lifestyle and mindset approach to having more spiritual power in general.

Embrace Life

Begin by embracing everything that life throws your way. Situations don’t always turn out the way that we want them to. We go through ups and downs. Life can be a roller coaster. Embrace all of it.

Recognize that there are messages and lessons in everything that you do. Opportunities that arise to you are often put there for a reason. Trials and challenges bring your attention to wounds that need to be healed.

Nothing is a coincidence–everything is finely tuned to the cycles of the Universe. You are intricately connected to those cycles. Therefore, embracing life shows Spirit that you’re willing to receive the messages that come to you.

Practice Mindfulness

We are often so busy staying in the past or worrying about the future that we don’t notice what’s going on around us in the present moment. That goes for the activities that are happening in our external worlds as well as on the energetic plane.

When you’re mindful, you have a keen awareness of every sensation, whether it’s on the outside or the inside of your body. You begin to hone your ability to track these sensations.

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t automatically bring you spiritual power. But you’ll start to pay more attention to everything that you feel. You’ll notice whether a certain food makes you feel ill every time you eat it. You’ll observe tension that comes into your upper back when you’re stressed out. You can even develop the skill to follow your emotions throughout your physical body.

Mindfulness connects you with your conscious and subconscious minds. It allows you to recognize when you’re having thoughts based on external experiences and when messages are coming through.

Our minds need to be trained to be more aware of the intricacies of the present moment. The more that you live in the present, the less likely your mind will be to drift.

You can practice mindfulness in everything that you do. To start, choose a relatively simple task that doesn’t require much brainpower, such as washing the dishes or going for a walk. As you perform the activity, try to focus on what you’re doing as much as possible.

Pay attention to every sensation. How do the different parts of your body feel? What do you smell? Continue through the five senses, bringing your attention to each of them.

If you become distracted, gently bring your mind back to the activity. Try to stay with your physical body in the present moment instead of letting your thoughts take over.

Cultivate Gratitude

Gratitude lets the Universe know that you appreciate everything that has been set forth for you. Practicing gratitude means that you appreciate what’s going on, whether it’s rebirth, growth, or erosion.

It’s not always easy to appreciate things that many would perceive as negative. Life gets tough. You don’t have to like it, but you can show gratitude for the growth and insights that you have even when things are hard.

You can practice gratitude right now. Think about something that really lights you up, that you’re especially grateful for. Keep your focus on that person, place, animal, object, or whatever it is.

Notice what you feel in your body. When your mind is on this thing that you love, your heart is probably wide open. You might feel warm tingles. You may even smile. Remember these sensations.

Try to harness them when you do a gratitude practice. For example, you might write down three things that you’re grateful for at the end of the day. Don’t just jot down the words. As you do, bring up the emotions and sensations that correspond to that gratitude.

Feeling the feelings will help solidify the sense of gratitude. You’ll be able to bring it up more easily with practice, especially when you’re not feeling particularly positive or grateful.

The vibration of gratitude is expansive. Gratitude brings up your frequency. If you believe in the Law of Attraction, then you probably know that high vibrations attract equally high vibrations. Therefore, if you raise your vibration using gratitude, you should attract more positive things.

How Do You Know If You Have Spiritual Power?

If you have been practicing some of the approaches described here, you might want to know how you’ll recognize when you’re tuned in. How do you know that the methods are working?

One sign of a spiritual awakening is that your intuition becomes stronger. You’ll notice more synchronicities, and you’ll be able to confirm that they’re not just coincidences. In turn, this will make your intuition even clearer.

You might also notice that you stop to smell the roses more. You move more slowly and take additional time to appreciate what is in front of you. Having an urge to commune with nature is also a sign that you’re becoming more spiritual. You might crave lying on the earth or looking up at the stars.

Compassion, inner peace, and positivity flow through you when you’re getting in tune with your spiritual power. You’ll also feel like you live life more authentically.

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