Manifestation Techniques

Manifestation is much more of an art form than a science. As such, there are many different tips, tricks, and techniques that go into it, and each person does it a bit differently. Finding your own unique methods of manifestation will happen as you go; until then, it’s important to learn about some existing manifestation strategies to help develop your skills.

Manifestation itself is the art of bringing a person, feeling, or object into your life with the power of your will. The more you think about, attune yourself to, and expose yourself to something, the more it will enter into and influence your life. How fast these manifestations come into being and how close they are to your own wishes vary, however.

It’s important to remember that the universe always gives us what we want – really! We have the power to manifest anything that we want in our lives to a T. However, our human condition can impede us in many ways: sometimes we can’t see what the universe is trying to show us, or sometimes we don’t know what it is we truly want, for example. Sometimes, what we want can change between the time we wish for it and the time the universe gives it to us.

Having several manifestation tips and tricks in your arsenal to help you manifest quickly and accurately is a great boon to the manifestation process. In this article, we list several of these techniques for your research and use. Enjoy!

Question Your Beliefs

Questioning your beliefs is an essential first step on the path towards mastering manifestation. The nature of manifestation is that the universe will send you many opportunities, some of which conflict with your beliefs or views on life. As such, if we take the time to sort our beliefs beforehand, we will see and appreciate more and more of the universe’s gifts.

Your beliefs can impede you from manifesting what you want or need, too. Consider the following examples:

  • A woman who believes money is evil, but who needs money to pay her bills
  • A man who believes there is no higher power, but who needs a strong spiritual force to lean on
  • A student who thinks college is a scam, but who needs a degree to reach their dream job

Taking a good look at your beliefs before you begin your manifestation journey can reveal more manifestations than you had ever imagined.

Draw a Focus Wheel

A focus wheel, as the name implies, helps you to focus on pleasant, positive thoughts. A focus wheel is a simple exercise that involves writing down your goals and strengths within a wheel-shaped diagram. A focus wheel helps pin down things you may want to manifest in the future, too.

You can make a focus wheel every day, if you’d like, as a happiness-building exercise, or you can make just one and keep it somewhere prominent. The process of making the focus wheel itself helps build confidence and inspire happiness with what you already have, and it helps pinpoint your most important goals and dreams, too. With the help of a focus wheel, you can decide what manifestations are essential in the short-term and which ones can wait for a while.

Live Your Manifestations

Living as if your manifestations have already arrived is a critical definition of the belief in manifestation. If we’re attempting to bring manifestations into our life, it’s essential to both us and the universe that we trust that the universe is sending them our way. Not only does this prepare us for when our manifestations do arrive, but it also keeps us in-tune with our deeper desires as they grow and change with us.

As a nice bonus, living out our manifestations puts us in an incredible mood, as well, like the people in these examples:

  • A woman buying clothing a size smaller in preparation for manifesting weight loss
  • A man buying furniture that will eventually match his dream home
  • A family purchasing baby supplies and furnishing a nursery in preparation for a baby

When we live like our manifestations have already arrived, we send out powerful, attuned vibrations to the universe at large, pulling our manifestations ever closer to us. If you need just one method to increase the rate at which you manifest, do this.

Be alert

In addition to changing your beliefs, being more alert and attuned to the universe around you can help you recognize what the universe sends your way. If you aren’t paying attention to what the universe is sending, it could end up feeling like your manifestations never come even if the universe has been sending them to you repeatedly!

Being alert to the changing vibrations of the universe opens your eyes to new opportunities, too. Trying new things and becoming more diverse as a person is an integral part of manifestation since doing so opens up so many more manifestations to you. While running yourself ragged and making yourself uncomfortable is not the goal here, locking yourself up at home every day won’t manifest much in your life, either.


Affirmations aren’t unique to manifestation, but they’re so effective when used with manifestation that they’re worth going over here, too. When you affirm yourself, not only do you respect and love yourself more – two crucial parts of manifesting good things for yourself – but you also bring the things you’re trying to manifest closer to you.

If you’re familiar with manifestation, you know that thinking about negative things can work in the same way by bringing negative outcomes closer to you. By working on affirming ourselves instead, we focus on the positives instead of the negatives, bringing good things closer instead of bad things.

An excellent exercise to do with affirmations is to write them in a journal. You don’t have to use affirmations to turn negative things into positive ones, but they are particularly suited to this purpose. We’ve provided some examples below.

  • Instead of thinking, “I’m useless because I lost my job,” turn it into a good manifestation and affirmation by saying, “I’m going to find a new job this month that treats me well and suits my interests.”
  • Instead of feeling nervous about an upcoming job application, affirm yourself with statements like, “I’m going to do the best I possibly can in this interview!”

Be Decisive

An important thing to note for manifestation is that you must not just sit around and wait for your dreams to come true if you want them to at all. The universe depends on decisiveness and dedication to make your dreams come true. The universe does not respect laziness and indecisiveness.

When you take decisive, clear action towards your dreams and manifestations, the universe does take note. However, if you’re not a particularly decisive person, don’t give up! The universe will look favorably upon your efforts to improve yourself, too.

When you align your actions with decisiveness and the desire to fulfill your dreams, that desire vibrates throughout the other particles in the universe, bringing your desire just that much closer to you. There’s no way to know how far away it might be, but as long as you are decisive, it will come to you one day.

Write Your Manifestations

Writing your manifestations down on a board or in a manifestation journal is an excellent way to practice them, keep them fresh in your mind, and keep them visible and relevant. It can also help you by leading your mind toward new desires for manifestations in the process, too. If you feel comfortable, try doing this exercise with a trusted friend and share your results after.

Sharing your results with another person will help affirm them with the approval of someone close to you. Getting someone else’s thoughts on your manifestations can also help you pick out which ones are outdated, which ones you can live without, and which are the most important to you.

If writing down your specific goals and manifestations isn’t working well for you, try writing how your broader future will turn out instead. Take some time to sit down and imagine your ideal future from the ground up, then describe this future in your journal. Later on, you can break down this vision of the future into individual manifestations.


Like we described in the last step, visualizing helps us pin down our manifestations, turning large, complicated goals into smaller, more manageable chunks. Writing them down in a journal is an excellent way to do this, but it isn’t the only way. You can visualize your future just as well in your head, too, and take smaller manifestations from that.

One of the fringe benefits of visualizing your future is how it keeps your mind on what you desire most. When you experience a strong vision depicting how you want the future to turn out, you grow even more dedicated to making that vision come true. Moreover, visualizing your desired future frequently helps you resonate with it and the universe, bringing it closer to you over time.

To resonate with your desired future, practice answering questions like the following:

  • How far off is my dream future?
  • What other people and things will be in my life five years from now?
  • What will I be doing with my time in my dream future?
  • How will I feel about life in my desired future?

Don’t forget to involve your other senses in your visualizations, too! Thinking about what you’ll hear, touch, feel, and taste in your desired future helps you connect with it on an even deeper level as opposed to imagining only what you will see.

Trust and Surrender

Trusting that the universe will provide you with your manifestations and surrendering to that belief are two of the most challenging steps for any manifestor to complete. It is difficult enough for us to trust other human beings, let alone the universe itself! There are many reasons why we might find the tenets of manifestation hard to believe, but chief among them are:

  • The universe doesn’t have time for me
  • The universe is concerned with the whole, not the individual
  • My willpower alone cannot make my dreams come true
  • Manifestation is just too easy

Very few manifestors ever reach the point of totally surrendering to the power of the universe, and these people usually go down as some of the most successful and influential. Many famous people, like Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey, for example, are excellent examples of people that have mastered this challenging aspect of manifestation.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a teaching and a force that manifestation as a concept is built around. Essentially, the law states that like attracts like when pared down in its purest form. This means that if we’re looking to draw something to ourselves, we should release the same vibrations into the universe. If we’re looking to attract happiness, we should give off happiness, for example.

Manifestation frequently asks us to school our thoughts or beliefs to help us attune ourselves with the universe. This is one such time. If we’re looking to manifest love from the universe, it’s important that we put just as much love back into the universe itself. We must think loving thoughts, perform loving actions, and show as much love as possible to the people and things around us. The same concept applies for other emotions like happiness, support, and security, too.

Master Yourself

Before you can master the universe, you must first master yourself. You have little hope of understanding how the universe works if you don’t even know your own internal workings. The universe is far more mysterious and far less predictable than a human being, after all.

Mastering yourself involves many things, foremost of which is controlling the way you act, speak, and think. Controlling your thoughts and feelings will help to pull similar emotions to you; you need to be able to school your emotions towards happiness or love when you’re looking to manifest those things, for example.

Likewise, we need to control or cure any emotional baggage or trauma that followed us into our manifesting lifestyle. If we focus on negative things, whether they originate from our past or not, that will inevitably pull more negative things to us through manifestation.


Feeling and practicing gratitude for what the universe provides for us is another essential strategy for mastering manifestation. Just like with any other emotion we put out into the universe, if we show gratitude, that gratitude will be returned to us. Gratitude is a special case, though, because the universe recognizes and rewards gratitude more than anything else.

A common phrase for this is “having an attitude of gratitude.” Besides gaining us points with the universe, having this attitude of gratitude keeps us humble as well. Gratitude is something that should follow you every day as you appreciate what the universe sends your way.

Regardless of whether or not the universe gives us a solution that we wanted or not, we should at least show some appreciation for it. The universe will sometimes send solutions our way that don’t necessarily line up with what we originally wanted, and being grateful for these solutions plays a vital role in keeping us humble and broadening our horizons.

Surround Yourself with Good Company

Surrounding yourself with good, supportive people and friends isn’t just crucial for success with manifestation – it’s essential for any success. Friends and family who are not supportive and upbeat can very quickly bring you down, making you feel like what you want to pursue in life is not worth working hard for.

Successful people surround themselves with successful people, and this phenomenon should extend to manifestation, too. While the friends you choose don’t all need to be upbeat manifestation experts, they should at least support your venture into manifestation in addition to having important investments of their own. Their dedication and support will help you reach higher yourself, and by showing them the same courtesy, you will be adding more support and happiness to the universe in the process.

Set Intentions

All of the power of your manifestations comes from the intentions behind them. The reason why you want something in the first place, after all, comes from your intentions. The stronger your intention is, the more motivated and dedicated you will be to attaining your manifestation.

As such, aligning your intentions with your greater goals and dreams in life is very important. For example, if your vision is to become a business owner, take some time to think about why. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Where did this dream or desire come from?
  • How long have you wanted to become a business owner?
  • How strong is your resolve to your dream?
  • Will you be able to persevere in this dream when the going gets tough, or will your willpower fizzle out halfway?

Every few months, take some time to sit down, evaluate your dreams and goals, and set some strong intentions to back up your manifestations. Doing this will help you persevere through hard times that may test your resolve, and it will help you to remain in contact with what you want even as you grow and change.

Take Your Time

While on your road to manifestation, it’s important to remember that the universe does not exist under the same influences of time as we do. In truth, time is an entirely human construct, and the universe is not bound by the fetters of time like we are. The universe exists in only one ever-present moment; everything that the universe creates simultaneously exists and doesn’t exist at the same time.

As such, it’s important to remember that the timeline for when you will receive your manifestations can be unpredictable. While we are permitted to specify what it is we want when we want it is not quite so concrete. Even if you say you want to earn one thousand extra dollars by tomorrow, that extra cash could come to you tomorrow or fifty years from now. Alternatively, the universe could send it your way, but you might not even notice it as it comes.

Taking your time, therefore, to live in the moment and attune yourself to the universe’s understanding of time helps you to communicate with the universe even better. When we live in the present and take things day by day, we start to understand how the universe works just a little bit more.

Manifestation Box

A manifestation box is a powerful tool that’s designed to help you focus on your goals and manifestations. To create a manifestation box, all you need is, well, a box! If you have the time and inclination to do so, we recommend decorating the box while you’re at it, but this isn’t a required step.

Next, place things that represent your manifestations inside the box. If you would prefer to just write your manifestations on a piece of paper and put that paper in the box, that will do, but we recommend trying things like:

  • Placing a picture of your dream home inside the box if you’re searching for a new home
  • Place a golf ball in the box if you’re looking to become proficient at golf
  • If you’re looking to find love, write a letter to your soulmate and put it in the box

The Water Technique

The water technique is another manifestation tool that is similar to the manifestation box. With the glass of water method, you write down your goals and manifestations on a piece of paper, channel that wish through your hands into a glass of water, and then drink that glass of water. While this exercise is simple, it symbolizes making your manifestations a part of you.

This method is said to charge your body with energy from your wishes, attuning yourself to your manifestations and the universe at work.

Be Humble

Humility is another vital precept of manifestation, and this can be a tough one for some people, too. The power of knowing that we can create anything and everything with only the power of our human will can be heady for some, but the universe helps to keep us in check by regulating what, where, and when we can manifest.

Regardless of whether you’ve manifested a winning lottery ticket, the love of your life, or even something as simple as your car keys, we need to hold onto our humility through it all. If we don’t maintain our humility, the universe will swiftly put us back in our place. Of course, since the universe acts as an equalizer, we can depend on it for that discipline if we need to.

Take the Stairs

“Taking the stairs” is a metaphor for taking your time and remembering to walk the overgrown path once in a while in life. While life provides us with many shortcuts, most of them through the universe itself, it’s vital that we show that we’re willing and able to work hard for what we want, too. Like we said earlier, manifestation is not just asking for something and then doing nothing; if you want your manifestation to become a reality, you must work for it.

Taking the stairs also circles back to the idea of taking things slow. While we may feel like we want to achieve our manifestations as soon as possible, doing so is not necessary or even good for us. Taking things one step at a time helps us to evaluate a situation from all angles before making a decision, gives us time to rethink decisions we may have rushed into, and gives us time to gather information before committing to a particular outcome, among other things.


In many ways, manifestation serves more as an idea more than an actual phenomenon. By inspiring us to work for our dreams and desires and urging us to believe that they already exist, we quickly unlock our full potential. After all, if you truly believe that a promotion is waiting for you in the wings, you’re far more likely to work hard for it than you would be if you had doubts about it, right?

Regardless of what manifestation is in the end – whether it genuinely is cosmic forces at work or the resilience of the human condition working in our favor – it serves as a fabulous motivational tool that can inspire us to reach new heights. When we know our manifestations are out there, we feel comfortable dreaming big and demanding all of the things we deserve from life!

Even without the actual manifestations in question, the practice of manifestation and the preparations thereof change us as people. They help us grow, develop, and mature in ways that we may never have considered before. Even if you have trouble believing in cosmic forces, give manifestation a try. With these exercises, you may find that you emerge from it with tools you never had before.

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