Guided Body Scan Meditation Scripts

Welcome to this guided body scan exercise. Scanning your body is a meditation technique that helps you live in the moment and remain present and mindful.

Before we begin, I want you to find a spot where you can lay down and relax. Take this time to focus on your own body and mind, I would like you to remove all distractions.

When you are ready and comfortable I want you to slowly lay down. Find a relaxing position and slowly start to settle in. When you feel comfortable gently close your eyes and place the palms of your hands on top of your belly. Feel it move with your breath. Feel it expand with every breath in and slowly deflate with every breath out. As your heartbeat slows down, allow your thoughts to also calm down and settle.

And again, I want you to feel your belly rising beneath your fingers as you inhale the invigorating air. Try to truly connect with your breath. It is always there if you need a moment to find your center again.

Now take a deep breath in again. And a deep breath out.

Slowly breathe in.

And breathe out.

And again.

Slowly inhale. And exhale.

This exercise was designed to assist you with reconnecting your physical body to your mind, your heat, and your soul. You can feel whatever you desire or need to feel, this is a no-judgment zone. All I ask of you is that you try to remain focused and present in the moment.

Now please, follow my guidance and observe how your body reacts to your thoughts. We will try to release any and all tension, all while staying present. Directing our focus will help us relax and become more mindful.

And now, as you keep breathing I would like you to direct all your attention to your head and your face. Make sure you are not frowning. Relax your temples. Relax your scalp. Now I would like you to try and soften your lips and your eyelids. Feel them slowly release the nervous energy. At this point I want you to just let any tension melt away. Allow every single fiber in your body to direct all the energy into this specific part of your body, your head. Relax. Let go. Unwind.

Next, I want you to move down to your neck and your shoulders. Let them sink into the mattress or whatever surface you are resting on. Scan those areas for any hidden knots, and again, let the tension and any discomfort just simply melt away. With every traveled inch you can feel a sense of deep serenity replacing all the feelings of tightness or discomfort. Relax. Let go. Unwind.

Whenever you feel ready to move on, you can move down to your torso. Relax your chest and take a couple of deep, deep breaths. Feel your lungs and your belly expand. Allow your shoulder blades to unclench. Try to enjoy this moment and allow your hands to rest on your belly as it rises and falls with your breath. You can now inhale relaxation and exhale tension. Inhale. And exhale. Feel the invigoration power of air energize your body. Lengthen your spine and let it rest for a moment. Find any tight knots and allow a warm wave of relaxation to gently unknot it.

You can feel every cell soaking in this wonderful energy of restoration. Relax. Let go. Unwind.

And now you can move down to your legs. Scan your legs for any tightness or rigidity. Start with your thighs and progress down towards your ankles. Gently flex your muscles, if you need to. Focus on all the sensations you feel. Feel the muscles contract and then relax as you direct your mental energy into letting go of any chains and bounds holding you down.

Bring your awareness to the spots that need some additional care.

And then whenever you feel ready, slowly start focusing your energy on your hands and your feet. These magnificent tools that work hard to help you live a gratifying and productive life deserve some tender loving care. Again, lovingly flex them if you feel the need. Move your fingers and your toes. Maybe you want to focus on the arches of your feet, or the soles. Perhaps you feel tightness in your knuckles or the palms of your hands. Direct your energy there.

Relax. Let go. Unwind.

As you keep breathing I want you to recognize all the sensations you feel. Are they good? Is there any remaining discomfort? Do your muscles and joints feel rested and ready to enter the regeneration process?

Relax. Let go. Unwind.

And now I would like to encourage you to gently flex all your muscles again and shake your limbs every so slightly. Any remaining sliver of tension or discomfort can now just flow away and leave your body feeling healthy and glowing.

Relax. Let go. Unwind.

Your body is more responsive and more willing to meet you half-way when you treat it with tender love. Allow it to rest. Allow it to recuperate, And also allow it to work hard, it is what it was made for. Our bodies are extremely fragile in some ways and surprisingly strong and resilient in others.

This one last part focuses on your whole, entire body. I want you to harness the remaining energy and evenly spread it throughout your whole magnificent body. This unit that fuels your soul and your mind. Let this powerful energy reach every single corner of your body. Every nook and cranny. Every cell, every atom. Feel your body as a cohesive unit and simply release any remaining tension.

Relax. Let go. Unwind.

You can now slowly return from the meditative state and start to open your eyes again. Thank you for joining me on this journey of wellness and relaxation. Thank you for listening to this guided meditation.

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