Spirit Portals

You may have had a feeling that there is more to reality than what you see.

Have you ever felt a strange drop in temperature in your home and felt a tingling sensation as you entered a room?

Those who are interested in spirituality or spiritual and psychic gifts may be interested in connecting with planes of existence other than our physical realm. Being aware of spirit portals allows you to get a bigger picture of reality.

Spirit portals are fascinating for many reasons, especially how they change our perception of reality and the universe. They allow us to connect to the larger world around us, including other planes of existence and entities that cannot be easily seen or felt.

What Are Spirit Portals?

Generally speaking, spirit portals can be people, places, or things that serve as channels or openings for spirits traveling to and from the physical realm. Think of a spirit portal as a gateway to other dimensions or planes. A spirit portal can be temporary or exist for months or even years.

How Does A Spirit Portal Form?

There is no single theory or explanation for how a spirit portal is formed. Instead, we have many ideas about how a spirit portal can come to exist. Here are a few examples:

  • Magnetic reconnection: Magnetic reconnection creates heat and energy by using the reserved energy of the magnetic field. A portal can form when the lines of magnetic force, such as from the Earth and sun, merge to create a spiritual opening.
  • Significant changes in energy: Natural phenomena like earthquakes or atmospheric changes can produce enough energy to create and open a spirit portal. Even forces throughout the universe can create a spirit portal.
  • Areas where deaths have taken place: Some spiritual experts have found battlefields or hospitals to contain portals, likely because of the number of deaths that take place in them.

In other words, spirit portals are complicated things. They can have many causes, both human-made and natural. They may be large or small, active, or dormant. Their origins may not be fully understood, but spiritual experts are always discovering new ways in which a spirit portal may be created and used.

What Aren’t Spirit Portals?

Spirit portals are sometimes confused with vortexes. Spirit portals are related to vortexes, but they’re not the same. According to one spiritual expert, vortexes are bundles or collections of energy that rotate, while portals are more like gateways. However, a vortex can be a powerful energy source for a portal.

Some spiritual experts do not consider objects like Ouija boards or tarot cards to be spirit portals, but they can be tools you can use to communicate with spirits or create the energy that travels through a portal. Having a group of these objects together may even accumulate enough energy to open a portal, so they are useful for those who are interested in creating or sustaining a spirit portal.

How Do Spirit Portals Work?

According to one spiritual expert, a spirit portal involves a four-dimensional frequency within our three-dimensional plane. An energy vortex allows for a merging of spiritual planes and our earthly plane. What’s important to know about spirit portals is that they need enough energy to open and sustain them.

The types of energy to create or sustain a portal can be spiritual, magnetic, or something else entirely. What’s more, the power can be positive or negative. Being around a portal with positive energy can produce more positivity and happiness in your daily life. In contrast, a portal containing negative energy may make you feel irritable, tired, or angry.

While our physical realm can still interact with other dimensions without portals, a spirit portal is convenient for allowing interactions between the physical plane and various spiritual planes, including communication with spirits.

Like any gateway, a spirit portal can be used as either entrances or exits between spiritual dimensions and the physical dimension. Portals can be opened by human actions, including actions by those with individual spiritual or psychic gifts. These people can include clairvoyants, healers, psychics, mediums, and others.

Spirits themselves can also use portals, and human beings can even inadvertently attract spirits entering from a portal. It’s also good to be aware that portals can be opened or closed, and that some portals aren’t always active.

Where Are Portals Found?

Portals can be found in many places. What matters most is that there is enough energy to create one.

Human-made portals can include mirrors, windows, and glass doors. In particular, reflective items are useful as portals as these are places where energy can concentrate and be channeled. For example, windows bring in sunlight, and mirrors reflect light and our energy when we’re looking through them.

Natural sites can also be portals, such as fissures, waterfalls, rivers, and so on. Hospitals, nursing homes, battlefields, and other locations where many deaths have occurred may also contain spirit portals.

Portals may even be created through significant events, such as childbirth, divorce, the death of loved ones, career changes, changes in your physical health, and more.

Famous Sites You Can Visit

Spirit portals throughout the world have fascinated those interested in potential gateways to other dimensions. Below are three well-known sites that have attracted visitors interested in spirit portals.

  • Abu Ghurab in Cairo, Egypt: Translated as “The Crow’s Nest,” Abu Ghurab is located on the western bank of the Nile. Ancient Egyptians may have used the site as a way to communicate with sacred energies known as the Neters. The site also contained an alabaster platform uncovered by archeologists. The ancient Egyptians considered alabaster, a calcite gemstone, to be concurrent with the Earth’s vibrations and as a stone from the sun gods.
  • Sedona Vortexes in Sedona, Arizona: Native American tribes considered the Verde Valley near Sedona as sacred and believed that the red rocks of the desert were filled with spirits. Visitors to the area have reported feeling vibrations underneath their feet and tingling sensations on their arms, which may be evidence of possible spirit portals.
  • The Gate of the Gods in Haya Marca, Peru: Located near Lake Titicaca in Peru is “The Gate of the Gods” (also known as “Puerta de Hayu Marca”), which was discovered in 1996. According to local legend, the area is considered a doorway for human beings to meet the gods of another realm.

How Spirits Can Interact With Spirit Portals

Spirits are mysterious beings, and we don’t always know when they’re present. According to some spiritual experts, spirits are all around us. Spirits can be anywhere: offices, busy streets, graveyards, libraries, forests, and even our homes.

Generally speaking, spirits are not physical entities and are not hampered by physical limits like walls and doors the way human beings are. Still, we have perhaps only scratched the surface of what spirits are and what they are capable of doing.

Perhaps you have felt an unusual drop in temperature in some areas of your home or felt goosebumps on your arms walking through a hospital or cemetery. These feelings may be signs of a spirit’s presence.

Though spirits can be anywhere, they may not be able to communicate to us in our earthly realm without a spirit portal. Since spirit portals are opened with and sustained by energy, a spirit who enters our realm through such a portal may use this energy to try and confirm itself or even communicate with human beings. Spirits also use spirit portals to travel to and from their realms.

A lot of energy is needed for spirits to communicate with us or show themselves. A helpful or benevolent spirit may use the energy around you or its energy to communicate or make itself known to you.

On the other hand, less benign spirits may absorb energy from human beings to make themselves felt or heard. What’s important is to be aware of your thoughts and feelings, both positive and negative. You should also be aware of the energy around you that feels positive or negative.

Using Portals

There is no one method to using spirit portals, so you may want to try a few techniques out.

Remember that spirit portals use energy, and so your thoughts and attitudes can affect what type of spirit is attracted through a portal. Meditation, prayers, and other rituals can strengthen the flow of positive energy around you and the energy that travels through a portal. Portals and energy can affect you, as well. Portals can also be changed depending on the universe and how its forces change.

Many things can influence and interact with spirit portals and the energy surrounding them. If you’re in doubt, you should take time to become well-informed about spirit portals work or perhaps consult a spiritual expert before you interact with a portal.

Aura Cleansing

You’ve likely had bad days where negative emotions can cling to you and cloud your attitude. You may even be more sensitive to negative energy than other people are.

If you suspect that a spirit portal may be near you and you desire to use it, you may want to consider what is known as aura cleansing, sometimes known as spiritual cleansing.

In most everyday terms, aura cleansing is about clearing any of the negative energy that surrounds you. It will help you maintain positivity and good feelings, which can help attract positive energy and possibly make a spirit portal more welcoming to positive or benevolent spirits.

You may also want to consult an expert, including people with individual spiritual or psychic gifts, to assist you in spiritual cleansing.

There are many different objects or methods to help you cleanse yourself or your home. These objects can include a cross, Star of David, white candles, holy water, prayers, chants, or invocations.

One aura cleansing technique is known as a brush down. It works as it sounds. Just like brushing off dirt or dust, you can brush your aura or even your actual body. Imagine that there is negative energy around you, and you’re using your hands to brush it away.

Another aura cleansing technique involves crystals. Different crystals can be used, including rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst. Start with deep breaths, then visualize light around you. Move your crystal around you, including your aura, to try and repel any negative energy attached to you. Keep this up until you no longer feel any unpleasant energy.

Cleansing Around Portals

Many techniques are used to cleanse a portal and to expel negative energy around it. One method involves smudging with white sage, an herb used by Native Americans to get rid of negative energy.

Black tourmaline and black obsidian crystals can be concentrated to create sprays that remove negative energy from objects and locations. Using two teaspoons of Choming concentrate, mix your crystal with the concentrate, and add a cup of water. The sprays can eliminate negative energy. If you prefer incense, an incense made in Nepal from at least 35 spices can be used to remove negative energy.

There are other cleansing techniques if you do not wish to purchase any items. One is prayer. Say a prayer to God, or gods, or the universe to provide positivity and good feelings around you. You can also ask other spirits for guidance.

Another method is visualization, which is useful if you need to expel negative thoughts of your own, such as anger. Picture a peaceful scene like a lake or river. Hold this image in your mind and focus on it. Imagine the energy of the scene coming to and enveloping you.

Communicating With Spirits

If you now feel you’re ready to communicate with spirits, first be aware that spirits may already be around you. Be alert and rely on your intuition to detect whether a spirit may be present or has a particular intent. You can also question spirits if you feel the need.

Some people might be interested in communicating with deceased loved ones or otherwise positive spirits. If you choose to do so, try to clear your mind and focus. You may want to use meditation to empty your mind of thoughts. Try to be in a quiet frame of mind to better receive any communication from the spirit world.

It’s also helpful to be in an area with plenty of light, including the white light of the sun. You can even imagine positive energy is surrounding you.

Finally, you should never try to communicate with spirits who may be negative or detrimental.

Crossing Over A Spirit

Many spirits can make their way to the spiritual realm without help. Sometimes, however, a spirit cannot cross over to the other side. It could be that a spirit is confused or shocked by its death, has unfinished business in the physical realm, or feels obligated to stay behind for the sake of loved ones who are still living.

You may be able to help a spirit cross over if you feel you have such a gift. Otherwise, you can consult a medium or other expert for assistance.

If you do feel ready to help spirits cross over, there are a few things you can do to help them.

First, get into a positive frame of mind and ask that positive energy flow to you and protect you. Close your eyes and imagine the energy coming to you, then say out loud what you intend to do. It could be that you’re trying to get help with crossing over a spirit. For example, one spiritual expert calls on Azrael the Archangel, who is known to assist those who have died.

Second, try speaking to the spirit with grace and kindness, as spirits may feel sadness or fear about their predicament. Let them know you’re there to help, either by speaking out loud or through the voice in your mind.

Be aware that the spirit might not communicate directly with you, but this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to feel the spirit’s thoughts or feelings. Feel the energy around you and the strength of the spirit.

Third, tell the spirit what year it is. There may be several reasons that a spirit has chosen to stay behind or feels unable to cross over. The spirit may not even have realized it has died. Perhaps tell the spirit that its friends, families, and loved ones are ready to greet them on the other side, or that crossing over will not involve any pain but instead will be easy. Spirits may just need to be reminded of their loved ones, so they’re encouraged to cross over.

Fourth, request help from a spirit’s loved ones. Other spirits may be available to help the lost spirit find its way to the otherwise. These spirits may be family or loved ones, or even an angel.

Finally, imagine that light from the sky has created a path for a spirit to use to cross over.

According to one spiritual expert, a change in energy around you may indicate that a spirit has indeed crossed over.

Closing Portals

You may feel that there are negative or harmful spirits that could be around you because of a spirit portal. You might simply feel negative energy. If so, you may want to consider closing a portal that you suspect may be a gateway for negative energy or less benevolent spirits.

Closing such portals can protect your home from negative energy or spirits that may wish to harm. Some spirits can feed on negativity and cultivate fear and anger toward those around them. In such cases, a closed spirit portal will help restore positivity in yourself and your home.

One spiritual expert shared her preferred technique for closing spirit portals as follows:

First, you’ll want to find what could be considered the center of the portal. Next, focus on positive thoughts, perhaps by saying a prayer or being in a meditative state.

Generally speaking, portals rotate counterclockwise. While holding an amethyst crystal, you’ll want to turn the crystal clockwise, the opposite way a portal usually rotates. This action can close the portal and allow it to disappear. You may also want to use a black tourmaline crystal near the center of the gateway to close it. Then leave the crystal near the portal for about a day. This action can prevent a portal from opening again.

Another technique for closing a portal involves a pendulum. A pendulum is a weighted object attached to a string or chain. Pendulums can also be used to identify a portal.

Your pendulum may swing clockwise or counterclockwise when you are near a portal. According to one spiritual expert, a clockwise swing can indicate an entry portal for spirits, and a counterclockwise swing can indicate an exit portal for spirits. You shouldn’t close exit portals in case a spirit desires to return to its realm.

To close down an entry portal, you’ll want to be informed about healing procedures such as Reiki, a popular form of spiritual healing. These procedures are used to channel energy from the universe into your pendulum.

Focus on conducting the energy to the entry portal. Energy may be channeled through the Earth and up through your legs and arms. You can then direct the energy to your hands and your pendulum. Say out loud that you want to close the portal. A portal can then be closed as your pendulum swings clockwise.

When the pendulum stops swinging, go back to the portal spot and see if your pendulum continues turning. If not, the portal is closed. If it is rotating, the gateway may still be opened. You may want to continue this technique or consult an expert for help.

Final Thoughts

Spirit portals enlarge our sense of reality and bring us closer to all realms of existence.

They might be mysterious, and we might not find out everything there is to know about them, but they are also exciting phenomena that expand our horizons and make us think about what may be out there that we cannot see.

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