134 Self-Compassion Quotes

We ought to show compassion to those who suffer. And before we offer healing to others, we need to heal ourselves first through self-compassion. During hard times, you definitely deserve the love that you give and may you continue being kind to yourself with these 134 self-compassion quotes.

Self-Compassion Quotes

1. Self-compassion is simply giving the same kindness to ourselves that we would give to others. – Christopher Germer

2. Self-compassion is like a muscle. The more we practice flexing it, especially when life doesn’t go exactly according to plan (a frequent scenario for most of us), the stronger and more resilient our compassion muscle becomes. – Sharon Salzberg

3. When we practice self-compassion in our lives, we are compelled to be more understanding and accepting toward ourselves. – Jose Incer

4. Self-compassion is approaching ourselves, our inner experience with spaciousness, with the quality of allowing which has a quality of gentleness. Instead of our usual tendency to want to get over something, to fix it, to make it go away, the path of compassion is totally different. Compassion allows. – Robert Gonzales

5. An important aspect of self-compassion is to be able to emphatically hold both parts of ourselves–the self that regrets a past action and the self that took the action in the first place. – Marshall Rosenberg

6. To be self-compassionate is not to be self-indulgent or self-centred. A major component of self-compassion is to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself with love, care, dignity and make your wellbeing a priority. – Christopher Dines

7. Awakening self-compassion is often the greatest challenge people face on the spiritual path. – Tara Brach

8. I found in my research that the biggest reason people aren’t more self-compassionate is that they are afraid they’ll become self-indulgent. They believe self-criticism is what keeps them in line. Most people have gotten it wrong because our culture says being hard on yourself is the way to be. – Kristen Neff

9. Self-compassion – being supportive and kind to yourself, especially in the face of stress and failure – is associated with more motivation and better self-control. – Kelly McGonigal

10. Self-compassion is key because when we’re able to be gentle with ourselves in the midst of shame, we’re more likely to reach out, connect, and experience empathy. – Brené Brown

11. No matter who we are, no matter how successful, no matter what our situation, compassion is something we all need to receive and give. – Catherine Pulsifer

12. If you’re self-compassionate, you’ll tend to have higher self-esteem than if you’re endlessly self-critical. And like high self-esteem – self-compassion is associated with significantly less anxiety and depression, as well as more happiness, optimism, and positive emotions. – David D. Burns

13. Taking time to relax every day, spending quality time with friends, and practicing mindfulness are some of the tried and tested ways of developing self-compassion. – Dr Prem Jagyasi

14. Sometimes the ultimate act of self-compassion is turning off your phone and looking someone in the eye. – Amy Leigh Mercree

15. If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete. – Jack Kornfield

16. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. You will not be able to love others. If you have no compassion for yourself then you are not able of developing compassion for others. – Dalai Lama

17. When you are compassionate with yourself, you trust in your soul, which you let guide your life. Your soul knows the geography of your destiny better than you do. – John O’Donohue

18. Self-criticism, on the other hand, is anathema to self-compassion. Once we learn to stop judging ourselves, we can look upon our lesser talents with compassion. – Karen Rinaldi

19. Compassion is essential, but it’s not a substitute for self-expression, or self-respect, or self-compassion. Emotional self-care is also essential, but gently soothing our wounds does not replace communicating about them. – Vironika Tugaleva

20. Always remember to give yourself the kindness, compassion and consideration you give to others. – Miya Yamanouchi

21. With self-acceptance, we have the ability to choose compassion and forgiveness over anger and self-hatred. – Michelle Cruz-Rosado

22. Of all the journeys to undertake, the one of self-compassion is one of utmost importance for long-term well-being. – Anne Foy

Self-Compassion Quotes

23. Having compassion starts and ends with having compassion for all those unwanted parts of ourselves. The healing comes from letting there be room for all of this to happen: room for grief, for relief, for misery, for joy. – Pema Chodron

24. Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion. – Buddha

25. Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty. – Albert Einstein

26. Feeling compassion for ourselves in no way releases us from responsibility for our actions. Rather, it releases us from the self-hatred that prevents us from responding to our life with clarity and balance. – Rick Hanson

27. Most unhappy people need to learn just one lesson: how to see themselves through the lens of genuine compassion and treat themselves accordingly. – Martha Beck

28. Compassion is the chief law of human existence. – Fyodor Dostoyevsky

29. Compassion is the ultimate and most meaningful embodiment of emotional maturity. It is through compassion that a person achieves the highest peak and the deepest reach in his or her search for self-fulfillment. – Arthur Jersild

30. Compassion is a foundation for sharing our aliveness and building a more humane world. – Martin Lowenthal

31. Compassion is the desire that moves the individual self to widen the scope of its self-concern to embrace the whole of the universal self. – Arnold Toynbee

32. With compassion, we see benevolently our own human condition and the condition of our fellow beings. We drop prejudice. We withhold judgment. – Christina Baldwin

33. With compassion one becomes courageous. Compassion brings triumph when attacked; it brings security when maintained. – Tao Te Ching

34. Healing takes self-compassion – Juansen Dizon

35. We develop self-compassion when we are present with the inner child within us, when we are learning about him or her and understanding him or her. – Teal Swan

36. While self-confidence makes you feel better about your abilities, it can also lead you to vastly overestimate those abilities. Self-compassion, on the other hand, encourages you to acknowledge your flaws and limitations, allowing you to look at yourself from a more objective and realistic point of view – Kristin Wong

37. Self-compassion is a vital component of the factors that protect us against and the negative outcomes it brings with it. Research has shown that those with low self-compassion are at risk for greater avoidance of their problems, more rumination over their negative thoughts and feelings, and worse functioning – Krieger, Altenstein, Baettig, Doerig, & Holtforth

38. Self-compassion comes from the understanding, gleaned through moments of mindfulness, that every human being suffers, that we all want to be happy but often don’t know how to find happiness, and that this commonality connects us with everyone else. – Tim Desmond

39. We all face struggles, big and small, internal and external. The pursuit of self-compassion allows us to face these obstacles with a sense that we are on our own team, and part of a larger team. We can have feeling for our inherent value, while addressing the things we seek to change. We can learn to tune out the critical inner voice that holds us back and establish a healthy and authentic sense of self. – Lisa Firestone Ph.D.

40. Be nice to yourself… It’s hard to be happy when someone is mean to you all the time. – Christine Arylo

41. If one is cruel to himself, how can we expect him to be compassionate with others? – Hasdai ibn Shaprut

42. The biggest sign of self-growth is self-compassion. – Nidhi Kush Shah

Self-Compassion Quotes

43. It is a beautiful experience being with ourselves at a level of complete acceptance. When that begins to happen, when you give up resistance and needing to be perfect, a peace will come over you as you have never known. – Ruth Fishel

44. The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore. – C. Joybell C.

45. Go back and take care of yourself. Your body needs you, your feelings need you, your perceptions need you. Your suffering needs you to acknowledge it. Go home and be there for all these things. – Thich Nhat Hanh

46. Self-compassion does not depend on either social comparisons or one’s sense of personal success; rather, recognition and acceptance of one’s flaws often leads to growth and personal development in a way that self-esteem does not. – Tamara Thebert

47. It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes. – Sally Field

48. Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her. – Lao Tzu

49. You’re always with yourself, so you might as well enjoy the company. – Diane Von Furstenberg

50. By compassion we make others’ misery our own, and so, by relieving them, we relieve ourselves also. – Thomas Browne

51. Beautify your inner dialogue. Beautify your inner world with love light and compassion. Life will be beautiful. – Amit Ray

52. Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul: where there is compassion even the most poisonous impulses remain relatively harmless. – Eric Hoffer

53. What is fundamentally beautiful is compassion: for yourself and for those around you. – Lupita Nyong’o

54. Let us not underestimate how hard it is to be compassionate. Compassion is hard because it requires the inner disposition to go with others to place where they are weak, vulnerable, lonely, and broken. But this is not our spontaneous response to suffering. What we desire most is to do away with suffering by fleeing from it or finding a quick cure for it. – Henri Nouwen

55. The mind is no match with the heart in persuasion; constitutionality is no match with compassion. – Everett Dirksen

56. I believe man will not merely endure, he will prevail…because he has a spirit capable of compassion and sacrifice and endurance. – William Faulkner

57. The beginner’s mind is the mind of compassion. When our mind is compassionate, it is boundless. – Shunryu Suzuki

58. Look upon yourself only with compassion. – Todd Rundgren

59. Compassion is the ultimate expression of your highest self – Russell Simmons

60. Our compassion is the fruit of our spiritual lives; it actually arises spontaneously when formed by intention in our spiritual practice. Love and compassion are always the goods of the spiritual journey, and they are guided by divine wisdom, which then shapes compassion in the concrete situations of our existence. – Wayne Teasdale

61. When compassion wakes up in us, we find ourselves more willing to become vulnerable, to take the risk of entering the pain of others. – Sue Monk Kidd

62. Acknowledge, accept, and honor that you deserve your own deepest compassion and love. – Nanette Mathews

Self-Compassion Quotes

63. True compassion comes from free will by drawing empathy from within. – Shane Barbi

64. I’m very interested in compassion – compassion for oneself and others. I write about very complicated characters and experiences and try to do it without judging the character or the action. – A.M. Homes

65. Without compassion, we will never know anyone or anything, not even our own story. Too much judgment, too many ideas and attitudes will stand in the way of the fundamental principle that we are similar to, connected with, and part of everything else. – Deena Metzger

66. If we cultivate compassion for those who have hurt us, we have the possibility of overcoming our anger,pain, and fear. Compassion is a great medicine. – Goldie Hawn

67. After all I’ve seen, if I hadn’t learned compassion, I wouldn’t be worth much. – Stephenie Meyer

68. Depression taught me the importance of compassion and hard work, and that you can overcome enormous obstacles. – Rob Delaney

69. …with the power of compassion there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. – Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

70. True compassion is about not bruising the other person’s self-respect. – Naoki Higashida

71. Stop and appreciate what you have today. Look at what you have with wider eyes, maybe with more compassion and more gratitude for the things that you do have and not the things you don’t have. – Michael Imperioli

72. We can’t fight darkness with darkness. We have to find compassion, and embrace the darkness inside of us in order to understand it and, ultimately, to transcend it. – Debbie Ford

73. Let there be beauty and strength, power and compassion, honor and humility, mirth and reverence within you. – Starhawk

74. We ought to be people of compassion. And being people of compassion means we deny ourselves, and our self centeredness. – Mike Huckabee

75. Self-awareness and healthy self-love go hand in hand. When we love what God has given us and share it with others naturally and without expectations for gratitude we are truly people who have spiritual self-confidence and compassion; and isn’t that a great way to live? – Robert J. Wicks

76. I will have faith that, though I might not understand why adversity happens, by my conscious choice I can find strength, compassion, and grace through my trials. – Joe Tye

77. The path of compassion leads to the development of insight. But it doesn’t work to say, “Ready, set, go! Be compassionate!” Beginning any practice depends on intention. Intention depends on intuiting-at least a little bit-the suffering inherent in the human condition and the pain we feel, and cause, when we act out of confusion. It also depends on trusting-at least a little bit-in the possibility of a contented, satisfied mind. – Sylvia Boorstein

78. Healing comes when we meet our wounded places with compassion. – Stephen Levine

79. A person who respects others is respected by others in return. Those who treat others with compassion and concern are protected and supported by others. Our environment is essentially a reflection of ourselves – Daisaku Ikeda

80. People ask me why I work so hard and why I have this compassion to reach the top and be great. I respond by telling them, “I work insanely hard because people said I couldn’t do it.” When someone tells me I can’t do something, or that I’ll never achieve my goals and visions, I am determined to prove them wrong. – Robert Cheeke

81. Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. – Albert Schweitzer

82. Compassion is not complete if it does not include oneself. – Allan Lokos

Self-Compassion Quotes

83. The beauty and mystery of this world only emerges through affection, attention, interest and compassion . . . open your eyes wide and actually see this world by attending to its colors, details and irony. – Orhan Pamuk

84. There is a fine line between compassion and a victim mentality. Compassion though is a healing force and comes from a place of kindness towards yourself. Playing the victim is a toxic waste of time that not only repels other people, but also robs the victim of ever knowing true happiness. – Bronnie Ware

85. The depth of our compassion is proportional to the depth of our living. – Jean-Yves Leloup

86. Hurt people hurt people. We are not being judgmental by separating ourselves from such people. But we should do so with compassion. Compassion is defined as a “keen awareness of the suffering of another coupled with a desire to see it relieved.” People hurt others as a result of their own inner strife and pain. Avoid the reactive response of believeing they are bad; they already think so and are acting that way. They aren’t bad; they are damaged and they deserve compassion. Note that compassion is an internal process, an understanding of the painful and troubled road trod by another. It is not trying to change or fix that person. – Will Bowen

87. To be mindful of social phenomena is thus to identify more clearly hatred, greed, and delusion as well as the seeds of wisdom and compassion both around us and in us. – Donald Rothberg

88. Through helping others, I learned that I had always had compassion in me, although I hadn’t known it and couldn’t express it. I learned that if I could feel for others, I might also begin to feel compassion for myself. I was beginning to heal. – Yeonmi Park

89. Difficulty creates the opportunity for self-reflection and compassion. – Suzan-Lori Parks

90. People who are high in self-compassion treat themselves with kindness and concern when they experience negative events. – Ashley Batts Allen & Mark R. Leary

91. More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate. – Roy T. Bennett

92. You deserve your own compassion. – Akiroq Brost

93. The very nature of compassion and forgiveness does not imply the hindrance of self but rather the understanding towards another. In order to truly understand another, you must first understand self and your stance within any situation. – Victoria L. White

94. Some people have compassion for even strangers, but not for their own bodies. – Mokokoma Mokhonoana

95. Compassion means to suffer with, but it doesn’t mean to get lost in the suffering, so that it becomes exclusively one’s own. I tend to do this, to replace the person for whom I am feeling compassion with myself. – Madeleine L’Engle

96. We must treat ourselves with care, respect and compassion before we can effectively extend these things to others. – Kristi Bowman

97. Compassion will lead you to extraordinary worlds your fear doesn’t dare visit. – Scott Stabile

98. In the midst of compassion, we find ourselves. We discover our true purpose. – Jana Elston

99. Too often it is fear that guides our actions when compassion would better serve. – Dawn Hammill

100. Unlike self-criticism which asks if you’re good enough, self-compassion asks what’s good for you. – Kristin Neff

Self-Compassion Quotes

101. Compassion and kindness it turned out, was good for your health. – James R Doty

102. A person’s attitude creates the tone of his or her life. The highest expression of human dignity is to live a purposeful life devoted to principles and exhibiting compassion for other people. – Kilroy J. Oldster

103. When you show compassion instead of being judgemental. You will not undergo your own judgement, but you will receive your own love – Guus Gelsing

104. Feel compassion for your own heart that was broken open by grief or confusion. – Laurie Perez

105. A simple way to access compassion is to see with the eye of your heart. – Catherine Carrigan

106. Life can be very hard sometimes and you wonder why, but a little compassion is sometimes all anyone needs to get by. – Heather Wolf

107. Compassion nourishes the wilted heart. – Jana Fayne Kolpen

108. Compassion means removal of suffering – suffering of the self and the others. – Amit Ray

109. You never get anywhere until you figure out the difference between passion and compassion. – Cynthia Heimel

110. Compassion is the way you live your life every day. – Jeffrey A. White

111. A body without compassion is like the rose without the scent. – Ansul Noor

112. There are these amazing little seeds called compassion. You should grow some. – Richelle E. Goodrich

113. As I get older, the more I stay focused on the acceptance of myself and others, and choose compassion over judgment and curiosity over fear. – Tracee Ellis Ross

114. Compassion for others begins with kindness to ourselves. – Pema Chodron

115. Until you have real compassion, you can not recognize love. – Bob Thurman

116. When you have learned compassion for yourself, compassion for others is automatic. – Henepola Gunaratana

117. I think compassion is an important quality in people in general. – Shannon Elizabeth

118. Everyone deserves compassion. – Michael Sheen

119. Let’s choose each day and every day to keep an attitude of faith and joy and belief and compassion. – Charles Swindoll

120. A moment of self-compassion can change your entire day. A string of such moments can change the course of your life. – Christopher K. Germer

Self-Compassion Quotes

121. Research shows that the more compassionate we are toward ourselves, the happier we are and the more resilient we become when faced with difficult events in our lives. – Paul Gilbert, PhD

122. Cultivating compassion for ourselves and others can bring balance and harmony to our lives in a way we never dreamed of. – Thubten Chodron

123. Converting your energy to compassion and understanding, once you accept this reality, helps our own healing; that type of energy is more positive and calming. – Lisa Kardos

124. When you manage your emotions and act with compassion, you are behaving as the real you. – Zeeshan Raza

125. Since you accept yourself compassionately, it probably follows that you accept others as well in the same manner, and that you are an optimist with an outgoing personality, all necessary ingredients for a well equilibrated approach to life. – Charles C. Malone

126. Self-esteem is closely tied to compassion for others and compassion for yourself. – Matthew McKay & Patrick Fanning

127. Self-compassion is a crucial practice for parents. If we continually give to others without nurturing ourselves, our emotional gas tank will be stuck on empty. By nurturing and supporting ourselves, we will have more emotional resources to give to our children. – Kim Fredrickson

128. The value of compassion cannot be over-emphasized. Anyone can criticize. It takes a true believer to be compassionate. No greater burden can be borne by an individual than to know no one cares or understands. – Arthur H. Stainback

129. Compassion is a two way street. – Frank Capra

130. When we match compassion with purpose, we being to conquer the world. – Zachariah Thompson

131. Speak to yourself with compassion on the inside and you will radiate peace on the outside. – Amy Leigh Mercree

132. The greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. – Tenzin Gyatso

133. People may excite in themselves a glow of compassion, not by toasting their feet at the fire, and saying: Lord, teach me compassion, but by going and seeking an object that requires compassion. – Henry Ward Beecher

134. Self-compassion will make any hard time just a little bit easier. You are worth it.

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