How to Find Your Starseed Markings

Have you ever felt that you didn’t belong here? Have you ever felt like there was something out there in the universe calling to you? It could be a presence, an invisible force that you couldn’t quite hear and was just a little out of your grasp, but you could feel it stirring up vibrations inside your soul. If you have, chances are it wasn’t your imagination. It is likely something is calling to you.

Most people don’t realize it, but there is a whole lot more to the universe than what you observe through your five basic senses. Most people operate under the assumption that what they see is what they get and there is nothing beyond it. However, this is far from the truth. As people awaken they begin to realize there is more to existence than what the limitations of this planet show.

What Is a Starseed?

Those who are beginning to awaken and become aware of the higher forces at work beyond this world are what’s known as Starseeds. Starseeds appear for all intents and purposes to be human. However, what distinguishes them from other humans is that they possess highly evolved souls. They stand apart from the rest because they are aware that there is something greater out there.

All humanity has an ancestral connection to the stars, but most people don’t remember that they come from the stars. Starseeds, however, are aware of this or at least are in the process of becoming aware. They retain their origins and know beyond a doubt that there is a greater force at work beyond the 3rd or even 4th dimensions that others are aware of; they know there are higher dimensions that exist.

Starseeds remember living past lives in higher dimensions beyond the physical world. They have come to this planet for a special divine purpose to help in the awakening of others. They come to illuminate the way and pave the path for other beings to help lead them to the truth of higher existence and help them ascend to the Fifth Dimension and beyond.

Not all Starseeds follow the same path. They have individual gifts and talents, but their goal is the same. Starseeds exist to help all beings and introduce them to a higher level of consciousness. They are here to lead people to ascend beyond the restless chaos and often the violence of this world to a higher dimension of bliss, peace, and love, and they stand against forces that try to prevent this.

How Can You Tell If You’re a Starseed?

Although starseeds are individuals, there are certain common traits they all share. Starseeds often feel like they are in this world, but not truly part of it. They feel isolated, and even though they interact with others with relative ease, they always feel like an outsider. They are keenly aware of the fact that they are different, and though they get along with others, they tend to feel detached.

The more a Starseed awaken, the more these feelings of detachment grow. They are no longer focused on the physical world or limited by their physical body or even the limits of time itself. They serve as a bridge from Earth to higher dimensions, and the more they awaken, the clearer they can see those dimensions.

However, when a Starseed is just at the beginning of their awakening, it can be hard for them to discern their true nature because they only partially remember their past life and are still distracted by the physical realm. Nevertheless, there are certain distinct signs that they will begin to notice that can offer them insight into their true nature. Here are some of the most common signs seen.

  • They are aware of restlessness and need to fulfill some sort of mission in this world.
  • They’re very sensitive to the suffering of others and feel others’ emotions like they’re their own.
  • Starseeds are hyper-perceptive and notice everything and can’t block it out.
  • They tend to have good insights into problems and are creative problem solvers.
  • Starseeds resent being bored or disappointed.
  • They are friendly and conscientious of others, but they are naturally solitary.
  • Their deep empathy draws children and animals to them.
  • Starseeds tend to repress their own emotions in order to please others.
  • They are individuals that can easily get overwhelmed and will often try to escape reality.
  • They need to nurture their faith in the life process by unveiling the deeper meanings in life.

What Are Starseed Markings?

Starseed marks, also know as starseed alignments, refer to celestial body aspects in birth charts, which indicates that you have starseed origins. If you don’t know what a birth chart is, it’s a map of where planets and other celestial bodies were in their course at the time of your birth, as seen from the location of your birth.

You can determine starseed marks by the astronomical position of the sun, moon, and visible planets in relationship to different stars systems present during your birth. The position of celestial bodies and which ones are visible from Earth vary over the course of one Earth year. By determining the areas they were in, at your birth, you can discover your starseed origins.

Different starseeds come from various star systems. There are particular personality, behavioral traits, and physical features that starseeds may possess based on what star system they originated. Some starseeds may remember which system they are from, while others don’t. As of today, astrologists recognize 12 star systems. Some common star systems that starseeds come from are:

  • Pleiadian
  • Sirian
  • Arcturian
  • Lyran
  • Orion
  • Andromedan
  • Procyon

What Are Some Personality Traits of Different Starseed Types?

While there are certain general traits that all Starseeds possess, as mentioned earlier, different starseeds will exhibit different traits. You can find much more detailed descriptions of each starseed type online, but here is a very brief overview of common traits different types of starseeds show.

  • Pleiadian- tend to be very intuitive and have a great deal of empathy towards others.
  • Sirian- tend to be very creative but also very shy and have difficulty trusting people.
  • Arcturian – very good at planning, building, and organizing, and have great memories
  • Lyran- tend to have a strong sense of justice and are very independent-minded
  • Orion- tend to be very logical and have very good self-discipline
  • Andromedan- value their freedom and individualism, they don’t like to stay too long in one place
  • Procyon- tend to be very tenacious and have a very strong work ethic

What Do We Know About Star Systems Locations?

The Pleiades are starseeds that come from the cluster of stars known as the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters are part of the constellation we know as Taurus. Pleiadian starseeds were the first to be identified and studied in great detail. Sirian starseeds are from the planets Sirius A, and Sirius B. Arcturians are from Arcturus, which is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation.

Lyran starseeds come from the star Vega in the Lyra Constellation. Orion is one of the most well-known and most easily spotted constellations in the night sky. As you would expect, Orion starseeds originate in the Orion constellation. Andromedan starseeds come from the Andromeda galaxy. The Andromeda galaxy is the Milky Way’s galaxy neighbor at about 2.5 million light-years from us.

Lastly, the Procyon starseeds are the rarest type of starseeds present on Earth, whereas the Pleiades are the most common. They originate from Procyon, a star in the Canis Minor constellation.

What Types of Starseed Markings Are There?

There are two types of starseed markings both can give you insight into your past lives. The visibility or invisibility of certain planets determine what kind of mark it is.  The first of these two types are origin marks. The second type is incarnation marks. Origin marks indicate which star system you are originally from, they tell you where you began. Incarnation marks tell about your multiple past lives.

If you are an old soul, then you have likely lived many past lives. Think of incarnation marks like pins on a map noting the places you’ve been in the past. Incarnation marks help you trace other star systems where you have existed before you came to Earth. The more recent the incarnation, the more influence it will have in your present embodiment.

It is important to note that if you have had multiple past incarnations, they tend to remove you further from your origin. Therefore the potency of your origin may not be readily felt. They may influence you on a subconscious level, but you will not have the same awareness as you have of your incarnations.

When you look at your birth chart, star alignments that are conjunct with nonvisible planets at the time of your birth suggest an origin alignment. Star alignments that are conjunct with visible planets a the time of your birth are more likely to indicate an incarnation. Very young souls will not have any conjunctions with nonvisible planets.

What Alignments Are Considered Significant?

  • The significance of star alignments falls into two categories.
  • Traditionally Significant Alignments
  • Alignments Significant to Western Astrology

Traditionally Significant Alignments

Traditionally significant alignments are alignments used historically by Shamans to recognize an incarnate starseed. Four alignments are considered historically significant. Many cultures around the world who have studied the stars acknowledge their significance.

  • The sun’s conjunction to a star system at the child’s birth.
  • The star system that is rising on the eastern horizon.
  • The star system that is descending on the western horizon at the time.
  • The moon and visible planets that are moving through the star system at the time.

Alignments Significant to Western Astrology

Alignments of significance in western society don’t necessarily indicate that you had a past life in a given star system but still can give you insights into possible areas of trouble in your life and personality traits you may express. In western astrology, there are also four types of star alignments. These types of star alignments are geometrically based.

  • Opposite star alignments which are two-star point alignments
  • Trine star alignments which are three-star point alignments in a triangular position
  • Sextile star alignments indicate a 60-degree angle between celestial bodies
  • Square star alignments indicate a 90-degree angle between heavenly bodies

How Can I Find My Starseed Markings?

To begin finding your starseed markings, you’re first going to need to get a copy of your birth chart. Many places online can offer you access to your birth chart for minimal cost or even for free. Once you have a copy of your birth chart, you can see the angles different celestial bodies were positioned in during the time of your birth, and you can begin to see where your alignments are.

Besides a birth chart, it is also helpful to acquaint yourself with the traits of different star systems. When you study these traits be honest with yourself, do they sound like you? Make sure you are looking at yourself through the lens of your genuine self rather than the ideal person you wish you could be. It is the only way you can get an accurate understanding of your starseed marks.

Finding your starseed markings isn’t an exact science, so don’t try to analyze your alignments based solely on facts, or you will be unsuccessful. You need to rely on your intuition. Trust yourself. Trust your feelings, and if something seems to speak to you, go with it. We’ve learned a lot about starseeds and starseed alignments in the modern age, but we still don’t know everything.

Although we have identified 12 starseed systems, that does not mean there are only 12. It merely means that there are 12 we are aware of at present. The universe is a very vast place, and there are multiple universes out there, making the possibilities of other beings out there endless. If you don’t find that any of these systems are relevant to you but feel you are a starseed, you may be one not yet identified.

What Other Information Should I Know?

If you want to understand your starseed markings more fully, you should also acquaint yourself with the more foundational elements of your birth chart. You’ll want to take note not only where your star alignments are but also the more basic principles such as the significance of the sun’s position and moon’s position. The sun’s position will show you the outward expression, the moon your inward.

These two elements help you understand your current incarnate self better. You will also want to know your ascendant sign and the planet that rules it as it will help you gain insight into how your current existence will unfold. They shape your personality and life experiences in this world and how you are manifesting in this world.

It’s crucial to not hyper-focus on one thing as you are a combination of many different components that act and react in different ways. Understanding who you are involves knowing who you are now in your present incarnation, where you came from in terms of your origin and former incarnations, and who you will become in the future.

What Do I Ultimately Need to Keep In Mind as a Starseed?

As a starseed, you have lived in higher dimensions in past lives. Those past lives don’t disappear with each new incarnation. Each prior life experience has left some sort of mark on you, and the more you awake, the more those marks will show themselves. You may not remember doing so, but as a starseed, you have answered a call to become human in order to help lead others to higher dimensions.

Through the light you bring to Earth, more souls will awaken and begin to learn the truth. You are a leader that will guide others up into the fifth dimension and beyond. It is not, by any means, an easy path, but it is a noble path and a fulfilling one. Even though you are at a higher level of awareness doesn’t mean your way is always evident.

It is a struggle to get past the distractions of the physical world you are currently inhabiting. Your physical body is very real, as is the way you experience the passage of time, but these are not the only realities. As a starseed, you need to be connecting who you are continually and yet still ground it in the reality of this Earth.

Remember, awakening is a process. It doesn’t happen all at once, and sometimes as you become more and more aware, it can be painful. You might experience a sense of loss and a feeling of homesickness as you realize Earth is not your true home, but you need to move past these feelings and continue to work patiently and diligently for yourself and others to ascend once more.

What Do I Do Once I’ve Become Fully Aware of My True Nature?

Once you’ve become fully aware of the fact, you are a starseed and understand your origins; it can be tempting to want to just leave Earth behind and completely detach yourself from earthly things. This, however, is not conducive to your mission on this planet. Although Earth is not your true home, it is your current home.

You can’t ignore it and spend your time here fantasizing about returning to a higher dimension. Your purpose is to serve others by leading through example. As you raise your own consciousness, people will begin to take notice. You need to interact with these people if you want to fulfill your mission of leading humans to the truth.

Remember, we are all children of the universe, and you are no greater and no lesser than anyone else. Having a greater awareness of who you are, does not mean you belong on a higher plane of existence at this moment in time. All it means is that you are doing what you came here to do. It does not mean that you no longer care about earthly things.

Being a starseed isn’t solely about reaching the ultimate goal. The process of reaching that ultimate goal is just as significant. As a starseed, you play dual roles. You have to play the role of a human interacting in this world as well as the role of a helper to others to bring about a world where everyone can co-exist in peace and love.

How Do I Put Everything Together?

All people have originated from the stars, but not everybody remembers this. Starseeds are beings that are beginning to wake and remember where they came from and where they are going to. Depending on the age of the soul of the starseed they may have had many incarnations in other star systems before coming to Earth or only a few.

The more incarnations a starseed has been through, the more prominent their incarnations become. A starseed who has experienced many incarnations tends to identify closest with the star systems of their most recent ones and less with their origins when they first broke off from the universe. Many times they feel a sense of detachment from this world as they become more aware.

Starseed markings can be determined both by studying a being’s birth chart of their birth to this world and by careful study of their personality traits, including their particular strengths and weaknesses in their interactions with this world. Finding starseed marks is not an exact science, and starseeds must rely on their intuitions.

Many starseeds feel a sense of loss and homesickness as they become aware of their true nature and can often feel isolated from those who co-inhabit the Earth with them. Starseeds need to put aside these feelings, however, in order to fulfill their mission, which is to lead others to a higher realm of existence and usher in a state of being where all people can co-exist in peace and love.

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