10 Best Meditation Shawls

Meditation is a practice that centers on calming the mind to achieve both mental and physical stillness. In fending off fidgets and racing thoughts, we can tap into a deep state of mindfulness while finding renewed purpose. Meditation has even been shown to increase focus and mindfulness in your day-to-day life.

That being said, meditation can be derailed by physical discomfort. An uncomfortable seat that causes pain in the tailbone, knees, back, or ankles in a common culprit. But, chilly temperatures can be equally as detrimental to a productive meditation session.

If you’re struggling to stay warm and focused during meditation you can try out a meditation shawl. Meditation shawls are designed to be worn during meditation as an added layer of warmth and comfort. Made from soft, breathable materials, these shawls can significantly increase the quality of your meditation sessions.

Here, we’ll explore the benefits of meditation shawls before revealing our top ten list of meditation shawls available today. Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or are just starting out, you should consider meditation shawls to improve your practice.

How Do People Use Meditation Shawls?

As aforementioned, the physical sensation of being cold can keep you from being fully present during meditation. Meditation shawls can help you stay warm while meditating in the chilly fall and winter months to increase your focus and rid your mind of extraneous thoughts. Instead of honing in on the goosebumps on your skin or a shiver up your spine, you can keep your mind fully centered on the intent of your practice, whether that be a mantra or the intent to fully empty your mind.

Meditation shawls can be especially helpful at night when the temperature drops. Many people enjoy meditating in the evening to help them wind down before bed. If it gets chilly in your home at night, you can use a meditation shawl to stay warm and tap into your deeper senses, rather than the feeling of being cold.

Meditation shawls can also easily double as yoga blankets. Yoga blankets can be used to enhance the benefits of various yoga poses, namely Savasana. A yoga blanket (or meditation shawl) can be rolled, folded, or pleated for different uses throughout your yoga practice.

What Are Kani Shawls?

Kani weaving is a technique that’s often used to create meditation shawls. This unique weaving method is distinctive and beautiful, creating some of the most desirable meditation shawls available. While it requires a skilled craftsman to create, a Kani shawl provides excellent warmth, beauty, and comfort.

A traditional handloom and wooden needles are used in Kani weaving to create an intricate weave with strategically placed knots. The result is a delicate, eye-catching shawl of unparalleled quality. Shawls made using the kani weaving method can take thousands of hours to create, and are therefore usually more expensive than other types of woven shawls.

Kani shawls are typically made from pashmina, which heightens their value. The quality of the pashmina must be exceptional, so Kani shawls are generally considered to be a luxury product. That being said, these shawls can also contribute greatly to your meditation session. Not only will a Kani shawl do the basic job of keeping you warm, but it will also make you feel wonderfully comfortable, soothed, and ready to remain fully mindful for however long you meditate.

Meditation Shawl Materials

Meditation shawls are often made from materials of the highest quality. Visibly beautiful and remarkably soft, these materials feel great against the skin to enhance your meditation.


Pashmina is a type of wool derived from the undercoat of Himalayan goats. Shawls made from this material can also simply be called “pashminas”. While pashmina is similar to cashmere, it’s not exactly the same.

Pashmina is typically finer in texture than cashmere, with greater softness and breathability. As a remarkably delicate material, pashmina has a soothing feel against the skin that’s nearly impossible to replicate.

Before it can be called pashmina, the undercoat from certain goats in the Himalayan area is washed, combed, and spun. This process prepares the wool for use while bringing out its natural softness.

Since pashmina is lighter than cashmere, it’s generally not used for sweaters. Instead, it’s more often used for shawls and scarves, like meditation shawls.


Wool naturally grows out of sheep’s skin and is made up of course, wavy fibers. Wool is taken from the sheep’s body using shears, and sheep can be shorn approximately one annually. The sheep will continue to grow more wool after it’s been shorn.

Wool has been used by humans for countless applications for years. While it’s commonly used in home furnishings and insulation, it can also be used for apparel. Australian wool is the main type of wool used for apparel because it’s of a high quality and won’t feel scratchy on the skin when worn. But the high-quality wool used for apparel doesn’t exclusively come from Australia – apparel wool is sourced from the Merino breed of sheep, which can be found in countries around the globe.

Wool is a top choice of material for numerous garments, including meditation shawls, because it provides these key benefits:

  • It’s a renewable material, as it’s grown using natural resources.
  • It’s soft and warm.
  • It’s a low-maintenance material.
  • It’s resistant to stains.


While silk is a somewhat less common material for meditation shawls than pashmina and wool, it’s still frequently used for this type of garment. Silk is a high-caliber material that’s considered to be the most durable natural fabric you can find. Additionally, the natural softness of silk make it a sought-after material all around the world.

Silk comes from fibroin, a type of fiber made by silkworms. Due to the involved process required to make silk fabric, it’s generally expensive. Thankfully, the silk-making process is also naturally sustainable and doesn’t cause harm to the environment. While this fabric may not provide as much warmth as wool, it has a luxurious look and feel that’s hard to replicate with other materials.


Rayon is a fabric used to make all varieties of garments, including meditation shawls. As a manufactured material, rather than a natural one, meditation shawls made from rayon are typically less expensive than their pashmina, wool, or silk counterparts.

Rayon is made from purified cellulose fibers. Some chemicals are needed to create rayon, so it’s technically a semi-synthetic material. The key reason why it’s used so commonly in consumer goods is its ability to mimic other fabrics. In fact, rayon can easily imitate the softness of silk and wool, making it a good choice for constructing comfortable meditation shawls.

You need to be especially careful when washing rayon because it can shrink or stretch in the washing machine. It isn’t as durable as the other materials listed here, which is a factor in its affordability.

The Best Meditation Shawls Available Today

Meditation shawls are a specialty item, but there’s a wide assortment of them available online today. Below, you’ll find our top ten favorite meditation shawls, along with the pros and cons for each, so that you can make an educated purchasing decision.

1. Plain Meditation Blanket or Prayer Shawl

This classic meditation shawl from Om Shanti Crafts is popular among customers. It combines a simple style with exceptional quality to deliver a comfortable meditation experience.

This meditation shawl is made from 60% Australian wool and 40% polyester. The wool blend material is lightweight to keep you from overheating, while delivering softness and gentle warmth on cold winter days. This particular style is ivory with a subtle maroon accent and a fringed edge. The fringe is both soft and attractive, providing an interesting visual detail to this understated shawl.

One of the top features of this meditation blanket is its generous size. It measures 8 feet long and 4 feet wide, so it can cover your entire body during meditation for warmth and comfort. This meditation blanket is also large enough to completely cover a twin-size bed.

Meditation shawls from Om Shanti Crafts, including this one, are handwoven in northern India to ensure the highest quality. With a rich history of meditation, yoga, and spirituality, these Indian-made shawls are designed to last for many years.



  • The soft and lightweight quality of this shawl means that you can use it comfortably in a range of different climates and temperatures.
  • This shawl is of the highest quality so that it delivers softness and durability for years to come.
  • The large size of this meditation shawl enables both men and women to use it as a full-body blanket or shawl.
  • The subtle maroon accent and fringe included in the design of this shawl make it visually attractive.




  • The inclusion of wool in the material of this shawl may cause some people to feel itchy when they wear it.


2. Large Superior Kani Shawl

This large kani shawl is imported from India. Made from 100% Australian wool, it’s intricately weaved using the Kani method, which we discussed above. The design is a detailed paisley pattern using several elegant colors, mainly black, champagne, burgundy, blue, and spring green with luxurious gold undertones. The lovely, striking pattern is influenced by the Mughal Empire for a regal, authentic look. The shawl is reversible, and the reverse side is a variant of the original paisley pattern.

This kani shawl measures approximately 80 inches by 40 inches. This generous size allows you to cover most of your body with the shawl, or wrap it around your shoulders and torso multiple times.It’s also slightly fringed at the edges for visual interest.

This Kani shawl is unique because of its weight. When you drape it over your shoulders, you’ll notice that it’s significantly heavier than you may expect. This will help to provide your with additional warmth during meditation.



  • The pattern of this shawl is exceptionally intricate, making it stand out visually among other available meditation shawls.
  • The high-quality Australian wool used to construct this shawl feels soft against the skin.
  • Despite the fineness of the material of this shawl, provides plenty of warmth during meditation.




  • The weave of this shawl is quite fine and may not provide as much warmth as some people need.
  • This shawl is an expensive option when compared to its competitors.
  • This shawl doesn’t provide the length as other available options and may not wrap around your entire body while standing.


3. Falari Women’s Woven Reversible Paisley Pashmina Shawl Wrap

This pashmina shawl may be used for several occasions, including meditation. It’s made from 55% pashmina and 45% silk, which provides luxurious softness to help you wind down and stay warm.

This shawl features a reversible paisley design and comes in an enormous variety of colors from blue to fuchsia to black and white and more. The silk threads have a subtle metallic quality for added visual interest. Plus, this sophisticated pashmina has a length of approximately 80 inches (including 4 inches of fringe) and a width of about 27 inches.

The exceptionally elegant design of this pashmina shawl means that you can wear it for special occasions as well as meditation. The slight sheen of the material coupled with the regal color options mean that you could even wear it as part of a formal outfit, perhaps for a wedding or anniversary. The versatility of this meditation shawl means that you get more value for your money and can wear it more often than just during meditation.



  • The combination material of this shawl including both silk and pashmina has a soft, luxurious feel.
  • This shawl is one of the most affordable options on this list.
  • The gigantic selection of colors and styles to choose from for this pashmina means that you can find the ideal option to fit your tastes.
  • The reversible paisley design gives you two different style options in one scarf.




  • Since this shawl is designed to double as a scarf, it doesn’t have the length to cover your entire body.
  • This scarf has a lightweight feel, so it may not provide as much warmth as other available meditation shawls.


4. Kerry Woollen Mills Women’s Ruana

This Irish ruana shawl is made of wool sourced from one of the oldest genuine woolen mills. Called Kerry Woollen Mills, it’s located in Killarney, Ireland and has been creating genuine wool products since 1760. This shawl was made with traditional Irish methods and entirely natural fibers.

This shawl is made from 85% natural Irish lambswool. It’s hypoallergenic and won’t irritate sensitive skin. The material is also lightweight and breathable to keep you from overheating during meditation. Lambswool is naturally durable, so this shawl will stay in great shape after intensive use.

This shawl measures 54 inches long and 72 inches wide, which drapes comfortably around the shoulders to cover the torso. It drops approximately three feet down from the neckline, meaning that it also covers the waistline and mid-thigh for most people.

This meditation wrap comes in a selection of colors so that you can pick your favorite style. The available colors include: blackberry green, burgundy wine, charcoal, gold, purple check, teal check, and turf.



  • This ruana is made with genuine, natural lambswool that comes straight from Ireland.
  • This shawl is durable and will last for many years to come.
  • It’s available in a selection of colors so that you can pick out your favorite style.
  • The lambswool used to create this shawl is both breathable and soft to keep you comfortable during meditation.




  • The wool material may be itchy for people with sensitive skin.
  • The weave of the lambswool threads is somewhat loose and may become looser over time.


5. Handmade Yoga Om Nama Shiva Prayer Shawl/Scarf

This handmade prayer shawl is made in India. It has an authentic look and features Indian script reading “Om Namah Shivaya”, or “Hare Krishna Hare Ram”. Om Namah Shivaya is an extremely important and longstanding Hindu mantra. It’s a hymn to the deity Shiva and is believed to diffuse personal sins and limitations. Hare Krishna Hare Ram, on the other hand, is a mantra intended to heighten consciousness, which is ideal for meditation. These mantras are hand-printed on this shawl, along with the image of a dancing Shiva, to enhance your meditation experience.

This shawl is made from 100% rayon. This lightweight material is breathable and drapes beautifully over the body. It comes in seven different colors: yellow, white, tan, red, purple, pink, and dark green. Additionally, this shawl measures 70 inches long and 32 inches wide. It’s large enough to drape over the shoulders and cover most of your torso.



  • The special print of the mantras “Om Namah Shivaya” and “Hare Krishna Hare Ram” on this meditation shawl is not only beautiful, but also meaningful to your meditation practice.
  • This shawl comes in a variety of colors so that you can find a style that suits your preferences.
  • The lightness of this shawl means that it will create a beautiful drape over your shoulders.




  • This meditation shawl is made from a thin material, so it may not provide much warmth in cold environments.
  • The rayon material of this shawl isn’t naturally derived and won’t provide much warmth.


6. Oma Buddha Meditation Prayer Shawl

This prayer shawl is handmade by experienced artists. It comes from the brand OMA, a fair trade seller that’s registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. You won’t find a shawl quite like this one anywhere else, which is why we’ve included it on this list.

This shawl features a detailed depiction of Buddha, along with mountains, trees, and other elements of nature. It comes in four different colors: gray, green, red, and turquoise. The floral images are designed to invoke a sense of tranquility and a pure mind. The imagery may also help you find stillness to achieve a satisfying meditation practice.

Rayon is the material used to construct this shawl. It measures 72 inches long and 28 inches wide and provides significantly more weight for warmth than other available shawls. This shawl is also a unisex item, so it can be comfortably worn by men and women alike.



  • The interesting print of this shawl, which incorporates images of Buddha and nature, can help you encourage a clear, tranquil mind.
  • The four different color options for this shawl mean that you can select the option that works best for you.
  • This shawl is an affordable option among other available products.
  • As a Fair Trade item, you can feel good about making the purchase for this meditation shawl.




  • This shawl doesn’t provide enough length to cover the entire body.
  • The rayon material used to make this shawl isn’t as thick or as warm as other available options.


7. KATUO Meditation Buddhist Hooded Cloak

 This meditation shawl features full-body coverage to keep you comfortable while meditating in even the coldest of conditions. It has an oversized fit to keep you from feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Due to its baggy fit, this cloak works well for people of virtually all shapes and sizes. It comes in four different sizes: Medium, Large, Extra-Large, and Extra-Extra Large.

This meditation cloak is simple in design. It’s solid-colored and comes in six different color options: orange, blue, brown, dark brown, gray, and maroon. Another interesting feature of this meditation cloak is that it’s hooded – you can use it to cover your head as well as your body.

This meditation cloak is made of polar fleece, which is an unusual fabric choice for this type of garment. However, fleece provides exceptional warmth and can keep you cozy in low temperatures.



  • This cloak features holes for the head and arms, which may provide a more comfortable fit than a traditional shawl.
  • The oversized fit of this meditation cloak provides enough length to cover almost the entire body.




  • While the polar fleece material of this cloak can keep you warm in low temperatures, it’s not as breathable as some other options on this list.


8. Meditation Shawl by Om Shanti Crafts

This authentic, top-quality meditation shawl is a great option for both men and women. It’s made with a premium wool blend that consists of 95% Australian wool and 5% polyester. This combination wool material is both soft and lightweight to keep you comfortable throughout a long meditation practice.

This meditation shawl from Om Shanti Crafts was handwoven in northern India. With an extensive background in yoga and meditation, India is a source of incredible spiritual products like this meditation wrap. It’s durable and made to last throughout several years of intensive use.

This meditation shawl is unique in that it’s large enough to be used by both men and women of varying sizes. It measures 9 feet long and 4 feet wide, so it’s one of the largest options on this list. In fact, its expansive size means that it can cover an entire twin-size bed. This shawl also comes in four different colors: light gray, white, dark gray, and brown. These subtle, neutral colors make for a simple yet effective design and complement the red border by the shawl’s edge.



  • This shawl is made from top-quality Australian wool, so it’s soft, warm, and durable.
  • The remarkable length of this shawl means that it can keep your entire body warm during meditation.
  • This shawl features a red border accent for an attractive design.




  1. This shawl contains 5% polyester, which is a synthetic material.

9. Sakkas Border Pattern Layered Reversible Woven Pashmina Shawl

This meditation shawl comes from the brand Sakkas, a top women’s apparel brand. It’s a pashmina shawl that can be worn as part of a fashionable outfit as well as part of your meditation routine. This shawl is also soft and silky in texture for a comfortable feeling against the skin.

This meditation shawl measures 78 inches long, including three inches of fringe on each side, and about 28 inches wide. This is large enough to wrap around your torso and provide adequate coverage for seated meditation, although it doesn’t cover the entire body.

With 15 different color options, you can find a version of this shawl to fit your tastes. It has a slight sheen for added elegance, and it has a beautiful drape. Also, this shawl stays wrinkle-free even after extensive use.



  • This meditation shawl comes at a highly competitive price, especially when you consider its quality and attractive design.
  • This shawl comes in 15 different colors for variety.
  • This shawl has a soft and silky feel.




  • As a budget-friendly shawl option, this shawl is made of acrylic and viscose, which are synthetic materials.


10.  Achillea Soft Silky Reversible Paisley Shawl

This shawl from Achillea, a maker of shawls and scarves based in New York City, has several wonderful qualities. For one, it comes in an enormous range of colors, allowing you to hand-pick the style that suits you best. There are 44 different colors available for this shawl, so there’s an option for everyone. Additionally, it’s made from a blend of fine viscose and acrylic. This material provides a soft, silky texture against the skin to enrich your meditation practice.

This shawl has a delicate paisley pattern. It’s reversible, giving you two different style options to choose from. The colors are vibrant, making this a beautiful meditation scarf for women especially.

While this shawl provides warmth to keep you comfortable while meditating in chilly temperatures, it’s also breathable to keep you from getting too hot. It’s appropriate for a variety of weather conditions and can even work as a cover-up in air conditioning during the hot summer months.

This shawl measures 80 inches long (including the four inches of fringe at the bottom) and 28 inches wide. It’s large enough to wrap around the torso and can be draped over the shoulders to showcase the elegant print.



  • The material of this meditation scarf provides a combination of warmth, softness, and breathability to keep you comfortable in any temperature.
  • With 44 different colors to choose from, you can ensure that this scarf suits your style perfectly.
  • This shawl is remarkably affordable.
  • This shawl features a sophisticated paisley pattern and is reversible.




  • This meditation shawl doesn’t cover the entire body; it’s only large enough to wrap around the torso.
  • Some of the threads of this shawl may become loose or unravel after use.


There you have it: our top picks for meditation shawls available today. Each of the products listed above provides a combination of benefits for meditators of all types. While there are several strong contenders, our number one choice is the Meditation Shawl by Om Shanti Crafts. We had to pick this stellar shawl as our favorite for three main reasons: For one, it’s made with 95% top-quality Austrailian wool. Additionally, it’s handwoven in India to ensure the highest level of authenticity. Lastly, we picked it because it measures 9 feet long and 4 feet wide – this remarkable length is not only unique, but also means that you’ll have full-body coverage during meditation.

Ultimately, the choice of which meditation shawl to purchase is entirely up to you. You’ll want to consider your meditation habits, maximum budget, and the product qualities that are the most important to you. Whichever meditation shawl you select, know that it will spur an improvement in your meditation sessions, especially when you’re dealing with chilly weather.

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