Meditation for Relaxation

Here are two guided meditation audios with scripts, one is 10 minutes and the other one is 20 minutes long.

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Guided Meditation for Relaxation: 10 Minutes

Meditation Script for Relaxation

This meditation can be practiced while seated in a comfortable position or while lying down. Just allow your body to get into a position that is most comfortable for you before you begin. And once you’re ready, gently close your eyes.

Focus all of your awareness inward as you begin to take a deep breath through your nose, feeling your stomach expand completely and exhale through your mouth, feeling your stomach contract completely. Breathing in again, stomach expanding completely as you breathe through your nose and exhaling through your mouth as your stomach contracts completely.

Continue this cycle of breath throughout the course of the meditation. Breathing in through your nose, feeling your stomach expand, and out through your mouth, feeling your stomach contract…Allowing your inhales to equal the length of your exhales.

If at any point during this meditation, you find your mind wandering, that’s perfectly okay. Do not judge yourself for it. Just return your focus to this pattern of breathing and back to these words and the music. Allow yourself to imagine you are seated on a warm sandy beach looking out at waves of an ocean before you.

There is nothing out here except for you, the beach and the water. The sky is crystal clear and the waves are gentle.

This is a safe space to let your guard down and allow yourself to enter into a deep state of relaxation. As you feel the energy of the ocean cleansing and clearing your auric field. You let your awareness drop into the space in the center of your chest and a couple of inches inwards, into the area known as your heart chakra. In this space, you may imagine a soft orb of pink light. See it glowing. Let your awareness drop into the center of this orb of light. Inside of here, it is peaceful and it is unconditionally loving. This unconditional love, signals to you that it is safe to relax; and on each inhale you breathe in more love into this space.

And on every exhale, this soft pink orb of light expands…feeling it grow larger and larger until it expands around you and encompasses you completely. As you relax in this soft pink, unconditionally loving light, while enjoying the rise and fall of the ocean waves, you feel your body slowing down. You feel yourself relaxing, letting go…and the more you let go, the lighter you feel. And as you feel lighter, the soft pink orb of light begins to lift up… Carrying you out over the water, and taking you out to a space where there is nothing except for peaceful water.

This water is clear and shallow and all that can be seen is the soft sand beneath it.

And while you are still wrapped into the soft pink orb of light, the orb lowers down to gently float on top of the water…and you feel the rocking back and forth, bringing you into a soothing state of relaxation. Let the water soothe and relax your body, mind, and soul.

You notice your body rocking to the rhythm of the waves…You feel yourself fully wrapped up in love and you let your breath slow down.

You take this peaceful, relaxed feeling and you carry it with you as you allow your awareness to merge back into this present moment, feeling your body on the surface on which it is resting. Noticing the weight of gravity, paying attention to how you feel more relaxed and at peace in this moment.

And when you’re ready, take this feeling with you as you very slowly open your eyes back to the room around you.

Relaxation Meditation: 20 Minutes

Relaxation Meditation Script

Hello and welcome to this meditation where I will guide you on a peaceful journey through the mountains, allowing you to feel relaxed and calm, slowing you down to receive the perfect night’s sleep, or to enjoy the rest of your day…

Get into a comfortable position and make sure you will not be disturbed for the duration of this session.

Take a nice full breath in and gaze forward, not looking at anything in particular. As you exhale, let your eyes ever so slowly close. Breath in deeply again opening your eyes as you inhale… when you exhale, let your eyelids become heavy and gently come together.

Notice how the darkness of closed eyes automatically relaxes the body.

Now, imagine that you have been driving for some time to the great Rocky Mountains. You can see the tops of the mountains covered in white snow grow from the horizon. You can see the bright Blue sky without a cloud in sight. The day is cool and crisp. You roll down your windows to breathe this fresh mountain oxygen.

The perfection of this day is so soothing and relaxing. Cone-bearing trees are lining the highways, as if they are the paintbrushes of earth, painting the blue sky above.

The mountains are drawing near as you ride along the highway, they slowly soar into the sky. They seem to grow endlessly, and you wonder how more massive they can get. You can make out their jagged surface, and how snow is collected in the gaps of the ridges. The sun reflecting off the snow is as white as milk, and the places shrouded in shadows glow with a light turquoise.

It seems like no life grows on these mountains after a certain altitude and you can see why. The air gets thin at the height of these amazing formations, the weather is harsh way up there.

Zoning out on the beauty of this day, you hear your GPS remind you that your turn is coming up. You feel a rise of relaxation in you because you are ready for a rest after the long road trip.

This road is long and winding. The forest that you are passing through is immaculate. You are surrounded by millions of trees, constantly producing oxygen. Your windows are still down and you can smell the dampness of the woods. Handling the curves with ease, this drive is so relaxing.

You can see the sun rays cutting through the trees as you travel along. Happy that you have a watchful eye on the road, you notice a family of Elk is crossing ahead. Slowing down to a complete stop, you watch as this family does not fear you at all. There is a magnificent buck with long antlers atop his head. His fur is marked in a way that you know he must be one of the most beautiful of his kind. The mother elk is delicately built but you can see she is wise. Her two fauns follow close behind, grazing a few things as they follow their parents. The family slowly crosses the road, as if it is no different than the woods. You quietly watch in awe as they continue into the woods until you can no longer see them.

Thankful for this experience, you continue your drive. You don’t need GPS to remind you where to go at this point, because you’ve been down this road before.

You’ve come to the entrance of your private cabin, nestled in the woods. This place is miles away from any town as well as any neighbors. The cabin is the perfect size and has all you need. You go inside your cabin and everything is clean and ready for you.

There is some chopped wood waiting on the front porch, so you start a fire quickly and easily, not only for the warmth, but you really love the sound of a crackling fire.

After the fire is going, you have a seat on that nice couch, and just listen to the sounds, gazing at the flames. You could watch the fire for hours, but you desire to head outside because sunset is the most beautiful time at the cabin.

You walk out the front door to one of the most beautiful sights you’ve ever seen.

Your cabin is situated in front of a crystal clear pond, and the view of the mountains in the distance is breathtaking. There is a very small dock build out into the water, just big enough for you to walk out on. Walking down a gentle footpath that leads to the pond, notice the earth below seems to almost support your every step. You make your way to the edge of this dock and sit down, dipping your bare feet in the crisp water.

Your feet make contact with the water sending out the only ripples across the glass-like surface of the pond… you watch as the miniature waves travel slowly out in all directions from where you are. The surface of the water is reflecting the mountain in front of you reminding you of a landscape painting, that’s simply upside down. This pond represents your mind. On the surface, it is calm and serene, but you know that underneath there is a whole world of life.

The sun is beginning to set, turning the white snow on the mountaintops into shades of cream and light yellow. The sky behind the mountain is darkening into a deep royal blue. You follow the outline of the jagged edges of the mountain as it contrasts with the sky.

You breathe in the energy of this magnificent moment. Feeling so deeply relaxed. With complete peace of mind.

All you can do is be fully immersed in the beauty of the nature around you. You are feeling so relaxed and ready for a good night’s sleep in your cabin, but you must wait for the sun to fully set because you love seeing the night sky here. You can see some prominent stars out already.

You hear the crickets begin to chirp as the sun is chased away by the night sky. At first, it is only a few crickets, but their numbers grow as it becomes darker. The yellows on the mountain have faded to grays and blues. You know that no matter how dark it gets, the snow on the mountains seems to always be visible to some degree.

The night sky is a matte dark gray now, and more stars are appearing. There is no moon out tonight so the stars will be bright. You watch as the last bit of sunlight is erased from the sky. All of the stars seem to come out and dance in the sky for you. Everywhere you look, the sky is dappled with stars.

They are shimmering like diamonds reflect light. One star, in particular, catches your attention, because it is twinkling with delight. As you focus on only this star, you can see that it is changing colors from white, to red, to blue, to yellow, to purple, and back to white. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to the twinkle, all you know is that it is flashing just for you.

You feel so sleepy and you can already imagine how cozy the bed in the cabin is. So you head back across the short dock, hearing the boards of wood squeak below your feet. You must be surrounded by thousands of crickets, because it sounds like a symphony around you. You can see the warm light of the fireplace emanating from the cabin windows. As you get to the front porch, you are greeted with the deepest sense of being home you have ever felt.

Opening the door, you see the fire burning gently and the cozy bed, waiting for you. You know the fire is safe for the night because there is an ornate grate that you have placed in front of the opening. You pull back the cozy handmade quilt and the white sheets, to reveal the fluffiest pillows you have ever seen. They are like two clouds waiting to be snuggled with.

You get into the sheets and cover yourself with the blanket. The weight of the blanket wraps perfectly to your body, and the pillow cradles your head just like a mother cradles their baby.

This is the most relaxed you’ve ever been. You tune into the sounds of the cracking fire, this deepens your relaxation even more. You feel completely safe in this cabin, ready to have the most relaxing night’s sleep in your life.

Remember the mountain that waits outside the cabin. You can see it in your mind just as clearly because you’ve created a permanent image of this beautiful formation. The mountain represents your physical body, always strong and showing its beauty to others.

Remember the pond and how it represents your mind. Calm on the surface, highly intelligent in its depths….

Remember the family of Elk, crossing the road. Feel the strength in this family. They know exactly where to go and how to navigate the endless woods. This family represents your connections to others as well as how you treat yourself. With honor, dignity, and certainty.

And remember the cozy cabin. It represents your soul. Always warm, tidy and there to support you.

As you feel deeply relaxed, allow this experience to fill you with delight. You are strong, you are noble, you are calm, you are beautiful inside and out.

Breathing gently and smoothly, you feel more energized and excited to conquer your goals and dreams.

Rise from your mountain meditation whenever you are ready….

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