Good Luck Spells

Sometimes, it seems as though nothing is going your way. You could use a little good luck. Whether you’re a witch or just want to turn your fortune around, you can use some of these good luck spells to improve your circumstances.

Fortune Is Already Available to You

Before we go into the specific spells that you can use to improve your circumstances or those of someone you love, you should understand how spellcasting works. Everything that you could ever want is out there in the universe. You don’t have to create abundance; you simply need to magnetize it to you.

There are many reasons why you may not feel abundant or why you might be in less-than-desirable circumstances. One of the reasons is that you may be stuck in patterns of limiting beliefs. In other words, if you don’t believe that you will have good luck, you may never realize the fortune that’s out there waiting for you.

One of the sayings that you might hear as you learn about witchcraft and alchemy is, “As above, so below.” Some people say, “As within, so without.”

It means that what happens on the physical plane mimics what’s going on in the spiritual plane. If you feel like you’re broke, unhappy, and having bad luck, you’re putting out the kind of vibration that will attract lack, discontent, and misfortune.

It often happens that to attract what you desire, you first have to raise your vibration to a level that will match the good luck that you want. Moping around because you don’t have good luck is going to keep you fixed in a place where you continue to draw in the lack of fortune.

We are all connected, and we are one with the universe. Therefore, what you feel within yourself mirrors what’s on the outside, and vice versa. Everything that you experience as your reality is a projection of what you think and feel. Therefore, if you change what you think and feel, you can change your reality.

Casting a good luck spell is one way to align yourself with the energies that can help you obtain the positive fortune that you desire. You’ve already used good luck spells in your life if you have ever tossed a penny into a fountain and made a wish.

That type of action involves raising your energy to a point where you can clearly visualize what you want. You might even get so excited about the wish that you feel as though you already have the object of your desire.

When that’s the case, you don’t put out needy energy, which vibrates on a lower level because it’s tied to the fact that you don’t have something. If you can visualize what you want in a way that makes you feel as though you have it, you’re putting out the energy that matches your desire.

Combine that with using symbolism—the act of tossing a penny into a fountain—and you tell the universe that you’re serious. Using a prop helps you focus your intention.

How to Cast a Good Luck Spell: Where to Start

Before you cast any spell, it’s a good idea to ground yourself. If you enter into spellcasting with chaotic energy, you might conjure up a chaotic outcome. Therefore, it’s essential to practice becoming centered so that you can access this serene state while casting a spell.

When you start spellcasting, you should set up some sacred space. You might have an altar or a table that holds crystals, salt, water, incense, candles, and any other props that you wish to use during your spell. This should be in a space where you can be uninterrupted while you perform your rituals.

Grounding Meditation Before Casting a Spell

Sit, stand, or kneel in your space. Allow yourself to be comfortable and still.

Begin to breathe, focusing on your breath as it enters and exits your body. During this time, allow your thoughts to flow. You might notice that you have a lot of mental clutter. Allow ideas and thoughts to enter your mind and keep going through it. Try not to hold onto, analyze, or judge them.

Once you have entered a state of relaxation, imagine that a white or golden column of light is coming down from the heavens. Breathe it in. Feel it flow through you as you inhale and exhale.

After you have intentionally moved the column of light into your body, to the tips of your fingers and toes, visualize that you are breathing it out to the earth. Allow the light to extend deep into the layers of the earth.

As the light from the universe mixes with the energy of your body and the earth, visualize it balancing itself out, harmonizing all of the energies. Begin to breathe the light back up into your body. Finally, imagine that you are extending that light back out into the universe through the crown of your head.

As Above, So Below Meditation

You might also want to try using a mantra during your meditation. You can try this technique when centering yourself before a spellcasting practice.

A mantra can help you focus your thoughts and energy. If you often get distracted while meditating, this practice may direct you into a more grounded space.

After you have relaxed into your space, touch your third eye (the spot between your eyebrows) with your index finger. Say, “As above.” Then, touch your solar plexus with your index finger. Say, “So below.”

Open your arms so that your palms face the sky, keeping your elbows at your waist. Say, “As without.” Bring your hands in, connecting your palms in prayer position at your heart center. Say, “As within.”

Stay in that position for as long as it takes to feel calm, centered, and grounded. Finish the meditation by thanking spirit, God, the universe, your spirit guides, your higher self, a deity that you’re working with, or any other benevolent entity that you would like to summon for your spells. Bring your hands to your third eye, bowing your head in gratitude.

Opening and Closing a Circle

Before they practice magick or work with energy, many witches choose to cast a circle. To do this, point your finger or wand at the floor in front of you. You may want to begin facing north. Then, turn your body clockwise, with your arm extended, so that you draw an imaginary circle on the floor.

As you do this, ask for protection from negative energy. Picture the circle as a bubble that extends up over your head and surrounds you.

When you finish casting the spell, you can close the circle by drawing the imaginary curve in a counterclockwise direction. You might say something such as, “Thank you for protecting me in my magic today. Let the circle now fade away.”

Spells to Attract Good Luck

Anything that raises your vibration and puts out positive energy will automatically improve your luck. Positive experiences vibrate on a high frequency. If you raise your own vibrational frequency, your energetic field won’t be a nurturing environment for low-vibration experiences. Therefore, the bad luck will fall away, and good luck will have room to enter.

Practicing gratitude and centering yourself with meditation on a regular basis can raise your vibration. However, you can also engage in some of the more specific spells below, which attract good luck in various ways.

Aura Cleansing Herbal Bath

Spiritual baths have been part of many ancient religious traditions. Taking an aura cleansing bath can help you release negative energy. Doing this creates space in your aura to attract positive vibrations.

Your aura is an energy field that surrounds you. Although everyone is born with a clean aura, the energy field can become dirty with negative energies, detrimental thoughts, unhealthy foods, and unfavorable behaviors. If you don’t cleanse your aura, the negative energy can accumulate and attract bad luck.

You can choose to use any of the following herbs for your bath:

  • Rue – An herb that is known for its spiritual healing properties, rue protects you against negative energy, encourages optimism, and promotes prosperity.
  • Rosemary – Rosemary removes negative energy and stimulates healing related to desire, self-love, and anxiety.
  • Guinea hen weed – This herb is excellent for physical health. It enhances the immune system, relieves pain, and helps fight infection.
  • Basil – Basil has protective and healing properties. It is also used to attract love.
  • Cinnamon – Cinnamon vibrates at a high frequency. It helps promote feelings of safety and comfort. It also helps you connect with your higher self and promotes psychic energy.
  • Dill – Dill is associated with luck, healing, and protection.

Run a bath as you normally would, and add the herbs in a piece of cheesecloth tied with string. You can also add the herbs separately, but you might want to strain them out before you drain the water. If you don’t, you might clog your pipes with the residue.

Place a white candle in the bathtub. Before you enter the bath, set your intention for the ritual. You might want to ask that your aura be cleansed of negative energy and ask for the space to be filled with the abundance that’s already in the universe.

Soak in the bath for 20 to 30 minutes, reflecting on your intention. You might even want to set a word as a mantra to meditate on. For example, you could focus on the words “cleanse, purify, or release.” Imagine that the water is removing any negative energy from your body, mind, and spirit.

Invoke Lady Luck

The Greek goddess Tyche, known as Fortuna in Roman mythology, symbolizes luck. You might want to call on her or work with her when you’re casting your spells. Invoke her powers to bless a child or woman. You can also invoke Tyche/Fortuna to bring good luck while you or someone else is traveling.

To call in the goddess, write your wishes on a piece of paper. Fold the paper three times, and place it under a cauldron or fire-proof bowl. Burn frankincense in the bowl as you recite the following incantation:

“Please come, Tyche/Fortuna, with your rich abundance, blessings, and prosperity. Goddess of luck, goddess of fate, goddess of fortune, enter my circle. Bless my circle with your magick. Blessed goddess, I invoke thee.”

You may wish to burn the paper with your intention to release its energy and invite the reciprocal energies to meet it and bring you what you desire.

Burn a Cat’s Whisker

Cat’s whiskers are magickal symbols that can add power to any spell that you cast. You can use them in any good luck spell. Just make sure that the whiskers have fallen naturally. Never harm a cat to remove the whiskers from their body. Your spell will be laced with negative energy.

If your cat does shed a whisker, save it to use in your spellcasting process. Whiskers are believed to bring good luck.

When you really desire something, whisper your want to the whisker. Then, burn the fiber in a candle flame. You may also carry a cat’s whisker with you in a mojo bag to improve your luck and open the road ahead of you.

Sigil Magick

A sigil is a symbol that represents your intention or desire. You can use a sigil as part of your good luck spells. To do so, write down the object of your desire as though you already have it. For example, you may write, “I have a loving romantic relationship with a partner who inspires me.” The shorter the sentence is, the better. You could consolidate this sentence into one word that represents the desire: “Love.”

Then, rewrite what you’ve written, but discard any vowels and punctuation. If we were working with the word “Love,” it would look like “LV.” If you’re working with a longer sentence, discard any repeating consonants until you’re left with a string of unique consonants.

Next, take a blank piece of paper, and write the letters on it. Disguise them as much as you want. You can layer letters upon letters, or create aesthetically pleasing designs with them. This becomes the sigil that you’ll work with.

Charge the sigil by focusing on it while you’re in a completely quiet state of mind. You may want to do a practice that raises your vibration, such as dancing, meditation, or having an orgasm, before or while you charge your sigil.

After you’ve charged the sigil, you can destroy it by tearing it up or burning it. You can also tuck it away somewhere that you will forget about it. You no longer need to focus on the intention. At this point, you must trust the universe to do its work.

Spells to Banish Bad Luck

Some spells are designed to bring in good luck. Others get rid of negative energy to make room for the positive to flow in.

Road Opener Spell

In many cases, bringing in bad luck means opening the doors where obstacles may otherwise be in the way. The road opener spell removes impediments and hurdles. You might consider it a spell that gets rid of bad luck to pave the way for good fortune.

Some of the ingredients that you may want to use for this spell include:

  • Orange essential oil
  • Paper
  • Ink

Take some time to consider which road you’d like to open. You might want to remove blockages from your path to health, love, wealth, friendships, career, or other areas of your life.

Choose one area and set an intention. Your intention may be as simple as, “I ask to remove the obstacles in my path to health.” Then, write that intention on a piece of paper. Encircle your words three times using the orange oil while focusing on your intention.

Anoint the candle with the same oil. Then, place the candle on top of the paper with your intention.

Light the candle while thinking about your intention. Then, say something such as, “I call upon the power of spirit to bring my intention to light. Please clear all of the obstacles, and allow me to follow my path with clarity and ease.”

Next, visualize yourself enjoying the blessing that is coming to you. You may repeat the incantation and visualization process three times.

Before you leave the space, declare your trust in your higher power and declare your appreciation that you are walking down your clear path toward your intention. Allow the candle to burn to the bottom.

Once the candle has burned out, you can place the paper with your intention in your wallet. Anoint it with more orange oil periodically. As your intention begins to manifest, you can burn the paper and thank your higher power for helping you reach your objective.

Burn Bad Luck

This simple spell requires a white candle, cauldron, paper, and ink. On the paper, write the words, “Bad Luck.” Then, make a list of all of the ways that bad luck has come into your life. If you don’t have specific details and would just like to protect yourself, you can skip this step.

Next, draw an X over everything that you wrote. As you do this, visualize the bad luck leaving your life. Envision yourself to be safe from any harm. Trust that your bad luck streak has ended.

Burn the paper in your candle. As you do so, recite the following incantation: “Fire, burn this burden. My luck is improving, and it will get better by the minute.”

Once the paper has burned, sprinkle some of the ashes under running water. Recite the following words: “Water water, running free; take bad luck away from me.”

Take some more ashes and throw them into the air outdoors. Say: “Winds of Change, take this luck, and make it right.”

Finally, sprinkle the remaining ashes on the earth. Say: “Earth, remove this bad luck, and alchemize it to transform it into a seed of abundance.”

How to Improve Your Spellcasting Abilities

Spells don’t always work overnight. While some spells are more powerful than others, the intention behind them plays a major role in their effectiveness.


Practice and consistency can improve your spellcasting abilities. It takes practice to center yourself and balance your energy before casting a spell. You might find that it’s harder to tune out distractions on some days compared to others. The more work that you do in this arena, the easier it will be to focus on your spells and rituals.

Keep a Journal

You might want to keep a journal that’s related to your spells and magick. You can keep track of the details every time you cast a spell. You could record the date, intention, ingredients used, incantations used, and any other important information. Come back to this over the next few days, weeks, and months to record the effectiveness of your spells.

Don’t forget to make a note of any synchronicities or seeming coincidences that happen in your life. Even if they seem unrelated to your spellcasting, if you keep track of them, you may begin to notice patterns that you were previously unaware of.

Open Your Awareness

Paying attention while you’re casting spells is incredibly important. You may find it challenging to work with a particular herb. Maybe all of the spells that you cast using rosemary don’t turn out well. You may not work well with that particular herb. The only way to learn this is through experience and awareness.

Keep your observation skills sharp as you work your way through the world of witchcraft. The universe is sending you messages all the time, and you’ll improve your ability to pick up on them with practice.

Practice Gratitude and Appreciation

Take time after you cast spells to sit with the energy. If you’re calling something into your life, practice feeling the appreciation that you would have if that thing already existed for you. The words that you say and the symbols that you use during your spells aren’t as important as the energy that you put forth.

Can You Conjure Good Luck at the Expense of Others?

You might wonder if you are altering the natural rhythm of the universe by casting spells to attract good luck. If you ask for good luck for yourself, are you pulling that fortune away from someone else?

As long as you cast spells with positive intentions, using love and light, you won’t create a negative backlash into the world. If you cast a spell using evil intent, it might work to bring bad luck to someone else.

However, Wiccan and some other Pagan traditions believe in the threefold law, or law of three. The law states that any magical action that you send out into the universe will return to you three times. This idea is not unlike the karmic effects that are part of ancient Eastern religions.

If you conjure good luck with good intentions, you’ll either have three experiences of good luck yourself or have the fortune returned three times stronger. If you cast a malicious spell to bring bad luck to someone, you may receive bad luck in three instances or at three times the strength that you would otherwise have experienced it.

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