Meditation for Weight Loss

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Weight Loss: 10 Minutes

Guided Meditation Script for Weight Loss

Practice this meditation while sitting in a comfortable position with both feet planted firmly on the ground and spine in straight alignment.

Place your palms in your lap facing downwards and softly close your eyes.

Take three deep cleansing breaths. Breathing in through your nose with your stomach expanding, and out through your mouth, forcing out the air powerfully.

At the end of your third exhale, just return to breathing at a pace that is comfortable for you, in through your nose and out through your mouth, throughout the course of this meditation.

Focus on your breath, as you listen to these words: We often mistakenly assume that weight loss is something specifically related to our body. In fact, through meditation, you can recognize that it is much more than that. When we can love and accept our bodies exactly as they are using our heart, using our mind, our bodies are free to be what they are meant to be.

The perfect weight and shape for you is just a matter of connecting to a deep unconditional love for your body, no matter what. Once you do this, once you accept yourself fully, exactly as you are, your body naturally starts to return to a size and shape that is absolutely perfect for you; and you no longer need to obsess or overthink anything related to what your weight is, or the way your body looks. Instead, you’ll be able to look at your body with love, acceptance, and gratitude.

Weight loss will no longer be a numbers game.

It’ll just be a natural result of loving yourself more so to begin to connect to your body’s natural state of being.

Allow your awareness to travel into the root chakra. This is the area located at the base of your spine. Let all of your awareness focus here. As you begin to see a platinum sphere of light, feel this sphere of light anchoring you onto the surface on which you are seated.

Our root chakra is responsible for our feeling of security. Very often, if we’ve allowed our bodies to put on more weight than we need, it can go back to feeling insecure, to feeling like we need protection.

So in this moment, you allow all of your awareness to rest in directly in the center of this chakra, in the middle of this sphere of platinum light. Let yourself just spend several breaths here…focusing on loving and accepting your body and the world as it is…focusing on feeling safe in your body.

And now allow your awareness to travel up into the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards in the area known as your heart chakra. And in this space, see a loving or soft pink light. Just as you did with your root chakra, let all of your awareness now rest inside of your heart chakra, in the center of pink light.

Being in a position where we desire to lose weight, there may be a need to fill any holes in our heart chakra, any gaps where we have perhaps disconnected from an unconditional love for ourselves. In this moment, connect to your heart as you welcome in feelings of loving and accepting yourself completely as you are… Feeling as though there is nothing that needs to change, and you can love yourself as you are right now.

And now imagine this soft orb of pink light flowing out from your heart and traveling down in an area away from your body and then back in towards your root chakra. Once it reaches your root chakra, see the pink light passing through the platinum light and watch as the two colors blend together…and the platinum light circles back up with this pink light into your heart. See this continual ring of light flowing from your heart to your root chakra, and from your root chakra to your heart chakra linking and connecting the two…telling each other it is safe to be in this body. It is safe to love and accept your body unconditionally.

There is nothing that needs to change. You accept yourself right now.

As you feel this deep connection between your heart and your root, you feel yourself entering into a space of being more secure in your physical body, more accepting of your physical body as it is and welcoming in the highest possible path for your physical body. Not because you need to fit into some pair of jeans or you need to look a certain way. No. Now your motivation is to simply treat your body in a way that shows love and in doing so, allows it to be in its highest state of functioning. Breathe in deeply to see how good and freeing it feels to view your weight loss this way and hold your breath at the top. When you’re ready, exhale with a long audible sigh, as you slowly bring your awareness back to the room around you and out loud or in your mind as you open your eyes, say thank you to your body.

Guided Weight Loss Meditation: 20 Minutes

Guided Weight Loss Meditation Script

Hello and welcome, I’m so happy to have the opportunity to guide you, today you will practice the art of self-love in order to lose weight naturally.

Let’s begin.

Find a cozy place to lay down where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything for the duration of this recording. Get into a very comfortable position. Allow your eyes to close at any time.


You are here today to become very relaxed, so that you break unhealthy eating habits and learn new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In order to do these things, you must simply relax and then focus on what it is that you really want and need.

It is up to you to dedicate the time and make the necessary efforts towards your goals.

So say to yourself, “I intend to relax, be accepting of life as it comes, break bad habits and create new helpful ones, and be open to learning new things, always being genuinely appreciative of my progress.”

It’s easy to relax, even though you might not get the chance to often. So, let’s start by taking five deep breaths together to oxygenate all of our body’s systems.

Inhale, and exhale slowly……inhale, and exhale……inhale, and let it go…..breathe in, and out…..breathing fully in, and let the air escape.

Now begin to breathe by slowly expanding your abdomen on the inhale, and when you exhale, just let the breath go naturally.

Breathe in and out, allow the breath to fill you with confidence.

Breathe in the feeling of confidence, and exhale, feeling a sense of purpose.

Never forget that no one knows you better than yourself. So bring into your mind the qualities that make you, you.

Think about all your attributes, the good, the bad, and even the quirky. See these qualities about you pass by just like the window on the train, and smile at all of them as they present themselves.

Breathing, relaxing.

Now dive deeper into those qualities about you that you have labeled “bad.” Begin to question the source of these labels, perhaps some things you think are negative are only because someone else told you so.

Breathing, relaxing.

Other people’s opinions of you are subjective, and many times indicate something they don’t like about themselves. Think now about anything that someone else has called you or labeled you as. Do you remember people telling you things about your weight throughout your life? Maybe you were called “big-boned” or “the fat kid”?

Breathe in deeply, to access the truth within you. And breath out, seeing very clearly how you feel about this label.

Realize this is not who you are, and let it go completely. You no longer identify with these things people have said about your appearance. Therefore you let go of that lifestyle completely, becoming the true you.

You have become your authentic self who cares deeply about your health and appearance.

Now, bring into your mind the qualities about yourself that you value and appreciate.

See these aspects of you very clearly. Visualize yourself in action right now, living out these attributes in your daily life.

Breathe in a fresh and new idea of yourself. Exhale, with a sense of confidence that this is who you are inside and out.

You create your own reality, by simply focusing on it, and visualizing it.

Picture yourself now exactly how you want to be as if you have already accomplished it.

Notice the details very clearly.

Where are you?

What do you look like?

What kinds of people are around?

What are you doing?

And most of all, how do you feel?

Focus in on even more details now, what kind of clothes are you wearing?

What’s your hair like?

Can you sense that you can even feel the clothes on your skin?

Continue to visualize yourself exactly how someone who loves themselves fully would be, making healthy choices.



Take another nice deep breath in representing accomplishment, and let it go, feeling full of self-love.

Bask in the emotion of happiness with a sense of accomplishment.

Again, this is very important, visualize yourself slim, and healthy.

See yourself very clearly moving with ease. See others impressed by your transformation.  Visualize this in as much detail as possible, the more vivid and real you make it, the more effective.



You are slimmer each and every day.

You make a choice towards health each and every day.

You are grateful for this slim body.

You are grateful for how wonderful you feel.

You are grateful to be moving about with ease.

You are grateful you threw away your large clothes, and now have a closet full of slim and attractive clothing.

You are grateful for the nutrition real food brings you.

You are grateful to be you.

You have done powerful work towards transforming into exactly the body you deserve to live in. Think of these sessions as a mental workout, and you are training for your life. Everything starts out as a visualization, that is how all creation takes place.

In a moment, you are going to bring your awareness back to the present moment, but before you do, deeply know that your true self is one that treats your life experience with compassion and kindness.

Repeat these words in your mind, feeling them run through you and fill you.

“Compassion. Kindness. Compassion. Kindness. Compassion. Kindness.”

These are your words of truth to remember any time you are faced with doubt.

Whenever you are ready, open your eyes, returning your full awareness to the present moment, ready to take on the day full of self-love.

Remember to let go and be happy.


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