How to Be Down-To-Earth

Being down-to-Earth is a desirable trait to have in today’s world, especially the dating world. Down-to-Earth people are logical, calm, loyal, and know what they want. As such, teaching yourself to be down-to-Earth can be a profitable and useful venture, especially if you’re looking to attract the attention of others.

Besides just being attractive to others, being down-to-Earth can help you in all sorts of other ways, too. Down-to-Earth people tend to stress less about things, and they tend to keep their cool better, also. They’re especially good at seeing all sides of a situation whether they’re a part of it or not.

While you might not be down-to-Earth naturally, the good news is that you can teach yourself how to be this way to an extent. In this guide, we’ll show you some useful tips and tricks on how to develop a down-to-Earth personality.

The Why

The first thing to think about when you’re considering how to be down-to-Earth is what your end goal is. Are you trying to be down-to-Earth so you can attract more romantic prospects? Maybe you want to seem more down-to-Earth to increase your employability? Whatever the case may be, increasing this trait is likely to help you out in multiple ways.

Figuring out why you want to be a down-to-Earth person will help you decide how to proceed. If you’re going to do it to help curb some of your more unattractive behaviors, for example, addressing those behaviors would take priority. If you’re doing it to increase your dating prospects, however, the steps you would make might be entirely different.

Not counting what we’ve already mentioned above, some of the most common reasons why someone might want to become more down-to-Earth are:

  • Feeling out-of-control or unpredictable
  • Having trouble making friends
  • Inability to control your feelings
  • Difficulty working in a team environment
  • Apathy or failure to understand others

Be Humble

Humility is a trait that down-to-Earth people possess in spades, but it’s a difficult skill to develop. This is because walking the line between pride and meekness can be difficult. The ideal area in the center is humility, of course, but you’ll have trouble coming off as down-to-Earth if you land on either side of that line.

Fortunately, humility is a fashionable and attractive trait to show in our society today. Bragging about your accomplishments too much isn’t seen as beautiful, and over-meekness, where you can’t take credit for your achievements, can come off as unattractive, also. As such, merely socializing with other people and learning about how society treats humility is an excellent way to determine where that line is.

Humility is doubly difficult to learn because of the appropriate level of humility changes with the person who’s expressing it. For example, if you have numerous impressive achievements to back you up, there’s no reason not to be proud of those achievements. If you don’t have anything special like that, you shouldn’t be overly-meek about it, either.

The secret to showing the appropriate amount of humility seems to be being proud of yourself and what you’ve achieved without boasting about it to others. If your achievements come up routinely in conversation, there’s no reason not to talk about them or hide them, but you shouldn’t deliberately draw attention to them, either.

In the same way, the secret to avoiding meekness is to acknowledge that you’re just an average person without fishing for compliments. While needing a bit of advice now and then is normal, no one likes someone who fishes for praise or affirmation too often. Doing this can make you come off as too meek, attention-seeking, or worse.

Think Before You Speak

Down-to-Earth people have good mastery over the ability to think before they act. This applies in many different scenarios, of course, but it’s most commonly expressed in speaking. After all, getting to know someone starts by talking to them, and if you think before you speak, people are more likely to realize you’re down-to-earth rather quickly.

There are many reasons to think before you speak besides just wanting to be down-to-Earth. As human beings, we tend to fall prey to our emotions before our brain kicks in, so the ability to take an emotional step back and let our mind do the talking before reacting to something is precious. When you think before you speak, you can avoid misunderstandings and conflicts better, too.

Thinking before you speak gives you time to assess a situation, consider the implications of saying things to certain people, and potentially lets you come up with alternative courses of action. Down-to-Earth people tend to be calm and perceptive, too, and the ability to think before you speak helps you to keep situations from escalating and helps in refraining from offending others.

There are a lot of questions you can ask yourself while you’re thinking about whether you should speak about something or not. You will want to develop your own method eventually, but the following questions provide a great place to start:

  • Is what I am about to say right and accurate?
  • Will what I say offend anyone?
  • Could I rephrase what I’m saying more kindly or straightforwardly?
  • Does what I am saying matter to me on a deeper level?
  • Is what I’m saying helpful or hurtful to others?
  • Is what I want to say necessary?

Start Small

While some of us develop a down-to-Earth personality naturally over time, some of us need to try a bit harder to align our personalities with this character type. However, it’s impossible and unhealthy to change your nature in one day completely. If you are looking to change the way you think or act, it’s best to do it a little bit at a time and only when you feel ready.

Venturing into the territory of personality change is difficult. On the one hand, your identity is your identity, so you shouldn’t feel pressured to change your character because of society or because of someone else. Your identity is uniquely yours, and as long as you’re not breaking any laws or causing distress to others by being yourself, no one can tell you to do otherwise.

However, if you desire to change the way you act, you are entitled to that desire, regardless of where it comes from. You should go about doing so slowly and carefully, though. If you try to change yourself too drastically, you may end up failing, or you could end up forgetting who you truly are along the way.

That being said, desiring to be a more agreeable, down-to-Earth person is a noble desire. Self-improvement is something we should always aspire to, and while this aspiration can take on many different forms, the desire to be down-to-Earth is undoubtedly one of them.

However, this process is complicated by the fact that down-to-Earth-ness can be tough to define. However, there are a few traits that are common among all definitions:

  • Calmness in tense situations
  • A firm grasp of the world around them
  • A logical, realistic mind
  • A good sense of humor
  • Good listening skills
  • Humility without being attention-seeking
  • Confidence without being extroverted

Everyone’s idea of down-to-Earth-ness differs a little bit. However, you should only be concerned with following the notion that you admire or desire. Start with the aspects of your personality that don’t match up with your idea, working on a little bit at a time. Before you know it, you’ll be a far more down-to-Earth individual than you were before.

Personal Comfort

Down-to-Earth people are very comfortable in their skin. While many of them like to practice self-improvement, they’re not overly self-conscious about themselves, either. On the contrary, down-to-Earth individuals carry themselves with a sureness that shows they’re secure in themselves and who they are.

As such, if you are not particularly comfortable in your skin, that’s something you’ll need to address over time. If you’re uncomfortable with yourself, that may be causing you personal stress already, so it’s a good idea to try to address those insecurities even if you’re not looking to become down-to-Earth.

A down-to-Earth person is very calm, collected, and secure. If someone else insults them or criticizes them for something they do, they will respond with a coherent, well-structured reason to why they are the way they are. After all, a down-to-Earth person is proud of the way they are, and while they won’t start conflicts with others unless they deem it necessary, they will defend themselves against someone who’s making unfair accusations.

Defending What’s Right

Down-to-Earth people feel comfortable supporting things that they feel are right. Since they have a strong sense of confidence and security in themselves, these people don’t mind putting themselves in the line of fire if it means speaking for justice and righting someone else’s wrongs. This is especially true if they perceive something as unfair.

While a down-to-Earth person isn’t a crucifier or a campaigner – they won’t usually go out of their way to defend an issue – if one is presented to them directly, they will step up to the plate. A down-to-Earth person’s model is to avoid meddling but to still stand up for what’s right.

As such, when a down-to-Earth person gets presented with something like gossip, unfair stories, or injustice, they will set things right in whatever way they can. If they hear false gossip spreading around, they’ll let the person know, stop the rumors there, or confront those that are responsible for them in the first place. If someone they know is experiencing injustice, they won’t hesitate to make the situation known.

When something unjust is happening to someone or something around them, it never fails to rub a down-to-Earth person the wrong way. Issues that are sure to get them to jump up and take action are:

  • Racism
  • Inequality
  • Injustice
  • Abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Unfairness


A down-to-Earth person is always concerned with fighting for what’s right. Just like how they will stop unjust rumors from being spread or fight for fairness between individuals, they’ll give you nothing but honestly when you ask for it. A down-to-Earth person realizes that lying to someone is often more hurtful than telling them the truth, especially in the long run. As such, if you ask what they think about something, they will take pride in giving you their honest opinion.

A down-to-Earth person will never be fake with you, either. While they won’t be outwardly mean to you, you will know if a down-to-Earth person doesn’t like you because they have little desire to be around you. If you ask them if they like you or not, they won’t lie to spare your feelings, but they’ll try to avoid being put in that situation at all if they can help it.

This brutal honesty doesn’t mean that a down-to-Earth person is insensitive or unthoughtful. If they think you aren’t ready to hear the truth, they will either let you know as such or will try to avoid situations where you might ask them for the facts. They don’t want to hurt your feelings, but they won’t lie to you for the sake of that alone. Down-to-Earth people aren’t spiteful.


Down-to-Earth people are humorous and easy to get along with because they know when and when not to take things seriously. When the topic turns serious, they know when to put their game face on and focus, but at any other time, they don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re the type of person to let mistakes or arguments disappear instead of holding grudges or expecting restitution.

The humor of a down-to-Earth person is unique and comforting without being stifling or rude. Since they’re so good at walking the line between appropriate and inappropriate, down-to-Earth people rarely tell an off-color joke to the wrong crowd or fail to read a room. They’re always aware of what kind of humor will be the most appropriate for their situation, and they’re cautious about testing the waters, too.

Down-to-Earth people are acutely aware that no one is perfect, and they know that when they feel uncomfortable, the other person probably does, too. As such, they take extra care to lighten the atmosphere in a room whenever possible and make everyone feel included. They’re particularly careful about engaging everyone in a place, especially people who might feel left out or excluded.

Down-to-Earth people are big fans of wholesome humor, but they aren’t afraid to delve into whatever the company they’re with enjoys best. If they’re comfortable with it, they’re very good at pulling off lewd humor without making the people around them feel uncomfortable. However, they’re rarely fans of jokes at someone else’s expense.


Down-to-Earth people tend to be decisive and determined, especially when something important to them is at stake. They aren’t afraid to work hard for what they want, even if they have to make sacrifices along the way. They’re also not bothered by what other people think of their decisions. If a down-to-Earth person wants to go to a rally or event that matters to them, for example, no opinions, thoughts, or judgments from others will be able to stop them.

The reason why down-to-Earth people can be so decisive is that they know themselves and the things that matter to them well. If a down-to-Earth person needs to make an important decision, they will research all options and outcomes before they decide on one. If they would prefer to go with the flow instead, they are capable of deliberately making that decision, too.

If a down-to-Earth person is proven wrong or their mind gets changed by someone else, they won’t get flustered about it. They’re open to hearing about what others think about things, and if what they say makes sense, they aren’t afraid to change their prior stance to agree with them. However, they rarely waiver between positions or decisions. If they’re going to change, they change; otherwise, they remain staunchly in their camp.

If you have problems being decisive and you’re looking to increase your ability, try some of these exercises:

  • Read a self-help book on the subject
  • Attend a class or workshop
  • Listen to a motivational speaker
  • Play videogames that involve choice

Look Outward

Down-to-Earth people are concerned about both themselves and the world around them. They’re able to maintain a careful and intentional balance between self-care and caring about those around them. Striking this balance takes a lot of practice and work, even for experienced individuals. More often than not, the only way to get it right is through trial and error.

Think about all the ways that you care for yourself in a day. You eat, sleep, groom yourself, practice good hygiene, exercise, and take vitamins, to name a few examples. However, many people take certain aspects of self-care to extremes, turning it into an obsession with their appearance or lifestyle.

Down-to-Earth people aren’t afraid to take care of themselves, but they always keep it at a reasonable level. Rarely do they feel the need to over-indulge – they would prefer to do enough to keep themselves happy and healthy while staying away from excess.

As a result of this low-key approach to their inner workings, down-to-Earth people are particularly gifted at looking outward. They’re not afraid to devote themselves to the causes they care about, and they’re all about volunteering, ministry, donating, or otherwise helping these people and organizations.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes result in down-to-Earth people focusing too much on external things rather than internal things. They’re prone to sacrificing their health and happiness in favor of helping those around them. However, as long as they’re careful to keep a healthy balance between focusing on causes and focusing on themselves, they tend to find a lot of success.


Down-to-Earth people aren’t afraid to accept others for who they are. They don’t try to change people, and they receive the way someone else is without asking questions or judging them negatively. They’ll make friends with another social outcast even if it means facing the same treatment themselves if they like that person, and it’s no skin off their back to do so.

A down-to-Earth person will accept you the way you are regardless of who you are, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll enjoy hanging around you if they view you as a bad person or influence. While a down-to-Earth person will refrain from judging you and will give you the benefit of the doubt, they won’t associate with you if they don’t like you, either. If you push the envelope, they also aren’t afraid to tell you that they don’t like you.

Down-to-Earth people don’t believe in things like inferiority and superiority. They view all people as fundamentally equal, and it makes them deeply angry when they see inequality at work. Acting superior to others is a fast way to gain a down-to-Earth person’s ire, and acting inferior will draw their concern just as quickly.

The main reason for a down-to-Earth person’s acceptance of different people is their continual desire to learn and improve. When meeting other people, a down-to-Earth person is continually taking in new information, learning about the other person, and using that knowledge to improve themselves.

The reason why down-to-Earth people are so empathetic and talented at accepting others is that they view other people as human beings rather than a woman, a man, a white person, a person of color, or any other denominator. They also do things like:

  • Allowing others to make their own decisions without trying to force or influence them
  • Accepting and celebrating the differences between people instead of being wary of them
  • Resisting the urge to judge others until they’ve walked in their shoes
  • Giving thoughtful, unbiased advice regardless of who they’re talking to


Practicing gratitude in your everyday life is one of the most important ways to keep your head out of the clouds. Gratitude keeps us grounded, reminding us about all of the things we’ve been blessed with and all of the things we’ve worked for. Feeling grateful for what we have is one of the keys to remaining humble and happy for a down-to-Earth person.

Down-to-Earth people are always aware of how happy they are to be alive, how lucky they are to be supported by friends and family, and just how many beautiful things have come their way throughout their lifetime. They’re determined to have their dreams become a reality, but they’re also thankful for what has been given to them. They’ve made a habit of thanking others generously when they do something for them, and they always make sure to pass that gratitude along.


Patience ties into many of the other traits of a down-to-Earth person. If you’re not patient, you will likely jump to conclusions about others and end up judging them. You’ll probably lose patience with pursuing your dreams and give up on that, too. When a person loses their patience, they lose their grip on calm, sanity, and logic, all qualities that define down-to-Earth people.

Patience seems to suffuse down-to-Earth people. You will rarely if ever see them become truly angry. Like any other human being, their patience might wear thin or not go as far when they’ve had a rough day or when they’re feeling unwell, but their patience typically rivals that of the saints, and they aren’t afraid to show it.

However, some situations tend to drain a down-to-Earth person’s patience more than others. We have mentioned most of them in this article; injustice and inequality, for example, tend to drive a down-to-Earth person right up the wall. However, even when they feel like they’re about to explode on the inside, a down-to-Earth person will rarely let it show on the outside, and this attests to their unflappable calm, logical nature, and analytical mind.


There is a lot to be said about someone who wants to live a down-to-Earth lifestyle. Living down-to-Earth is not just a lifestyle change, but also a mindset that you must adopt before you’re successful. There are compromises to be made for this lifestyle, but the results are often worth the extra effort.

There can be several different driving forces behind the desire to live a down-to-Earth lifestyle, too. Some people want to be viewed as more down-to-Earth because this trait is highly desirable in a partner. Others know that the control that a down-to-Earth lifestyle offers will help them guide their lives in the right direction. Your compulsion for making the decision does not matter in the end.

However, this isn’t to say that developing a down-to-Earth personality won’t be easy. It all depends on where you are starting from, of course, but for the majority of people, becoming down-to-Earth will take just a few steps. Most of us have one or more of the traits mentioned in this guide mastered already. However, even if you have a long way to go, becoming a down-to-Earth person is possible regardless of whether you started as one or not.

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