148 Curiosity Quotes and Sayings

What the mind cannot resist can only be fulfilled by curiosity. It is man’s nature to know what’s happening around him and why things are the way there are. So feel free to keep your curious mind wandering with these 148 curiosity quotes.

Curiosity Quotes

1. Be curious always! For knowledge will not acquire you; you must acquire it. – Sudie Back

2. Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance. – S. Leonard Rubinstein

3. Curiosity will conquer fear even more than bravery will. – James Stephens

4. A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education. – Smiley Blanton

5. Curiosity is the engine of achievement. – Ken Robinson

6. There are no foolish questions, and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions. – Charles Proteus Steinmetz

7. Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect. – Samuel Johnson

8. The future belongs to the curious.The ones who are not afraid to try it, explore it, poke at it, question it, and turn it inside out. – Anonymous

9. Curiosity in children … is but an appetite after knowledge and therefore ought to be encouraged in them, not only as a good sign, but as the great instrument nature has provided to remove that ignorance they were born with and which, without this busy inquisitiveness, will make them dull and useless creatures. – John Locke

10. There is nothing left of him but curiosity and a pair of eyes. – Kurt Vonnegut

11. Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. – Walt Disney

12. Curiosity is the forerunner of discovery. – Richard Duke

13. The important thing is not to stop questioning; curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when contemplating the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of the mystery every day. The important thing is not to stop questioning; never lose a holy curiosity. – Albert Einstein

14. Creatures whose mainspring is curiosity enjoy the accumulating of facts far more than the pausing at times to reflect on those facts. – Clarence Day

15. Curiosity is a feeling which causes us not to be content with the beauty and fragrance of the flower, but which prompts us to look under the rose. – Mrs. Inchbald

16. Energy and curiosity are the lifeblood of universities; the desire to find out, to uncover, to dig deeper, to puzzle out obscurities, is the spirit of the university, and it is a channelling of that unresting curiosity that holds mankind together. – Robertson Davies

17. The whole art of teaching is the only art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards; and curiosity itself can be vivid and wholesome only in proportion as the mind is contented and happy. – Anatole France

18. Curiosity is as much the parent of attention, as attention is of memory. – Richard Whately

19. Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will. – Vernon Howard

20. The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. – Dorothy Parker

21. Curiosity … endows the people who have it with a generosity in argument and a serenity in cheerful willingness to let life take the form it will. – Alistar Cooke

22. Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning. – William Arthur Ward

23. When curiosity is alive, we are attracted to many things; we discover many worlds. – Eric Booth

Curiosity Quotes

24. Curiosity might be pictured as being made up of chains of small questions extending outwards, sometimes over huge distances, from a central hub composed of a few blunt, large questions. – Alain De Botton

25. Let your curiosity be greater than your fear. – Pema Chodron

26. The open mode is a mood in which curiosity for its own sake can operate, because we’re not under pressure to get a specific thing done properly. We can play. – John Cleese

27. Mere curiosity adds wings to every step. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

28. Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world. – John Muir

29. Curiosity is one of the great secrets of happiness. – Bryant H. McGill

30. Satisfaction of one’s curiosity is one of the greatest sources of happiness in life. – Linus Pauling

31. Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. – Stephen Hawking

32. If you are curious, you’ll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them. – Erno Rubik

33. Your curiosity is your growth point always. – Danielle LaPorte

34. Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas. – Marie Curie

35. Curiosity about life in all aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people. – Leo Burnett

36. If you can let go of passion and follow your curiosity, your curiosity just might lead you to your passion. – Elizabeth Gilbert

37. My favourite words are possibilities, opportunities and curiosity. I think if you are curious, you create opportunities, and then if you open the doors, you create possibilities. – Mario Testino

38. Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity. – Aaron Swartz

39. Curiosity killed the cat. – James Allan Mair

40. Curiosity is the very basis of education and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly. – Arnold Edinborough

Curiosity Quotes

41. Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. – Eleanor Roosevelt

42. Curiosity is the hunger of the human mind. – Rose Wilder Lane

43. Take all the courses in your curriculum. Do the research. Ask questions. Find someone doing what you are interested in! Be curious! – Katherine Johnson

44. Learning is by nature, curiosity. – Plato

45. All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind. – Martin H. Fischer

46. The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder. – Ralph W. Sockman

47. God spare me sclerosis of the curiosity, for the curiosity which craves to keep us informed about the small things no less than the large is the mainspring, the dynamo, the jet propulsion of all complete living. – John Mason Brown

48. It is so important to allow children to bloom and to be driven by their curiosity. – May-Britt Moser

49. It’s sort of a mental attitude about critical thinking and curiosity. It’s about mindset of looking at the world in a playful and curious and creative way. – Adam Savage

50. Every single day, I’m curious about everything. Curiosity is finding answers to things. – Mickey Drexler

51. Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity. – Billy Cox

52. Give people facts and you feed their minds for an hour. Awaken curiosity and they feed their own minds for a lifetime. – Ian Russell

53. Curiosity is lying in wait for every secret. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

54. Curiosity is the lust of the mind. – Thomas Hobbes

55. What a large volume of adventures may be grasped within the span of his little life by him who interests his heart in everything. – Laurence Sterne

56. Enjoy every step you take. If you’re curious, there is always something new to be discovered in the backdrop of your daily life. – Roy T. Bennett

57. I set out to discover the why of it, and to transform my pleasure into knowledge. – Charles Baudelaire

58. there is no reason why anyone should understand how it works… and of course no reason why anyone should care … unless you are curious, in which case I love you, for curiosity about the world and all its corners is a beautiful thing. – Stephen Fry

59. Children, be curious. Nothing is worse (I know it) than when curiosity stops. Nothing is more repressive than the repression of curiosity. Curiosity begets love. It weds us to the world. It’s part of our perverse, madcap love for this impossible planet we inhabit. People die when curiosity goes. People have to find out, people have to know. – Graham Swift

60. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why. – Bernard Baruch

Curiosity Quotes

61. It’s daring to be curious about the unknown, to dream big dreams, to live outside prescribed boxes, to take risks, and above all, daring to investigate the way we live until we discover the deepest treasured purpose of why we are here. – Luci Swindoll

62. Curiosity and irreverence go together. Curiosity cannot exist without the other. Curiosity asks, “Is this true?” “Just because this has always been the way, is the best or right way of life, the best or right religion, political or economic value, morality?” To the questioner, nothing is sacred. He detests dogma, defies any finite definition of morality, rebels against any repression of a free, open search of ideas no matter where they may lead. He is challenging, insulting, agitating, discrediting. He stirs unrest. – Saul Alinsky

63. It was not curiosity that killed the goose who laid the golden egg, but an insatiable greed that devoured common sense. – E.A. Bucchianeri

64. Her grandmother had once told her that one of life’s best lessons was not being afraid to look foolish — to just ask the question. – Melissa Senate

65. I’m always wondering about the what-ifs, about the road not taken. – Jenny Han

66. Curiosity can bring guts out of hiding at times, maybe even get them going. But curiosity usually evaporates. Gust have to go for the long haul. Curiosity’s like a fun friend you can’t really trust. It turns you on and then it leaves you to make it on your own – with whatever guts you can muster. – Haruki Murakami

67. People say: idle curiosity. The one thing that curiosity cannot be is idle. – Leo Rosten

68. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it saved my ass. – Michael J. Fox

69. Healthy curiosity is a great key in innovation. – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

70. Curiosity is the single most important attribute with which humans are born. More than a simple desire to discover or know things, curiosity is a powerful tool, like a scalpel or a searchlight. Curiosity changes us. It is also a way to effect change, perhaps even on a global level. – Loren Rhoads

71. One word love: curiosity. You long for freedom. You long to do what you want to do because you want it. To act on selfish impulse. You want to see what it’s like. One day you won’t be able to resist. – Captain Jack Sparrow

72. Socrates told us, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” I think he’s calling for curiosity, more than knowledge. In every human society at all times and at all levels, the curious are at the leading edge. – Roger Ebert

73. Me and my insatiable curiosity. If there’s any justice in the world, I was a very good cat in a past life. – Rhi Etzweiler

74. I follow and cultivate my own curiosity. I think curiosity is one of the top two or three human characteristics. It’s something that I really like about myself. […] I want to understand stuff! I want to understand people! Following my curiosity so frequently leads me to better life decisions and better business decisions but also – just feeling better! You’re never going to feel bad about your whole life if you loved people and you were curious. I mean, that’s kind of all I want! – Hank Green

75. Ignorance may be bliss, but only if it outweighs curiosity. Curiosity is a gateway drug to sympathy. – Victoria Schwab

76. Her searches after knowledge were arbitrary and without context. It was as if she were shining a small flashlight of curiosity into the dark room of the world. – Gloria Steinem

77. Curiosity is the one thing invincible in Nature. – Freya Stark

78. Curiosity is a call from knowledge. – Toba Beta

79. Curiosity is what separates us from the cabbages. It’s accelerative. The more we know, the more we want to know. – David McCullough

80. Why-why-why!… Ask it of everything your mind touches, and let you mind touch everything! – Ann Fairbairn

81. If we had known everything in this universe, we would have had to find another universe to feed our curiosity, because what keeps alive man is the curiosity! – Mehmet Murat ildan

82. Being curious is the most important part of being a journalist. It might be the most important part of being anything. – Lemony Snicket

83. Curiosity improved the cat. – Brandon Nankivell

84. Curiosity is the hair of our habit tending to stand on end. It rarely happens that our attention is not stained in greater or lesser degree by this animal element. – Samuel Beckett

85. What do you think was the reason this universe sprung all of a sudden into existence from nothing? It was curiosity. What do you think was the reason why time was finally set into motion? It was curiosity. And why did the first single cell life appear on Earth? It was nothing but curiosity. It is curiosity, my dear friend, which is driving this whole universe. – Abhaidev

86. Continually seeking what lies beyond your horizon is curiosity. – Nick Sousanis

Curiosity Quotes

87. Fear drives science away. Curiosity brings you closer to it. – Alan Maiccon

88. Embrace the importance of curiosity. Certainty is the opposite of growth. Don’t live life as if you have everything figured out. Read, be curious, and always be open to change — because after all, where has your current thought process gotten you? – Kathleen Trotter

89. Never grow weary of asking questions to obtain answers to satisfy your curiosity for that is the key to your mind’s freedom and a map to your aspirations. – Erwin D. Maramat

90. Count Chojnicki was curious. No other passion than curiosity sent him out into the world, drew him to the tables of the great gaming halls, sequestered him behind the walls of his old hunting pavilion, sat him down on the parliamentarians’ benches, determined that he would return home every spring, compelled him to throw his regular parties, and prevented him from cutting his own throat. It was curiosity that kept him alive. – Joseph Roth

91. It excited my curiosity. And I believe there is no greater sin than to leave one’s curiosity unsatisfied. Curiosity is a fuel that powers the engine of human advancement. – Keigo Higashino

92. It all comes back to curiosity. We live in a society that objectifies us as sexual objects and status symbols. We learn to flatten ourselves and others into little words: good and bad, ugly and pretty, right and wrong, lovable and unlovable. Then, we try to discover who we are through these labels. It doesn’t work. Because a human being is more than a signpost onto which we can plaster our judgments. A person is more than a sack of flesh to lose, keep, or throw away. A human being cannot be packaged into a stale idea. A person must be experienced to be known, and this knowledge ends the moment you stop looking. Each one of us is a mystery. And the more aware you become, the more mysterious it gets. The reward for seeking truth is not the truth itself. The gift is wonder. The gift is love. – Vironika Tugaleva

93. But continuing to initiate conversations and be curious about people is fundamental to building valuable relationships, because curiosity creates connections—that is the law of curiosity. – Michelle Tillis Lederman

94. Having no interest or being curious about nothing is just another way to pose questions. This invites a sweet paradox that even thought about lack of curiosity may make a person curious about the lack of curiosity. Where is it? – Thomas Vato

95. God does not reveal His secrets just to satisfy our curiosity but to bring solutions on earth – Dr Paul Gitwaza

96. Fear of the unknown will always be overpowered by human desire toward exploration. Curiosity is the risk, whose gifts often pays off. – Mladen Djordjevic

97. Curiosity cultivates wonder, inquiry, and delight. It causes an itch. Curiosity feeds a thirst for knowledge. It creates the desire to try, test, and tweak. Curiosity is contagious and causes change.

Be curious. – Scott Perry

98. If you have curiosity to live the life that comes after success. Then nobody can stop you from succeeding. – Atul Kumar

99. When in doubt, adopt an attitude of curiosity. – Joseph Deitch

100. Curiosity is such an unappreciated blessing. – Garry Fitchett

101. I can just let my curiosity wander unleashed. – James C. Collins

102. Curiosity begins as an act of tearing to pieces or analysis. – Samuel Alexander

103. Creativity flows when curiosity is stoked. – Neil Blumenthal

104. Curiosity is life. Assumption is death. – Mark Parker

Curiosity Quotes

105. Replace judgment with curiosity. – Lynn Nottage

106. Curiosity is the process of asking questions, genuine questions, that are not leading to an ask for something in return. – Brian Grazer

107. It may be that our cosmic curiosity… is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder. – Neil deGrasse Tyson

108. The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind, is curiosity. – Edmund Burke

109. If it’s a cliche to say that intellectual curiosity keeps your mind sharp, your senses alert, and your capabilities cutting-edge, that’s because it’s true. – Adena Friedman

110. Curiosity is natural to the soul of man and interesting objects have a powerful influence on our affections. – Daniel Boone

111. Looking back, I realize that nurturing curiosity and the instinct to seek solutions are perhaps the most important contributions education can make. – Paul Berg

112. Some advice: keep the flame of curiosity and wonderment alive, even when studying for boring exams. That is the well from which we scientists draw our nourishment and energy. And also, learn the math. Math is the language of nature, so we have to learn this language. – Michio Kaku

113. Human curiosity, the urge to know, is a powerful force and is perhaps the best secret weapon of all in the struggle to unravel the workings of the natural world. – Aaron Klug

114. Seize the moment of excited curiosity on any subject to solve your doubts; for if you let it pass, the desire may never return, and you may remain in ignorance. – William Wirt

115. It is one thing to mortify curiosity, another to conquer it. – Robert Louis Stevenson

116. Encourage your own curiosity; pursue the problems based on that. – James Mirrlees

117. There are two sorts of curiosity – the momentary and the permanent. The momentary is concerned with the odd appearance on the surface of things. The permanent is attracted by the amazing and consecutive life that flows on beneath the surface of things. – Robert Wilson Lynd

118. I was lucky enough at a young age to find out what I had a passion for, but whatever you’ve got a curiosity for, just give it a shot. – Seth Rollins

119. Curiosity is a great weapon for the artist. – Genesis P-Orridge

120. Curiosity takes ignorance seriously, and is confident enough to admit when it does not know. It is aware of not knowing, and it sets out to do something about it. – Alain de Botton

Curiosity Quotes

121. Curiosity is the best motive for writing: curiosity about the world at large, or about oneself. – Michael Korda

122. So curiosity, I think, is a really important aspect of staying young or youthful. – Goldie Hawn

123. Really, I’m only alive out of curiosity. I’m very curious about where we’re all marching. – John Hurt

124. I think that everybody should go out there and test their curiosity, find a haunted place. – Zak Bagans

125. I have always been fascinated by the way things work and how they came to take the form that they did. Writing about these things satisfies my curiosity about the made world while at the same time giving me an opportunity to design a new explanation for the processes that shape it. – Henry Petroski

126. We’re born with a curiosity about the universe. Those people who don’t have a curiosity don’t have it because it’s gotten beaten out of them in some way. – Kip Thorne

127. As long as you’re interested in people and things, that curiosity propels you forward. – Joanna Coles

128. Curiosity is vital to the growth of our society. – Janet Mock

129. I love learning, and I think that curiosity is a wonderful gift. – Andie MacDowell

130. The curiosity of the human mind is essential if you want citizens who think rather than accept the first nonsense they come to. – Francois Englert

131. Curiosity is what keeps me open to a sense of hope. It staves off negativity. – Carrie Brownstein

132. I think the virtue I prize above all others is curiosity. If you look really hard at almost anybody, and try to see why they’re doing what they’re doing, taking a dig at them ceases to be what you want to do even if you hate them. – A. S. Byatt

133. I’m naturally curious, and I’ve always been driven by my curiosity. Curiosity gets people excited. Curiosity leads to new ideas, new jobs, new industries. – Anne Sweeney

134. Blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures. – Lovelle Drachman

135. Curiosity is little more than another name for Hope. – Augustus William Hare and Julius Charles Hare

136. You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn – creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives. – Clay P. Bedford

137. Curiosity does, no less than devotion, pilgrims make. – Cowley

138. Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we can talk about it. – Blaise Pascal

139. Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit. – E. E. Cummings

140. Curiosity allows your unique “owned processes” to draw you toward creative conclusions. – Robert Genn

141. Make a searching and fearless inventory of your creative curiosity. – Sara Genn

142. People often say that I’m curious about too many things at once… But can you really forbid a man from harbouring a desire to know and embrace everything that surrounds him? – Alexander von Humboldt

143. We are no more than God’s curiosity about himself. – Thomas Mann

144. Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction brought it back. – Eugene O’Neill

145. Curiosity is the beginning of wisdom. – Francoise Sagan

146. If you want to cure boredom, be curious. If you’re curious, nothing is a chore; it’s automatic – you want to study. Cultivate curiosity, and life becomes an unending study of joy. – Anthony Robbins

147. Adventure is curiosity, the willingness to embrace uncertainty, wondering about the possibility of doing just one thing differently than before. – Bruce Kirby

148. Fear paralyzes; curiosity empowers. Be more interested than afraid. – Patricia Alexander

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